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VacationIdea is an online travel magazine founded in 1999. We publish new travel articles five days a week and send a Friday newsletter. More about our methodology.

Audience | 3 Million Monthly Unique Visitors

Monthly Unique Visitors: 3 Million
Mobile Users: over 60%; Geo: 95% from the United States; Gender 66% Female / 34% Male; Education 65% College +
Social Media (350,000 Followers): Facebook: 360k; G+: 72k; Twitter: 18k; Pinterest: 19k.

In the Press

Our stories frequently receive local, national and international news media attention. Recent press mentions have included:

abc6 Morning Show (Video);
7News; GSA Business Report;
Times Free Press (Video);
BizJournals; ChicagoTribune; AL.com; Today;
Hillsdale Daily News;
Voice of Alexandria;
HuffingtonPost; Flipboard;
BuzzFeed; The Tribune; Porto;
Forbes (pdf); MarketBeat
Daily Voice

Content Methodology

Each destination guide and long article takes 19 hours on average to produce and publish. This includes in-depth research, gathering of photos & other resources, writing, proofreading and editing. We work with tourism boards and travel experts who send feedback and corrections to ensure that every published article is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Out team consists of 60 full time and freelance writers, proofreaders, photo editors, researchers, designers, content producers and other staff who make the articles come to life. Articles are reviewed for accuracy about once a year and corrections are welcome.


US visitors: 95%

Gender: Male: 34%; Female: 66%

Age: 25-34: 29%; 35-44: 22%; 45-54: 15%

Children: With Kids: 51%

Household income:
< 50k: 46%
$50-100k: 30%
$100-150k: 13%
$150k+: 11%

College: 44%;
Grad School: 21%

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If we've missed something that you love, contact our team at editors (at) vacationidea.com. We read all the mails, although it may not be possible to respond to each one individually.


We are looking for talented writers and editors to join our growing team. Please send your resume and a writing sample in pdf format to jobs@vacationidea.com

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