People have always wanted to be happy and healthy. It’s in our DNA and our souls, it’s at the core of all we do. For some, it’s the whole reason for being alive.

Making the most of the time we have on this Earth and leading happy, positive lives is a key part of many people’s personal philosophies, and we’ve really seen major evidence of this in recent years as wellness movements have taken off all over the world.

1. Overview

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Year and year, statistics show that more and more people are prioritizing their own mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Activities like yoga and Pilates have seen major surges in popularity, people are caring more and more about organic food and healthy eating, and everyone is trying to make each day more meaningful through wellness-centric pursuits.

Each year sees new trends emerge in the wellness world, and everyone from businesses to groups to individuals can learn and profit a lot from following these trends and keeping up with the latest information. The wellness industry is valued at over $4.2 trillion, and leading executives in attendance at the latest Global Wellness Summit have identified some big new trends. Read on to find out exactly what they are:

2. Super Smells

Super Smells
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Fragrances have always been popular in the fashion world, but they're now crossing over the barrier and into the wellness industry too. When we smell things that please us, through anything from incense sticks to fragrant candles or home-cooked foods, our brain's produce hormones and chemicals that can improve our mood and provoke positive reactions. Many reports and studies have linked scent with memory, with individual smells able to help us remember and relive magical experiences from the past. This means that concepts like aromatherpay are only going to get more popular in years to come. Reports have linked scents with aiding in preventing dementia, and the proven health and mental benefits of smells is clear to see.

3. Wearable Wellness

Wearable Wellness
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Attire has always been an essential element of many wellness movements, but in the past, this was limited to simply choosing the right leisurewear for yoga sessions or finding the right pair of shoes for a run. Now, people are thinking more deeply about the clothes they wear and many are getting frustrated with the consumer-driven nature and ever-changing trends of the fashion world. Instead, they're focusing on clothes that have been made in sustainable ways, attire with original production methods, sleepwear that helps them enjoy better rest, smart clothes with technological enhancements like UV protection or antibacterial properties to actually improve and enhance daily life, and more.

4. Off The Beaten Path

Off The Beaten Path
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Travel is now more accessible than ever before, with flights taking off every single second and countless people planning out their whole lives around trips and travel. However, statistics show that the majority of travelers are going to the same old destinations over and over. Not only does this lead to overcrowding, it also fosters a sense of boredom and mundanity for many people, especially those who don’t like to follow the flock and prefer to have original, unique experiences. This is why more and more travelers are going to seek out those ‘off the beaten path’ travel experiences and want to see new destinations, far from the crowds and noise. Locations around Central America and Asia, in particular, are set to become much more popular among wellness travelers.

5. Personalized Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition
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Healthy eating has always been a significant part of wellness trends. We are what we eat, and the power of diets to change lives for the better is clear to see. Recent years have seen a big shift towards diets like Paleo, Keto, and veganism, with many people opting to cut products like gluten and dairy out of their diets, but this trend is only going to get deeper in the near future. People are tired of general diets and trends aimed at the broader audience. They want personalized meal plans, customized dishes just for them, and foods that actually match up with their bodies, tastes, and metabolisms. Modern science and nutrition data is able to be used to achieve this, providing truly effective and 100% personalized dietary plans for every individual.

6. More Meditation

More Meditation

Meditation, along with a good diet and regular exercise, is regarded as one of the core aspects of the wellness movement, but, in the same way that yoga was once a general term but has since expanded into many different branches and schools of thought, experts are predicting that we'll see many new forms and styles of meditation in the months and years to come too. ‘Meditation’ is too vague of a term for modern wellness enthusiasts. The art of enjoying peaceful environments and quiet contemplation has a lot of scope for expansion and growth, so we can expect to see more and more meditation studios and wellness centers offering different classes and branches of meditation too.

7. Engage With Nature

Engage With Nature
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When looking at recent trends like the rise of veganism, a keener global interest in veganism and vegetarianism, more of a focus on organic foods and natural beauty products, the one key element combining these aspects is clear to see: nature. Nature is the ultimate wellness provider. Getting out among the trees and fields, breathing in fresh air, freeing oneself from the noises and pollution of the city and engaging with more natural products in everyday life is helping many people feel much happier and healthier. People are turning away from chemical-laden products and scary medications in search of something purer, and this is set to be an even greater part of the wellness movement as time goes by.

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