Travel is an important part of many people’s lives. Visiting new places, meeting different people, experiencing other ways of living and checking out local landmarks, attractions, sites of interest, shops, and restaurants are all aspects of travel that make it such an exciting and appealing prospect to millions of people all over the globe.

Traveling helps us forge magical memories we can look back on forever, but a big part of the fun of travel is actually getting home and sharing those memories and experiences with your loved ones, telling them all about the things you saw and did, and even gifting them little souvenirs to let them know you were thinking of them while you were away.

Too often, when shopping for gifts and souvenirs, especially in last-minute locations like airports, travelers have to settle for overpriced, boring, generic items that weren’t even made in the city they visited. These items have little sentimental value or meaning, and it would be so much better to buy locally-made goods. SouveNEAR lets you do that.

SouveNEAR - Locally Made Gifts and Souvenirs

Founded on the belief and concept that good quality souvenirs should have some real meaning and connection with the place in which they were purchased, SouveNEAR is offering something totally different to travelers all across America: vending machines with locally-made gifts and souvenirs inside.

- How Does It Work? - SouveNEAR lets you buy locally made, artisanal gifts and souvenirs that can really mean something to you or to the person you give them to when you get back home. This company has established a network of artists and craft-makers all around America in locations like New Jersey and California, enabling them to share their creations with travelers on a much greater scale than ever before. The artists and makers produce the items, all locally and in the spirit of their home cities, and then these items are placed in SouveNEAR vending machines, which function just like regular vending machines and can be found in major airports all across the US.

- The SouveNEAR Difference - When you go into a typical gift shop or airport souvenir store, you’ll see rows and rows of identical, generic gifts and souvenirs that have little connection with the place you’re actually in. Even if they are connected in some way, they’re often mass produced in factories far away from where you currently are, and even if people are always happy to receive gifts and souvenirs from their traveling friends and families, these items hold little value and often end up in draws or attics. SouveNEAR aims to change this, providing gifts that are actually made by local artists, having a real, tangible connection with the city.

- Gifts That Matter - In the San Francisco Bay Area, SouveNEAR has teamed up with artists and art groups like Eko Kreations and Coyote Brush Studios. Over in New Jersey and New York, SouveNEAR works alongside artists like Ooh La La Petite Boutique and Claudia Pearson. And there are dozens more artists making amazing gifts for these vending machines all across the country, each one putting love, passion, and heart into every single creation and making gifts that really matter. When you choose SouveNEAR over a typical gift shop, you’re helping to support small brands and independent creators, as well as getting unique, good quality items to share with your loved ones.

SouveNEAR Locations

So where can you find and buy local gifts and souvenirs with SouveNEAR? The brand is going bigger by the day, with plenty of plans in place for more and more locations in the months and years to come, but for now, you can find SouveNEAR in the following states:

- Missouri - SouveNEAR machines can be found in Kansas City International Airport, Missouri. There are several machines dotted around the airport in locations around Gates 32, 35, 39, 60, and 85.

- California - SouveNEAR machines can be found at three different locations around the Golden State: Oakland International Airport in Oakland, the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco, and the Sacramento CA Airport.

- New Jersey - If you're looking to buy locally made gifts and goodies in New Jersey, you can find SouveNEAR machines at Newark Libery International Airport. There's one machine in Satellite 1 of Terminal A and another in Satellite 2.

- Ohio/Kentucky - Travelers in Ohio or Kentucky will find SouveNEAR machines at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in terminals A and B. website