At a time when self-help and improvement have been more important, Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life is giving you all the keys and opening all the doors to finally attain the happiness, peace, and love you not only want, but deserve.

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Harmful experiences and emotions like guilt, stress, anxiety, shame, and low confidence levels are a bigger problem than ever before in a world dominated by competition and negative feelings, but Attitude Reconstruction can help to rid your mind and life of worries and anxiety, giving you the inner strength and peace to cope with life's challenges and face each day with the confidence and tools you need to deal with any situation.

If you want to better yourself and start living a stronger life today with more focus and efficiency in everything you do, Attitude Reconstruction is here to help. Written by licensed marriage and family therapist Jude Bijou, this award winning book has changed countless lives and could do the same for yours.

About the Author

Attitude Reconstruction is written by Jude Bijou. Jude is a licensed marriage and family therapist operating in Santa Barbara, CA. She wrote and published Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life in 2011 and the book has enjoyed immense success in the years that have followed. Born to a leading child psychologist father, Jude seemed to be in the perfect place to grow up as a happy and well adjusted woman. Sadly, her life didn't turn out that way.

Like so many people, she encountered and experienced the harmful effects of negative feelings and emotions like stress and anxiety. She nonetheless was able to attend Carleton University and pursue a career as a therapist after earning her BA in psychology. On the outside, her life seemed almost perfect, but deep down, Jude knew that something was missing and her inner feelings of misery and doubt were being compounded with every passing day. She decided to look for answers to her problems and solutions to leading a better life.

Jude’s search led to a discovery of Vedic philosophy and Eastern techniques for self-help and life improvement. She embraced these ideas, using meditation and holistic forms of therapy to achieve her own inner peace while developing a system, which she would eventually name Attitude Reconstruction, to help other people enjoy the same great benefits in their own lives. Jude opened her own therapy center in 1982 and began to teach Attitude Reconstruction to families, couples, and more, while also giving talks and lectures via Santa Barbara City College.

After years of sharing her discoveries and methods with the world and countless success stories in her wake, Jude decided to write down the principles of her Attiutde Reconstruction program to spread even more joy and peace all over the globe. For her work, Jude has been honored with several awards including the top prize in the Health: Psychology/Mental Health category at the 2012 International Book Awards, a Gold Medal award in Personal Growth from the 2012 Living Now Book Awards, and a Benjamin Franklin Award.

About the Book

Attitude Reconstruction is an easy to read guide to Jude Bijou's breakthrough methods of leading a better life, ridding oneself of stress, worry, and doubt, and replacing all of those negative emotions with positive feelings of confidence, high self-esteem, and inner peace. The book is a goldmine for anyone interested in improving their own lives and practicing self-help in all the right ways.

Attitude Reconstruction begins by introducing the concept that all of our daily problems are essentially caused from unexpressed negative emotions like fear and anger. From there, Jude Bijou goes on to look at five key concepts: Emotions, Thoughts, Intuition, Speech, and Action.

She breaks down each of these areas, offering new approaches and self-help techniques for each one. She proves that every aspect of our thoughts and feelings can be controlled with the right methods, deconstructing complicated ideas and breaking everything down into easy to understand steps, proving that self help really isn't as complicated as some people fear it might be.

Jude shows that emotions like sadness and anger are part of life but can be expressed in constructive and helpful ways, allowing us to focus more on the positive feelings we experience like happiness and love. She offers guidance to identify problematic or destructive thoughts and replace them with positive alternatives.

She helps her headers to communicate and act better, breaking out of destructive habits and forging new ones, as well as finally being able to access your intuition and follow it to find and access the things you truly want out of life, rather than following a murky path and never quite being sure of your decisions.

All of this material is beautifully written and laid out in a smart and sensible way, making Attitude Reconstruction an easy, enjoyable, and enlightening read. If you suffer from stress or doubt, if you constantly worry about making the wrong choices, if your life feels aimless, and if you want to start getting rid of all of those negative things and leading a more positive life, this book can help. website