Edmonds is located in Snohomish County, Washington about 20 miles due north of Seattle and less than 200 miles from the Canadian border. It lies on the shores of the Puget Sound, a large estuary that flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Edmonds is surrounded by natural beauty, with forests to the east and spectacular views of the mountains to the west. The city boasts several beach side attractions, as well as walks and hikes in forested areas.

1. Brackett's Landing Park

Brackett's Landing Park
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Bracketts Wharf is over 100 years old and at various times, featured a loading dock, a saw mill and a boat house. Its historical significance has been recognized by the Edmonds Register of Historic Places and the City of Edmonds has declared it a marine sanctuary. A breakwater has replaced the wharf. The original 147 acre site was expanded after land to the south was acquired, making the park popular with walkers. In summer, the landing is possibly Edmond's most popular public beach. Scuba divers explore the marine life in the underwater park and on land photographers and bird-watchers are enjoyably occupied.

2. Meadowdale Beach Park

Meadowdale Beach Park
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Meadowdale Beach Park is a Snohomish County public park with beach access. The 108 acre park offers forest hikes and nature trails. Spaces at the rustic picnic shelter are available on a 'first come, first serve' basis. The small marine estuary, filled with fresh water fish and migrating salmon, runs into the Puget Sound. Camping is permitted on the beach but campers may only enter and exit the park by sailing or rowing vessels. The railroad tracks are off limits.The park is a conservation area and future plans are focused on developing sustainable fish populations.

3. Cascadia Art Museum

Cascadia Art Museum
© Cascadia Art Museum

Cascadia Art Museum is a non-profit organization that showcases indigenous Northwest visual arts and design from 1860-1970. The museum hosts several exhibitions simultaneously. There are also regular programs and special events to diarize throughout the year. The daily 'Coffee with the Curator' includes a tour of the museum, and coffee and a pastry, while visitors listen to a lecture. School tours, Art Walks every third Thursday, music events and themed art workshops by local artists, ensure that there are activities for everyone. The museum has a shop and is situated two blocks from the Edmonds Waterfront. Parking is free.

190 Sunset Ave. S., #E Edmonds, WA 98020, Phone: 425-336-4809

4. The Phoenix Theater, Edmonds, WA

The Phoenix Theater, Edmonds, WA
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The Phoenix Theater specializes in live comedy. It was resurrected from the burnt-out Edge of the World Theater by Melanie Calderwood and Debbie Palomera. Their aim is to entertain the Snohomish County community with humor and the healing power of laughter. Their commitment to the local community includes providing acting, writing and improvised comedy classes and interactive workshops. Internships and opportunities for community service are long-term options. Their efforts have been recognized nationally. Season ticket holders can reserve seats for up to 5 shows, for whichever date and seating arrangement suits them.

9673 Firdale Ave, Edmonds, Wa 98020, Phone: 206-533-2000

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5. Gallery North, Edmonds, WA

Gallery North, Edmonds, WA
© Gallery North

Gallery North is a membership-based, cooperative venture run by local artists who take it in turns to run the shop. This affords potential buyers the opportunity to meet the creators of the items on display and to discuss their work. There are monthly exhibitions of featured artists and photographers. Two-dimensional art forms include sculpture, woodwork, glassware, pottery and jewelry. All items on view are for sale. The gallery is open every day of the week.

401 Main Street, Edmonds, WA 98020, Phone: 425-774-0946

6. WhirlyBall, Edmonds, WA

WhirlyBall, Edmonds, WA
© WhirlyBall

WhirlyBall is a mechanized team sport, much like basket ball but played in battery powered bumper cars called WhirlyBugs. The 360 degree steering capability allows the drivers to steer with one hand while catching and throwing the ball with the other. If requested, free demonstrations can be arranged. Corporate team building, birthday parties and other functions are catered for. The activity is suitable for all ages. Food is available from the Snack Bar which boasts a healthy menu. Buffets are set up for larger groups. Beverages include non-alcoholic drinks, a large selection of bottled beer, ciders and wine. Besides playing WhirlyBall, the venue can be hired for meetings and special occasions.

23401 Hwy. 99, Edmonds. WA 98026, Phone: 425-672-3332

7. The Edmonds Historical Museum

The Edmonds Historical Museum
© The Edmonds Historical Museum

The Edmonds Historical Museum is housed in the 1910 Carnegie Library building. It was established by the Edmonds-South Snohomish County Historical Society in 1973. Volunteers collected artifacts and documents to start the museum. In 2016, a plaza was created for the City's 125th anniversary. On display here is the school bell from the original Edmonds Elementary School House. Temporary exhibits and a gift shop occupy the upper level of the museum. Permanent dioramas and models, depicting the various aspects of the city's history are housed on the lower level; among them are a jail cell, hotel room and maritime office.

