Food is one of life's 'simple pleasures'; something we can enjoy each and every day, and something that can brighten up even the darkest of moments. Food has the power to bring people together, and it's fascinating to look all around the world and see how different countries and cultures have established their own culinary identities, with unique recipes, techniques, and approaches to the art of cooking.

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Japanese cuisine is particularly popular and unique. Known as 'Washoku' or 'Kappo' in Japan, this style of cuisine typically features a lot of seasonal ingredients, with elements like rice and miso soup often a basis of many recipes. Seafood is a big part of Japanese cuisine too, with sushi and sashimi hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, and the likes of oden, sukiyaki, ramen, tonkatsu, and nikujaga are just a few of Japan’s greatest culinary contributions.

Japan's capital city, Tokyo, actually has more 3-starred Michelin restaurants than any other city on Earth, and the entire nation of Japan also leads global rankings for Michelin starred restaurants too. Clearly, Japanese cuisine is leading the way, and more and more people are taking an interest in the unique techniques and recipes of Japanese cooking. A great way to learn more is to take a Japanese cooking class with Sozai.

Sozai - Japanese Cooking Classes in London

There are a lot of different things to do in a href="">London, especially related to food and drink, with the British capital being home to some of the best bars and restaurants anywhere in the world. One of the best things to do in London is to try out a Japanese cooking class at Sozai, the UK's premier Japanese cooking school.

Sozai is actually the first cooking school in the UK focused solely on Japanese food. As well as helping students learn the classics like sushi and tempura, Sozai goes deeper into Japanese cookbooks, offering tutorials and classes on food like shojin and kaieseki, as well as delicious okonomiyaki and various types of ramen too. Classes are held on a regularly scheduled basis at two locations around London, with private classes and catering available too.

Here’s everything you need to know about these Japanese cooking lessons in London:

- Location - Sozai holds classes at two different venues in London: 5 Middlesex Street in the City and 3-4 Warwick Street in Soho. You can also arrange to take Sozai Japanese cooking classes at various private venues too.

- Class Times - The timing of the classes varies from one day to the next, and the schedule is always changing and being updated with new classes and culinary experiences, so it's wise to check out the official Sozai site regularly to stay up to date with the latest offers and information.

- Classes for All - Part of what makes Sozai such a good option for cooking enthusiasts or simply people looking for something fun to do in London is the fact that these classes are fully accessible to all. Some classes may be aimed at those with experience, but the vast majority are designed for students of all levels. So even if you don't know the definitions of sushi and sashimi and have never tried making any Japanese food in your life before, you can still confidently attend these cooking classes and get a lot out of them.

- Small Group Classes - Sozai only works with small groups too, and this helps to make the cooking classes more engaging, enjoyable and profitable for every participant. With small groups, the instructors have time to speak with each student, assessing their abilities and helping them to improve, offering one to one guidance which simply wouldn't be possible with large group classes.

- The Best Instructors - Sozai can boast of some of the very best instructors around, having assembled a team of Japanese cooking experts and professionals. All of the instructors have plenty of culinary and teaching experience, able to share their wisdom with you in ways that help you understand and retain the information provided, as well as being able to cover a huge range of recipes and dishes from simple sashimi and sushi to traditional Japanese meals you may not have heard of.

- Sozai Catering - As well as offering Japanese cooking classes, Sozai also offers its own caterign services. Perfect for corporate functions and private events of all kinds, Sozai catering is able to provide creative, stylish, delicious Japanese food to really liven up any occasion, providing you and your guests with culinary experiences you won’t forget. website