2018 marks the 50th year that Arizona has been opting out of daylight saving time. In other words, it’s been 50 years since the Arizona State Legislature voted not to opt into the Uniform Time Act, which made daylight saving time mandatory and essentially pushed sunset one hour later. As a state with people who experience triple digit temperatures for months on end and root for sunset every day, Arizona just wasn’t going to accept that practice sitting down. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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To be clear, the official time zone of Phoenix, Arizona, is Mountain Standard Time, or MST. This means that the folks in Phoenix never take the time to change their clocks. The same goes for the rest of Arizona, with a few exceptions.

Understanding daylight saving time

Before going on with Arizona’s special case on time zones, it’s best to first clarify how the concept works, especially in the US.

Most time zones in the United States can be calculated easily because they’re based on Universal Time Coordinated or UTC. As the name suggests, it’s a measure of time that’s used worldwide. UTC, however, is not a time zone in itself, so it remains constant no matter where you are. This is used as a basis for regions when adjusting their time zones.

California, for example, is 8 hours behind UTC and 7 hours behind during daylight saving time. Arizona is 7 hours behind, or UTC-7 for short. Nowadays, you can easily use an online time converter to know what time it is in any city in the world.

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2.Arizona’s time zone vs. those of other US states

Arizona’s time zone vs. those of other US states
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This is where it gets tricky. As you can see, all US states follow standard time. But, from the first Sunday in November until the second Sunday in March, Phoenix, Arizona will be an hour later than California, 2 hours earlier than New York, and 3 hours later than Hawaii. At the same time, Arizona will have the same local time as Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, as they will all be UTC-7.

Starting the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November, all US states observe daylight saving time, except for Arizona and Hawaii, which won’t be setting their clocks 1 hour ahead. This is why Phoenix will have the same time as California but be 3 hours ahead of New York. And because neither Hawaii nor Arizona observe daylight saving time, Arizona will stay ahead of Hawaii by 3 hours with their respective time zones of UTC-7 and UTC-10. During this time, Arizona will share the same UTC-7 time as California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

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3.Other ways daylight saving time affects Arizona

Other ways daylight saving time affects Arizona
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- Arizona will be 1 hour behind Denver and 2 hours behind Chicago, for example. It will have, however, the same time as Los Angeles.

- Those who love watching sports realize that events that take place outside Arizona will happen an hour earlier. This will impact NCAA’s March Madness the most.

- Some cable TV shows also air scheduled shows earlier, meaning that kids might end up getting exposed to content not appropriate for younger audiences.

- Arizona’s refusal to apply DST means that the sun won’t stay out too late for them, which could affect a lot of daily activities. This also means they don’t have to work longer than they should have, which would expose them to the heat of the sun.

- The Arizona lawmakers who refused the implementation of a uniform time actually made history when they had an almost unanimous vote on the issue, essentially rejecting daylight saving time.

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4.Does Arizona change to Pacific Time during the year

Does Arizona change to Pacific Time during the year
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No. This is a common misconception brought about by a coincidence involving MST and PDT. It just so happens that both time zones share the same time, UTC-7, for half the year. However, this doesn’t mean that Arizona changes its time zone to Pacific Time.

Notable exception: The exception to most of what was discussed above is Northern Arizona, which does actually practice daylight savings time.

Note: Be mindful about time zones when making ticket purchases for trains or airlines. This can even be applied to baseball ticket purchases as well. You might confuse the scheduled time printed on the ticket with that of another time zone, so it’s always good practice to make sure you know what the actual time should be.

Tip: To help you out, keep in mind that Arizona’s major cities will always have the same time as Phoenix. This includes Tucson, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, and Flagstaff.

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5.Interesting facts about daylight saving time

Interesting facts about daylight saving time
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- People often call it “daylight savings time,” but it’s actually daylight saving time (no “s”).

- Although more than 70 countries observe daylight saving time, there’s no clear answer as to how much daylight is actually saved by the practice.

- Some studies have suggested that daylight saving time can be harmful to your health. In one study, there was a link between the practice and an increased risk of heart attacks, allegedly caused by the lost hour of sleep. This, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt.

- There have been 24 recorded attempts by the legislature to abolish the practice or have it changed. None of these bills passed.

