25 Best Croatia Beaches

25 Best Beaches in Croatia

Croatia is a beach lover’s paradise. Boasting an extensive coastline and dozens of delightful off-shore islands dotted around the perfect turquoise waters of the Adriatic, there is a perfect beach for each and every visitor.

Bodega Bay Beaches

20 Best Bodega Bay Beaches

An area of land called Bodega Head juts out into the Pacific Ocean, protecting the nearby Bodega Harbor and much of Bodega Bay and ensuring that the waters in this area are very calm and peaceful, making Bodega Bay beaches perfect for people in need of a quiet place to relax and reflect.

25 Beaches for Toddlers in the USA

25 Best Beaches for Toddlers in the USA

The best beaches have to be sandy, soft, clean, slope gently into the water, watched by a lifeguard, with nearby restrooms and showers, and be easily accessible from the parking lot or public transport.

Beach Vacation Ideas

Best Cape Cod Beaches

25 Best Beaches on Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod is one of New England's most famous summer vacation destinations, spanning along Massachusett's hook-shaped peninsula and offering more than 550 miles of beautiful shoreline.

Beaches Near Orlando, Florida

12 Best Beaches Near Orlando, Florida

Explore ancient dunes protected by boardwalks and enjoy a diverse selection of activities on these beautiful beaches near Orlando, Florida.

Beaches Near Baltimore

15 Best Beaches Near Baltimore

isitors to the Baltimore region can enjoy convenient access to a number of lovely beach towns and natural sites along the Bay, including sites connected to the city of Annapolis via the impressive Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Best Black Sand Beaches in the World

25 Best Black Sand Beaches in the World

While they are rare, black sand beaches exist all over the world wherever there are volcanoes and where, after a millennia, the waves, rain and winds have eroded lava rocks into a fine sand.

Best Oregon Beaches

25 Best Beaches in Oregon

From rolling sand dunes to towering sea stacks, Oregon's coastline continually captures the imagination of locals and visitors alike.

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Secluded Romantic Getaways

25 Best Secluded Romantic Getaways

Couples who above all value privacy and seclusion on their vacation will love these unique romantic getaways.

25 Beautiful Beaches around the World

25 Best Beaches in the World

The world is a wondrous place just waiting to be explored, and there’s hardly a more in-demand destination than a great beach.

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