Best Wisconsin Waterfalls
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Wisconsin is home to a myriad of lakes, rivers, and beautiful waterfalls, some of which have enormous cascading drops and tumbling slides, while others are a just a series of smaller rapids and rises. Some of the waterfalls form the border between Wisconsin and Michigan, such as Superior Falls and Peterson Falls, while others wind their way through spectacular gorges such as Piers Gorge, Brownstone Falls, and Lasalle Falls. Here are some of Wisconsin’s most striking, serene, spectacular, and splendid waterfalls to hike, bike, or bush-whack to and explore and enjoy.

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» Amnicon Falls

Amnicon Falls
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Located in Amnicon Falls State Park, after which they are named, Amnicon Falls are one of a set of four waterfalls in the park, namely the upper and lower Amnicon Falls, seasonal Now and Then Falls, and Snake Pit Falls. The river that feeds the falls and on which they are situated has several small drops above central Amnicon Falls as well as several forks to the left. The main drop of Amnicon Falls is around 15 feet, while the lower falls are a 15-foot slide that drop about 15 feet over 30 feet in length. The upper and the lower falls lie about 100 feet apart with an impressive old bridge that crosses the river between the two falls.

Amnicon Falls State Park: 4279 S County Road U, South Range, WI 54874, Phone: 715-398-3000

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» Big Manitou Falls

Big Manitou Falls
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Big Manitou Falls are situated in the Pattison State Park, south of Superior Wisconsin, and are fed by the Black River, a tributary of the Nemadji River. The 165-foot falls have a crest of 10 feet and are the highest waterfall in Wisconsin. The waterfalls are shrouded in legend. and the Native American tribes who settled near the falls believed they heard the voice of the Great Spirit coming from the falls and named it Gitchee Manitou. Big Manitou Falls became the center of Pattison State Park, which was built around the falls in 1920, and received further protection in 2003 when it was named as part of the Wisconsin State Natural Areas Program.

Pattison State Park: 6294 WI-35, Superior, WI 54880, Phone: 715-399-3111

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» Big Smokey Falls

Big Smokey Falls
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Located on the Menominee Reservation, which is situated 19 miles north of Shawano, Big Smokey Falls is fed by the Wolf River and a robust and complicated waterfall. While not very high or steep, the waterfall has a volume of water and is surrounded by rugged and slippery rocks. The Big Smokey Falls has a cascading drop of 20 feet with an island in the middle of the falls, and there is a bridge above the falls that takes you to the island. During the tourist season, the Menominee Reservation charges a nominal fee for crossing the bridge; however, it is not possible to reach the far side of the river from the island. Wolf River Dells is about a mile upstream, where the river drops over several small ledges and through some narrow gorges, which make for beautiful views.

Menominee Reservation: Keshena, WI 54135, Phone: 877-209-5866

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» Brownstone Falls

Brownstone Falls
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Set within Copper Falls State Park, near Mellen, Brownstone Falls is a scenic waterfall with a 30-foot drop and a 10-foot crest. Situated where Tyler's Fork of the Bad River plunges into the Bad River Gorge, Brownstone Falls are surrounded by impressive rugged reddish-brown rocks, which create a lovely backdrop for the waterfalls. Access to the gorge is prohibited, so finding a viewpoint for the falls is challenging, but there are other waterfalls in the park to see, such as Copper Falls. There is a $10 entrance fee to visit the 3,068-acre park in which the falls are found.

Copper Falls State Park: 36664 Copper Falls Rd, Mellen, WI 54546, Phone: 715-274-5123

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» Cascade Falls Osceola

Cascade Falls Osceola
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Cascade Falls is set on the St. Croix River in the small village of Osceola in Polk County. Fed by the Osceola Creek, Cascade is 25 feet high with a 30-foot crest and is easy to visit due to its location along Route 35 in the middle of the village. The falls drop into a deep gorge carved out by the St. Croix River and there is a set of stairs to the right of the main road that leads down to the canyon and the base of the falls. The stairs lead to a trail that continues to the shores of the St. Croix, which boasts pretty views. The village was founded around Cascade Falls, which once supported a brewery and a mill.