While it may feel like keeping track of these time zones can be confusing, keep in mind that Arizona has a different time zone for a good reason: They wouldn’t benefit from daylight saving time the same way other states do. That extra hour of sunlight would have a great impact on their lifestyles, workforce, and other things that matter.

Meanwhile, it’s not so hard to get used to these times zones, not with technology becoming more and more available nowadays. It just takes a bit of research and some getting used to before switching between time zones becomes second nature.

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Arizona Time Zone

More Ideas: Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

Litchfield Park, Arizona, is home to one of the state’s most popular attractions, Wildlife World. Encompassing a zoo, aquarium, and safari park, an afternoon here is bound to entertain, excite, and educate the whole family. The Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium provides unique interactive experiences with wildlife from all corners of the Earth. From feeding a giraffe to walking with the kangaroos, visitors are presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with nature in unprecedented ways. With the largest collection of exotic animals in the state, this landmark is the premiere destination for nature lovers across the country.


Building A houses the first portion of the aquarium’s exhibits, aimed at educating visitors about the diversity of life in the world’s prominent waterways. Covering the biodiversity seen in the Amazon River, Caribbean Ocean, and South Pacific, visitors are able gain an appreciation for the wide variety of adaptations both predators and prey have developed over the millennia to ensure their survival to the present day. Among these, three species of the mighty alligator can be observed: The American, dwarf, and Nile species. The South Pacific Tunnel and the Amazon River have their own dedicated exhibit stations in this building. Further, there are touch pools where visitors can examine the smaller creatures on display.

The Wildlife Aquarium is the only venue in the state of Arizona that displays sea mammals, and their delightful trio of California sea lions can be viewed at Shipwreck Cove. At select times, visitors can get an intimate look at sea lion behavior during their educational demonstrations as well as during the live feeding sessions.


There is much to see and experience at the Wildlife Zoo. Children and adults alike flock in droves for a chance to spot adorable baby animals in the Animal Nursery. Because the animals being nursed change periodically, visitors are advised to inquire about this feature while planning their visit. Other zoo rarities include the endangered white rhinoceros, brought all the way from Africa. While visitors must be content with observing this gentle giant from outside of his spacious enclosure, the Kangaroo Walkabout offers guests a chance to experience these bouncy marsupials up close through the Kangaroo Walkabout program. Here, visitors can actually walk amongst the red kangaroos and interact with them as they hop about, eat, and nap.

The zoo is also home to an impressive number of wild cats. Lions, servals, and ocelots are just a few of the many species of wild cats that live at the zoo. Other apex predators worth checking out include a rare albino alligator, which can be found in the reptile section of the zoo.

Safari Park

The Wildlife Zoo contains a separate section dedicated to facilitating learning about the animals that hail from the African savannah. This 15-acre space contains a lion enclosure, black-backed jackals, spotted hyenas, and much more. Playful monkeys such as the spider monkey and the capuchin can be seen alongside exotic African bird species such as the African grey parrot, vasa parrot and the East African crowned cranes. Visitors are permitted to walk around Safari Park or take the tram ride through several of its exhibits.


Those interested in the creatures found in North, South, and Central America are invited to visit the Adventureland 15-acre exhibit space. The enclosures here house species more recognizable to the North American visitor. Among these are bears, cougars, bobcats, and buffalo.

This portion of the park also offers entertaining amusement park rides that cater equally to the risk averse as much as to the thrill seekers in the crowd. For a stunning view and a relaxing ride, visitors are encouraged to try the Sky ride. This 15-minute ride offers visitors an overview of the entire facility and a chance to pause and reflect on their experiences at the park as they gaze upon the beautiful Arizona skyline.

Visitors who are not opposed to getting a little wet can try the educational and entertaining Log Flume Ride. The path of this ride winds around three primate islands and acquaints visitors with the aquatic life seen in their Pacific Reef Tunnel Tank. The ride concludes with an electrifying three-story plunge into a pool of water.

Adrenaline junkies have a variety of ways to get their fix of adventure by trying the 100-foot-high Soaring Eagle Zip Line, which runs over the outdoor animal exhibits. The roller coaster, Swing Ride, and Flying Scooter Ride also offer additional excitement for both kids and adults.

