Lake Erie in Ohio has some astonishing beaches for people of all ages to enjoy.

Whether you're looking to do some swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, kite flying, Frisbee throwing, picnic eating, or something else altogether down on the sandy shores of Lake Erie, you'll find all you need at some of Ohio's best beaches.

1. Lakeside Beach

Lakeside Beach
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Lakeside in Ohio has been a longtime destination for summer fun on Lake Erie generations. Lakeside Beach itself is an excellent place to both soak in the sunshine of sunny summer days or cook off from the heat in water. Since it’s a gated community, a fee for a daily pass is charged to enter the community and visit the Lakeside Beach. The beach features picnic areas with grills, showers, restroom facilities, and a lifeguard on duty during the specific hours posted. The Lakeside community is also situated near the restaurants and shops of the Lakeside Business District.

Lakeside, OH 43440

2. Cedar Point Beach

Cedar Point Beach
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When you hear the name 'Cedar Point', you probably think of rides and fairground attractions, with the Cedar Point park being one of Ohio's best places to visit, but the beach here is also highly enjoyable. In fact, the Cedar Point Beach offers a nice little relaxing getaway spot when compared to the noise and bright lights of the fairground rides located just a few hundred yards away. This a great place to come in the evenings, with a really chilled-out vibe all around the beach, and there are some good nearby amenities including restaurants and hotels.

3. Kelleys Island State Park

Kelleys Island State Park
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Just off the coast of Ohio is Kelleys Island. The Kelleys Island State Park covers over 650 acres of land, with lots of beautiful forests to explore and get lost in, as well as plenty of sandy and rocky spots on the coastline to enjoy. The only way to get over to the island is by boat, but there are regular ferry crossings from local coastal cities like Marblehead, and the island is definitely worth the trip, offering some really nice swimming and picnic opportunities.

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4. Edgewater Park Beach

Edgewater Park Beach
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If you happen to be located in the big city of Cleveland, Edgewater Park Beach is the best Lake Erie beach for you. It's only a short walk from the downtown streets of the city, so you won't even need to take the car to visit this beach, which offers awe-inspiring views of both the city skyline and the natural majesty of the lake itself. There are lots of good facilities at this beach, including play areas for kids and lots of picnic tables and benches. It's a popular spot with city-dwellers, so crowds can gather here at weekends or on special occasions.

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5. Maumee Bay State Park

Maumee Bay State Park
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If you're visiting or living in the city of Toledo, Maumee Bay State Park is one of the best Lake Erie beaches for you to check out. It's only a short drive from the city and covers more than 1,800 acres of land. Two big beaches can be found here, with both of them offering soft, comfortable sands and exceptional views. Lots of helpful and fun amenities can be found around the park too, including a golf course, concessions, rental properties, a marina, scenic trails, and restrooms.

6. Headlands Beach State Park

Headlands Beach State Park
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Headlands Beach State Park is actually home to Ohio's biggest natural beach. It runs for around a mile in total, meaning there's always more than enough room for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you're coming here alone, as a family, with a special someone, or accompanied by a group of friends, you'll be able to find a nice big spot of sand to spread out and feel totally relaxed and at one with nature. The waters are very calm here too and lifeguards are on-duty in the summer months, so it's a good Lake Erie beach for swimming. More ideas: Castles in Ohio

7. East Harbor State Park

East Harbor State Park
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Accessible by either car or ferry, East Harbor State Park is another excellent Ohio beach location for Lake Erie. The beach here runs for around 1,500 feet in total and is backed by some gorgeous natural scenery. The views here are good enough to take one's breath away, so this is definitely an excellent Ohio beach to do some photography. Lots of wildlife can be spotted in the area as well, including herons and turtles, and there are some good amenities here including a disc golf course and restrooms.

