Boutique shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people search for truly unique items that have got their own charms and attributes to be appreciated and admired.

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At a time when everything seems to be mass produced and made to look the same, boutique shops in big cities like New York allow shoppers to find products and items that stand out from the crowd and reflect their own personalities.

There are many different kinds of boutique shops to be found, from those selling clothing to those dealing in fine art, but Creel and Gow, which is situated in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in NYC, is one of the most special boutiques of all.

All About Creel and Gow

Offering an extensive and extraordinary range of items sourced from all over the globe by Paris-based dealer Jamie Creel and ex-Sotheby's expert Christophew Gow. Passionate, life-long collectors and dealers, Creel and Gow have put together a breathtaking range of items in this almost magical, otherworldly boutique of rare finds and unique pieces in all categories from taxidermy to jewelry.

Stepping into the Creel and Gow boutique or simply admiring the products via the online shop is an exercise in amazement as customers marvel at each and every item on display, eager to learn more about the history behind each piece and finding the perfect addition to their own personal collections. Truly, this is one of NYC’s leading exotic, abstract, and unique boutiques.

Visiting Creel and Gow Boutique in New York City

Creel and Gow offers sales of its amazing products online, but if you'd like to visit and see these incredible items in person to make a more informed buying decision or simply to browse the latest finds and witness the beauty of these pieces up close and personal, you can choose to visit the boutique itself. Creel and Gow's fascinating NYC boutique is located in the Upper East Side at 131 East 70th Street, NY 10021.

You can call up the shop at 212 327 4281. The boutique is located in a beautiful old building which was once home to famed architect Grosvenor Atterbury. The boutique is typically open from 10am to 6pm on a daily basis from Monday through to Friday. Creel and Gow also opens on some Saturdays, but not during the summer.

Shop for Unique Items and Gifts Online with Creel and Gow

Creel and Gow's products are truly unique and, in many cases, simply breathtaking. Each one has its own story to tell and can trigger all kinds of emotions and responses in the observer. Creel and Gow is one of NYC's best boutiques and most unique shopping locations, but you don't have to be in the Big Apple to purchase these products.

You can choose to shop online with Creel and Gow, browsing the full selection of items on the official site and making your purchases with ease. Whether you're shopping for jewelry, home decor, or other kinds of items from Creel and Gow, you'll find everything neatly listed and laid out on the site in the following categories:

-Oceanic - Take a dip beneath the waves of the seven seas in the Oceanic section of the Creel and Gow boutique. This is where you'll find all nautical and marine-related items like silver-plated seashells, urchin-style pen holders, starfish candle holders, mounted coral, gilded shells, and more.

-Nature - The Nature area of the Creel and Gow selection is mostly centered around taxidermy items in a wide range of styles and featuring a veritable menagerie of animals from skunks and groundhogs to pheasants, foxes, ravens, macaws, and more. You'll also find antler carvings, deconstructed insects, and more here.

-Mineral - The Mineral section of Creel and Gow features all the mineral-based items including crystal spheres, skulls, cubes, pyramids, candle holders, and more, as well as mineral boxes, geodes, mounted crystals, bowls, fossils, and bookends.

-Home Décor - Many of the items available with Creel and Gow can be displayed proudly around the home, and this is the section of the online shop where you can find all the best home décor items including candles, display pieces, placemats, cushion covers, bowls, baskets, picture frames, stools, tables, wall hangings, and much more.

-Jewelry - This section is where you’ll find all the incredible pieces of jewelry offered by Creel and Gow. Rings, necklaces, braclets, earrings, and more can be found here, with each piece holding its own history and appeal. website