The Cancun underwater museum known as MUSA, or the Museo Subacuático de Arte is a contemporary and monumental underwater museum of art. The underwater museum was established back in the year 2009 in the waters that surround Cancun, Punta Nizuc, and Isla Mujeres.

The monumental art project was founded by the Director of the National Marine Park, Jaime González Cano, and the former President of the Cancun Nautical Association, Roberto Díaz Abraham.

The Museo Subacuático de Arte first hired Jason deCaires Taylor, an English sculptor to assist in creating this one-of-a-kind museum. MUSA today features more than five hundred monumental and life-sized permanent sculptures, and is one of the world’s most ambitious and largest attractions of underwater artificial art.

The Cancun underwater museum has a goal of demonstrating the interaction between environmental science and art, as well as to create part of a more complex reef structure that allows marine life to inhabit and colonize while also increasing biomass on a large scale. Each one of the sculptures showcased at MUSA is connected to the seabed of the waters, and all are created using specialized material that help promote coral life. The sculpture installations are spread out over an area of more than 420 square meters of barren substrate. The total installations weigh in at more than two hundred tons.

A ride aboard a glass bottomed boat provides a unique experience, allowing visitors to be able to view the ocean below like they never have before. The boat ride is great for guests of all ages, and offers a perfect opportunity to view the ocean depths without having to get in the water at all. Visitors can explore the sculptures and life underwater surrounding Cozumel or Cancun through the enclosed crystal structure as the boat navigates its way through some of the most stunning underwater sights around the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Jungle Tour offered by the Museo Subacuático de Arte, or MUSA, is one of the most famous snorkeling tours in Cancun, Mexico. Guests follow an experienced guide through the beautiful Nichupté Lagoon aboard their own two-person swift boat. Sitting aboard a swift boat, visitors can explore the pathways of the lagoons while they take in and appreciated the surrounding natural beauty of the area. After emerging from the jungle mangroves, guests will find themselves in the waters of Punta Nizuc, where they will have the chance to snorkel through the second largest coral reef in the world.

Snorkeling in the Cancun underwater museum is an experience that visitors are sure to remember. Guests can swim through the waters as they explore more than five hundred statues, as well as the variety of marine life. Possibly one of the most popular things to do during a visit to Cancun is scuba diving. Visitors can take a couple of certification to enhance their scuba diving experience, or choose to explore the shallow waters surrounding several of the Caribbean’s most beautiful diving locations. Diving excursions can be one tank expeditions, or a longer two tank journey. website, Map

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