When it comes to adventure in the outdoors, the state of Nevada could be considered one of the country’s best kept secrets. It’s home to the most mountain ranges in the United States, as well as one of the driest areas with the Mojave Desert. However, sprinkled among the deserts and mountain peaks are numerous natural hot springs for visitors and locals alike to enjoy year-round. Many of these springs offer amazing views, particularly those in secluded, remote locations, however, there are several easily accessible hot springs throughout the “Silver State” as well.

We recommend that you call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit to confirm current opening times.

1.Gold Strike Hot Spring

Gold Strike Hot Spring
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The Gold Strike Hot Spring is a great place to go for anyone wanting to go on a hike and take a soak in a hot spring at the same place. Visitors wanting to take the adventure to the hot springs will need to follow the trail through the Gold Strike Canyon, taking in the scenery of lush native plants, grand canyon walls, and maybe even Desert Bighorn Sheep that will make guests reach for their cameras. Fortunately, this trail is a fairly easy hike, but hikers will want to make sure to watch their step at the sets of ropes.

Goldstrike Hot Spring Trailhead, Boulder City, NV

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2.Hot Springs in Nevada: Spencer Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Nevada: Spencer Hot Springs
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Considered as one of Nevada’s most reliable hot spring soaks, the Spencer Hot Springs is one of the state’s most popular springs. This isn’t too surprisingly considered the springs are located near Las Vegas. Locals and visitors alike can experience panoramic views from the Spencer Hot Springs and year-round water temperatures of up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the handful of small ponds and tubs that are fed by naturally hot water. These springs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so those wanting to take a soak may have to wait for others to leave first.

Spencer Hot Springs, Austin, NV, Phone: 775-964-2200

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3.Hot Springs in Nevada: Kyle Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Nevada: Kyle Hot Springs
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Well known in Nevada for its spectacular views of the sunset, the Kyle Hot Springs features two soaking tubs with an average water temperature of the low 90’s and offering beautifully scenic views of the nearby mountains. These hot springs are particularly good for couples looking to have a bit of quiet time. There is also a hint of a historic feeling to the Kyle Hot Springs with the existence of abandoned remains of the old hot springs resort. The hot springs are also one of the most accessible springs in Nevada, with visitors able to drive right up to them.

Kyle Hot Springs, NV 89418

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4.Hot Springs in Nevada: Alkali Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Nevada: Alkali Hot Springs
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The Alkali Hot Springs, situated in a remote area in western Nevada, consist of rock-walled rustic tubs in which visitors can take a soak and relax in the warm waters, which typically stay at a temperature of around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the two rustic pools are manmade with hoses and pipes, the temperature of the pools can be easily adjusted. The small pools at the Alkali Hot Springs can accommodate two or three people, while the larger pool, located right below the springs, can fit many more guests and is much deeper. Camping can also be found in the area.

Esmeralda County, NV

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5.Hot Springs in Nevada: Trego Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Nevada: Trego Hot Springs
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Nevada has many hidden gems and the isolated Trego Hot Springs can certainly be counted among them. While these hot springs are a bit remote, they are still one of the easier hot springs in Nevada to locate. The Trego Hot Springs feature a soft mud bottom and are a man-made spring found within the Black Rock Desert. The waters of the hot springs are some of the warmest out of the springs found in the northern region of the state. Camping at the Trego Hot Springs is permitted, but campers must be at least 300 feet from the springs.

Jungo Rd, Tregor, NV

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6.Hot Springs in Nevada: Virgin Valley Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Nevada: Virgin Valley Hot Springs
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The Virgin Valley Hot Springs, situated in Northern Nevada’s hidden high desert, is a place where people can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply be “one with nature.” Located at the edge of the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge near the border of Nevada and Oregon, the hot springs boast a clear, emerald green pond with a sandy gravel bottom and is approximately five feet deep with dimensions of 30 by 35 feet. Being located near the wildlife refuge, the area is home to a variety of animals, such as migratory birds, American pronghorn, and Mustang.

Denio, NV, Phone: 775-941-0199

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7.Best Nevada Hot Springs: 12 Mile Hot Springs

Best Nevada Hot Springs: 12 Mile Hot Springs
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Also known as the Bishop Creek Hot Springs, the 12 Mile Hot Springs is one of the state’s largest outdoor hot springs. The hot springs get their name of “12 Mile” from being located twelve miles from Wells. The man-made, long, ancient concrete pool features a dimension of three feet deep and forty feet long with a gravel bottom. The 12 Mile Hot Springs area is also a good place for hiking. The hike here typically takes visitors around an hour to finish. Biking to the hot springs from the parking area is also possible, as well as driving.

Wells, NV 89835

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8.Nevada Hot Springs: Soldier Meadows Hot Springs

Nevada Hot Springs: Soldier Meadows Hot Springs
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The Soldier Meadows Hot Springs are one of the more hidden hot spring spots in the state of Nevada, offering an ideal getaway and a quick escape. The oasis in the Black Rock Desert near Gerlach is made up of six hot springs that make for a relaxing soak in the middle of a massive desert. Since the Soldier Meadows Hot Springs are set on a cattle ranch, there is a fee to use them. If visitors forget to bring their own drinks, the lodge on property will often provide bottomless hot or cold drinks for a small fee.

Soldier Meadows Rd, Gerlach, NV, Phone: 775-557-2900

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9.Hot Springs in Nevada: Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Nevada: Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs
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Nestled near the agricultural, quiet community of Dyer in Nevada, the Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs offer a gravel bottomed, outdoor cement hot spring tub around four feet in depth. Also referred to as the Fish Lake Hot Well, these hot springs are open to everyone and include handrails and a stepladder for easier access for visitors. Along with the hot spring, guests will also find opportunities for wildlife viewing, fishing, and camping in the Fish Lake Valley area. Campers should make sure not to set up their campsite within one hundred feet of the hot springs.

Dyer, NV 89010, Phone: 208-544-1203

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10.Hot Springs in Nevada: Ruby Valley Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Nevada: Ruby Valley Hot Springs
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Considered a gem of a hot spring in the state of Nevada for its naturally pristine springs, the Ruby Valley Hot Springs includes a variety of runoffs and pools with varying water temperatures. The main large, deep hot spring pool features emerald water, a depth of around thirty feet and an average temperature of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Various smaller hot spring pools can be found throughout the area as well. Visiting the Ruby Valley Hot Springs could be described as an off-road adventure, particularly during the wet season. Pets are also allowed in the area, as long as they’re leashed.

Ruby Valley Refuge, NV

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10 Best Hot Springs in Nevada

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