Coffee culture is big in the USA. Gone are the days when people were happy to visit the same chain of coffee houses day in and day out. Today’s coffee connoisseurs are looking for something more exotic from their favorite beverage and a rash of independent coffee houses and roastery plants have popped up across the length and breadth of the United States.

Many of these go the extra mile to personally source their coffee beans from small-volume farmers who produce an excellent fair-trade product. Beans are generally roasted on site to order, to ensure the finest end product. Several of the best coffee shops in the USA also serve meals or pastries, but for some it is purely about the coffee.

1. Ghostlight Coffee, Dayton

Ghostlight Coffee, Dayton
© Ghostlight Coffee

Serving up a variety of fresh and delicious craft coffees, teas and bakery goods, Ghostlight Coffee is one of Dayton’s most popular meeting places. Driven to serve only the best ethically-sourced coffees, Ghostlight Coffee get their popular house blend from Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati, and also serve regularly changing single-origin and seasonal blend coffees.

As well as all your regular favorite coffees you will also find some innovative lattes, teas, chai and more. Breakfast delights include delicious muffins or bagels with various fillings.

Throughout the day you can enjoy their legendary scones, cookies and muffins – there are always vegan and gluten-free options available. You will find Ghostlight Coffee branches in Midtown and historic South Park.

Ghostlight Coffee, 1201 Wayne Ave, Historic South Park, Dayton OH 45410, Phone: 937-985-2633

800 S Patterson Blvd, (Midtown) Dayton OH, Phone: 937-985-2633

2. Artifact Coffee, Baltimore, Maryland

Artifact Coffee, Baltimore, Maryland
© Artifact Coffee

Whether you are just dropping in for a quick cup or coffee or meeting friends for a casual breakfast or lunch, Artifact Coffee is the place to go in Baltimore, MD.

The coffee shop offers all your favorite espresso-machine brews as well as some rather unusual coffees like Japanese Cold Brew Iced Coffee and Chemex.

If you prefer tea you can choose from a range of popular regular or herbal teas. You can design your perfect breakfast from their mix-and-match menu selection which includes gluten-free options.

At lunchtime you can choose from a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches all made from fresh and seasonal local produce.

Artifact Coffee is open 7 days a week and can cater for private functions.

Artifact Coffee, 1500 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211, Phone: 410-235-1881

3. Black Bear Coffee House, Denali National Park, Alaska

Black Bear Coffee House, Denali National Park, Alaska
© Black Bear Coffee House

The Black Bear Coffee House has been pleasing palates in the Denali National Park for the last 22 years.

Their brunch is legendary and is served from early morning to mid-afternoon.

If you are planning on an action-filled day in the park you will need a hearty breakfast to get you going – choose from a large variety of breakfast favorites to get your day off to a brilliant start. Choices include Biscuits and Gravy, Breakfast Bearitos, Alaskan Benedict and many more.

Later in the day you may prefer a perfect Mac and Cheese, a Vegan Dream Burger or a Happy Bowl. Wash it all down with your favorite coffee.

Black Bear Coffee House, Denali National Park, Alaska, Phone: 907-683-1656

4. Black Dog Coffee House, Lenexa, KS

Black Dog Coffee House, Lenexa, KS
© Black Dog Coffee House

Serving up the freshest and tastiest coffee brewed from specially selected beans which are roasted to perfection by Messenger Coffee in Kansas City, the Black Dog Coffee House in Lenexa is a popular city meeting place.

They partner with the adjoining Ibis Bakery to offer guests delicious pastries and breads to enjoy alongside your favorite coffee. Breakfasts include eggs, bowls and toast-based dishes made from their delicious artisanal breads.

At lunchtime you will find delicious soups, salads and sandwiches to set you up for the rest of your busy day.

Black dog serves a comprehensive range of coffees including several lattes, cold brews and other specialties.

Black Dog Coffee House, 12815 W 87th Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66215, Phone: 913 495 5515

5. Bourgeois Pig Café, Chicago

Bourgeois Pig Café, Chicago
© Hoda Bogdan/

Offering visitors a charming old-world atmosphere with which to surround themselves, the Bourgeois Pig Café is a popular eatery and meeting place located in Chicago, IL.

For more than 25 years a loyal following of fans have been coming to the Bourgeois Pig to enjoy their wide variety of bakery items, meals, snacks and tempting coffees and teas.

The café's popular breakfast dishes are available all day long.

In addition to some really innovative sandwiches (with matching inventive names) they offer a soup of the day, salads, quiches and many other hunger-busting favorites as well as an excellent choice of coffees, teas, shakes and more.

Bourgeois Pig Café, 738 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, Phone: 773-883-5282

6. Brew HaHa, Delaware

Brew HaHa, Delaware
© Brew HaHa

With several branches dotted all around Northern Delaware, it should be quite easy to find a Brew HaHa coffee shop next time you are in the area.

