Incorporated in 1890, the city of Port Angeles in the state of Washington, is a great place to stop by on your next West Coast adventure. There are so many unique and interesting things to see and do, some of which are solely available in this marvelous city.

For example, Port Angeles is home to the Black Ball Ferry Line which is only ferry service which operated all year long between Washington and British Columbia. Their 3,000+ square mile Olympic Coast Discovery Center is another amazing attraction filled with fun, interactive exhibits on the coast and the marine wildlife you may see there. There are tons of other things to do in Port Angeles that will surely make your trip there memorable, and this list can get you started.

1. Marymere Falls

Marymere Falls
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Located within the state of Washington’s Olympic National Park, Marymere Falls has become a renowned attraction for both locals and visitors. You’ll have to walk through a mile-long dirt trail, but getting there is half the fun, as you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous towering cedar, fir, and hemlock trees. The 90-foot-high waterfall is a stunning sight to see and is a popular choice because of its beauty as well as its ease of access. Visitors should allocate around 1½ hours round trip from the trail head, to the waterfall, and back. There are other connecting trails, so feel free to explore further for a wonderful day outdoors.

Address: Olympic National Park, 3002 Mt Angeles Rd, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-565-3130

2. Salt Creek Recreation Area

Salt Creek Recreation Area
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Salt Creek Recreation Area is a lovely outdoor space which spans nearly 200 acres and can be found near Joyce, Washington. The park was originally a World War II military camp called Camp Hayden which was built in the early 1940s. Today, visitors will still be able to see several structures which remained from the fort such as bunkers which once sheltered guns and fire control equipment. The recreational area has several amenities to make your visit memorable such as a playground, a picnic shelter, a basketball court, baseball field, horseshoe pits, hiking trails, as well as many renowned camping spots which overlook the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Address: 3506 Camp Hayden Rd, Port Angeles, WA 98363, Phone: 360-928-3441

3. Black Ball Ferry Line

Black Ball Ferry Line
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The Black Ball Ferry Line is now celebrating over 60 years of service and has become an area staple in all this time. The ferry service which transports passengers and vehicles between Washington state and Victoria, British Columbia operates once daily all year long. Riding the M.V. Coho, with all of its magnificent sights and sounds, is a vital tourist attraction when you’re in the area as it offers stunning views of your surroundings which can’t be experienced from elsewhere. It takes approximately two hours each way and is a marvelous experience for visitors of all ages.

Address: 101 E Railroad Ave, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-457-4491

4. Arthur D. Feiro Marine Life Center

Arthur D. Feiro Marine Life Center
© Arthur D. Feiro Marine Life Center

The Arthur D. Feiro Marine Life Center was an idea that developed in the early 1970s, though it did not actually open to the public until 1982. The teaching laboratory and public aquarium was the brainchild of Arthur Feiro, an inspirational mentor and teacher who wanted to share his love for marine studies, organisms, and ecosystems, with people of all ages. You will be able to see all sorts of marine life up close such as sea stars and scallops to anemones and giant Pacific octopus. Some of their most popular exhibits are the microscope station where you can see whale bones and shells, as well as the art and science exhibit which is an interpretive experience that little ones truly enjoy. More day trips in WA

Address: 315 N Lincoln St, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-417-6254

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5. Harbinger Winery

Harbinger Winery
© Harbinger Winery

The Harbinger Winery is the most northwestern winery in the continental United States, literally, as well as figuratively. The amazing establishment focuses on creating wines which encompass the beauty and passion of the Olympic Peninsula, whether it be its tall trees or its starry nights. Visiting their tasting room is a fun adult activity that will introduce you to local wines, local foods, and of course, the local people. The lively atmosphere adds to the memorable experience as you find yourself surrounded by rich woods and textiles and barrels - as well as views of the behind-the-scenes activities which goes into producing their great wines. Be sure to stop by for a delicious glass of wine, some beer, chocolates, cheese, and a good time.

