So many people are starting to question the food they eat and the drinks they drink.

We’re all gradually becoming more and more aware of the importance of the things we consume and the dangers that can come from eating or drinking products with chemicals, additives, and other nasty ingredients inside. Sadly, a whole lot of the products you’ll find in a typical supermarket are filled with those kinds of ingredients.

Fortunately, many brands and new companies are offering different options, based around natural ingredients and organic elements, putting the focus back on purity, nature, and health, rather than simply focusing on making drinks that are sweet and long-lasting, regardless of the cost and compromises that need to be made along the way. One of the best brands bringing something new into the beverage world is Element Shrub.

Element Shrub - All Natural Cider Vinegar Shrubs

Element Shrub is a leading provider of apple cider vinegar shrubs, delicious and all-natural beverages made from pure ingredients and offering a lot of health benefits. Made with love and care and highly versatile too, the shrubs of Element Shrub can become a key addition to your daily routine or even added to some of your favorite recipes.

- What Exactly Is A Shrub? - If you're wondering what a 'shrub' actually is, the word derives from an Arabic word, 'sharab', which means 'to drink'. Element Shrub uses a base of organic apple cider vinegar with the 'mother' and then adds whole fruit, organic sugar, and fresh herbs and spices into the mix to create delicious and thoroughly unique flavored fruit syrups with amazing health benefits. The idea of a vinegar fruit syrup might sound strange in modern times, but vinegar was actually one of the main options to preserve fruit in the days before refrigeration.

- Pure and Natural - At a time when so many beverages are processed and filled with strange chemical ingredients, Element Shrub is offering something different. If you take a look at the ingredient list of many drinks sold on store shelves, you'll see all kinds of strange concoctions and chemicals, but these shrubs are made with nothing but pure, simple, natural, and often organic ingredients, perfect for people who want to lead healthier lives.

- Very Healthy - There are a lot of health benefits to be enjoyed from Element Shrub fruit syrups; the high amount of fresh fruit in each drink helps to provide a lot of great vitamins and minerals, and the other ingredients come together to offer plenty of positive health benefits too. Plus, the total absence of additives, flavorings, chemicals, and other undesirable ingredients helps to ensure that these shrubs

- The Perfect Option For Non-Drinkers - Have you ever found yourself in a social situation where everyone else is drinking, but you're not able to join in on the fun? Perhaps this is due to personal choice, pregnancy, illness, being the designated driver, or something else altogether. Well, with Element Shrub, you won't have to just drink sodas or water in those situations; you can enjoy the same high quality, cocktail-style beverages as your friends without any alcohol inside. In fact, Element Shrub actually started off in the first place as the founders of the company couldn't find non-alcoholic, healthy drinks for pregnant women.

- Exceptionally Versatile - Perhaps the very best thing about the shrubs of Element Shrub, aside from their health benefits and delicious flavors, is just how versatile they are. They can work so well in so many different situations, blending perfectly with all kinds of spirits like gin to create some super cocktails. They can also be used to make marinades, salad dressings, sauces, and even when baking to make cakes and pancakes fluffier.

- Only The Finest Ingredients - So what can you find in a typical shrub from Element Shrub? Well, the base ingredient is apple cider vinegar, which is always totally organic and made from apples grown in the USA. Next, you'll find some cane sugar for a little sweetness, which is fully organic too and certified fair trade. Then, to provide the unique flavors of each shrub, you'll find non-GMO or organic fresh fruit, and finally, you'll find some herbs and spices, 99% of which will also be organic. That's all. You won't see any nasty ingredients or artificial sweeteners in these products.

Element Shrub products are delicious, versatile, healthy, and a lot of fun to use. They're perfect for everyone, offering a lot of flexibility and freedom whether you're playing around with different cocktail ideas, cooking up some treats in the kitchen, or just looking for a new and healthy beverage to add to your daily diet.

You can find these products with various retailers like Wegmans, Williams Sonoma, The Fresh Market, and Amazon, or you can order online. You can even choose to sign up for an Element Shrub subscription, getting three 8oz bottles of your choosing delivered to your door each month. website