Osceola, Polk County, Wisconsin

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» Copper Falls

Copper Falls
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Named after Copper Falls State Park, in which they are situated, Copper Falls is set within a scenic gorge that has been carved out by the Bad River and is surrounded by rugged rocky landscapes. The Copper Falls is divided into two plunges by a large chunk of rock in the middle of the river, both of which depend on recent rainfall, and there are several viewpoints from which to see different parts of the waterfall. The waterfalls can be viewed from a wheelchair-accessible trail, which also runs past Brownstone Falls, which is slightly further down the river and the gorge just below the point where Tyler's Fork and the Bad River meet. It is very picturesque, however, access to the ravine is prohibited.

Copper Falls State Park: 36664 Copper Falls Rd, Mellen, WI 54546, Phone: 715-274-5123

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» Dave’s Falls

Dave’s Falls
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Located in Marinette County, 1 mile south of Amberg, Dave’s Falls is fed by the Pike River and is one of many small waterfalls found in Marinette County. Situated off US 41, the falls are relatively easy to visit and are surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The 15-foot falls are divided into upper and lower falls, the lower of which are a narrow chute with a total drop of about 10 feet, while the upper falls are a broader slide with a 6-foot drop. The rugged rocks around the fall make them an attractive site to visit and explore by clambering around them to get the best views.

Amberg, Marinette County, Wisconsin

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» Eighteen Foot Falls

Eighteen Foot Falls
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Located in the self-proclaimed Waterfall Capitol of Wisconsin – Marinette County – the Eighteen Foot Falls is a wild waterfall and the largest of the “Foot Falls” in the county. The Eighteen Foot Falls is reached by a relatively comfortable 10-minute hike along a rough and uneven trail, which can be found by first visiting Twelve Foot Falls. The best way to reach Eighteen Foot Falls is to leave Twelve Foot Falls Park, head north on Twelve Foot Falls Road, and drive or walk around half a mile to a small parking area. Follow the trail to the Pike River and look for the signs to Eighteen Foot Falls. The trail ends at the top of the falls.

12 Foot Falls Rd, Dunbar, WI 54119, Phone: 800-236-6681

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» Fonferek Falls

Fonferek Falls
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Fonferek Falls and Fonferek Glen are found in Brown County, just south of Green Bay, and are surrounded by beautiful rolling farmlands. The 20-foot falls are fed by Bower Creek, which is best viewed after a good rainfall, however, they still offer an exciting place to visit due to the glen in which they are found. Fonferek Falls is set within the Fonferek Glen, which features 50-foot-high walls and a beautiful arch that was believed to have been created by a cow walking through part of the glen. Located off Dutchman Road, otherwise known as County Road, the falls can be reached from a parking area next to a farm, however, the glen is hidden from view from here.

Fonferek Glen, South of Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin

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» Foster Falls

Foster Falls
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Located in a remote location, 6 miles north of Upson in Iron County, Foster Falls is 25 feet high and the tenth highest waterfall in Wisconsin. Fed by the Potato River and situated where the Potato River splits into two, with the western branch cascading down a gentle slope and the eastern branch sliding over a steep drop. The west branch of Foster Falls is the main drop of the falls and is wild with no barriers or fences of any kind and can be reached by clambering over the rocks. Foster Falls can be reached from Sullivan Fire Lane, down a short side road to the right that leads to a turnaround. The trail to the falls begins here and continues to the dead end at the river upstream of the falls.

Sullivan Fire Lane, North of Upson in Iron County, Wisconsin

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» Houghton Falls

Houghton Falls
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Houghton Falls is located north of Washburn in the Houghton Falls State Natural Area, which is rated as being one of the most scenic places to hike in the region. The low flow falls are best after a good rainfall or snowmelt, however, the spectacular dells surrounding the falls are beautiful and worth a visit anyway. The Houghton Falls is easily reached by an easy hike through a forest on a boardwalk and gravel footpath, which winds its way past a boreal forest of Canadian yew, hemlocks, cedars, and birch trees. The promenade runs through a series of ethereally sculpted sandstone gorges known as the Echo Dells, which have a magical ambiance and offer spectacular views. The dells end at the waterfall, which drops into a tranquil reflecting pool.

77240 S Houghton Point Rd, Washburn, WI 54891, Phone: 608-266-0394

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» Lasalle Falls

Lasalle Falls
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Lasalle Falls is an impressive slide on the Pine River in Florence County set in a scenic gorge that can easily be reached by a comfortable 1-mile hike through a beautiful forest. The falls are one of the more extensive set of falls in the area and the greater Lake Michigan watershed, with a sliding drop of 20 feet and a 15-foot crest. A wild waterfall with no fences or railings, the falls are runnable by kayak and can be reached from the parking area around 2.5 miles north of County Highway C. From the parking area, a short 1-mile hike leads through the woods to the waterfall and ends at the brink of the falls, where a steep scrabble will take you down into the gorge, which boasts beautiful views.

