When we think of the Colorado mountain town of Vail, we picture snowy mountains and world class skiing, with cozy cabins and lodges dotted around and happy families having fun on the slopes, but this little resort location also hosts some very interesting events each and every year, including the excellent and ever-popular Vail Film Festival.

Vail Film Festival - Celebrating Film in Vail, Colorado

The Vail Film Festival is an annual celebration of films in the ski resort town of Vail, Colorado. Taking place in America's biggest ski resort, the Vail Film Festival has been running on an annual basis since 2004 and typically features four days of film-focused fun and intrigue, with many special guests in attendance and some terrific films on display, vying for the festival's awards.

Over 150,000 attendees have enjoyed the Vail Film Festival over the years and thousands of film makers have shown their creations at the festival too, with the Vail Film Festival generally being regarded as one of the best destination film festivals anywhere in the world. With its film screenings, panels, educational events like workshops, and networking events, the Vail Film Festival is an unmissable event for movie-lovers in Colorado.

- Getting There - There are numerous ways you can choose to get to Vail for the Vail Film Festival. Those who choose to drive can follow the I-70 and enjoy quite a scenic ride through the Rocky Mountains, with Vail being easy to reach by following signs or using a GPS. You can also fly direct into Vail / Eagle County Airport, which is connected to 12 different cities around America on direct flights. You might also choose to fly into Denver International Airport and make the rest of the journey by car from there, with the drive from Denver to Vail taking about two hours on average.

- Passes - Anyone wishing to attend Vail Film Festival and enjoy the various screenings and events will need to buy passes. You can buy a Festival Screening Pass to get access to all film screenings at the event, as well as access to the hospitality lounge and entry to events like discussions and the opening night film, as well as the awards ceremony. More expensive passes are also available which provide advance access to film screenings and offer priority access to other events and parts of the festival too. The highest tier of pass will give you total priority access to everything at the Vail Film Festival, as well as offering reserved seating at all screenings.

- Tickets - Those wishing to attend individual film screenings on a film-by-film basis can also choose to simply buy tickets at the theater. These tickets are sold just 15 minutes before showtime and are available on a first come, first served basis dependent on how many seats have already been taken by passholders. The number of tickets for individual screenings is not guaranteed and you might not be able to sit with your friends or family members, so if you do choose to rely on these tickets, you might miss out on some of the films you wanted to see. To be sure of seeing films, buying a pass is the smartest and safest option. website