16501 W. Northern Ave, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340, Phone: 623-935-9453

More Things to do in Arizona

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More Ideas: Sunglow Guest Ranch

Set on 475 acres in southeastern Arizona, Sunglow Guest Ranch is an intimate ranch resort that offers a traditional western guest ranch experience. Accommodations include comfortable one and two room casitas with cozy décor and modern amenities, a hearty, home-cooked breakfast and a delicious three-course dinner is served in the Sunglow Café each day, and a variety of activities and adventures promise an unforgettable stay.

Surrounded by 200,000 acres of Coronado National Forest, the ranch offers a range of excellent opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, as well as less active pursuits such as bird-watching, playing bocce and swimming in the 45-foot, solar-heated pool. Guests can also relax in the outdoor hydro-spa and stargaze at the crystal clear night skies, which Arizona is famous for.

Sunglow Guest Ranch offers comfortable accommodations in the form of one and two-room casitas, each of which features simple, Western-style décor and furnishings, and private bathrooms. Six one-room casitas have queen-size beds with crisp linens and cozy comforters, private bathrooms with showers and fresh towels, and comfortable sitting areas with armchairs.

Five two-room casitas have separate bedrooms and living areas, two private porches with beautiful views, and spacious en-suite bathrooms with showers.

Bedrooms have two queen-size beds with crisp linens and cozy comforters, and the living room features a queen-size sleeper sofa that can sleep, two extra guests. The comfortable living room has plush sofas, a wood-burning fireplace and opens onto two covered porches that look out over the surrounding landscapes. Casa Grande has an additional adjoining bunk room called the Aviary with bunk beds that can be rented for extra space.

Guests staying at the Sunglow Guest Ranch are treated to a hearty breakfast and a delicious three-course dinner at the Sunglow Café every day. Picnic lunches can be pre-arranged, and a complete bar service is available with a selection of Arizona craft beers, fine wines from the region and various spirits. Complimentary coffee, tea, lemonade, and cookies are served every afternoon on the porch of the Sunglow Café, and room service is available for those guests wanting breakfast in bed.

The 475-acre property of Sunglow Ranch offers much to do in the way of recreational activities and outdoor adventures, including a 45-foot solar-heated swimming pool (open seasonally from April through November), and courtyard ramadas for relaxing. There is also a year-round outdoor hydro-spa - especially nice for stargazing, and a fully-equipped, climate-controlled fitness room with a treadmill, free weights, and cable-cross.

Massage therapy is available in the massage treatment room, and an outdoor fire pit offers enjoyable evenings under the stars. Complimentary high-speed wireless Internet is available throughout the property and guests to have complimentary use of canoes, fishing rods, binoculars, stargazing telescopes, bird books, puzzles and board games. Sunglow Ranch's Three-Mile Marked Trail offers a pleasant way to explore the property and passes by meadows, woodlands, creek beds, and ponds.

Horseback riding and private boarding, cooking classes, spa treatments, lunch and alcoholic beverages are all available at additional cost.

Sunglow Guest Ranch offers a beautiful venue for weddings and other special celebrations with breathtaking views of extensive mountain ranges and first-class services and amenities. Catering for intimate gatherings and larger events, places at the Ranch include two beautiful courtyards, the swimming pool, and pool deck, open fields with spectacular views of the Chiricahua Mountains, and the casual Sunglow Café. The Chiricahua Room features an open courtyard and 650-square-foot reception area for an elegant sit-down dinner or brunch for up to 50 guests. Event services include the supply of standard white table linens and napkins, complimentary accommodations for the bride and groom on their wedding night and a preferred vendor list for entertainment, cakes, florists, photographers, and more.

Spa treatments and massage therapy can be provided at an additional cost. Guests can enjoy pampering massages in the massage treatment room or next to the swimming pool as they soak up the beautiful views. More Arizona vacations and romantic Arizona

Nestled in the diverse region of Cochise County and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, Sunglow Ranch offers a variety of outdoor adventures and activities to enjoy. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, birding, rock climbing, and star-gazing, as well as exploring historic towns, visiting local wineries and soaking up the many attractions are just some of the things to see and do.