2733 La Salle Falls Access Road, Florence, WI 54121

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» Little Manitou Falls

Little Manitou Falls
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Little Manitou Falls are situated in Pattison State Park, south of Superior, Wisconsin, and are fed by the Black River, a tributary of the Nemadji River. Located a few miles upstream from Big Manitou Falls, Little Manitou Falls are shrouded in legend, and when the Native American tribes who settled near the falls believed they heard the voice of the Great Spirit coming from the falls they named it Gitchee Manitou. Together with Big Manitou Falls, Little Manitou Falls are at the center of Pattison State Park and were further protected in 2003 as part of the Wisconsin State Natural Areas Program.

Pattison State Park: 6294 WI-35, Superior, WI 54880, Phone: 715-399-3111

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» Long Slide Falls

Long Slide Falls
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Fed by the North Branch Pemebonwon River, Long Slide Falls is a 50-foot scenic slide waterfall and one of the most impressive falls in the Lake Michigan Watershed in northeastern Wisconsin. Situated a few miles north of Pembin, the waterfall is named for its long, steep slide, which cascades down among some rugged rock formations and which can be explored by clambering around on these. Long Slide Falls can be reached by heading north out of Pembine on US 8/141 and following the signs to Morgan Park. Long Slide Falls is about 4 miles past the park and can be reached after a short walk.

Morgan Park: 19882 Morgan Park Rd, Pembine, WI 54156, Phone: 715-324-5711

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» Lost Creek Falls

Lost Creek Falls
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Lost Creek Falls are a small but scenic wild waterfall in the dense forests south west of Cornucopia that is reached by a short 2-mile hike through the woods. The falls feature an 8-foot plunge with several cascades above and below the primary falls and a 3-foot waterfall a short way downstream from the falls. Visiting Lost Creek Falls is relatively easy by following a well-maintained dirt road and looking for a yellow gated trail on the left, which indicates the trailhead and is both for ATVs and hiking. The trail crosses two bridges, climbs, and finally descends its way down to the falls. There is a pretty open area at the base of the falls with plenty of photo opportunities.

Lost Creek Number One, Cornucopia, WI 54827

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» Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls
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Located within the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, near Mellen and fed by Morgan Creek, Morgan Falls is a tall, narrow waterfall and one of the higher waterfalls in Wisconsin. Reached by a 6-mile trail starting from a forest road in Morgan Falls Overlook Park, the waterfall is surrounded by pristine woodlands and beautiful views of the Morgan Falls Dam. The falls feature a steep, narrow cascade that winds its way around crevices in the rock and drops almost 40 feet into a small splash pool. The creek then flows for 180 feet before falling the last 8 feet. The trailhead for reaching Morgan Falls is also the pathway for St Peter's Dome, a large rocky outcrop that boasts breathtaking views of Lake Superior on a bright day.

Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Mellen, Wisconsin

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» Peterson Falls

Peterson Falls
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Peterson Falls is located just a few miles upstream of Saxon Falls on the Montreal River, which forms part of the border between Michigan and Wisconsin, technically placing the falls in both states. The easy-to-visit waterfalls can be reached from both the Michigan and Wisconsin sides of the river by following the river bank for about 10 minutes. There are no fences around the waterfall, and they can be explored from the base or the top of the falls, which might look reasonably wild but are quite easy to reach. There is a house downstream on the Michigan side of the falls.

Montreal River, Michigan and Wisconsin

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» Piers Gorge

Piers Gorge
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Located on the Menominee River in Dickinson County, 3 miles southwest of Norway Michigan, Piers Gorge is a scenic gorge carved out by the river with a 20-foot cascading waterfall with four sets of rapids. Reached by a 3-mile hike that winds past several rapids and smaller falls along the Menominee River, Piers Gorge is named for the natural rocky "piers" that the river tumbles over, resulting in four sets of rapids, which can also be classified as low falls. The highest of the four rapids is 8 feet high and named Mishicot Falls, while the last is a mile downstream and called the Sand Portage Falls. Piers Gorge is located at the end of Piers Gorge Road with a large shaded parking area at the trailhead, which leads to the falls.