8. Camp Perry Beach

Camp Perry Beach
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Located around seven miles from Port Clinton City Beach to the west, Camp Perry Beach in Port Clinton offers a beach suitable for both fishing and swimming on the shoreline of Lake Erie. In addition to providing a beach that’s open and free to the general public, the Camp Perry Military Reservation is also home to plenty of history, a museum, and the Ohio National Guard. Camp Perry Beach features restroom facilities and a fishing pier, which can be reached by following the jetty. The elevated walkway also offers great views of the surrounding fields and the beach.

Port Clinton, OH

9. Port Clinton City Beach

Port Clinton City Beach
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Situated just across the road from Lakeview Park, Port Clinton City Beach is a sandy, swimming beach more than two thousand feet in length that’s great for the entire family to have a fun day in the sand and sun. Dogs are allowed at the beach as well, as long as they are on a leash. The large shallow area of Port Clinton City Beach makes it an ideal beach for swimming along the shoreline of Lake Erie. Restrooms and a picnic shelter are located in Lakeview Park. Port Clinton City Beach also offers good views of nearby South Bass Island.

Port Clinton, OH

10. South Bass Island State Park

South Bass Island State Park
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South Bass Island State Park is located along the South Bass Island cliffs, providing excellent views of Lake Erie. The 33-acre park offers access to Lake Erie waters from the small stone beach. There is also a fishing pier, as well as a cleaning house, for anglers to use at the park. For visitors looking to get out onto the water, South Bass Island State Park’s public boat ramp provides access to the lake. Boat rentals are available nearby for personal watercraft, kayaks, fishing boats, and power boats. A seasonal campground is available at the state park with over 100 sites.

Put-In-Bay, OH

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11. Catawba Island State Park

Catawba Island State Park
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Catawba Island State Park is a small day-use state park in Port Clinton, Ohio that spans approximately ten acres. The park primarily provides a spot to launch boats into the lake. There is also a cobblestone beach from which visitors can launch canoes and kayaks. Along with boating, Catawba Island also offers opportunities for fishing from the large fishing pier, as well as picnicking with two picnic areas that feature restroom facilities. Swimming is allowed in the park, however, it is at visitors' own risk according to the Ohio State Parks website. Ice fishing and ice skating are possible winter activities. More ideas: Cabin Getaways in Ohio

Port Clinton, OH

12. Main Street Beach

Main Street Beach
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Main Street Beach, located in the city of Vermilion, is a swimming beach open to the general public that can be found at Main Street’s north end. The small, but still popular, beach is less than an acre in size and is close to many restaurants and shops in the downtown Vermilion area. The ADA-accessible beach features a concession stand, ADA mobility mat, benches, a launch point for canoes and kayaks, and an observation deck from which visitors can take in views of the lake. Next to Main Street Beach is the replica of the original Vermilion Lighthouse.

Vermilion, OH

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13. More About Lake Erie Beaches

More About Lake Erie Beaches
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Out of all of America's natural wonders, the Great Lakes really stand out as some of the most impressive, rivaling the likes of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park in terms of raw, natural, awe-inspiring beauty. All five lakes can be a joy to visit, but if you're looking to spend some time at a Great Lakes beach, Lake Erie might be your best option as it is the southernmost lake and tends to get the warmest temperatures and best weather for large parts of the year. Lake Erie is the fourth biggest of the Great Lakes. Located on the International Boundary, Lake Erie stretches out into the Canadian Province of Ontario as well as the American states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Ohio is one of the best states to visit if you're looking to check out Lake Erie's beaches and visit the lake for recreational purposes. Ohio has the longest coastline on Lake Erie of any state and is also home to some of the lake's very best beaches. Many of Ohio's Lake Erie beaches can be reached quickly and easily from some of the state's major cities like Cleveland and Toledo. Even if you happen to be down in Columbus, it doesn't take long to drive up to the coast.

Best Beaches in Ohio for Lake Erie

Who needs the Atlantic or Pacific when you've got a Great Lake right on the doorstep? Like all of the Great Lakes of North America,

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