One of the key terms used in geography is elevation. Whenever we talk about a natural or man-made location around the globe, elevation is one of the key statistics associated with that place. Elevation can be measured in feet or meters and is the term used to describe how high a place is above sea level. In some cases, elevation can also refer to places below sea level. A simple example would be the United States’ most famous and populous city, New York City. NYC has an elevation of 33 feet (10 m), meaning it is 33 feet above sea level.

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1.United States

United States
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Many major American citizens are located near or on the coastlines, meaning that they have relatively low elevations in general of around 500 feet (152 m) or less, but the United States is also home to many mountain ranges and high points. Typically, as one moves further inland, the average elevation of the land begins to rise and many of the highest elevation points and cities around the United States can be found away from the coasts. The top three states with the highest mean elevations, for example, are Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, all of which are located far from the east or west coasts.

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2.Highest Elevation Point in the United States

Highest Elevation Point in the United States
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The point with the highest elevation in the United States is Denali, also known as Mount McKinley. Denali is found in Alaska and is actually the highest mountain not just in the United States, but in the entire continent of North America. Denali has an elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190 m) above sea level. When compared with other mountains around the world, Denali isn't at the same level as mountains like Mt Everest, which has an elevation of 29,029 feet (8,848 m) or K2, which has an elevation of 28,251 feet (8,611 m), but it's still one of the largest and most impressive natural sights in the world.

The native Koyukon Alaskan people coined the name Denali and have used it for many centuries. The mountain was given the name Mount McKinley, in honor of William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States, in the late 19th century, but the name was officially changed to Denali in 2015.

As well as having the highest elevation in the United States, Denali is also the world's largest vertical rise and the third most prominent and isolated peak on the planet. Alaska is home to many other extremely high mountains, making up the top ten highest summits in the United States. The highest elevation point outside of Alaska in the United States is Mount Whitney in California, which has an elevation of 14,505 feet (4,421 m).

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3.Highest Elevation City in the United States

Highest Elevation City in the United States
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In terms of cities, Leadville in Colorado is the highest statutory city in the United States. Leadville is located in Lake County, Colorado and has an elevation of 10,152 feet (3,094 m). It's an old silver mining town with an estimated population of around 2,600 people. For a time, back in the 1800s, it was the second most populous city in the entire state, but the mining industry rapidly declined and the city shrank over the years.

Colorado is also home to several other extremely highly elevated towns and communities. Alma, for example, has an elevation of 10,355 feet (3,156 m) and is the highest incorporated municipality in the United States, having its own post office, which is the highest of its kind in the country. The Colorado town of Montezuma is also higher than Leadville, with an elevation of 10,335 feet (3,150 m), but is just a statutory town, rather than an official city.

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4.Highest Elevation State in America

Highest Elevation State in America
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As Colorado is home to the highest city and highest incorporated municipality in the United States in the forms of Leadville and Alma, it’s no surprise that Colorado is the state with the highest mean average too. Colorado has a mean elevation of 6,800 feet (2,070 m), which is a full 100 feet higher than the mean elevation of the second highest state, Wyoming, which has a mean elevation of 6,700 feet (2,040 m).

The state with the largest elevation span, i.e. the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points in the state, is Alaska. The highest point in the state of Alaska is Denali at 20,310 feet (6,190.5 m), while its lowest point is the waters of the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea, which are at sea level, giving it a total elevation span of 20,310 feet (6,190.5 m).

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Highest Elevation in the United States

Hotel Spotlight: Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Tucked in the Alaskan wilderness, the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge offers its guests a taste of the great outdoor Alaskan adventure experience, all while pampering them with the latest amenities and luxuries of modern day lodging. Located in Cooper Landing, Alaska, nearly touching the inviting Gulf of Alaska, guests are sure to be marveled by the beauty of both the carefully crafted indoors, alongside the dazzling outdoors when they choose to lodge at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge.

Amenities offered at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge include a numerous walking trails, RV park, private porches, wood burning stove, guest laundry, guest computers, guest service desk, gift shop, espresso bar, Rafter’s Lounge, Rod & Reel Restaurant, gift shop and complimentary wireless internet available in the Main Lodge.

The most talked-about feature of the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge is the large deck that is a part of the Main Lodge. Guests from near and far have enjoyed the comfort of sitting on the full-length, roomy deck, and have described its location as the perfect spot to look out on the turquoise, flowing water of the Kenai River.

Each of the bungalow-style rooms available to guests have a wood-burning stove, with vaulted ceilings, porch, phone, cable television, hair dryer and seating area.


