Long Beach in Washington State is renowned for its exciting boardwalk and colorful skyline when it's adorned with beautiful kites. Activities include horseback rides on the 28-mile-long Beach, biking, relaxing surrounded by nature, and bird watching. There are over 150 birds including the great horned owl, species of geese, and the endangered snowy plover.

1. Long Beach

Long Beach
© City of Long Beach, WA

Long Beach boasts of its fascinating expanse of silver sand beaches and hospitable accommodation for tourists. It holds the record of the longest beach in the united states. it is also the worlds drivable beach. It has an interesting nightlife experience on its shores, and tourists take this opportunity to relax and enjoy the night breeze. It has amazing waterfront attractions and a great walking neighborhood. Local artists treat people to lovely music and colorful festivals. There are also a good number of live music venues and dive bars for your fancy.

Address: Washington 98631

2. Discovery Trail

Discovery Trail
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The Discovery Trail is almost like paradise on earth. It offers a fantastic landscape of grassy dunes and forest groves. Going back over 200 years, the popular duo, Lewis, and Clark made their memorable expedition of exploring lands as directed by president Thomas Jefferson. You will find recreational trails suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about hiking and biking. The terrain has hosted a series of outdoor outings. It has exciting trails heading both North and South connecting Chicago and St. Louis. Combined, both the Northern and Southern trails come to a whopping 6800 miles Asphalt trail. However, you can still explore the landscape on horses. Sculptures are put up alongside other interesting public arts for your eyes to marvel. Common wildlife you can find on your expeditions include deer, shorebirds, and bald eagles.

Address: Olympic Discovery Trail, Washington 98363

3. Cranberry Museum

Cranberry Museum
© Cranberry Museum

Cranberry Museum was established in 1992 and have participated actively in funding cranberry research and extension works in the United States and Canada. One other aspect in which they have channeled their resources is in the area of providing educational facilities for schools. Local citizens and tourists. The cranberry museum was formed to purchase the Cranberry Research station from Washington State University. The station was later sold to the museum alongside a farmland spread across 40 acres. While the Museum maintains ownership of the Cranberry research station, WSU provided personnel to support the station while growers farm the bogs. In the early 1920s, J. D. Crowley recommended measures to help tackle the challenge posed by pests, and frost.

Address: Cranberry Museum, 2907 Pioneer Rd. Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-5553

4. Things to Do in Long Beach, WA: Marsh's Free Museum

Things to Do in Long Beach, WA: Marsh's Free Museum
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The Marsh Free Museum has been an essential site of attraction to tourist who visits the Long Beach. It has been around for a very long time since 1935. It used to be located across the street from where it currently stands in Washington. They purchase stuff that most people will refer to as been weird, probably, the kind of things you would throw out when cleaning your attic or getting rid of stuff in your garage. Some of the items you will find here include a complete human skeleton that was found in a closet on the coast. The Shrunken head, and Jake the Alligator is also on display alongside other historic collections like the glass fishing floats, and world-class sea shells collections. Petrified dinosaur dung is still in their possession since 1940, and you will also find fortune tellers and shops for antique.

Address: 409 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-2188

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5. World Kite Museum

World Kite Museum
© World Kite Museum

The World Kite Museum is not your regular type of museum. Unlike other museums where you go to see artifacts and original collections of legend artists and the likes, the world Kite museum houses the best kites in the world. This is somewhere you go to learn about the history of kites and also enjoy fun kiting events. The idea of having a kite Museum was born around Washington state’s 100th birthday. This Museum has a collection of 300 Japanese kites which is the only complete collection of Japanese kites outside Japan. It was donated by David Checkley’s widow in 1989 alongside Chinese and Malaysian kites. In the same year, Eiji Ohashi, the popular kite maker taught children from Long Beach Elementary how to make Japanese kites.

Address: 303 SW Sid Snyder Dr, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-4020

6. The Candy Man

The Candy Man
© pamela_d_mcadams/stock.adobe.com

The Candy Man is not some historic superhero like the name depicts but a candy shop known for delicious and jaw-dropping candies. It was founded by a Marine by the name of Mr. Werner. Apparently, he wasn’t only skilled as a military person but also a confectionary maker. The Candy Man has stores in the coastal areas of Washington and Oregon. However, they are more present and available at Long Beach, Washington. Today, the store belongs to another Marine, Ralph Moore and his wife, who have jointly taken the Candy store to another level. The store retains its popularity for its signature flavors, and recipes. The Candy Man is where people go to for fantastic candies, and locals even regard it as “candies made in heaven.”

Address: 115 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-2366

7. Adrift Distillers

Adrift Distillers
© Adrift Distillers

Adrift Distillers is the home of exotic and creatively crafted spirits and Gin. They offer the finest brand in the Long Beach area of Washington. Its brand of drinks is inspired by the unique and strong spirit of Washington. Its spirits are created from indigenous grains grown by selected Washington farmers who share the core value of land stewardship and community fostering. Every bottle captures wonderful special characteristics of Washington state’s land, wilderness, and the dynamic Pacific Ocean. All these put together gives a taste that reflects the hospitality and warmth of this Washington crafted exotic drinks. The drinks are created from a blend of modern and traditional distilling techniques designed to give you that exotic taste.

