25 Best Las Vegas Breakfast Spots

Las Vegas, with its bright lights, diverse shows, and many casinos, has no shortage of entertainment options for visitors. But despite all the poker tables and slot machines, the real gamble in Las Vegas would be starting a day without a full breakfast to get you going. Luckily, there are plenty of delicious breakfast and brunch options in Sin City, from all you can eat buffets and major chains to family-owned restaurants and traditional diners that have been serving the Las Vegas community for decades. Photo: Sergey Novikov/Fotolia



Eat is a Las Vegas staple that has mastered the art of comfort food. A breakfast and lunch joint that is open daily from 8am to 3pm on weekdays and 8am until 2pm on weekends, Eat serves traditional American classics with an elegant twist from the French culinary trained chef. Their menu, which features items like a truffled egg sandwich, shrimp and grits, and cinnamon biscuits with a strawberry compote, is delectable. Eat is also well known for its deviled eggs, which are, as the menu states, “known to make giraffes dance.” Contact: 707 E Carson Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, Phone: 702-534-1515 Photo: Eat

»The Egg & I

The Egg & I

The Egg & I is a popular breakfast chain with locations all over the country. This down to earth family restaurant is great for customers of all ages and food preference and serves homestyle breakfast classics with a real emphasis on dishes that use the key ingredient to all morning dishes: The egg. The Egg & I opens every day at 6am and stops seating tables at 3pm every afternoon. They serve tasty food as well as breakfast cocktails like Bloody Marys and mimosas with fast and friendly service and have multiple locations in the Las Vegas area. Contact: 4533 W Sahara Ave #5, Las Vegas, NV 89102, Phone: 702-364-9686 Photo: The Egg & I

»BabyStacks Cafe

BabyStacks Cafe

BabyStacks Cafe has five convenient locations in the Las Vegas area, where they serve stacks of piping hot pancakes fresh off the griddle to happy customers. From a stack of classic buttermilk hotcakes drenched with butter and syrup to their specialty red velvet pancakes served with a cream cheese maple syrup, BabyStacks has a huge variety of menu options for their guests. They also serve other classic breakfast dishes, like omelets, eggs Benedict, French toast, and even breakfast crepes. BabyStacks Cafe is open from 7am until 2pm on weekdays, and from 7am until 3pm on weekends. Contact: 4135 S Buffalo Drive, Ste 101, Las Vegas, NV 89147, Phone: 702-207-6432 Photo: BabyStacks Cafe



Bite is trendy and cozy, with simple tables and chairs where guests sit on a daily basis, enjoying their fantastic food and the warm, cheerful atmosphere of the restaurant. Bite, which serves breakfast and lunch dishes from 8am to 3pm, seven days a week, specializes in pancakes, with over 20 different flavors and options on their menu for the delicious breakfast staple. For guests who aren’t quite so great with decision making, there’s even an option to create a pancake flight out of three different flavors. One of Bite’s signature dishes is their stuffed breakfast steak, which is filled with the customer’s choice of meat and eggs and served with a heaping portion of potatoes. Contact: 4165 S Grand Canyon Dr #102, Las Vegas, NV 89147, Phone: 702-242-4670 Photo: Bite

»Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

Vegas is a city that never sleeps, so visitors and locals alike tend to flock to Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant for fantastic diner food that is served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The round barstools at the counter and the cheery tilework above the grill present a picturesque, old timey setting for breakfast, and the staff in this family owned and operated local chain serve up everything from a classic platter of eggs, toast, potatoes, and bacon to the filling and mouthwatering Four Cheese Fresh and Fruity French Toast, which comes stuffed with cheese and topped with fruit and icing. Contact: 1505 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, Phone: 702-696-9666 Photo: Maksim/Fotolia

»Bouchon at The Venetian

Bouchon at The Venetian

The Venetian is one of the classiest and most famous hotels in Las Vegas, so it makes sense that Bouchon should fit the same bill. Bouchon is run by Thomas Keller, a famous chef whose list of accolades is longer than some novels, and his Michelin-starred restaurant Bouchon serves French bistro fare that is simply to die for. Traditional French pastries, sourdough gaufre waffles, savory crepes, ouefs Benedict, and brioche French toast are just a few of the delectable items on offer. Guests at Bouchon won’t need more than a few bites to understand why Anthony Bourdain once called Bouchon “the best restaurant, ever.” Contact: 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 702-414-6200 Photo: Bouchon at The Venetian

