Swallow Falls State Park

Maryland is a beautiful state with charming coastal towns, forests, lakes, parks and an array of attractions. If you were to define the state of Maryland in just two words, you could call it “Miniature America” and if you want to see why they call it that, then you should explore some of the fascinating destinations in the state. Here are the best places to visit in Maryland. Photo: steheap/Fotolia



Annapolis is one of the most important historic cities in the entire USA. Currently, it is the capital of Maryland State, but this city was formerly the capital of the country.

This town is a perfect reflection of the things that the founding fathers wished to see in their time and it has some of the finest buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries, including the homes of all four founders of this town. There are also a number of old educational institutes which you can explore when you visit the city. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: SeanPavonePhoto/Fotolia

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Baltimore is a city with a great vibe and amazing people, providing each visitor to the city with a unique experience. This town is in the State of Maryland and is the largest city in the state. This economic hub is known for its museums, neighborhoods, and world-class medical care.

Its history goes back to the 17th century and since then the city has taken part in issues of major trade, war, and business. There are a various tour options available if you wish to explore Baltimore, including tours for weddings, groups, students, and individuals. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: modeh9090/Fotolia

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Hagerstown is a county in Maryland known for its rich history as it witnessed the civil war as a battlefield in 1863. Today, Hagerstown is rich in culture and natural beauty, attracting many visitors. It offers many things for a visitor to enjoy, including musical shows, adventures sports, and lectures.

There are a number of wineries, which can make for a fun and interesting visit, even for those who are not all that into wine. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: Ryan /Fotolia

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»Places to Visit in Maryland: Rockville

Places to Visit in Maryland: Rockville

Rockville may be small in size, but it is also one of the leading small cities in America for working, playing, and living. This city has a vibrant enthusiasm and its educated and business-friendly population is probably the reason why you can find some of the most trusted companies here.

Rockville is also practically a neighbor to Washington D.C. The history of Rockville goes back to 1776, and this historical city has some amazing destinations that can offer a fascinating experience to any traveler. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: avmedved/Fotolia

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Greenbelt is a small city in Prince George County which is one of the largest and fastest developing counties in the entire country. This city secured its special place in the history books because it was the first community to be built as a federal venture in the USA.

There are plenty of job opportunities in this city due to its rapid pace of growth and it also has many recreational places, making it a fun place to live. On top of that, Greenbelt operates one of the best small town recreational programs. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: nikolayshubin/Fotolia

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Cumberland is a small and beautiful city in the Maryland Mountains. If you are planning to visit a beautiful place that connects art and community, then visit Cumberland. The tree-lined streets, the friendly nature of its people, and the beauty the of city will certainly amaze you.

Also, this city has a fantastic quality of life, making it perfect for everyone and, in fact, once you visit this city, you may suddenly find yourself wishing you could stay here for the rest of your life. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: sinitar/Fotolia

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Laurel is a city in the beautiful state of Maryland between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, making it a popular commuter town for the people of these two cities. It began in the 19th century as a mill town, but later it became home to various reputed names, including the Fort Mede Army base, the National Security Agency and the Applied Physics Lab from Johns Hopkins University.

It is a beautiful city to live in, either as a commuter or a traveler, and you will definitely enjoy visiting Laurel of Maryland. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: vladimirnenezic/Fotolia

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»Maryland Destinations: Aberdeen

Maryland Destinations: Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a small city in Maryland located just 26 miles from Baltimore. The history of Aberdeen stretches back almost 125 years, and it has grown a lot during that time. You can find beautiful neighborhoods, family-friendly communities, and fantastic natural resources for a variety of recreational activities.

People of this city live a relaxed life with lots of happiness. Another great thing about this city is that residents have access to all the amenities that people do in bigger cities, such as a stadium and cultural attractions. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: flownaksala/Fotolia

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»Places to Visit in Maryland: Salisbury

Places to Visit in Maryland: Salisbury

Salisbury is a gorgeous city in Maryland lying at the headwaters of the Wicomico River that came into existence around 300 years ago. Back then, it was a smaller town, but now it is one of the largest cities on the peninsula.