Piers Gorge Road, Dickinson County, Wisconsin

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» Red Granite Falls

Red Granite Falls
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Set within Copper Falls State Park, near Mellen, Red Granite Falls can better be described as a set of rapids instead of a waterfall. Situated where Tyler's Fork of the Bad River plunges into the Bad River Gorge, Red Granite Falls are surrounded by impressive rugged reddish-brown rocks, which form a series of tumbling rapids. Access to the gorge is prohibited, so finding a viewpoint for the falls can be difficult, although there are other waterfalls in the park to see, including Copper Falls. There is a $10 entrance fee to visit the 3,068-acre Copper Falls State Park.

Copper Falls State Park: 36664 Copper Falls Rd, Mellen, WI 54546, Phone: 715-274-5123

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» Saxon Falls

Saxon Falls
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Saxon Falls are situated near the mouth of the river at Superior Falls, where the Montreal River's power is harnessed to create two waterfalls. Located just a few miles upstream of Superior Falls, the upper drop of Saxon Falls cascades halfway down into a gorge before making a sharp turn towards the other side of the river and dropping the rest of the way to the floor of the ravine. The dramatic falls are best viewed after a heavy rainfall, with the safest and easiest viewing of the falls being from the Michigan side of the gorge.

Highway 122, Saxon, WI 54559, Phone: 715-561-4334

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» Siskiwit Falls

Siskiwit Falls
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Located on the Siskiwit River in the town of Cornucopia, Siskiwit Falls is a favorite spot for locals and visitors to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and sliding down the falls. Situated a mile east of Cornucopia, the falls feature a series of low drops and slides along the Siskiwit River, the largest of which is approximately 10 feet in height and which are visible from the bridge that crosses the river. The other drops and slides have cascades of between 2 and 5 feet in height, both upstream and downstream from the bridge. The waterfall can be reached from a short trail that leads from the bridge down to the brink of the falls.

22475 State Highway 13, Cornucopia, WI 54827, Phone: 715-373-6125

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» Snake Pit Falls

Snake Pit Falls
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Located in Amnicon Falls State Park in Douglas County and fed by the Amnicon River, Snake Pit Falls is a curiously small waterfall in northern Wisconsin and is surrounded by several other waterfalls. The ironically beautiful Snake Pit Falls is formed when the Amnicon River splits in two as it goes around a small island, the one branch creating the Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls, and the other branch forming Snake Pit Falls. The falls have two drops of roughly 10 feet each, separating a 90-degree turn that the river takes in a narrow gorge, and can be reached by following marked signs along a loop trail.

4279 S County Road U, South Range, WI 54874, Phone: 715-398-3000

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» Superior Falls

Superior Falls
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Forming the border between Iron County in Wisconsin and Gogebic County in Michigan, Superior Falls is a rare interstate waterfall situated on the Montreal River that features a 90-foot drop before flowing into Lake Superior at Oronto Bay. Superior Falls is an impressive waterfall with some dramatic gorge walls and several drops that fall into quiet pools, which are great for swimming and relaxing. Technically in both states, the falls are most easily visited from the Michigan side by a short walk from a trailhead on the Michigan side of the river, which boasts lovely views.

Iron County, Wisconsin and Gogebic County, Michigan

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» Wequiock Falls

Wequiock Falls
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The Wequiock Falls are located in Brown County, northeast of Green Bay, and are fed by Wequiock Creek. The 25-foot waterfall is formed by the Niagara Escarpment and is best visited in the spring or after heavy rainfall, as it is reduced to only a trickle in the summer months. Situated in a small roadside park, Wequiock Falls can be reached by an old bridge located just above the falls and a set of stone stairs that leads down into the gorge, which boasts breathtaking views. The scenic, seasonal waterfall is close to a peaceful roadside park with picnic tables, drinking water, and modern restrooms and makes for a fun day out with the family.

3426 Bay Settlement Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311, Phone: 920-448-6242

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» Willow Falls

Willow Falls
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Willow Falls is an impressively broad and multi-tiered waterfall within Willow River State Park in St Croix County that is fed by the Willow River, which eventually drains into the St Croix River. Willow Falls is one of the few waterfalls that has been restored to nearly its natural state after being inundated by a reservoir from a local dam, and it is now possible to reach the falls by a well-developed and serene trail that leads across the Willow River. The cascading waterfalls have a height of 45 feet and a 100-foot crest and create a beautiful scene as it tumbles its way gently down towards the St Croix River.

1681 Willow Cir Drive, Crest Hill, IL 60403, Phone: 815-725-5868

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25 of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Wisconsin