The world is changing at an alarming rate, with progress and innovation leading the charge towards a brighter tomorrow in many aspects of modern life, including the way we work. For too long, workers were cramped into tired, dreary, grey office buildings that inspired little in the way of positivity or productivity. For many people, going to work has been a tedious and mind-numbing proposition due to the boredom their workplaces inevitably foster.

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Now, however, people are starting to think differently about working environments. As more and more studies and reports show that happy workers are more productive and creative, it’s vital to look at ways to actually make us feel happier when we work, and one of the best ways of all is to start working in better-designed spaces with open plans, quality equipment, and unique amenities. Betahaus offers spaces like these in Berlin and other European cities.

Betahaus all began in 2009 with a small group of students in a Kreuzberg warehouse. They were dedicated to creating something different: a workspace that was truly enjoyable to work in, breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries of what an 'office' could really be. Since then, the brand has grown to include many locations around Europe and providing wonderful working environments for countless professionals.

The Spaces and Options of Betahaus

Betahaus is one of Europe's leading coworking space providers, offering spaces across Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, and beyond. Read on for more details on the kinds of spaces provided by Betahaus:

- Coworking Spaces - A big part of Betahaus' work is dedicated to creating prime, comfortable, efficient coworking spaces for modern professionals. From Neukolln in Berlin to Barcelona in Spain and Tirana in Albania, Betahaus is offering some of the best coworking areas you could hope for. Featuring hundreds of Flexdeks, spacious outdoor areas, free yoga classes, terraces, dining areas, membership perks, and more, these coworking spaces are absolutely ideal for individual freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, creators, non-profits, small businesses, remote teams, and more.

- Private Offices - If you need something a little more private and intimate than a coworking space for your team to really get together, think things through, and expand your brand, the private offices of Betahaus' work spaces are perfect for you. Modern, open, airy, and stylish, these offices are designed to foster creativity, productivity, and positive morale. They're great for small and large teams alike, with smaller offices and entire floors able to rent out. Private offices come with speedy Wi-Fi services, exclusive meeting rooms, unlimited access, phone booths, state of the art office furniture, free coffee and tea, unlimited printing, post and parcel services, office cleaning, a range of benefits and discounts, and weekly community events.

- Event Spaces - Whether it's a brand launch, the announcement of a new product, a corporate conference, or even something totally unique like an independent film screening or live performance, Betahaus can make your events come to life. With 24/7 availability, a range of large and small spaces to support all kinds of events, and plenty of essential amenities and services like speedy Wi-Fi access, stages, catering services, video and photography professionals, projectors, screens, and more, Betahaus can take care of every single aspect of your big day.

- No matter which kind of space or service you need, Betahaus can provide it in Berlin and many other big city locations around Europe. Already trusted by many big and small brands from around the world, including instantly recognizable names like Microsoft and Audi, Betahaus is a trusted provider of high quality, well-designed spaces and exclusive perks that make every working day happier and more productive for all.

Betahaus Locations

Betahaus started off in Berlin but has since grown and expanded to boast of several locations all over Europe. Here's all you need to know about the current locations of this coworking company:

- Kreuzberg - The headquarters of Betahaus, Kreuzberg is where it all began and a prime example of what this company can be capable of. More than 500 entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, creators, and other professionals work and enjoy this space at Rudi-Dutschke-Str 23, Berlin 10969. The Kreuzberg location features over 300 Flexdeks, dozens of private offices, four different event spaces, a rooftop terrace, a communal garden, and more.

- Neukölln - The Neukölln location is the secondary Betahaus coworking space in Berlin. It's located at Harzer Straße 39, Berlin 12059 and comes with over 300 Flexdeks, 25 private offices, two individual event spaces, and a huge outdoor area. Yoga classes are held here on a free basis for all workers and members also receive invitations to weekly events, plus lots of other perks.

- Additional Spaces - Betahaus can also boast of locations in the Albanian capital city of Tirana, the vibrant Spanish hub of Barcelona, the industrial city of Hamburg, and the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, with plans in place for expansion into Italy and other countries in the future too. website