Rafter’s Lounge – Guests can enjoy a cocktail or one of the popular Alaskan micro-brews while sitting out on the deck, mesmerized by the Alaskan landscape. If guests arrive with an appetite, they can search through a menu that offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. Rafter’s Lounge is open until the late hours of the night. Some of the more popular menu items are listed below:

-Calamari, Spicy Chicken Wings, Smoked Salmon Dip

-Angel’s Cornbread, Queso and Chorizo

-Bacon Lollipops, Fried Green Tomato & Dungeness Crab Stack, Clam Toast

-Wild Alaskan Salmon Chowder, Soup Du Jour, Roasted Beet and Baby Kale Salad

-Kenai Wedge Caesar Salad, Handsome Salad

-BBQ Chicken Quesadilla, Bison Chili, Steak & Frites

-Veggie Sandwich, Classic Reuben, Crab Cake Melt, Rafter Burger

Rod & Reel Restaurant – For a more elegant dining atmosphere, guests can choose to dine at the Rod & Reel Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. The Rod & Reel Restaurant is open daily. Diners can also choose to pair their meal with a specialty domestic or imported wine, from the Red & Rod Restaurant wine cellar. Restaurant hours are subject to change frequently.

Kenai Nature Trail – At only a mile long, hikers of all levels of fitness can enjoy the sights and wildlife offered by the Kenai Nature Trail. For hikers who are new to hiking, this trail can serve as an excellent warm-up to the more challenging, rough hikes that the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge has to offer. Staying close to the Lodge, guests hike alongside the blue-green Kenai River, with the opportunity to spot many of Alaska’s birds that are native to the area, such as bald eagles, ptarmigans, and Arctic terns. Comfortable tennis shoes are recommended for the Kenai Nature Trail.

Kenai Nature Hike – On the approximate 3 ½ hour hike, guests can experience much of the wilderness, terrain, and geography of the Alaskan Southern Peninsula. The Kenai Nature Hike is full of spruces, mountain creeks and meadows bursting with wildflowers. Hikers will eventually make their way to the Russian River Falls, in which thousands of sockeye salmon can be seen. It is recommended that hikers take a moment to look out over the mesmerizing, lush forest on one of the decks that is available at the Russian River Falls. A snack is provided to all hikers and it is recommended that participants wear strong, sturdy shoes for the parts of the hike that are off the beaten path.

Kenai Kayaking – Kayaking is an opportunity for guests to enjoy the calm waters, while looking out on the mountainous landscape. The Kenai Lake is incredibly peaceful in the morning or afternoon, and a trained kayak guide is always available to explain the local history or geography to inquiring guests. The kayaking experience lasts approximately 2 ½ hours and requires a moderate activity level. It is advised that guests dress in layers, bring gloves and a camera.

Backcountry Adventure – For guests interested in an all-day, scenic adventure, the Backcountry Adventure can meet all of their adventurous aspirations. Starting their tour off with a one-hour float trip down the Kenai River, guests will then dock and hike approximately ½ mile to their next destination, Wild Creek. Here, guests will learn how to gold pan, just like the gold miners in Alaska during the Gold Rush. After enjoying a picnic lunch, guests will then start their journey back, with a 2 ½ hour trip, ending at Jim’s landing. A shuttle will return guests back to the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. The Backcountry Adventure requires a moderate activity level and lasts approximately 8 ½ hours. A meal is provided to guests. It is advised that adventurers dress in layers.

Kenai Canyon River Rafting – On this rafting adventure, guests will explore the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, a Class II+ trip up and down the Kenai River. The Refuge is almost two million acres, offering wilderness, scenery, wildlife, and rapids. The skilled guide will maneuver the raft through the Kenai Canyon and then stop at a peaceful location for lunch. After arriving at Skilak Lake, the center of the Wildlife Refuge, adventurers will either take a six-mile boat trip or a 1 1/2-mile hike to the Hidden Creek Trail, a location that offers some of the most stunning views of the water and mountains. The Kenai Canyon River Rafting takes approximately 7 hours and requires a moderate fitness level. There is a meal provided to all participants and it is advised that dress in layers, bringing gloves and a camera to capture the gorgeous nature surroundings. The approximate time spent on a raft is 2 ½ hours.

Kenai River Scenic Float – On the relaxing waters of the Kenai River, guests can take in the serene and tranquility of its turquoise waters. An experienced guide is always present to lead guests down an 11-mile boat, float trip through the Upper Kenai River. Alaskan brown bears, moose, eagles, and salmon are oftentimes spotted on the Kenai River Scenic Float. A snack is provided to all guests. The Scenic Float takes approximately 3 ½ hours and requires a moderate level of fitness. Guests should dress in layers, bringing gloves and a camera. The approximate time spent on the raft is 2 ½ hours.

