The United States of America are home to an extraordinary number of beaches. Beaches of every variety can be found all around the United States, from small, secluded rocky spots with awe-inspiring views and calm waters to sunny stretches of sand that seem to never end. Whether you’re looking to surf, sunbathe, snorkel, or engage in some adventurous water sports to get your heart racing like never before, you can find all you need around America. And sometimes, beautiful beaches can be found in places where you might never have expected to see them.

We recommend that you call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit to confirm current opening times.

1.Jamestown Beach Park

Jamestown Beach Park
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Situated on the banks of the James River and backed by a beautiful pine tree forest, Jamestown Beach Park is one of the very best beaches in the Williamsburg area. The park underwent renovation not too long ago and has enjoyed a new lease of life since then, attracting many visitors from local areas and afar. People of all ages can have a lot of fun here, but this Williamsburg beach definitely has a lot of appeal to families and groups of friends. The beach is fitted out with lots of BBQ grills and picnic areas, so it's a super spot to come with some good food and good company to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy some tasty treats on a sunny day.

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2.College Creek

College Creek
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Just off Colonial Parkway in James City County, College Creek beach is one of the most popular in the Williamsburg area and is very easy to access. It offers very soft golden sands, as well as grassy areas for ball games and picnics. The waters are wonderful to observe and admire here, but this isn't a good swimming beach as the current is very fast and dangerous, as well as having a major drop off if you walk out too far. So, if you do visit College Creek, be sure to stay close to the sand and simply dip your toes in the water rather than going for a swim. Families can have a lot of fun here, but it's important to keep an eye on children at all times as there are no lifeguards on duty.

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3.North End

North End
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If you're in the Williamsburg area and want a truly incredible beach experience, it's worth making the short trip down to Virginia Beach. The North End beaches here will take your breath away, filled with stunning soft sands and amazing blue waters. Lots of families and kids can be seen running around and enjoying this beach, but a key aspect of the North End part of Virginia Beach is that you won't find any amenities here. There aren't any restrooms, showers, or lifeguards, so you'll have to bring your own food and keep an eye on the kids to make sure everyone stays safe.

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4.Yorktown Beach

Yorktown Beach
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Very close by to Williamsburg, Yorktown Beach is located just by the George P. Coleman bridge. It's also very closely situated to the beautiful old buildings and historical sites of Yorktown itself, so it can be a lot of fun to spend some time walking around the town and admiring the local heritage before heading down to the beach for some relaxation and fun in the sun. This is a beloved beach but never a busy one, and there plenty of fun activities to be enjoyed here including surfing, boating, swimming, and more. You'll also be able to check out the nearby Riverwalk area, lined with stores, restaurants, bars, and more.

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5.First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park
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One of the most untouched and pristine parts of the Virginia coastline, First Landing State Park is situated at the northeastern end of Virginia Beach. This is one of the few beaches in the Williamsburg area that allows dogs on leashes to enjoy the sand, so if you like to bring your furry friends along for fun in the sun, First Landing State Park is a good spot to choose. It's a short drive away from Williamsburg but the drive is scenic and the beaches are more than worth the trip. The park is also filled with hiking and cycling trails, camping areas, picnic spots, and more. Among the trees or out on the sands at First Landing State Park, you'll feel a million miles away from the city, and this is a nice spot to do some wildlife spotting as well.

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6.More Info

More Info

Located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area out on the Virginian Peninsula, Williamsburg is a small historical city that played a major part in the American Revolution. Williamsburg, founded in 1632, is home to barely 15,000 people but attracts millions of visitors each year as part of the 'Historic Triangle' area that also includes Jamestown and Yorktown. The Colonial Williamsburg part of the city is one of its major attractions, but Williamsburg is also well-situated for some old-fashioned fun in the sun, being conveniently located near some of Virginia's best beaches. So if you want to spend some time on the sand in VA, Williamsburg is a great place to start.

Best Beaches Near Williamsburg, VA

With the stunning Chesapeake Bay area and the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean right next door, Williamsburg, VA is a perfect place for those hoping to spend some time on the sand when the sun is shining. There’s actually a surprising amount of choice when it comes to beaches in Williamsburg, and it can be quite a challenge to decide which beach to visit on any given day. To simplify the choice, check out the useful information in our Williamsburg beach guide below.

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5 Best Beaches Near Williamsburg, Virginia

More Ideas in Virginia Beach: Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach features over 800,000 gallons of aquarium exhibitions and habitats and is considered one of the best aquariums in the United States. Visitors can experience the interactive exhibits, and outdoor opportunities as well.


The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center operates as a partnership with the City of Virginia Beach and a nonprofit organization—The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Foundation, which maintains the aquarium animals, exhibits, and is responsible for fundraising, the Stranding Response Program, research efforts lead by the Science Center and the educational department.