Salisbury is a great place to live because this city offers great job opportunities, quality education, excellent healthcare, and inspiring people. Also, this city has some of the most amazing trails, parks, and much more, making it a perfect place for a vacation. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: Salisbury

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»Historic Downtown Frederick

Historic Downtown Frederick

The Historic Downtown Frederick Partnership is an effort that works towards maintaining the financial stability of Downtown Frederick and its people. This program started in 2001, and since then the main street program has won much recognition as well as many awards.

The primary goal of this program is to give strength to the neighborhood and it has so far succeeded in doing this. This partnership helps four different communities in the city, so growth never stops here. The program has a clear vision for 2020, with the motto of work, stay, play, live, and connect downtown. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: jonbilous/Fotolia

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»Chesapeake City

Chesapeake City

Chesapeake City is in the Maryland area and is a city with great historical value, as can be seen by its presence in the National Historic Registry. This town has many historical homes, galleries, and shops that have been restored to their original state.

In addition, the city has a large collection of restored clothing, gifts, antiques, prints, and other collectibles that also have historical value. Chesapeake City has a Victorian charm and an iconic beauty that make it the perfect spot for a vacation retreat and a weekend gateway from nearby cities such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Wilmington. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: jonbilous/Fotolia

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»Assateague Island National Seashore

Assateague Island National Seashore

Everyone wants a bit of excitement and happiness in their life and visiting Assateague Island National Seashore can provide just that. This is a place that receives a fresh, new look every day with the help of waves from the ocean.

When you go to enjoy the Assateague Island National Seashore, then you can explore sandy beaches, forest borders, and coastal bays. In short, one can enjoy a very good time on the edge. Other than appreciating the natural beauty, people can also enjoy camping, kayaking, and various programs that are organized on a regular basis. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: Zack Frank/Fotolia

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»Swallow Falls State Park

Swallow Falls State Park

Swallow Falls State Park is in Maryland, and you can find some of the state’s most amazing and breath-taking scenery here. The Youghiogheny River adds to the beauty, flowing along the entire border of the park.

This rather muddy creek has a fantastic set of falls which offer a spectacular effect. Swallow Falls State Park has a number of unusual activities and there is always camping, hiking, and enjoying the natural beauty of the park. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: steheap/Fotolia

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»Places to Visit in Maryland: Fell's Point

Places to Visit in Maryland: Fell's Point

Fell’s Point is a beautiful waterfront neighborhood in Maryland that was established in 1673. There are a number of fabulous shops in this city neighborhood, including coffee shops, restaurants, music stores, and a marketplace.

People consider this an enjoyable area to live in, and Fell’s Point has some significant history associated it. The growth of the modern city skyrocketed after 1992 due to the television series Homicide Life, which played out on its streets, helping to increase the interest in Fell’s Point. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: jon bilous/Fotolia

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»Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is in Maryland and a great number of plants and animals can be found in the three major habitats of the park, namely marsh, shallow water, and forest. This refuge is also an accepted wetland of international importance due to its ecological value and importance.

The Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel is an endangered and protected animal, and the largest natural population of this species can be found in this refuge. Visitors also come here to enjoy the scenic beauty and to observe the beautiful migrating birds. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: flownaksala/Fotolia

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»Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is a beautiful park in Annapolis, Maryland. This park offers a number of amazing and fantastic attractions for visitors to the park, including art galleries and event space for weddings, parties, and business meetings.

Visitors to the beautiful Quiet Waters Park, which lies between Harness Creek and South River, can enjoy forest trails, grassy fields, and the entire expanse of the park to have a picnic with the family. Another popular attraction at this park is ice skating. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: Quiet Waters Park

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»Piscataway Park

Piscataway Park

If you want to experience both stunning natural beauty and a plethora of animals of various species, such as birds, eagles, deer, foxes, and beavers, in their natural habitat, then Piscataway Park in Maryland is a great location.