17245 Frontier Circle, Cooper Landing, Alaska, Phone: 907-595-1425

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Hotel Spotlight: Northwoods Lodge

Situated on the banks of the Fish Lakes Creek, Northwoods Lodge features breathtaking sights, freshwater fishing, and individualized service from fishing guides. Accessible only by air and dogsled, Northwoods Lodge is ideal for family vacations, getaways with friends, or romantic trips in the secluded Alaskan wilderness.

Able to accommodate a total of 12 guests, Northwoods Lodge offers a selection of private cabins that include homey décor, modern amenities, and comfortable bedding. Each cabin contains an oil heater, access to laundry facilities, and stunning views of Fish Lake from a private porch. Guests can choose from Standard, Deluxe, and Double Deluxe Cabins

Standard Cabin - Standard Cabins can accommodate up to 4 guests. Each includes two sets of bunk beds (3 twin beds and one double), as well as a table and four chairs. Cabins have close access to indoor toilets, showers, and sinks.

Deluxe Log Cabin - The Deluxe Log Cabin includes a queen-sized bed, as well as a pullout couch that can sleep an additional 2 people. It includes a full bathroom with a shower and indoor toilet. Guests can also enjoy two comfortable chairs, as well as seating on the outdoor deck.

Double Deluxe Cabin - Guests staying in the Double Deluxe Cabin can sleep up to 4 guests. It offers two separate bedrooms, one full bathroom, and a covered porch.

Northwoods Lodge features a wide variety of dining options for guests to enjoy during their stay.

The dining room at the Northwoods Lodge offers a breakfast, brunch, and dinner schedule that accommodates the fishing plans of its guests. Offering locally caught fish, vegetables grown in the chef’s own greenhouse, and hearty meats, Northwoods Lodge has something for everyone.

Guests can partake in an on-boat breakfast while fishing, a brunch buffet, and a five-course dinner with homemade desserts.

Guests can also enjoy drinks and appetizers in one of the two available lounge areas at the lodge.


Northwoods Lodge is the perfect place for a fishing trip. Accessible by boat, each of the lodge’s fishing areas boasts clean waters and large amounts of salmon, Northern Pike, and rainbow trout.

Groups are paired with their own individual fishing guide, and a stay at the resort includes 8 hours a day of guided fishing. Guests can rent a rod, reel, tackle and hip boots from the lodge. Equipment includes G-Loomis rods with Shimano spinning reels. Fly rods are available as well, but guests are encouraged to bring their own fly-fishing supplies. Guides have access to prop and jet boats.

Fish processing, freezing, and packaging is available to guarantee that guests’ catches can be brought home with them. Guests can also choose to have their fish vacuum packed or smoked.

Fly tying classes are also available at the lodge.

Family Services & Kids’ Club

Northwoods Lodge is a great destination for families. The outdoor recreational facilities offer fun for the whole family, and guided fishing trips can help fishers of all levels get the most out of their stay at the lodge.

Weddings, Reunions & Conference Facilities

Northwoods Lodge’s picturesque location and facilities make it ideal for small gatherings. The staff members at the lodge are able to provide planning and catering services for group trips.

Things to Do Nearby

Although not accessible by road, the village of Skwentna offers a variety of attractions for visitors of Northwoods Lodge. As one of the checkpoints on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Skwentna brings guests from around the world to see the racers pass through.

Skwentna is also notable for its role as a stop in the Iron Dog Snowmobile Race and the Iditarod T rail Invitational.

In the winter, guests can enjoy cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and ice fishing. Popular summer activities include kayaking and canoeing, hiking on nature trails, and fishing. Fishing is available in the Talachulitna River, Lake Creek, and Fish Creek.

Wildlife viewing is very popular in Skwentna. Visitors can expect to spot moose, beaver, bears, and eagles throughout the year. For more sightseeing opportunities, guided trips by plane to Mt. McKinley and Knik Glacier are available.

Guests of the Northwoods Lodge can also enjoy cooking classes, horseshoe games, and basketball.

Visitors of the lodge can also head into town to enjoy food at one of the few restaurants in Skwentna, which tend to offer fresh fish, meats, and desserts.