The aquarium and science center hosts more than 600,000 visitors annually, 50,000 of which are students. This has led to Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center being named the number one cultural attraction in the area.

There are two buildings that comprise the aquarium that are connected by the Owls Creek Path. Each building has its own entrance and ticket counter. Tickets and hand stamps are good for the entire day and will include admittance to both buildings. Both buildings are handicapped accessible with two accessible parking lots available.

Animals and Exhibits

There are over 300 species represented in the collection at Virginia Aquarium with thousands of animals to be seen in exhibits ranging from coastal environments to the depths of the Atlantic Oceans. Some of the most popular animals for visitors to encounter include the Cownose Rays, Harbor Seals, Loggerhead Turtles, North American River Otter, and Sand Tiger Sharks. In addition to the permanent exhibits described below, the aquarium also has a gallery for temporary exhibits.

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Blue Crab Corner- This exhibit explores the history and ecology of the Blue Crab and the impact this marine animal has had on the economy and culture of the Chesapeake Bay. The Blue Crab Corner is located in the Marsh Pavilion and is a 12 foot high dock and 750 gallon aquarium habitat with below water viewing areas.

Chesapeake Bay Touch Pool- Closed for renovations in early 2017, the Touch Pool provides docents that help visitors explore the anatomy of marine creatures such as hermit crabs, whelk, and other sea creatures.

Chesapeake Bay Light Tower Aquarium- This massive structure features three species of sea turtles living together in a 70,000 gallon aquarium. Included is the endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle and Loggerhead and green turtles. There are also fish that are local to Virginia Beach that share the habitat.

Indonesian Volcanic Island- This exhibit is modeled after Mount Rogers ,the tallest mountain in Virginia that resulted from volcanic activity. The habitat is home to the Komodo Dragons and includes a viewing area that children can crawl under with space to pop up in the middle of the exhibit for a special viewing experience.

Malaysian Peat Swamp- Guests to the Peat Swamp encounter a humid environment that resembles the way Virginia would have appeared during the Carboniferous Period when coal was being formed in the state. Alligators are seen in this exhibit.

Mediterranean Sea- Visitors can look back on the ecology of Virginia during the Silurian period in this exhibit that blends the Costal Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea habitats.

Red Rea- The Triassic Period is represented in this exhibit that showcases what Virginia would have been like when the land was rifting and the Atlantic Ocean was created.

Whales: Voices in the Sea- The Pacific Life Foundation sponsored this exhibit that was developed by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Visitors can plug into kiosks and listen to the songs of many different species of whales, create their own personal whale calls, and watch educational videos on whales. There are also opportunities to lean about conservation and watch interviews with marine biologists.


There are attractions at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center outside of the aquarium building.

The Adventure Park- This outdoor adventure park includes a zip line and adventure up high through the trees about the Owls Creek. Children as young as 5 may participate in a variety of challenging courses with many experiences levels. There is also a Labyrinth jungle gym that is great for large groups of children to play on.

Boat Trips- Boat trips from the Virginia Aquarium began in 1989 and are staged with marine educators offering an educational experience with a focus on responsible ocean practices, and conservation. During the warmer months, a Dolphin Discoveries Sea Adventure is offered which includes a 90-minute exploration of the bottle nose dolphin habitats. There is also a 75-minute Ocean Collections Sea Adventure Boat Trip during the summer that explores the coastal waters. Winter months are when the Whale watching tours are offered, these excursions are 2.5 hours in length.

National Geographic 3D Theatre- This 6 story Theatre is located within the Aquarium and is recently renovated. Visitors can view many different films from box office hits to documentaries.

717 General Booth Blvd., Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23451, Phone: 757-385-3474

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More Ideas in Virginia Beach: False Cape State Park

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Back Bay, False Cape State Park is one among the few undeveloped areas remaining along the Atlantic Coast. Formerly a home to Native Americans, a Coast Guard station, and the historic community of Wash Woods, the state park pays tribute to the hardy people who once made a living from the ocean. Within False Cape are numerous opportunities to experience and discover nature in a primitive, unique setting.

The park got its name due to the fact that it could easily be mistaken for Cape Henry, which is actually located at the entrance of Chesapeake Bay approximately twenty miles north, from the ocean. This misleading impression would lure boats and ships that were seeking Cape Henry into its shallow water, causing these boats to run aground. The historic Wash Woods community, which is now abandoned, was created by shipwreck survivors during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

The Wash Woods Environmental Education Center in False Cape State Park is converted hunt clubhouse. In 2002, undeveloped areas of the park were named as the False Cape Natural Area Preserve. At the park's south end is a monument with "N Ca" on one side and "Va." On the other. Even though the monument features the date "A.D. 1728" at the top, it's more likely that it was established in 1887 when the boundary of the two states was surveyed again, considering the original border was marked by a simple cedar post. 1728 was when the current border was first surveyed.