Address: 2358 Highway 101 West, US-101, Port Angeles, WA 98363, Phone: 360-452-4262

6. Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Port Angeles Fine Arts Center
© Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center can be found housed in a modern Northwest structure comprising plate, glass, and timber. The astounding building was once the private residence of Esther and Charles Webster before the renowned and eclectic architect Paul Hayden Kirk converted it to a residence and artist’s studio for himself. His architecture and design are something that all visitors will appreciate, no matter if their art aficionados themselves. The Webster’s Woods Sculpture Park can be found outdoors and is one of the main attractions. It houses pieces by various artists who have contributed to Webster’s Woods over the years. More day trips from Tacoma

Address: 1203 E Lauridsen Blvd, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-457-3532

7. Ediz Hook Reserve

Ediz Hook Reserve
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Edis Hook Reserve is a three-mile-long sand spit which has, over the years, become somewhat of a tourist destination for those visiting Port Angeles. The spit goes directly into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and a majority of it is accessible by vehicle. It’s common to see people driving down Ediz Hook Road and taking a turn into one of the many observation and picnic areas you’ll find along the way. These spots are a great place to get panoramic vistas of the city of Port Angeles, the peaks of Mount Angeles, the Olympic Mountains, and the Klahhane Ridge. There are several stretches of public beach which are popular places for swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, birdwatching, and even spotting marine life such as harbor seals and orcas.

8. Olympic Cellars Winery

Olympic Cellars Winery
© Olympic Cellars Winery

Olympic Cellars Winery was originally founded in the 1970s by Gene Neuharth, and over the years has over the years maintained its deep love for creating and sharing delicious wines. Even though it has gone through many locations, owners, and winemakers, since it was initially established, the artistry of winemaking has not been lost. Now a family owned and operated winery, Olympic Cellars aims to carry on the traditions started by Neuharth while still adding modern technique to ensure the best flavors. The boutique winery is a wonderful place to visit and explore; you can find it settled on the foothills of the Olympic Mountains full of small batches of wine.

Address: 255410 US-101, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-452-0160

9. Olympic Coast Discovery Center

Olympic Coast Discovery Center
© Olympic Coast Discovery Center

The Olympic Coast Discovery Center, which also comprises the National Marine Sanctuary, is a great attraction in Port Angeles, Washington. The space spans over 3,000 square miles and has become a popular point of interest for those adventuring out on to the Olympic Coast. At the Discovery Center you’ll be able to learn about the sanctuaries and their marine conservation efforts, including how they protect the oceans, marine wildlife, and the marine ecosystems. You can also utilize the center to plan your trips to coastal destinations such as Kalaloch, La Push, and Neah Bay. The informative volunteers at the center will be more than happy to get you detailed information on the best beaches to visit, hiking trails, where to see whales, and more.

Address: The Landing, 115 E Railroad Ave, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-406-2092

10. Washington Lavender

Washington Lavender
© Washington Lavender

Scenically located along the ocean front in the Sequim Valley, Washington Lavender farm benefits from the rich soils and special micro-climate of its location, which provide ideal conditions for growing wonderful lavender. The lavender is grown organically and is all hand harvested to ensure that the very finest essential oils can be extracted. All the wonderful lavender products are made on-site and the farm is open to the public daily during the summer season. When you visit you will enjoy stunning views, a patchwork of beautiful wild flowers and more than 5000 lavender plants. We guarantee you will not want to leave so think ahead and book an overnight stay in their beautiful B&B. More day trips from Seattle

939 Finn Hall Road, Port Angeles, WA 98362, 360 452 5207

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11. Olympic Discovery Trail

Olympic Discovery Trail
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Spanning the north end of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, the Olympic Discovery Trail stretches around 140 miles from La Push to Port Townsend. The multi-use, non-motorized trail was the brainchild of three cyclists who wanted to develop the trail across a neglected railroad track. Though, they were unable to do that, they quickly built a trail system along a similar route. Must-see destinations along the trail include the Railroad Bridge Park, the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse, and Lake Crescent. More adventurous visitors can opt to take the Olympic Adventure Route, which is built adjunct to the Discovery Trail specifically for hikers, horseback riders, and active mountain bikers. More weekend getaways from Seattle