Mile 1 Fish Lakes Creek, Skwentna, AK 99667, Phone: 907-339-9160

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Hotel Spotlight: Jimmie Jack's Alaska Fishing Lodges

Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges is a fishing guide service with 23 years of experience in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. With fisheries on the world-famous Kenai River and two lodges located on the bluffs of Cook Inlet, along with a fleet of top-of-the-line boats and professional guides, Jimmie Jack travel packages maximize time on the water for the ultimate fishing trip.

The Original Alaska Lodge is the perfect backdrop to an Alaskan family vacation, with room for up to 20 guests in the private cabin, while the new Alaska SeaScape Lodge offers five-star service and fine dining in seven private guestrooms. Located in the historic town of Kenai, the Jimmie Jack’s is accessible by car or plane, with daily 25-minute flights from Anchorage International Airport.

Situated atop the bluff overlooking Cook Inlet, Jimmie Jack’s Original Alaska Lodge allows large families and groups to stay together under one roof. The Lodge can accommodate between 16 and 20 guests, with private bedrooms, a full kitchen, communal living room and dining area, outdoor barbecue, and campfire pit.

The new Alaska SeaScape Lodge offers luxury guest accommodations centrally located on the Kenai Peninsula between all of Jimmie Jack’s fisheries. The Lodge includes seven guest rooms, each with private bath, large closet, wet bar, satellite TV, kitchen with granite countertops, and oversized windows and spacious decks to take in the panoramic waterfront views. A trail leads from the Lodge straight to the Cook Inlet beachfront.


All onsite and offsite meals are included in Alaska SeaScape Lodge accommodations. Guests can sit down to a full hot breakfast in the Dining Room or grab an on-the-go meal for early fishing trips.

Lunch is served onboard for maximum fishing time with a selection of sandwiches, fresh fruit, desserts, and beverages, with the option to bring along drinks purchased from the local liquor store down the road from the Lodge.

In the afternoon guests will find hot soup and drinks and appetizers awaiting their return. Dinner in the Dining Room includes chef-prepared, fresh fish entrees like wild halibut, salmon, and king crab, along with prime rib and steak, followed by homemade desserts, all with complimentary Pacific coast wines.

Jimmie Jack’s Original Alaska Lodge does not provide dinners, but guests are welcome to take advantage of them in-lodge kitchen. Breakfast and a fisherman’s lunch are included in Original Lodge accommodations.


All fishing charters are led by professional guides aboard Jimmie Jack’s fleet of 12 fishing vessels, with tackle and gear provided. Packages at both lodges also include professional seafood processing services. Staff vacuum pack and flash freeze the day’s catch and provide flight-approved insulated fish boxes for the trip home. Guests can also talk to the property’s chef de cuisine for recipes, tips, and techniques on preparing fresh Alaskan seafood.

Jimmie Jack’s day charters Day charters take guests to a variety of fisheries across the Kenai Peninsula in search of King and Silver Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Rockfish and more.

The Kenai River is the site of King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing aboard a 20-foot Wille Powerboat. Guests can also fish for King Salmon aboard a 20-foot Willie Drift Boat on the Kasilof River.

Jimmie Jack’s can take guests out for Halibut fishing on the Cook Inlet or the waters of Homer, Alaska, known as the Halibut capital of the world, on a 34-foot saltwater fishing charter boat with heated cabin and private bathroom. Halibut fishing is also available out of Ninilchik, Alaska, aboard a six-passenger boat named “Unforgiven”.

Fishing charters out of Seward, Alaska target species of Salmon, Rockfish and Lingcod, with the chance to witness the scenery and wildlife of Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Packages at the Original Alaska Lodge include between six and seven nights’ lodging and daily trips to Jimmie Jack’s numerous fisheries across the Kenai Peninsula. Guests at the Alaska SeaScape Lodge spend between four and seven nights with easy access to all Jimmie Jack fisheries and multiple combination packages available.

Other Recreational Activities

Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges lie near Kenai, a town of about 7,000 at the confluence of the Kenai River and the Cook Inlet. Visitors can take a walking tour of the historic sites in Old Town Kenai, including Fort Kenay, a replica of the series of U.S. Army barracks originally built in 1869, or Holy Assumption of Saint Mary Russian Orthodox Church, built in 1894 and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970.

Kenai offers numerous opportunities for enjoying the outdoors, with several hiking and mountain biking trails in the surrounding Kenai Mountains, beachcombing for agates along the shores of Cook Inlet, spotting bears and other wildlife from an Alaskan bush plane or paddling across the Peninsula’s waterways.

36065 Reef Dr, Kenai, AK 99611, Phone: 866-553-4744

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