Each of the cafes has its own distinct décor and atmosphere but all of them offer the same hospitality and great food and drinks.

The coffees are all brewed using the finest locally roasted coffee beans from around the world, and all the baristas take great pride in producing an expertly balanced and flavorful espresso-based coffees.

Food items include a variety of salads, soups, artisan sandwiches and delicious cakes and pastries. The Greenville Café offers a more extensive menu including tapas and full meals.

7. Café du Mond, New Orleans

Café du Mond, New Orleans
© Café du Mond

Visitors are invited to come and experience a nostalgic taste of France in the heart of New Orleans at the legendary Café du Mond.

The Original Café du Mond was started in 1862 and the cafés and coffee stands you visit today have stuck to its traditions and still serve French-style dark roast coffee blended with chicory.

You may enjoy your beverage in the traditional Café au Lait style (mixed half-half with hot milk) or black. If you are looking for Italian-style espresso-based coffees, this is not the place to go.

Don’t leave without savoring one of their signature beignets, a French type of doughnut which is lightly dusted with sugar.

Café du Mond, locations dotted around New Orleans, LA

8. Café Volan, NJ

Café Volan, NJ
© Café Volan

Judging by the ratings and rave reviews they receive, Café Volan in Asbury Park, NJ must be doing something right. The café is located on Bangs Avenue and serves a good selection of Java-based coffees including their own house blend as well as a choice of single-origin beans.

This is a trendy place to stop in for your daily breakfast, serving a reasonable selection of baked goods as well as some innovative daily specials like their Toasted Pumpkin Bread served with mascarpone and home-made pumpkin butter.

They also serve iced coffee and a variety of teas including a delicious Coconut Tea. Open daily.

510 Bangs Ave., Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712, Phone: 732-455-3399

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9. Cocoa Cinnamon, Durham

Cocoa Cinnamon, Durham
© Cocoa Cinnamon

Offering a great atmosphere and great coffee in Durham, NC, Cocoa Cinnamon café is a household name among coffee fans.

You will find three locations in Durham where you can spend some time relaxing with friends over a great cup of ethically-sourced coffee which has been roasted to perfection and served with a smile.

They offer all the more traditional coffee brews as well as a really good selection of innovative flavored lattes and iced coffees.

If you are feeling hungry, the churros and ice-cream are highly recommended. Teas and delicious pastries are also available and there are branches in Old North Durham, Old West Durham and Lakewood.

10. Desert Oasis Coffee Roasters

Desert Oasis Coffee Roasters
© Desert Oasis Coffee Roasters

Located in Michigan, Desert Oasis started off as a small family business which attracted visitors by providing live music, cheesecake and coffee evenings.

The business has come a long way since then but still focuses on bringing people together to enjoy great food, great coffee and a great vibe.

They buy only the very best coffee beans from a select few suppliers and then roast the beans to perfection in order to bring out the unique potential of every bean.

The baristas have been meticulously trained to do the rest. You will find a branch of Desert Oasis in Detroit, Rochester and Royal Oak. And they still serve the best cheesecake in town.

11. Huckleberry Roasters, Denver

Huckleberry Roasters, Denver
© Huckleberry Roasters

Huckleberry Roasters was established in 2011 in a crowded backyard garage by two entrepreneurial friends. Over the years the establishment has grown by leaps and bounds and there are now two locations in Denver, CO where you can enjoy their delicious coffees and eats.

Coffee, in all its delicious forms, is the driving force behind Huckleberry Roasters and the company strives to work closely with small farmers and co-ops to source only the finest sustainable coffee beans.

Not only can you meet up with friends to enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee in the cafes, but you can also buy your favorite beans to take home with you.

Huckleberry Roasters, 4301 Pecos St, Denver, CO 80211

1800 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202

12. Lantern Coffee House and Roastery, Sibley IA

Lantern Coffee House and Roastery, Sibley IA
© Lantern Coffee House and Roastery

Located in the small town of Sibley, Iowa, the Lantern Coffee House and Roastery is a Christian non-profit ministry which just happens to serve up some of the best coffee in the state of Iowa.

The Lantern sources top quality ethically produced coffee beans from around the globe and then roasts them in small batches right on the premises.

In addition to great coffee you can enjoy cookies or cake (they make a wonderful triple-chocolate cheesecake) and they have recently started serving lunches.

Since the Lantern is a community-centered business you can doubly enjoy your meal or drink knowing that part of what you pay will find its way to those in the community who need it the most.

Lantern Coffee House, 304 9th St, Sibley, IA, Phone: 712-754-4594

13. Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe, Honolulu

Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe, Honolulu
© chayathon2000/

Ideally located for coffee and breakfast before or after you hike to the lovely Manoa Falls, Morning Glass Coffee & Café is a very popular coffee outlet for breakfast or lunch in Honolulu.

The café offers mainly outdoor seating at large communal tables where you can enjoy a relaxed vacation atmosphere as you enjoy your meal.

