Charleston Culinary Tours offer a combination of unique food and drinks and Charleston's history. Each tour features many different bars, restaurants, and also the Farmers' Market to create a combination of elements of a drink or culinary adventure and a historical tour.

Participants will have the opportunity to sample some of the best examples of Lowcountry cuisine, as well as meet the chefs, owners, and mixologists. Most of the tours sell out, so those wishing to take a tour need to reserve their spot in advance. Boasting the country's largest historic district, Charleston's historic downtown is perfect to explore on foot. A tour with Charleston Culinary Tours is also a great way to learn about restaurants and bar to return to during a trip to Charleston, SC.

1. Charleston Culinary Tours

Charleston Culinary Tours
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The 2.5 hour Downtown Charleston Culinary Tour features the best of the city's Old and Historic District. Both traditional favorites and new innovations are highlighted at three to four locally owned restaurants. The tour includes a wide range of samples of Lowcountry cuisine, as well as information about the area's history, making it a great tour for first-time visitors. The company's Upper Street Culinary Tour explores the historic Upper King Street neighborhood, which was recently recognized as one America's top ten food neighborhoods. The 2.5 hour tour highlights four culinary innovators who showcase the cooking of the New South, as is a good tour for those who have previously visited Charleston.

The Chef's Farm-to-Table Challenge with Charleston Culinary Tours is a 2.5 hour showcase of the city's award-winning Farmers' Market and some of the best chefs in Charleston. After meeting up with the tour guide and the participating chef for that day, participants will explore the Farmers' Market to choose ingredients the chef will later use to create a multi-course meal for the tour group. While the chef cooks, the guide will lead the group on a forty-five minute walking tour. This tour is only available when the Farmers' Market is open.

2. More Tours

More Tours
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The three hour Chef's Kitchen Tour gives participants a chance to meet some of Charleston's greatest chefs and to get some insight into their methods and ideas. The tour visits five restaurants where the chefs will explain the inspiration behind their restaurants, and provide a tour of the kitchens and samples of their food. This tour is great for those wanting to meet some of the city's best chefs, hear their tales, and try food from some of Charleston's greatest restaurants.

Charleston Culinary Tours' Mixology Tour is like a mobile cocktail party. The 1.5 hour tour offers participants a chance to meet some of the city's best mixologists at three different watering holes, as well as enjoy some of Charleston's most delicious, innovative, and exciting cocktails. The mixologist at each location will explain the art and craft of creating cocktails and will give insight into how they are using traditional techniques, as well as using local ingredients.

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