»Bruxie Original Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

Bruxie Original Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

The traditionally Southern dish of fried chicken and waffles has made a huge impact on the country in recent years, and it seems like every brunch restaurant in the US has their own take on the dish. But at Bruxie, guests can try their buttermilk marinated, never frozen, fried chicken sandwiched between two perfect golden waffles for a unique and utterly delicious experience unlike any other. Bruxie has several different options when it comes to their waffle sandwiches, like the maple, bacon, cheese, sriracha, and egg combination of the Holy Chicken!, or the Southern BBQ, which sandwiches fried chicken, Carolina BBQ sauce, crispy fried onion straws, cheese, and cider slaw between two waffles. Contact: 3782 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 702-728-2981 Photo: Bruxie Original Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

»Coco's Bakery Restaurant

Coco's Bakery Restaurant

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant is a diner-style chain with a casual, homey atmosphere. Coco’s serves typical American breakfast food, like eggs, pancakes, coffee, and corned beef hash, at prices that are very affordable, especially considering its location so close to The Strip. The unassuming appearance of Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, as well as the simple decor within, belies its real quality as a breakfast joint, with food that tastes perfectly home-cooked and delicious. The staff are friendly, the wait time is minimal, and the food is fantastic. After a filling meal, anyone who still has room should also try some of the baked goods at Coco’s. Contact: 169 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 702-736-3936

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SkinnyFATS is an adorable venue, with rustic wood shiplapped walls and a bar area where guests can order their meals. At SkinnyFATS, breakfast is offered all day and features items like the healthy Wrap Supastar, the always winning combination of the Chicka Waffa Dopolis, and the Steak Eyes 2.0, which piles country-fried steak, jalapenos, eggs, and gravy on top of cornbread. SkinnyFATS has two sides to their menu: The healthy side and the happy side, and guests can choose from each of these equally delicious arrays of selections at their leisure. SkinnyFATS has several locations around the Las Vegas area, so no matter where you’re staying you get in on the fun. Contact: 6261 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118, Phone: 702-979-9797 Photo: SkinnyFATS



Eggslut is a cheerful and quirky chain located in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. At Eggslut, which was founded as a concept restaurant for true lovers of that utmost breakfast staple, the egg, customers can find creative breakfast sandwiches like the Gaucho, with wagyu tri tip steak, chimichurri, and more in a brioche bun, or concepts like the Slut, in which the egg is cooked in a glass jar atop potato puree and served with sliced baguette. Eggslut is open all day and utilizes eggs in all of their dishes, which can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three. Contact: Level 2, The Boulevard Tower, 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 702-698-2344 Photo: Jorg Huttenholscher/Fotolia

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»Hash House A Go Go

Hash House A Go Go

Hash House A Go Go has three convenient locations in Las Vegas, including one at the Plaza Hotel. At Hash House A Go Go, guests will find market-fresh breakfast and brunch food, especially, as the name implies, their hash dishes, which toss ingredients like mushrooms, meatloaf, or salmon with vegetables, potatoes, and eggs. They are also famous for dishes like their Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict, and customers would be remiss if they didn’t try a Bloody Mary with their breakfast, which comes stuffed with a veritable garden’s worth of garnishes. Contact: 1 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, Phone: 702-384-4646 Photo: Chansom Pantip/Fotolia

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»Jamms Restaurant Breakfast and Lunch

Jamms Restaurant Breakfast and Lunch

Jamms Restaurant Breakfast and Lunch is a family-owned spot in a strip mall, and it’s a great destination for a delicious meal. Jamms Restaurant is famously the home of the Pot of Bread, a small, personal loaf of bread that comes fresh baked and steaming to each customer still in the ceramic ramekin it was baked in. Each week, there’s a new Pot of Bread special as well as the usual white and cinnamon options, incorporating new flavors and varieties, and guests can try this unusual and delicious specialty as it comes with most breakfast items or order it on the side with a cup of coffee. Contact: 6232, 1029 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145, Phone: 702-877-0749 Photo: Jamms Restaurant Breakfast and Lunch