The coffee is prepared from freshly-ground beans sourced from various roasters and they also serve a special daily Hawaiian Coffee which is roasted on site.

Breakfast options are delicious and innovative and include fried-rice omelet, breakfast burritos, avocado toast and even macaroni & cheese pancakes. Scones and muffins are also rumored to be delicious.

Morning Glass Coffee & Café, 2955 E Manoa Rd, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96822-1852, Phone: 808-673-0065

14. Onyx Coffee Lab, Bentonville

Onyx Coffee Lab, Bentonville
© Onyx Coffee Lab

At Onyx Coffee Lab in downtown Bentonville, AR the baristas are dedicated to serving you the perfect cup of coffee, brewed just the way you like it.

The folks behind the Onyx label source all their own green coffee beans from the finest growers all over the world and these premium beans are roasted on site to exacting methods in order to produce coffee that is not only delicious but also memorable.

What’s more, the baristas at Onyx love to teach customers exactly how to brew a perfect cup – their website contains detailed videos to teach customers how to make perfect coffee at home.

You can taste one of their unforgettable coffees at one of three venues in Bentonville, Fayetteville and Rogers.

Onyx Coffee Lab, 100 NW 2nd St, #106, Bentonville, AR 72712, Phone: 479-715-6492

15. Panther Coffee, Miami

Panther Coffee, Miami
© Panther Coffee

Offering no fewer than six outlets dotted around Miami, Florida, Panther Coffee is a household name in the city.

The founders of Panther Coffee have made it their mission to introduce Miami palates to some of the finest coffees in the universe, sourced from sustainable growers all over the world.

The Coffee bars offer a choice of single origin coffees as well as perfectly balanced blends.

The roasting process is particularly painstaking and beans are optimally roasted to release as much flavor as possible while avoided bitter notes.

You can enjoy your delicious coffee on site or buy beans to take home for your next breakfast brew.

Panther Coffee, Wynwood Branch, 2390 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, Phone: 305-677-3952

16. Press Coffee, Arizona

Press Coffee, Arizona
© Press Coffee

Boasting no fewer than eight coffee shops dotted around Arizona, Press Coffee endeavors to provide all their customers with a memorable coffee experience.

Press Coffee sources all their beans directly from the growers in far-flung corners of the globe like Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Sumatra, Brazil and Costa Rica.

Beans are expertly roasted to order to ensure the freshest possible coffee arrives in store or in your post box.

If you love coffee but don’t know too much about it you can attend one of their very popular Coffee 101 tasting events, which will greatly enhance your everyday coffee experience. Press Coffee Branches can be found in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler and Tempe.

17. Rook Coffee, New Jersey

Rook Coffee, New Jersey
© Rook Coffee

Established in 2010, New Jersey’s Rook Coffee has grown by leaps and bounds and there are now twelve stores in operation as well as the company’s roastery and cold brew coffee brewery.

Like many other premium coffee roasters, Rook Coffee personally sources all the finest coffee beans from sustainable sources before roasting them to perfection in their Long Branch roastery.

When you drop by any of their coffee outlets you will be able to enjoy a perfectly constructed cup of your favorite beverage, brewed just the way you like it.

They serve regular and specialty espresso-based coffees and lattes as well us making French Press, Chemex and perfect Cold Brewed Coffee.

18. Spiritwinds Gift Shop & Coffee Bar, Las Cruces, NM

Spiritwinds Gift Shop & Coffee Bar, Las Cruces, NM
© Richard/

Part gift shop, part coffee shop, Spiritwinds Gift Shop & Coffee Bar in Las Cruces, NM has been a popular local hang-out since 1978.

The coffee bar serves up all your favorite coffees including a range of lattes, espressos, café au lait, mochas and iced coffee.

You can choose from regular or soy milk and there are also a few tea options on the menu. They serve an all-day breakfast as well as a good selection of soups, salads, sandwiches and sides.

For smaller appetites there are a selection of cookies, scones and other sweet treats. Spirit Winds is open daily and also offers a take-out option.

Spiritwinds Gift Shop & Coffee Bar, 2260 South Locust St, Las Cruces, NM 88011, Phone: 575-521-1222

19. Strange Brew Coffee House, Starkville

Strange Brew Coffee House, Starkville
© Strange Brew Coffee House

Strange Brew Coffee House is the place to go in Starkville if you are looking for a brilliant coffee experience.

The team at Strange Brew believes that a fabulous cup of your favorite coffee goes hand-in-hand with excellent service and a great atmosphere. When you visit the store you can order all your favorite brews or try something really different like a Capt’n Crunch Latte, a Sea Turtle Frappe or an Albino Squirrel.

You can rest assured that your coffee is made from premium beans which have been sourced from all corners of the globe and roasted to perfection in Mississippi. If you need a snack you can try one of their freshly-baked-from-scratch pastries.

Strange Brew Coffee House, 605 Highway 12, Starkville, MS 39759, Phone: 662-765-3844

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