Nature has given us a lot of wonderful gifts, with lavender being a wonderful example. Also known as lavandula, these purple plants are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa and have been cultivated for centuries, being prized for their beauty and the many uses of their essential oil.

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Lavender oil and extracts are now used in a wide variety of cosmetics, perfumes, and other products, and you can buy the best lavender products and even visit a real life lavender farm with Pelindaba Lavender.

Pelindaba Lavender - Organic Lavender Products

Pelindaba Lavender is a lavender farm based in the scenic surroundings of Washington State's Friday Harbor, a little town on San Juan Island. Adhering to organic standards and handcrafting its products the old fashioned way, Pelindaba Lavender has established itself as one of the leading names in the lavender world for all of North America.

- Personal Care Products - Pelindaba Lavender offers a great range of personal care products including skin creams and lotions, as well as bath products, personal fragrances, soaps, and hair care, all scented and infused with organic lavender and handcrafted by the Pelindaba Lavender team.

- Kitchen Products - There are also plenty of uses for lavender in the kitchen, and you'll find a lot of lavender-based sweet and savory treats at Pelindaba Lavender including cookies, chocolates, culinary goods, beverages, and more.

- Home Products - Pelindaba Lavender also produces and sells a great selection of home products including simple floral decor items like wreaths and bouquets, but also pot pourri, hydrosol, cleaning products, laundry products, gifts for both men and women, home accents, candles, and even lavender inspired artwork you can display and enjoy in your living spaces around the home.

- Therapy Products - Lavender is renowned for its therapeutical properties and Pelindaba Lavender offers a superb selection of therapeutic lavender products including skin therapy treatments, lavender essential oils which can be enjoyed all around the home, massage products, and even aromatherapy products too.

Visit The Pelindaba Lavender Farm

One of the very best things to do on San Juan Island is pay a visit to the Pelindaba Lavender farm in Friday Harbor. Here's all you need to know about visiting this organic lavender farm in Washington State:

- Location - The Pelindaba Lavender farm is located at 45 Hawthorne Lane, Friday Harbor, WA 98250.

- Best Time to Visit - Generally, if you want to see all the purple lavender flowers out in bloom and get the best visual experience, you'll want to visit the Pelindaba Lavender farm in the summer months, primarily July and August. However, the farm is open for visitors from May through to October and there's still a lot to enjoy in the shoulder months. You can also visit outside of the season from October through to March as the fields never officially close, but there will be less for you to do around the farm if you visit at this time of year.

- Things to Do - There are all kinds of unique experiences and activities waiting to be enjoyed at the Pelindaba Lavender farm. You can take a stroll through the lavender fields and admire all the flowers, as well as visiting the on-site Gatehouse Farm Store to buy or browse Pelindaba Lavender products. Over in the Demonstration Garden, you can learn more about how lavender is grown and see more than 50 different species blooming all through the season from May to October. There's also an on-site distillery to take a look at where you can see how lavender's essential oil is distilled, plus a nursery area where you can buy your own lavender plants.

- The Visitor Center - There's an on-site visitor center at the Pelindaba Lavender farm too, open from 9am to 6pm every day through the summer months of June, July, and August. Opening times vary at other periods of the year.

- Amenities - This San Juan Island lavender farm features picnic facilities, so it's a great place to bring a picnic to share with all the family, and restrooms are also found on-site.

- Pets - The Pelindaba Lavender farm is a pet-friendly location, open to furry friends of all sizes, but all dogs do need to be kept on leashes and owners are required to clean up after their pets and ensure they stay off the flowers.

- Admission - The Pelindaba Lavender farm is a totally free thing to do on San Juan Island, so you don't need to worry about paying an entrance fee. website