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Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast is a charming daytime cafe that serves baked goods, breakfast items, and sandwiches as well as delicious locally roasted coffee. The family-owned cafe is named after its matriarch, who traveled the United States and collected recipes as she went. The cafe uses a lot of her recipes in its artisan baked goods and special dishes, and it prides itself on using real ingredients in its food: Real butter, real maple syrup, authentic olive oil, fresh herbs, and freshly baked breads and baked goods. Lulu’s is open daily from 7am until 3pm. Contact: 6720 Sky Pointe Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89131, Phone: 702-437-5858 Photo: Lulu's

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»Marilyn's Cafe

Marilyn's Cafe

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Marilyn’s Cafe is located in Tuscany Suites and Casinos. All day and all night, Marilyn’s Cafe serves traditional American breakfast classics, like French toast, egg scrambles, chicken and waffles, pancakes, eggs Benedict, quiche, and biscuits and gravy. Every day there are different specials for food and drinks, and every night from midnight until 5am, Marilyn’s Cafe also offers late night specials, like all-you-can-eat crab legs or steak and eggs. The prices at Marilyn’s Cafe are extremely reasonable, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the portion sizes are bound to leave guests satisfied and full. Contact: 255 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169, Phone: 702-893-8933 Photo: Helen/Fotolia

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»Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi

This lovely French bistro, located in the Paris Las Vegas, has a charming patio overlooking The Strip, making it a great location for some people watching in between all the Las Vegas sightseeing and action. Mon Ami Gabi serves French-inspired dishes like crepes, eggs Benedict, croque madames, and warm baguettes served with jam or Nutella. They also sell waffles, pancakes, cereals, fresh coffee, and freshly squeezed juices. Mon Ami Gabi’s dessert menu features French classics like creme brulee, apple tarte tatin, profiteroles, mousse, and more. The restaurant is open daily from 7am until 11pm. Contact: 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 702-944-4224 Photo: Mon Ami Gabi

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»Mr. Mamas Breakfast And Lunch

Mr. Mamas Breakfast And Lunch

The black and white checkered tiles of the floor set the scene at Mr. Mamas Breakfast and Lunch, a classic restaurant serving up American breakfast favorites like buttermilk pancakes, four-egg omelets, breakfast wraps, and more. Mr. Mamas Breakfast and Lunch is a family-owned restaurant, and the owner, who was inspired to open the restaurant by his grandfather’s diner in Michigan, is a very active presence in Mr. Mamas. He can often be found greeting customers, cooking their food, and serving it himself to ensure the best, most homelike experience possible. Contact: 5693 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118, Phone: 702-220-9224 Photo: Mr. Mamas Breakfast And Lunch

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»MTO Cafe

MTO Cafe

MTO Cafe is open 7 days a week from 8am until 2pm, serving modern breakfast and lunch dishes to happy customers in a well-lit, bright setting. The bright orange chairs, high ceilings, modern artwork, and community-style tables alongside traditional booths and small tables all come together to create a fun and delicious dining experience. At MTO Cafe, customers can try unique and fantastic breakfast options made to order, from the Kentucky Fried Chicken breakfast platter to the healthy eggs and vegetables of the Yoga Pants dish. MTO Cafe also offers a bottomless mimosa or Bloody Mary option, so the fun of brunch can be extended even more. Contact: 500 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, Phone: 702-380-8229 Photo: MTO Cafe

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»Ocean One Bar & Grille

Ocean One Bar & Grille

In Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, among the hustle and bustle of the Miracle Mile Shops, is Ocean One Bar and Grille, a delicious restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everything in the restaurant is house-made, and Ocean One Bar and Grille offers 3 for 1 cocktails and $3 beers all day. Breakfast is offered daily from 7:30am until noon, and the menu consists of standard breakfast fare like pancakes, French toast, poached eggs, and three-egg omelets. Diners at Ocean One Bar and Grille can enjoy a filling and delicious meal, along with their incredible deals on cocktails, with the knowledge that they are closely located to all the action of downtown Las Vegas, which is easily accessible from the restaurant. Contact: 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 702-696-9080 Photo: Ocean One Bar & Grille

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»Omelet House

Omelet House

This old timey breakfast joint is personified by its long tables, classic diner bar with different clocks hanging on the wall, set to time zones around the world, and of course, the omelets. At Omelet House, there are nearly 40 unique and different omelets on the menu as well as pancakes, eggs Benedict, and French toast stuffed with cream cheese and the customer’s choice of berries, apple, or Nutella. Every breakfast at Omelet House is made with farm-fresh eggs and served with an order of breakfast spuds as well as a selection of breads. Contact: 2227 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128, Phone: 702-315-2828 Photo: Omelet House

