Arthouse 429 is home to the works of the emerging artists of West Palm Beach. It was founded way back in mid-January 2013 by William Halliday and Scott Burst - an investment that turned the current location in West Palm’s art district, where artists, designers, entrepreneurs, architects, and art enthusiasts come together. Since then, the Arthouse has provided newfound energy and enthusiasm across Northwood Village while providing high quality and high value collectible fine art.

The design of gallery itself is a work of art. The place was made to be an ideal venue for exhibiting artwork, complemented by sculpture garden outside. They also have an event space on the second floor.


Arthouse 429 is regularly open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, but they can be open by appointment as well.

Tuesdays to Saturdays: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Sundays and Mondays: CLOSED

Featured Artists

Below are some of the local and international artists whose work has been exhibited in the gallery before:

? Alec Monopoly, Alexander Monestier, Amauri Valdes, Anna Kasabian, Anon, Bessie Harvey, brad Robertson, Brian Mcswain, Carl Paoli, Cheryl Maeder, Clemente Mimun, Cynthia Fleischmann, Dan Fenelon, Dan Rizzie, Dani De Maoi, David Charlowe, David Orr Wright, Derrick Quevedo, Diana Contreras, Eduardo Mendieta, Eduerdo Romaguera, Edwina Sandys, Elisabetta Fantone, Elle Schorr, Ernesto Kunde, Helen Lafrance, Jaime Jurado, James Sagui, Janet Gold, Javier Mateos, Jefro, Joel Cohen, John Torreano, Jose Cordova, Kimberly Brooks, Liz Ghitta Segall, Lucia Ferrara, Manuel Varela, Marcel Demagny, Marcelo Salinas, Marilyn Walter, Mary Coyle, Matthew Colaizzo, Nico Amortegui, Nuria Almarche, Pedro Velver, Robert Zakanitch, Rosa Canelon, Skip Hartzell, Stikman, Ted Walsh, Tom Barnes, Tony Scherman, William Halliday

Professional Services:

The gallery also provides a wide selection of professional services related to the art industry:

? Art Consultation

? Fine Art Curating

? Art Handling or Installation*

? Interior Design Consultation

? Custom Fixtures and Furniture Design

? Event Space

*Free installation for clients who purchase artworks

Submission Policy

One notable thing about Arthouse 429 is how much it accommodates the work of budding artists. Those who are interested in submitting their work for review may do so by emailing to, making sure to write “Submission” as the email subject. Website links of one’s works or several jpg files are also accepted. Should the gallery feel that the submitted work is fit for a future show, they will contact the artist.

Special Events

On the second floor of the gallery is the gallery’s special events and reception area. Here, guests can book the space for their own private gathering and events.

Arthouse also hosts special events of its own. Some days, they host exhibitions featuring the works of a single artist. Some of these exhibits are also held for the benefit of certain charities, where certain artists donate their work to be sold with proceeds going to their chosen beneficiaries.

For more information on Arthouse 429, contact the Gallery Manager via 561.231.0429 or by email.


Arthouse 429, 429 25th St., West Palm Beach, FL 33407, Phone: 561-231-0429

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