Those visiting False Cape State Park should make sure they are prepared for various weather conditions. Visitors should remember to bring insect repellent, sunscreen, and plenty of drinking water. The park can only be reached by foot, beach transport, bicycle, boat, or tram. There is no access for public vehicles. From the beginning of April until the end of October tram transportation is provided through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, where visitors will need to pay an entrance fee. From the beginning of November through the end of March, visitors can access False Cape by boat, by biking or hiking along the shoreline, or through the Terra-Gator, the beach transporter of the park. Those wishing to access the park via the beach transporter can call to make a reservation.

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Guided kayak trips, interpretive programs, biking trails, hiking trails, primitive camping, and six miles of a pristine sandy Atlantic Ocean beach are all offered at False Cape State Park. Five self-guided trails, hiking trails, trails, and bicycle trails can be found throughout the park. These trails, including the self-guided interpretive trail of Barbour Hill, total a distance of 15.3 miles. The trails are an ideal way for visitors to explore the nature of the park.

The location of False Cape on a barrier spit provides visitors with opportunities to view the bay, marshes, wooded swamps, maritime pine and oak forests, dunes, and beaches all in just a single visit. While there is a beach within the park, there are no areas designated for swimming. Motorboats are allowed in the park, as well as saltwater and freshwater fishing as long as visitors possess a valid fishing license for Virginia.

4001 Sandpiper Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Phone: 757-426-7128

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More Ideas in Virginia Beach: Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Families should make the trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia to enjoy one of the most fun waterparks in the United States. With an award-winning waterslide as well as a wide variety of family and child friendly slides and attractions, guests can happily stay all day and enjoy the water.


The Ocean Breeze Waterpark opened with just three single mat slides and was the only waterpark that was in operation in the entire Virginia Beach area. It has since grown to include over 30 different waterslides and water based attractions and has plans to expand even further in the near future.

Permanent Attractions

Bring a swimsuit and enjoy all of the attractions the waterpark has to offer, no matter how much or little guests enjoy adrenaline and adventure!

Adventure River - This fun and gentle water tube experience features natural feeling waves and a current that slowly propels guests of all ages (although those 48 inches and under are required to wear a life jacket and have adult supervision for safety) past waterfalls and tipping buckets. Over 1000 feet in total length and 15 feet in width, the entirety of Adventure River takes about 10 minutes to enjoy and both begins and finishes with a soft, sandy beach and a shallow, child friendly lagoon.

Waterslides and Rides - There are a wide variety of different waterslides and water ride experiences at the waterpark. From the activity pool to Jungle Falls, there is something for everyone, no matter their adventure level. Twist, turn, swirl, and slide down the many different water slides and rides. There is even an award-winning waterslide (the Earth Shaker) to check out! With drops from short heights to up to 50 feet, screams from this section of the waterpark can be heard throughout the rest of the park. Make sure to check height restrictions.

For Kids - For the little ones, there are other, less adventurous options for them to enjoy! Let them run through the water sprayers and tipping buckets at Hook’s Lagoon, explore the pirate ship at Buccaneer Bay and go on a smaller scale rafting adventure just their size at Little Amazon.

Runaway Bay - Filled with over one million gallons of water, the wave pool at the waterpark is always a guest favorite! A shallow beach leads to a play area, where the less adventurous can choose to say and the more adventurous can wade through to get to the waves! No tubes are allowed and all guests under 48 inches tall must wear a life jacket for safety.

Hugh Mongous - The waterpark’s mascot, created in 1977, is a giant, 11,000 pound, 45 foot tall monkey named Hugh Mongous! Guests can have their pictures taken with him and share it with the social media tag provided.

Guests should be aware that the park does close seasonally and should check all dates prior to a visit to the park.

Special Events

One of the favorite special events held at the waterpark is the annual Wags ‘N Waves event that allows both dogs and their owners to enjoy the park at the end of the season. Tickets are available for purchase and allow any dogs that are up to date on their vaccinations (proof is required) and are well behaved to come and swim before the pool is drained. A waiver is required prior to entry as well. Cabanas will be available for rent during the event. A portion of the admission cost goes to an animal related charity.

The park is also available for rent for special events like birthday parties, corporate events, youth groups, and family reunions. Contact the park for availability and cost. All events include admission to the park and optional add-on dining options. Events must be reserved in advance and a deposit may be required. There may also be a minimum amount of attendees to reserve, although the park can host events of up to 4000 people at a time with the right amount of notice!

Shopping and Dining

There are plenty of souvenirs for purchase while at Ocean Breeze. Guests can check out the gift shop for sunglasses, towels, apparel, jewelry, and sunscreen! There is also a candy shop carrying candy apples, chocolate covered strawberries and jelly beans. For dining options while at the waterpark, there are a variety of options with sandwiches, pizza, salads, funnel cakes, and slushies (among many other choices).

Ocean Breeze Waterpark, 849 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451, Phone: 757-422-4444

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