Like many towns all around the Cape Cod area, Hyannis, Massachusetts is home to some truly breathtaking beaches. The Barnstable area has eleven beaches overall, but nearly half of those beaches are private and mostly reserved for residents.

Fortunately, there's still a lot of choice regarding public beaches in Hyannis. These beaches have a lot of good amenities and offer plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. Read through the descriptions and guide below to learn all about Hyannis' best beaches.

1. Craigville Beach

Craigville Beach
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A long and large beach with a lot of good amenities, Craigville Beach is highly popular with folks of all ages but holds particular appeal for young people. The water conditions are just right for a lot of different activities here, having a nice warm temperature in the summer months for swimming, while also proposing some big waves for surfing and water sports. There's a clearly marked swimming area at Craigville Beach which can get very popular on sunny days, and the local amenities include eateries, restrooms, and showers, with lifeguards also on-duty to ensure that everyone stays safe. More places to visit in Massachusetts

2. Sandy Neck Beach

Sandy Neck Beach
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If you're visiting Hyannis and looking to spend some time on the sand, Sandy Neck Beach will probably be your first port of call. This is the biggest beach in the area, running for around seven miles in total and offering some breathtaking views of Cape Cod Bay and the surrounding coastline. Big sand dunes dominate the landscape here and offer fun climbing and exploration opportunities, while the gentle, clear waters are lovely for swimming and splashing around with kids. Several food sellers can be found here, along with restrooms, showers, and other basic amenities. There's a massive parking area too, so even on the busiest days, you can always find a spot at Sandy Neck Beach.

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3. Beaches Near Me: Veterans Beach

Beaches Near Me: Veterans Beach
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If you're looking for some of the prettiest views and best photography spots in Hyannis, Veterans Beach is the place to be. With a small grassy park right nearby for picnics and games, this beach is named due to the presence of a monument to the people who fought and died in the Korean War. A second monument, erected in honor of JFK, is also visible at this beach park, making it a nice spot to stroll around with friends, family, or a special someone. Veterans Beach looks out onto the Nantucket Sound and is a nice spot for shelling, with lots of precious ocean treasures washing up on the shores throughout the year.

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4. Beach Near Me: Kalmus Beach

Beach Near Me: Kalmus Beach
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This is probably the most famous beach in Hyannis. In fact, it's one of the best-known beaches in the surrounding Barnstable area and even ranks highly in full lists of best Cape Cod beaches. So what makes Kalmus Beach so special? Well, the major appeal of this beach is for windsurfing. The winds can get unusually strong around here, making Kalmus Beach a fun spot for flying kites or playing various beach games. If you're more interested in relaxing and soaking up some sun, the far end of Kalmus Beach is calmer and quieter, better-suited for swimming and sunbathing. Amenities at this Hyannis beach include restrooms, showers, and food vendors.

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5. Closest beach to me: Orrin Keyes Beach

Closest beach to me: Orrin Keyes Beach
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Orrin Keyes Beach is one of the best beaches in Hyannis for folks who just want to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. There's a very calming vibe all around this beach, with tranquil waters to match. It's a nice spot for families to come and play around in the sand or paddle in the water, while also being perfectly suitable for sunbathing and other activities. Crowds never really build up at Orrin Keyes Beach and there are some useful amenities nearby including restrooms, showers, and a snack stand. Parking is also very easy here and lots of sailboats can be spotted passing by, making this a nice spot for keen amateur photographers.

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6. Sea Streets (Keyes) Beach

Sea Streets (Keyes) Beach
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Soak up the sun on this beautiful, family-friendly beach. Surrounded by a park and excellent harbor views, Sea Streets Beach is a picture-perfect location for families to play around and simply enjoy time together. The beach is filled with soft and clean sand, while the water is regularly tested for quality and cleanliness. Picnic tables and barbecue grills are also available throughout the area for anyone looking to enjoy a good outdoor meal. Facilities are completely accessible, including the restrooms and showers. The parking lot is located along Ocean Avenue and requires parking stickers or daily, weekly, or seasonal passes.

108 Ocean Avenue, Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601, Phone: 508-790-9886

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7. More Info about New England Beaches

More Info about New England Beaches
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New England is one of the most unique regions in all of the United States of America. It was here that the famous pilgrims first set foot on American soil after stepping off the Mayflower, with New England being home to many of America’s oldest and most historic towns and cities. The region is also well-known as a global leader in education, with renowned universities like Harvard and Yale, as well as being a prime touristic spot. One of the main tourism-based areas of New England is Cape Cod. Well-known for its world class fishing, quaint villages, and gorgeous beaches, Cape Cod is a super spot to visit on any New England vacation, with Hyannis being one of the area’s most charming towns.