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14066 South Sunglow Road, Pearce, Arizona 85625, Phone: 520-824-333,

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More Ideas: The Saguaro

Set in the heart of Scottsdale’s Old Town, the Saguaro is a stylish hotel with a contemporary ambiance that offers a comfortable home-away-from-home stay. Located just a short walk from the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, the Saguaro hotel features chic guest rooms with bright, Mexican-inspired décor and furnishings, en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers, and modern amenities.

The hotel is surrounded by lush tropical gardens with two outdoor swimming pools, private cabanas, sun loungers and umbrellas, a poolside DJ and live music, and a margarita bar with over 100 varieties of tequila. The Arizona hotel is also home to a luxury spa, a contemporary restaurant that serves Mexican and continental cuisine with outdoor patio seating and a fire pit. Guests enjoy access to a fitness center, bicycles, and complimentary wireless Internet.

The Saguaro features stylish, contemporary guest rooms with bright, Mexican-inspired décor and furnishings, en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers, and modern amenities. Conveniences in every room include flat screen televisions with on-demand movies and music, stereos with iPod docking stations, large work desks and chairs, and luxurious LATHER bath amenities.

Signature Double, Queen, and King Rooms feature two double beds, one queen or one king-size bed in crisp linens, en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers, and deluxe LATHER bath amenities, work desks and chairs, and outdoor patios or step-out balconies.

Pool View or Poolside Patio Rooms feature queen or king-size beds in crisp linens, en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers, and luxurious LATHER bath amenities, work desks and chairs, and outdoor patios or step-out balconies.

City View Suites are spacious and large with queen or king-size beds in crisp linens, en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers, and luxurious LATHER bath amenities, work desks and chairs, and outdoor patios or step-out balconies.

The Saguaro offers three dining options, ranging from the fine dining Saguaro Restaurant for elegant dinners, to the casual Poolside Bar, which serves a light breakfast and lunch menu, and the Vault Coffee & Juice Bar for refreshments and snacks.

Amenities at The Saguaro hotel include lush tropical gardens with two outdoor swimming pools, private cabanas, sun loungers and umbrellas, a poolside DJ and live music, and a margarita bar with over 100 varieties of tequila. The hotel is also home to a luxury spa, a contemporary restaurant that serves Mexican and continental cuisine with outdoor patio seating and a fire pit. Guests enjoy access to a fitness center, bicycles, and complimentary wireless Internet.

The Saguaro offers a beautiful venue for events, meetings, and weddings, as well as other special occasions, with flexible spaces for various size crowds and customizable menus.

The Saguaro Spa offers pampering massages and body scrubs, treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures in a tranquil, relaxing environment. Massages include the Saguaro Simply Swedish, Customized Aromatherapy Massage, Saguaro Hot Stone, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, and a Signature Desert Flower Herbal Poultice. Body treatments include Limon and Aloe Wraps, Chocolate Truffle Body Wraps, White Tea & Ginger Salt Scrubs, and Prickly Pear Sugar Scrubs, while facials include the Saguaro Classic Hydrating Facial and Anti-Aging Facial.

The Saguaro offers a beautiful venue for events, meetings, and weddings, as well as other special occasions, with flexible spaces for various size crowds and customizable menus. The hotel boasts 15,000 square feet of flexible indoor/outdoor meeting and event space, including the swimming pool deck, the fire pit or the Saguaro Restaurant. The largest of 17 venues is the ballroom at 2,400 square feet which can cater for up to 500 guests, and facilities include two expansive fully-stocked and licensed bars, three fireplaces, a fire pit and misters, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, and complimentary wireless Internet. Services include event and functions management and planning, and customized menus.

The Saguaro is located in Scottsdale, a bustling desert city in Arizona that is well known for its spa resorts and golf courses, including the championship TPC Scottsdale. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking and biking trails through the desert scape of hills, cacti and rock formations in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, and culture lovers can soak up the inspiring architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s former home and studio in Taliesin West. Downtown's Old Town Scottsdale is packed with beautiful 1920s buildings and 19th-century olive trees, as well as vibrant restaurants, casual cafés, and buzzing bars, as well as boutique shops, fashion stores, and art galleries.

4000 N Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, Phone: 480-308-1100

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