Many people love to travel. They save up and set off on journeys all over the globe each year. Some trips only take us to a neighboring state or region, while others will take us halfway around the world to an exotic country very different to our own. Whichever kind of trip you take, you can enjoy a lot of comfort, adventure, relaxation, and recreation opportunities, and it’s vital to remember just how lucky we are to be able to travel.

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While many people are fortunate enough to be born in developed countries and wealthy societies, able to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of healthcare and education, growing up to get a good job and enjoy the benefits of travel, there are many other people in this world who simply struggle to survive. For them, seemingly simple matters like healthcare and education are inaccessible.

Not only that, but there are many other problems facing the planet and its inhabitants, from climate change to deforestation to a lack of support for artists and creators. Many charities and organizations work to support these causes, and Kind Traveler, a unique and innovative company, is giving travelers a chance to show their support for causes of their choosing every single time they travel.

How Does Kind Traveler Work?

So how does Kind Traveler allow you to make a real difference to good causes and contribute to charity while also enjoying unique hotel discounts and perks? The process is actually very simple:

- Step 1 - Choose Your Hotel - The first step of traveling with Kind Traveler is to figure out where you want to go and choose a hotel that has decided to partner up with Kind Traveler. From Sonoma County in California to scenic regions of Italy and luxurious island resorts in the Maldives, many different destinations are featured with Kind Traveler and a huge selection of hotels and resorts are available for your selection. You can browse the full range of destinations and hotels on the official Kind Traveler site and make your selection to proceed to the next step.

- Step 2 - Review Your Destination - Next, you can actually review the page for your chosen hotel and destination to see exactly what you'll be getting if you choose to book your accommodation directly through Kind Traveler. You’ll access exclusive rates and perks from Kind Hotels upon a $10 nightly donation to a charity that positively impacts the destination you are visiting, or to a charity of your choice. 100% of donations go to the designated charity. Hotel E in Sonoma County, for example, provides services like room upgrades, late check-in, free cocktails, and tasting vouchers to local wineries for those visiting through Kind Traveler, while the Ka'ana Luxury Resort in Belize offers a garden tour, a free full breakfast upgrade, and your own in-room fruit platter.

- Step 3 - Donate - Once you've chosen your destination and hotel, you'll be able to choose which charity you'd like to support in order to unlock the Kind Traveler discounted hotel rates and unique advantages. Kind Traveler allows you to support a huge range of charities from all over the globe, donating your money to a variety of causes from animal rights and wildlife protection to education, health, disaster relief, support for children, and more. Once again, you can browse through the full range of options on the Kind Traveler site and then make your choice from there. Once you choose a charity, your donation of $10 per night will go straight to that charity, without any hidden fees or percentages being retained or spent elsewhere.

- Step 4 - Enjoy Your Trip - Once you've chosen a hotel and a charity and reserved your trip through Kind Traveler, it's time to actually enjoy it. Your Kind Traveler benefits will immediately be unlocked through your booking, letting you enjoy exclusive perks at your chosen hotel like freebies, upgrades, and extra services, and you also get the comforting peace of mind of knowing that you've made a difference to a good cause, which can actually go a long way to helping you enjoy your holiday even more than before.

Kind Traveler is having a real impact on the world and giving people a great new option when they travel. By booking through this platform, you can enjoy luxury breaks in super hotels and resorts around the world, while also being able to contribute to causes you care about. website