The biggest town in the Barnstaple area of Massachusetts, Hyannis is generally regarded as the primary transportation center of Cape Cod, providing access to the cape itself and offering ferry and plane links to nearby Nantucket Island as well. Hyannis is a very popular touristic spot on Cape Cod and is even nicknamed 'Capital of the Cape', attracting large numbers of visitors each year. Fishing and boating are very popular at Hyannis, and lots of beautiful beaches are found in the town itself and the surrounding area. So if you’re planning a New England or Cape Cod vacation, be sure to stop off at Hyannis along the way.

The 6 Best Hyannis Beaches near me today according to local experts:

More Ideas in MA: Heritage Museums and Gardens

The Heritage Museum and Garden campus is home to a variety of both fun and educational activities meant to allow visitors the ability to have an adventure while also learning something (although it does not often feel like that!). Visiting the grounds is the perfect additional to any vacation to the state of Massachusetts.


The land that now makes up the grounds of the museum and garden can be traced back to the mid-1600s, through the original residents of the land (The Wing’s), the Dexter’s, and eventually the Lilly’s, who founded the museum. Annually, nearly 130,000 visitors come from all over the country and the world to visit the grounds, to ride the historic carousel, and to see some interesting and original artifacts that feature American artists.

Permanent Exhibits

Heritage Collection - Boasting a collection of more than 12,000 different items, including paintings, rare artifacts, and military miniatures, all made and manufactured by American artists. The collection and the museum itself was created in honor of the founder’s father, JK Lilly Jr, who was himself a collector of many rare coin, stamps, books, and other memorabilia (mostly American made firearms and miniatures with a military focus), although the elder Lilly was much more private with his collection (which was kept behind his house). After taking over, the hope was that making the museum more accessible to the general public would help educate visitors who would hopefully be traveling there from further out than just the small local area it was currently available to.

He went on to continue to collect thousands more items, all from American crafters and artists. The collection is broken up into four themes:

  • Place.
  • Home.
  • Work.
  • Conflict of ideas.
  • Carousel - Possibly the number one attraction at the museum is the Looff Carousel, made in 1908. This hand carved beauty, which visitors can still ride on, has been located at the museum for over a hundred years and still maintains its star appeal. Guests can enjoy as many rides as they would like with the cost of museum admission.

    Adventure Park - For more adventurous guests who enjoy ziplining and climbing, there is the adventure park. Enjoy an adventure with the whole family in the aerial forest, although this attraction is recommended only for guests age 7 and older due to safety restrictions. Try one of the five different trails, each varying in difficulty, climb across the tree bridges and try out the zipline! Monitored by trained staff and featuring a safety lecture and appropriate safety equipment prior to the adventure, the park is great for bonding, testing endurance and developing new skills… as well as having fun!

    Make sure to plan ahead by wearing appropriate clothing, purchasing tickets ahead of time via the website, and bring a camera! There are other gardens in the area to explore as well, either before or after the adventure. Make sure to plan for plenty of time and check out the labyrinth, the maze garden, and the mill!

    Educational Opportunities

    The museum and gardens work closely with classrooms to offer field trips that follow state guidelines while also being fun! The website has a full list of the offerings and reservations are strongly recommended as most classes and courses fill up very quickly due to their popularity. One adult chaperone (admitted to the grounds free of charge) is required for every 10 students, and additional adults are welcomed at a discounted admission price (although they are not allowed to participate). There is a picnic area located outdoors that is available, although it is not able to be reserved in advance.

    The tour options are divided into two types - self guided and guided. There is a slightly increased cost for the guided tours, which are led by museum educators, and these tours last around 3 hours (as compared to the 2 hours that should be allowed for self-guided tours). There are also options at the adventure area provided the students are old enough to participate. See the website for additional information.

    Shopping and Dining

    For guests looking to grab a souvenir from their visit, there is the Shop (at Heritage). The Shop sells a variety of items that are locally made, including home decor, jewelry, food items, and more. If visitors get hungry, there is the Magnolia cafe, which features options like clam chowder, lobster salad rolls, quiche, salads, sandwiches, drinks, and a handful of dessert options sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

    Heritage Museums and Gardens, 67 Grove Street, Sandwich, MA, 02563, Phone: 508-888-3300

    More Ideas in MA: Pilgrim Hall Museum

    The Pilgrim Story is considered by many to be the United States of America’s founding story. The dramatic story of perseverance and courage, the dangerous voyage, the landing in 1620, the first fearful winter, the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock, has all inspired many Americans throughout the history of the nation. The story of the pilgrims has been represented in many major historical paintings, such as the heroic Landing of the Pilgrims by Henry Sargent and the First Thanksgiving by Jennie Brownscombe. The actual story that serves as an inspiration for these painting is a far more heroic tale. Located in the heart of historic Plymouth in the state of Massachusetts, the Pilgrim Hall Museum shares this amazing story with visitors of all ages, locals and tourists alike.