The attraction of this park goes even further because visitors can enjoy the park via boardwalks, a fishing pier, and the many natural trails scattered throughout the park. This park also has a museum on 18th century agriculture and for demonstration purposes they even have a certified farm on site. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: NPS Photo

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»Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park is famous not only because of its incredible beauty, but also because this park preserves the early transportation history of America. However, people now use these canals only for recreational purposes.

Here, visitors can experience the history of these canals with boat rides and seven visitor cantors that spread accordingly throughout the 184.5-mile area of the park. Other activities include hiking, biking, and camping, while a number of fun or educational events are held here. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: pabrady63/Fotolia

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»Harmony Hall

Harmony Hall

The Harmony Hall mansion in Fort Washington is a beautiful mansion sited in almost 62.5 acres of open grassland along part of the Potomac River. The history of the Harmony Hall estate goes back to 1769, which explains its historical value and why the National Park Services purchased this property in 1966 to preserve the history and culture of the hall. Needless to say, they did it well, and now visitors can come here to connect with the history of colonial times while appreciating the mansion and the beauty of its surrounding scenery.

13551 Fort Washington Rd., Fort Washington, MD 20744, Phone: 301-763-4600 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: NPS Photo

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»Maryland Destinations: Catoctin Mountain Park

Maryland Destinations: Catoctin Mountain Park

Catoctin Mountain Park is a national park in Thurmont, Maryland, that covers the history of the nation in a consolidated and small location. This place received a second chance from the Civilian Conservation Corps and work progress administration for growth as a recreational area, and it succeeded in doing so.

Now, this national park welcomes many hikers and campers because of its scenic beauty and diversified ecological system that caters to many different kinds of plant and animal species in this small area. Visitors can explore it all while hiking its trails using a compass and map. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: Zack Frank/Fotolia

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»St. Clement’s Island State Park

St. Clement’s Island State Park

St. Clement’s Island State Park in St. Mary's County, Maryland is a beautiful park that is accessible only by boat or water taxi. There is a memorial cross dedicated to the first Marylanders to sail to St. Clement’s Island in 1634. The Water Taxi II offers boat tours to the island during the summer season. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: khlongwangchao/Fotolia

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»Downs Park

Downs Park

Downs Park is a beautiful and amazing park located on Chesapeake Bay offering entertaining and natural activities for recreational purposes that take place throughout the entire park. For hikers, this park offers 5 miles of natural and paved trails.

This park also provides the opportunity to host a party, picnic, or other event. The rich history of Downs Park has been well preserved by the Downs Park historical society. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: jonbilous/Fotolia

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»Maryland Destinations: Rocky Gap State Park

Maryland Destinations: Rocky Gap State Park

Allegany County in Western Maryland is home to the Rocky Gap State Park, and many visitors come to enjoy this place, which spreads across a vast 3,000-acre area. This state park has some beautiful creeks, cliffs, and dense forest, making it an ideal location for hiking and family camping.

Its body of water provides opportunities for water-based recreational activities such as boating or paddling. In addition, with permission from the park authorities, events such as parties may be held here. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: flownaksala/Fotolia

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»Thomas Stone National Historic Site

Thomas Stone National Historic Site

Thomas Stone was one of the 56 people who signed the Declaration of Independence, and thus anything related to him has a great role in the history of America. The Thomas Stone National Historic Site is a successful attempt to preserve that history.

Before the Revolutionary War, Thomas Stone had a normal life, but during the war he risked everything, including his fortune, life, and honor for American rights. This historic site is a collection of stables, a house barn, and other places used or owned by Stone or his family. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: NPS Photo

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»Fort Foote Park

Fort Foote Park

During the time of the Civil War, 68 forts came into existence around the Washington D.C., and Fort Foote Park was one of them. Built in 1863, its sole purpose was to protect the capital city.

Two guns were added to the top to enhance the security and strengthen the circle. Although these weapons no longer usable, they have significant historical value, as does everything in Fort Foote Park. 25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland - Photo: watcherfox/Fotolia

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25 Best Places to Visit in Maryland