12. Elwha Dam Removal Site

Elwha Dam Removal Site
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The Elwha Dam used to be a towering 108-foot-high dam located on the Elwha River, a few miles upstream from the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was decommissioned and demolished, and the removal of the dam was complete by 2012. Today, visitors will be able to see an amazing example of dam removal and the restoration of a wild river; some remains are still visible. The drive to the site, alongside the river, is very picturesque and a round trip will take you around an hour. Keep an eye out for the interesting remains of the dam, natural sites such as Madison Falls, and a unique array of flora and fauna.

13. Camp David Jr.

Camp David Jr.
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Camp David Jr. has been one of the most popular outdoor recreation camps since it was opened in 1935. It can be found on land that was once used as a health spa in the early 1900s. The camp has a very rich history, much of which has been very well preserved and can be viewed when on site. The beautiful setting is the perfect location for several types of groups activities, whether it be corporate training or even a wedding. The camp itself focuses more on youth groups, creating a safe and fun environment for children to be creative and grow.

Address: 1452 Camp David Junior Rd, Port Angeles, WA 98363-8681, Phone: 360-417-2291

14. Spruce Railroad Trail

Spruce Railroad Trail
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Spruce Railroad Trail is a four-mile-long (one way) hiking and biking trail which goes around the scenic shores of Lake Crescent. The trail, which is popularly called Lake Crescent Trail, is one fragment of the much longer 134-mile-long Olympic Discovery Trail. There are trail heads at both ends; the easy access, as well as the fairly level grounds, make it a popular choice for hikers of all skill levels. Points of interest which you will see along the way include Harrigan Point, a bridge that spans Devils Punch Bowl Bay, and McFee Tunnel which is a railroad tunnel which was blasted during World War I.

15. Clallam Bay Spit Community Beach County Park

Clallam Bay Spit Community Beach County Park
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Clallam Bay Spit Community Beach County Park spans over 33 acres and is filled with features and amenities for visitors to enjoy. Ornithology aficionados come from far and wide to see the many resident and visiting birds that can be seen feeding throughout the park. In addition to viewing the marine birds and mammals, you can also make use of the terrific saltwater beach which is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Other aspects include a full-service restroom, a designated picnic area, and access to the Clallam River. It’s the perfect place to spend a relaxed day enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

Address: Port Angeles, 16716 Frontier St, Port Angeles, WA 98363, Phone: 360-417-2291

16. Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts

Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts
© Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts

Recently voted the best martial arts school on the peninsula, the Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts school is perfect for people of any age or skill level. You can choose from one of their health and fitness-focused cardio kickboxing classes or join one of their courses such as the Urban Survival Response Training or the Innocent Warriors Women’s Self Defense series. All of the trainings can be personalized to you, so that you learn the control and mastery of martial arts at a speed you’re comfortable with. There is an array of classes to choose from, and they accommodate kids starting at the age of three to adults of all ages.

Address: 1025 E 1st St, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-808-7303

17. Sabai Thai

Sabai Thai
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Sabai Thai brings the distinct tastes and flavors of Thailand all the way to Port Angeles, Washington. The restaurant aims to make your dining experience as authentic as possible, from something as simple as the decor to other more complicated aspects like the ingredients. You’ll find interesting flavors in their meals - flavors such as lemon grass, coconut milk, coriander, and sweet basil, which Thai cuisine is known for. Some of the dishes you should definitely try are the seafood fried rice, the beef noodle soup, and their chicken or panang curry, which is made with a mouthwatering peanut chili paste.