    The Pilgrim Hall Museum is the older public museum operating continuously in the United States. The museum is home to an unparalleled collection of objects once owned by the Pilgrims. These artifact tell the tale of determined and brave men and women who built homes and lives for themselves and their families in a new, unknown world. Among these various Pilgrim possessions are the Bible owned by William Bradford, William Brewster’s great chair, the sword used by Myles Standish, and the cradle of Peregrine White, the first Pilgrim child born in New England. The museums also features the a portrait of Edward Winslow, the only portrait of a Pilgrim that was painted from life, and an embroidery made by the daughter of Myles Standish, the earliest sample created in America.

    At the Pilgrim Hall Museum, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the Wampanoag, or “People of the Dawn.” This Native American tribe are the people who had inhabited the area for around ten thousand years before the settlers from Europe arrived and are still reside in the area today. The interesting tale of the interrelationship between the European settlers and the Wampanoag continues up through the horrible conflict, known as King Philip’s War, that took place in the 1670’s. Visitors are invited to come to the museum to learn and explore the history behind this story.

    Displaying a collection of various Pilgrim and Native American artifact, the Pilgrim Hall Museum is a gallery-type museum that shares the story of the traditions and founding of America. The museum features two different types of exhibits: changing exhibitions and permanent exhibits. The permanent displays at the museum combine historical information and artifact from the museum’s collections to highlight the Native American and Pilgrim story to the year 1692, the year in which the Plymouth Colony came to its end. These permanent exhibits offer visitors a great way to learn more about the history of the Pilgrims.

    Visitors can view a variety of possessions of the Pilgrims at the Pilgrim Hall Museum that came to America aboard the Mayflower. Guest can watch a short film as an introduction to the museum, as well as view temporary, changing exhibitions on different topics. These changing exhibits are often created around a particular collection segment or a specific Pilgrim-based theme.

    75 Court Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Phone: 508-746-1620

    More Ideas in MA: Hanover Theatre

    The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts in Worcester is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to expanding the appreciation of performing arts. From modern dance to theatrical plays, the Hanover Theatre offers a wide assortment of shows and events that appeal to people of all walks of life and all ages. There are also a wide variety of workshops and classes offered through the conservatory that enrich the lives of all those who are interested in discovering more about the arts.

    Upcoming Shows/Events

    Hanover Theatre always offers a host of upcoming shows and events for the public to enjoy. From ballets to film festivals to comedy shows, guests are sure to find something that entertains them. Visit the website for an updated listing of all the current and upcoming events taking place at the Hanover Theatre. Guests can also purchase tickets for a wide variety of events as well view a seating chart for an event prior to purchasing a ticket.

    Membership Options

    The Hanover Theatre offers several membership options, which allow patrons to show their continued support for the performing arts. Memberships make it possible for the Hanover Theatre to not only support and offer a variety of performing arts venues and outlets, but also continue its dedication of presenting quality art programs to the public.

    They are quite a few benefits associated with becoming a member of the Hanover Theatre. Some of the membership perks include:

    · Discounts on tickets

    · Free parking

    · Advance notice of new shows

    · Complimentary ticket exchange

    · Member cards

    There are various levels of membership support. Visit their website to view the membership options and select the membership tier that is most applicable.


    The Conservatory at Hanover Theatre offers people of all ages an opportunity to explore their creative sides through a wide variety of classes and workshops. Some of the classes and workshops offered via the conservatory include:

    · Dance

    · Music

    · Technical theatre and design

    · Youth ballet

    · Master classes

    The Hanover Theatre offers an open house to those interested in learning more about the upcoming semester of classes and workshops. For more information about conservatory classes and upcoming open houses, contact Kelly at (508) 471-1765.

    Support Hanover Theatre

    Hanover Theatre is owned and operated by the not-for-profit Worcester Center for Performing Arts. As a nonprofit organization, support from the local community and patrons is very important to enable it to continue offering an assortment of classes, workshops, performances, and other performing arts venues that the public so thoroughly enjoys.

    The Hanover Theatre urges patrons to show support in whichever ways are most convenient and viable for them. Some ways to show support include:

    · Volunteering

    · Obtaining a membership

    · Utilizing advertising opportunities

    · Individual giving (Amazon Smile, planned giving, matching gifts, etc.)

    · Corporate sponsorships

    Individuals who are interested in supporting the Hanover Theatre can learn more about ways to give by contacting Director of Development Nel Lazour via email or by phone at (508) 471-1770.


    The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts, 2 Southbridge Street, Worcester, MA 01608, Phone: 877-571-7469