118 5th Ave N Edmonds, WA 98020, Phone: 425-774-0900

8. Edmonds' Historic Log Cabin

Edmonds' Historic Log Cabin
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Edmonds' Historic Log Cabin, also known as Ganahl-Hanley Cabin, was built in 1930 and donated to the City in 1975. Later that year it was moved to its current location. In 1976 it was dedicated as the Bicentennial Cabin and since 1990, its function has been the Edmonds Visitors' Information Center. The cabin was modeled on the Yellowstone Park guest cottages. Between 1945 and 1974, Scandinavian touches were added to the interior and exterior by the occupants. The Information Center is staffed by volunteers for 6 days a week. Call the Visitor Center at 425-776-6711.

9. Cole Gallery

Cole Gallery
© Cole Gallery

Cole Gallery was established by acclaimed artist, Denise Cole and has grown to become the largest of its kind in the area. It promotes artists and sculptors of national stature, primarily from the Washington and Oregon states. Art styles range from Impressionism to contemporary Realism. The gallery specializes in the exhibition and sale of original works of arts and limited print series. Cole Art Studio is a large space on the premises, set aside for teaching art. Artists who exhibit at the gallery offer classes and workshops. A newer venture, the ARTSpot, established in 2012, has high quality art supplies for sale.

107 5th Ave South Edmonds, WA 98020, Phone: 425-697-2787

10. Scratch Distillery

Scratch Distillery
© Scratch Distillery

Scratch Distillery crafts spirits 'from scratch' from locally grown, organic produce at their premises at the Salish Crossing. The founder, Bryan Karrick, sums up the distillery's ethos in the following statement, “A creative gin nerd with an amazing sense of smell and taste, opens a distillery”. Their range of liquor includes gins, vodkas, whiskeys and schnapps. The vodkas are made from wheat, grapes and potatoes, sourced from local farmers. Scratch Distillery owners pride themselves on their quality products and their contribution towards boosting the local economy. More day trips from Seattle

190 Sunset Avenue South Suite A, Edmonds, WA 98020, Phone: 425-673-7046

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11. Southwest County Olympic View Park

Southwest County Olympic View Park
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This open space park is situated entirely within the City of Edmonds. It is the largest park in the city and consists of 120 acres of pristine woodlands, ravines and wetlands. Unlike the surrounding area, the site along the Perrinvale Creek was unsuitable for logging, farming or housing. The early owners of the forest nearby donated the land to the Washington State University. It was later transferred to the Snohomish County on condition that it be conserved in perpetuity. Old logging tracks have become paths for hikers.

Olympic View Drive, Edmonds, WA 98026

12. Haines Wharf

Haines Wharf
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Haines Wharf was in use from 1939 to 2001 but has fallen into disrepair. A wooden boathouse was brought in by barge and later a metal structure was added. In its heyday, the Haines family rented out boats and sold fishing gear from the wharf. The Coast guard used it to house their patrol boat during the last World War. Due to the decline of fish stocks in the Puget Sound in the 1990s, salmon fishing was stopped in the area. The business was forced to close in 2001 and the Haines family sold the land. The new owners drew up ambitious plans for redevelopment but these fell foul of building regulations and were turned down. Today the buildings are derelict and marked with graffiti.

16111 76th Place West, Edmonds, WA 98026

13. Beach Camp Program, Edmonds, WA

Beach Camp Program, Edmonds, WA
© Beach Camp at Sunset Bay

Each year the Beach Camp Marine Science and Watersport Summer Program is run by the Beach Program in partnership with Save Our Shorelines and the City of Edmonds. It is held at Sunset Bay which is at the widest part of the Puget Sound. The objectives of the initiative are to kindle an interest and appreciation for saltwater marine ecosystems and sustainable watersport usage of the area. The area has little boat traffic and teems with marine mammals and minute organisms, making it ideal for beach combing and studying the intertidal zone. A touch tank and aquarium allow close-up encounters with a variety of aquatic life species.

14725 Norma Beach Road, Edmonds, WA 98026, Phone: 206-324-6715

14. Anthony's Restaurant

Anthony's Restaurant
© Anthony's Restaurant

Anthony's Restaurants are situated at various waterfront venues in the Pacific Northwest. They specialize in serving fresh seafood with local seasonal produce. They complement their meals with regional wines and microbrews. Each restaurant offers a unique dining experience. The restaurants are owned by the Gould family and senior management team members. They are a large employer in the area. Employees are loyal to the company, as indicated by the 250 who have been with the group for over 10 years and the multi-generational make up of the staff. To ensure consistent quality and supply of their seafood, Anthony's established a wholesale company in 1984.