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»Park on Fremont

Park on Fremont

Stepping foot into Park on Fremont feels a little wild, which is in part due to the vivid displays of taxidermied animals in their cases, the rustic wooden walls and indoor gardens that hang from the ceilings and weave themselves around the dining rooms, and the crazy patterned wallpaper in the restaurant. But this one-of-a-kind, unique place is more than just an endless conversation piece; Park on Fremont also offers some fantastic food on its menu. Breakfast and brunch, as well as the masterfully made cocktails that often come with it, make just as much of a statement as the place itself. Contact: 506 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101, Phone: 702-834-3160 Photo: Park on Fremont

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»Rachel's Kitchen

Rachel's Kitchen

Rachel’s Kitchen is a local chain restaurant that has several locations in Las Vegas, including one in the Montecito marketplace, one in Summerlin, and one in The Ogden in downtown Las Vegas. Rachel’s Kitchen is a perfect destination for health-conscious brunch seekers, as its menu offers plenty of healthy and delicious options for breakfast food, such as steel cut oatmeal, fresh fruit salad, and delicious fresh veggies on their omelets and scrambles. Rachel’s Kitchen at The Ogden is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8am until 3pm, and serves breakfast all day. Contact: 150 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101, Phone: 702-778-8800 Photo: Rachel's Kitchen

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»Rise & Shine A Steak And Egg Place

Rise & Shine A Steak And Egg Place

Rise & Shine on West Flamingo Road is, as the name suggests, a steak and egg place. Their steak and eggs have won awards, but they also serve red velvet chocolate chip pancakes, unique s’mores campfire waffles, crunchy French toasts, freshly squeezed juices, ham and eggs Benedict, and French press Lavazza coffee, among other items. The servers at Rise and Shine are all dressed in pajamas, lending a fun and quirky air to this restaurant. They also offer smoothies and yogurt parfaits for a light and fresh breakfast, and lunch starts at 11:30am each day. Contact: 9827 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147, Phone: 702-873-0155 Photo: Rise & Shine A Steak And Egg Place

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»Squeeze In Fort Apache

Squeeze In Fort Apache

Squeeze In, located in Fort Apache, is only a short drive from central Las Vegas, and the food there is worth the distance. As their massive menu proclaims, Squeeze In has the best omelets on the planet, but their seven-page menu also contains lots of other delicious goodies. Squeeze In and its playful, brightly colored outer space theme, began in a tiny space in Truckee, California during the mid-1970s. The tiny original restaurant was so small that customers had to squeeze into the space in order to sit down and eat. The locations in Nevada are much larger now, but the food is still out of this world. Contact: 5165 S Fort Apache Rd #195, Las Vegas, NV 89148, Phone: 702-485-3971 Photo: Squeeze In Fort Apache

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»Terrace Pointe Cafe

Terrace Pointe Cafe

Terrace Pointe Cafe is part of The Wynn Las Vegas. The striped curtains, upholstered chairs and bar stools, and stone-topped tables make the whole place feel like a classy garden party rather than a restaurant. A sun-soaked patio with wicker furniture overlooking the cool blue waters of the Wynn resort swimming pool definitely adds to that ambience. Food at Terrace Point Cafe is French-inspired, with selections such as brioche French toast, hot skillets, chicken and waffles, and thick-sliced breakfast potatoes. Terrace Pointe Cafe is open daily from 6am until 3pm each day. Contact: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 702-770-3360 Photo: Terrace Pointe Cafe

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»The Buffet at Wynn

The Buffet at Wynn

So maybe a hotel buffet doesn’t sound all that appealing while splurging on a vacation in Las Vegas, but The Buffet at Wynn was voted the best buffet in all of Las Vegas by the Hotel Concierge Association of Southern Nevada. There are 15 live cooking stations at The Buffet at Wynn, each specializing in a different type of food, like seafood, steak, and other beautifully prepared foods. There’s a patisserie, where guests can find beautiful and delicious pastries, and a chocolate fountain. The Buffet at Wynn serves breakfast Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 11am, and brunch on weekends from 7:30am until 3:30pm. Contact: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 702-770-3340 Photo: The Buffet at Wynn

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25 Best Breakfast in Las Vegas