Address: 409 Sid Snyder Dr. BLDG #3, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-3096

8. Back Country Horse Adventures

Back Country Horse Adventures
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If you are the type, who loves to ride on horseback while on vacation or a horseback riding enthusiast, then Back Country Horse Adventure is got you covered. You no longer need to stress yourself over finding a reliable place to rent horses for your tour. You can take a tour on Long Beach’s trail on their horses and enjoy a better view of the beach. You will be treated to a one hour guided ride at a very reasonable price. Children are also not left out of the fun as they are allowed to ride in front of adults for no extra costs. Interestingly, children at the age of five can decide to ride on their own horses. Six-year-olds must ride on their own horses. Helmets are also available for free if you want.

Address: 409 Sid Snyder Dr, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-2576

9. Things to Do Near Me Today: Pickled Fish Restaurant

Things to Do Near Me Today: Pickled Fish Restaurant
© Pickled Fish Restaurant

One may not understand the satisfaction you will derive from a good meal served in an atmosphere of good music. The Pickled Fish Restaurant understands the secret to your stomach and has made eating such a memorable experience that you always want to come back for more. They serve fantastic drinks to make your dining experience whole. They have a great menu of craft cocktails, delicious foods, and excellent choice of live music to make your visit to the Pacific Northwest unforgettable. You will be treated to interesting recipes by artisan chef who carefully selects ingredients at the right time of every season. Their recipes highlight the untainted flavor and allow you to absorb natures pure nutrients. More WA getaways

Address: 409 Sid Snyder Dr, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-2344

10. The Crab Pot

The Crab Pot
© The Crab Pot

The Crab Pot is a unique seafood restaurant that serves delicious seafood- thanks to its distinguished sea feast. They serve giant buckets of seas food straight from the kitchen to keep your stomach warm and happy. Among its unique recipe and varieties of sea feast is the Alaskan; the Alaskan is a beautiful mix of king crab, snow crab, Dungeness crab, steamed clams, shrimp, Pacific mussels, andouille sausage, red potatoes and corn on the cob. Fried seafood, grilled seafood, ribs & chicken, burgers and sandwiches are also not left out. Beef and chicken dishes like bacon cheeseburger, barbecue ribs, and grilled chicken breasts are served with seasonal vegetables.

Address: Long Beach215 N. Marina Drive Long Beach, CA 90803, Phone: 562-430-0272

11. Sand Castle RV Park

Sand Castle RV Park
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Sand Castle RV Park is situated in a prime, central location, mere minutes from the beaches and attractions that have helped to make Long Beach such a popular resort town. This is a dog friendly Long Beach RV park, so if you plan to travel to the Washington State coastline with a furry friend in tow, Sand Castle RV Park is a good option to choose, giving you everything you need to have an enjoyable stay and make some magical memories to look back on in the future.

Amenities at this popular Long Beach RV park include an office selling candy and snacks, as well as ice creams to cool you down on warm days and essential supplies for your RV too. Other amenities and facilities include a spacious laundry area with coin operated washers and dryers, a fish cleaning station for keen anglers to clean up their catches, wireless internet for all RV users, lots of cable TV channels, clean showers, nearly 40 full hook-up sites, lots of shady spots, several grassy areas for games, picnic tables, and more. What's more, this park offers free stays for all kids aged 12 and below, and there are no hidden fees for bringing pets along either.

1100 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-2174

12. WildWood RV Park & Campground

WildWood RV Park & Campground
© anjokan/stock.adobe.com

In a great location on the Long Beach peninsula, surrounded by trees and greenery, this RV provides a quiet, peaceful haven for all your camping trip needs. The park stretches out over 15 acres of land and features 28 RV sites and 26 tent sites, so there's a lot of space for everyone to spread out and not feel crowded, and that's definitely one of the major advantages of spending some time at this particular RV park. The vibe is very laid back and you really feel like you've arrived at a true home away from home.

WildWood RV Park & Campground offers full hook-up RV sites with all the utilities you would expect to find, including 20/30 amp power. The park itself features clean bathrooms, spotless showers, firewood, picnic tables to spend some quality time with good food and good company, firepits, and more. This is a pet friendly RV park too, so you can bring a dog along as long as they remain on a leash at all times, and one of the unique aspects of this RV park is the presence of a small catch-and-release fishing lake, offering another fun way to relax and spend your time.

5411 Sandridge Rd, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-2131

13. Mermaid Inn & RV Park

Mermaid Inn & RV Park
© somemeans/stock.adobe.com

Beloved by locals and tourists alike, the Mermaid Inn is one of the most charming locations in all of Long Beach. Perfectly situated in the heart of the city, this affordable RV park and motel combo offers a calm, cozy environment that everyone can appreciate. The park is nicely located near the Discovery Trail of hiking and biking routes, Marsh's Museum, Funland, and other exciting attractions and landmarks.

As well as being situated in a great part of Long Beach, the Mermaid Inn & RV Park also features 11 full hook-up sites with 20/30 amp power. Every site comes with its own private grassy area with a picnic table too, and you'll also be given access to dozens of cable TV channels to keep you fully entertained at any time of day. This RV park also offers free wireless internet access for all guests, spotless bathrooms, free showers, a large laundry area with washers and dryers, a fish cleaning station, and a nice communal space with a large BBQ grill for evening meals. This is a pet-friendly RV park as well, so feel free to bring your dog along.

1910 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, WA 98631, Phone: 360-642-2600

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