For a truly enriching and spiritual experience, Glen Eyrie has become a top destination. Located in Colorado Springs, this estate has been owned and operated by The Navigators' ministry for more than 60 years. Commonly referred to as a conference and retreat center, the focus is to provide people with a place where they can enjoy a life-changing experience by connecting with God. This estate offers a one-of-a-kind environment where people go to relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate.

Glen Eyrie's mission is to inspire and encourage people. Individuals, couples, and families are invited to stay at the estate, whether one night or several days to weeks. Located a short distance from Colorado Springs, guests are isolated while still being within close proximity to a larger city.

Situated on 800 gorgeous acres in Queen's Canyon on the front range of the majestic Rocky Mountains, Glen Eyrie is a gated community. All of the guestrooms at this estate are nicely furnished and charming but none have televisions. Instead, the focus is on creating genuine interactions with other guests, as well as peaceful time with God.

Known for its breathtakingly beautiful views and tranquil atmosphere, it is easy to understand why the Glen Eyrie estate has become a top destination for people from around the world.

1. Guestrooms at Glen Eyrie

Guestrooms at Glen Eyrie
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Glen Eyrie boasts a large number of guestrooms, each unique in size and design. All guestrooms have a rustic decor, which adds to the overall charm and allure. Regardless of the length of stay or the purpose for visiting the estate, the professional sales and planning staff will make sure that accommodations are right on a guest-by-guest basis.

Some of the top guestrooms at Glen Eyrie include:

. Big Horn Lodge Room

. Castle 203

. Castle 207 - Premier Room

. Castle 305 - Deluxe Room

. Eagle's Nest Room

. Oaks Lodge

. Glenview Lodge Room

. Pink House Room

Located within the Castle Turret is the Castle 203 guestroom, which comes with a king sized bed. The Castle 307 premium has one queen size poster bed and a sitting area with views that overlook the castle terrace. For the Glenview Lodge Room, guests are provided four rooms on the upper level and six rooms on the lower level. All bedrooms include two queen sized beds and a private bath.

2. Meeting Space

Meeting Space
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One of the main reasons for visiting Glen Eyrie is the amazing meeting space. This estate has 20 meeting rooms with a total of 19,500 square feet of space. Of the rooms, seven are located in the castle. Also provided for guests is a picnic area that can easily accommodate up to 200 people and a full-service Technical Services Department.

When choosing Glen Eyrie for meetings, guests are provided stellar assistance and service from beginning to end. In addition to a professional event planner, guests will receive assistance with technical setup and issues, food and beverages, concierge, and mail and packaging. There is even a state-of-the-art business center and bookstore complete with coffee shop and cafe.

As for the food and beverage service provided by the staff at Glen Eyrie, incredible menu presentations are created by an Executive Chef. The estate has the experience and expertise to handle meetings, wedding receptions, formal and casual banquets, and more. They also offer an hors d' oeuvre reception and snack break for business meetings.

3. Local Attractions

Local Attractions
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In addition to time spent on the estate itself, guests are free to come and go at will. In and around Colorado Springs are a number of exciting things to see and do. Some of the top recommendations include: horseback riding and hayrides, jeep rides, custom tours, hot air balloon rides, nature exhibits and programs, hiking and biking trails, guided rock and ice climbing, and more.

On-Site Adventures

If preferred, guests of Glen Eyrie can stay on the grounds and enjoy numerous activities and events.

. Tea at the Castle - Sipping on afternoon tea at Glen Eyrie is the perfect way to relax and unwind. This event takes place in the Castle Music Room where families and friends can gather to enjoy great conversation and sensational tea.

. Castle Tours - Guests have the opportunity to learn more about the magnificent estate with a guided castle tour. The tour lasts roughly 90 minutes and includes a brief video about the history of the estate, walks through the Carriage House and second floors of the castle, and wonderful stories pertaining to the estate, castle architecture, nearby landscape, history of Colorado Springs, and the Palmer family.

. Rock Tour - The area around the Glen Eyrie estate has some of the most impressive geology in the world. To enjoy the beautiful area, no experience or backpacking equipment is required. With the Rock Tour, guests have the opportunity to physically touch the boundary between the pre-flood world and deposits that came from the great flood itself. This guided tour is not only a great way to get outdoors for exercise, it is awe-inspiring.

. Hiking - No trip to the Glen Eyrie estate would be complete without going on a hike. However, depending on the time of year and conditions, including wild fires, there are times when trails are closed. During times when hiking trails are not available, guests have other options such as the North Cheyenne Canyon Park, Garden of the Gods Park, and Red Rocks Open Space.

4. Plan This Vacation

Plan This Vacation
© Glen Eyrie

To ensure that every guest of Glen Eyrie feels pampered, the estate boasts a number of amazing amenities. On-site is a bookstore and cafe. In addition to these facilities being available to guests, they are open to the public daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Whether interested in reading a good book or having a cup of coffee with a friend or family member, the Carriage House is a great place to go.

The bookstore maintains an impressive library of books written by famous Christian authors like Phillip Yancey, Max Lucado, Timothy Keller, C.S. Lewis, Ruth Myers, and many others. All of the authors have been able to minister to people through impacting words and examples of how to live following Jesus.

Special Events

Beyond quaint accommodations, superior meals, and gorgeous landscape, the Glen Eyrie estate is the top place in the United States to go for special events. For business meetings, weddings, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, prayer retreats, men and women retreats, marriage retreats, and much more, this estate hosts various special events throughout the year.

Deeper Prayer Retreat - This weekend retreat is all about connecting or reconnecting with God through prayer. Guests can block out the noise of the world to focus on having a genuine conversation with God. For resting the soul, having personal space, and being encouraged in a relationship with God, this retreat is ideal. Designed for new believers, longtime Christians, people who want to know more about the Holy Spirit, singles, couples, families, work teams, and small groups, everyone benefits.

Marriage Retreat - At Glen Eyrie, married couples can build on their relationship while reflecting on the passion that Jesus has for His church. Whether looking to strengthen an already strong marriage or salvage a marriage in turmoil, this marriage retreat gives couples hope and new insight.

Women's and Men's Events - Every year, the staff at Glen Eyrie put together different events specially formulated for men and women. These events help participants get more in tune with themselves while building on their relationship with God.

Revive! - For personal spiritual growth, this retreat is awesome. Participants have a quiet place to rest the mind, body, and spirit. This three-night retreat helps people slow down and reflects on what is truly most important in life. This retreat also focuses on enjoying the presence of God and enhancing spiritual growth.

Questionable Faith - For people who question whether God even exists, this retreat provides answers desperately needed. Guests are presented with insightful information and heartfelt conversations that are all Biblically-sound and applicable to everyday life. Especially for millennials and Gen-Xers who are seeking relevant teaching, Glen Eyrie provides much-needed answers and guidance.

Writer's Workshop - For both Christian and non-Christian writers, this special event is designed to inspire. Writers have the opportunity to focus on fiction writing but also the spiritual journey as a writer. Participants are provided with a wealth of information on all writing genres, regarding the actual work of writing, as well as publication. Self-published authors, seasoned writers, new writers, casual journalists, bloggers, and even photographers over the age of 16 are welcomed.

Reaching the Heart of Your Child - This is probably one of the most spectacular of all events offered at Glen Eyrie. Parenting is challenging, especially in today's world. With this event, Dr. Bob and Gale Bucknam offer helpful guidance for being a better parent. Areas covered include obedience, teaching personal responsibility, building a moral child, and creating the right home environment.

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