Address: 5721, 903 W 8th St, Port Angeles, WA 98363, Phone: 360-452-4505

18. Chestnut Cottage Restaurant

Chestnut Cottage Restaurant
© Chestnut Cottage Restaurant

Featuring one of the most eclectic menus in Port Angeles, the Chestnut Cottage Restaurant is famed in the area for their breakfast specialties. You can feast on a number of delicious concoctions such as their Belgian waffles, buttermilk pancakes, country-style oatmeal, or eggs-any-way. If you have a busy day ahead of you, come pick up one of their homemade bakery items such as a muffin, coffeecake, strudel, or scone. If you have a hard time choosing, you’ll find a daily breakfast fresh sheet in the restaurant which will showcase local and seasonal favorites. Popular items from their lunch menu are the individual California-style pizzas, creative fresh salads, deliciously-filling sandwiches, and much more.

Address: 929 E Front St, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-452-8344

19. Next Door Gastropub

Next Door Gastropub
© Next Door Gastropub

Serving delicious cuisine at its freshest and finest, the Next Door Gastropub uses an array of locally sourced ingredients in their dishes. You’ll find the atmosphere to be laid back, friendly, and comfortable - there’s outdoor seating in the summer, live musical performances every Sunday afternoons, and a kid-friendly pub that is open all year long. Get your meal started with a drink from the full bar, which also has 10 rotating taps and a constantly-evolving wine list. Items from their menu that are definitely worth trying are the Dungeness crab cakes, the tiger chicken tacos, and their build-your-own grilled cheese with options such as crab, bacon, avocado, and jalapenos.

Address: 113 W 1st St, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-504-2613

20. Toga's Soup House Deli and Gourmet

Toga's Soup House Deli and Gourmet
© Toga's Soup House Deli and Gourmet

Since its opening in 1995, Toga’s Soup House Deli and Gourmet quickly became a neighborhood staple. The local lunch hangout is a great place to grab a quick and delicious meal or meet up with friends. You’ll find an array of homemade soups, salads, and gourmet sandwiches on the menu. Those who prefer something a little sweeter can instead choose to dine on a freshly baked pastry, cake, tort, or more. Popular items from their menu are the Thai curry chicken soup, the northwest seafood chowder, and the monte cristo panini which has slices of ham, turkey breast, and smoked bacon. If you happen to find yourself there during Oktoberfest, be sure to visit and try out their variety of famous sausages, homemade sauerkraut, freshly-baked pretzels, and fraught Paulaner Beer straight from Munich.

Address: 122 W Lauridsen Blvd, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 360-452-1952

21. Elwha River Casino

Elwha River Casino
© Elwha River Casino

Perfectly nestled in the heart of the Elwha River Valley, the Elwha River Casino is a winning adult entertainment venue. The casino boasts a large slots floor where you can play more than 100 of your favorite slot machines every day between 10am and midnight. The casino hosts regular special events including weekly Senior’s Afternoons, promotions and slot tournaments. There is a free shuttle which runs between the casino and a number of Port Angeles stops. Besides flirting with Lady Luck, visitors come to the casino to meet friends and enjoy a meal at the River’s Edge Deli which serves light meals and snacks made to order.

631 Stratton Rd, Port Angeles, WA 98363, 360 452 3005

22. North West Fudge and Confections

North West Fudge and Confections
© North West Fudge and Confections

Perfectly catering to each and every sweet tooth, North West Fudge and Confections is a must-visit attraction in Port Angeles. Fudge lovers are spoiled for choice with a variety of more than 25 flavors of smooth and velvety fudges which have been perfected over more than 30 years. If fudge is not your thing you are bound to get excited over the chocolates and other candies. The chocolates come in all shapes and sizes in milk, dark and white chocolate and there is a whole range of delicate truffles to choose from. They also sell a selection of licorice from around the world as well as jellies, gummies and old fashioned candies.

108 W. 1st Street, Port Angeles, WA 98363, 360 452 8299

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