Phone: 425-771-4400

15. Arnies Restaurants

Arnies Restaurants
© Arnies Restaurants

Arnies Restaurants operates two venues in the Puget Sound area. Both have spectacular views. Mukilteo, established in 1979, overlooks Whidbey ferry and the Camano Islands. The second restaurant, established two years later, is situated at the Edmonds waterfront. Over the years, their surf and turf menu has evolved to include a variety of seafood dishes, served fresh at the water's edge. The consistent quality of the food, the ambience, the views and the friendly service keep the clientele returning for more. It is the ideal outing for business functions, family occasions, meeting with friends and entertaining visitors.

Edmonds: 300 Admiral Way, Edmonds, WA 98020, Phone: 425-771-5688

16. Demetris Woodstone Taverna

Demetris Woodstone Taverna
© Demetris Woodstone Taverna

Situated next to the Edmonds Waterfront, Demetris Woodstone Taverna serves the best tapas in Western Washington in a vibrant atmosphere. For night owls, the restaurant stays open late and patrons can relax afterwards in the adjacent lounge with its ambient lighting and inviting atmosphere. In this 'edgy' restaurant, a variety of taste experiences make up the inspiring menu which includes Mediterranean Tapas, served with Pacific Northwest style. Memorable hospitality, taste explosions and superb service are the aims of this establishment.

101 Main Street, Edmonds, WA 98020, Phone: 425-744-9999

17. Things to Do in Edmonds, WA: Whirly Ball

Things to Do in Edmonds, WA: Whirly Ball
© Whirly Ball

If you’re looking for a fun and unique recreational activity to enjoy in Edmonds, Whirly Ball Seattle is a great place to visit. Basketball meets lacrosse in this unique sport, which is proudly dubbed to be the world’s one and only fully mechanized athletic team sport. The mechanics of Whirly Ball are simple, yet intriguing, enough. Each player hops into their own electrically-powered vehicle called Whirly Bug (if you’re not sure what to expect, think bumper cars but smaller), and then each team proceeds to shoot balls into a goal with a racket that looks a lot like a shorter lacrosse racket. Much to the surprise of many guests, Whirly Ball has been played since the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 1979 that the sport grew in players at Salt Lake Utah. Book games for parties as large as 26 players and take advantage of special packages for parties or other similar events.

23401 Highway 99, Edmonds, WA 98026, Phone: 425-672-3332

18. Salish Sea Brewing Co, Edmonds, WA

Salish Sea Brewing Co, Edmonds, WA
© Salish Sea Brewing Co

Beer lovers can say hello to spectacularly crafted ales and lagers at the Salish Sea Brewing Company, a 310-gallon-per-batch brewery in Edmonds, Washington. Founded in November 2013, the Salish Sea Brew Company is owned and operated by Jeff and Erika, both of whom have many years of brewing and beer-related experience under their belts. Trips to their taproom offer guests a taste of a lovely core line-up of craft beers alongside a handful of rotating and seasonal offerings. Sample beers that fall into several categories like hoppy bright ales, light and fruity ales, malty ales, as well as hoppy and hazy ales. Not to be missed are their delectable menu offerings, all of which are great to pair with their beers. Try items like their Fetta Fries, Pub Nachos, any of their pizza offerings, or heartier options like their Pulled Pork Sandwich or Street Tacos.

518 Dayton Street, Suite 104, Edmonds, WA 98020, Phone: 425-582-8474

19. Edmonds Center for the Arts, Edmonds, WA

Edmonds Center for the Arts, Edmonds, WA
© Edmonds Center for the Arts

Just a short drive to the north of Seattle is the Edmonds Center for the Arts, a 700-seat performing arts theatre that was built in 1939. Located in the original Edmonds Highschool Campus, the Edmonds Center for the Arts, or ECA for short, was renovated in 2006 and is now a state-of-the-art facility known for being an important cultural resource in the region. The ECA regularly hosts news shows and curates various art exhibits. In any given performance season, it typically shows up to 30 different artists, ensuring that there’s always a new performance or show to see in Edmonds. Come by the Edmonds Center for the Arts to watch beautiful dance and theatrical performances, to laugh out loud with stand-up comedies, or to enjoy the beat of a musical concert.

410 Fourth Avenue North, Edmonds, Washington 98020, Phone: 425-275-9595

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