Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, houses an array of educational and entertaining attractions for the entire family to enjoy. From aviation experiences to dinosaur history and majestic unicorns, Pennsylvania stands out as the place to pursue happiness in all forms. These kid-focused attractions and excursions present a combination of learning through play in this beautiful region.

During a trip to Pennsylvania, children and their families can enjoy a visit to the sweetest place on earth, the Hershey's factory, or embark on a historical journey back in time to discover how ice was created at the Sculpted Iceworks Factory Tour.

1. Everhart Museum

Everhart Museum
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Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science, and Art was established in 1908 and still stands today as Northeastern Pennsylvania's largest public museum. Founder, Dr. Everhart, was intrigued by ornithology which reflects in the vast portion of the museum devoted to birds of the Northeastern Pennsylvania region. The museum collections present an exploration of America's artistic history through a collaboration of galleries and exhibits.

Visitors can go back in time through the collections of mammals, rocks, fossils, minerals, plant specimens, shells, and coral. Art enthusiasts can admire a collection of paintings, sculptures, textiles, drawings, and photographs from a range of cultures and eras.

Everhart Museum, 1901 Mulberry Street, Scranton, PA, Phone: 570-346-7186

2. American Helicopter Museum and Education Center

American Helicopter Museum and Education Center
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A trip to the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center in West Chester presents children with the chance to hop inside a real-life helicopter and experience what it is like to fly an American aircraft by operating a realistic flight simulator inside. The research center features over 20,000 rotary-wing aircraft pieces of worldwide aviation history.

Children of all ages learn about the evolution of rotorcraft in Philadelphia through a variety of exhibitions and video productions, introducing them to the many wonders that helicopters bring to the nation. Aviation History Magazine has ranked this museum as the "Best Scientific Outing for Kids."

American Helicopter Museum and Education Center, 1220 American Boulevard, West Chester, PA, Phone: 610-436-9600

3. America on Wheels

America on Wheels
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Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles are among the many forms of transport which have shaped American history. America on Wheels dedicates numerous exhibitions and galleries in honor of these motorized vehicles for the public to view.

A new addition to this motor museum sees the opening of a kids’ car restoration center where mini motorists can get under the hood of a fabricated car to explore the ins and outs of the engines. They can also discover the fascinating history of these amazing automobiles and how they are made, making it a memorable day out for the entire family.

America on Wheels, 5 North Front Street, Allentown, PA, Phone: 610-432-4200

4. Carnegie Science Center

Carnegie Science Center
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A place where learning and playing go hand-in-hand, Carnegie Science Center offers a combination of science and technology to inspire little ones to unleash their scientific side. The Little Learner Clubhouse features an assortment of interactive exhibits created to encourage kids’ interest in science, making learning exciting.

Children can enjoy a hands-on experience by exploring the clubhouse, learning tree, water table, tomato stand, book cove, baby garden, and button wall. Aspiring scientists will be in their element on this day out. This museum shines bright on service which shows from their National Award for Museum Service.

Carnegie Science Center, 1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, Phone: 412-237-3400

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5. Herr's Snack Factory Tours

Herr's Snack Factory Tours
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Going back to 1946 when Herr's Snacks were simply a home-crafted recipe, the company now welcomes guests today to explore their factory for a glimpse into how they make these savory snacks. Personal tours start off with a fun and informative clip at Chipper's Theater for an insight into the history of Herr's.

From there, families go on a tour of the factory with points of interest around the production journey of Herr's potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, cheese curls, and popcorn. Guests can leave with a tasty complimentary gift from the factory, and an unforgettable souvenir from the gift store.

Herr's Snack Factory Tours, 271 Old Baltimore Pike, Nottingham, PA, Phone: 800-284-7488

6. Lincoln Train Museum

Lincoln Train Museum
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Originally built in 1969, Gettysburg's Lincoln Train Museum was redesigned in 2013 by Sheriff James F. Kralik, who showed a deep interest in American history icons. Exhibitions today display insights into American history and the heroes involved during the Civil War, the US Military, World Wars, and a timeline of railway history – all surrounding President Lincoln.

Only a few steps from the museum, visitors can discover the exact location where Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address. All age groups can enjoy this attraction with a choice of pre-created itineraries for the perfect day full of adventures.

Lincoln Train Museum, 425 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, PA, Phone: 717-334-5678

7. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
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One of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, this Carnegie Museum of Natural History remains on top. With a tremendous collection of antiques, items, and scientific specimens, this tourist attraction educates children on all things evolutionary and conservation-based.

The museum itself arouses scientific curiosity in children and inspires an interest in both nature and world cultures. Known for its extensive dinosaur collection, Carnegie Museum holds the world's largest collection of Jurassic dinosaurs and the world's first-ever species of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Children are encouraged to read, explore, and discover at this fascinating historical hotspot.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Phone: 412-622-3131

8. Explore & More Children's Museum

Explore & More Children's Museum
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Explore & More Children’s Museum was created to encourage and educate the youth of Pennsylvania on history, geography, culture, agriculture, architecture, athletics, industry, and innovation through a form of play. The 43,000 square foot Museum features four interactive floors for children to explore with hundreds of activities that guarantee fun for kids of all ages.

Natural explorers can follow their curiosity and gain knowledge from any of the seven educational play zones. A unique experience at any of the three educational studios tells the story of Buffalo and its importance in American history.

Explore & More Children's Museum, 130 Main Street, Buffalo, NY, Phone: 716-655-5131

9. Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery
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A visit to the delightful Pennsylvania Dutch country offers insight into the oldest pretzel baking family in America. Lititz is home to Julius Strugis's Pretzel Bakery where visitors can roam around the original bakery and get a behind-the-scenes experience on how these twisted treats are made. Visitors are invited to get hands-on as the staff shares their pretzel twisting techniques.

Children can put their skills to the test by making their own playdough pretzel. Of course, a trip to Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery wouldn't be complete without a visit to the bakery gift store for memorable souvenirs and delicious goodies.

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, 219 East Main Street, Lititz, PA, Phone: 717-626-4354

10. A Is For Amish Buggy Rides

A Is For Amish Buggy Rides
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Visitors can take a tour along Lancaster County in an authentic Amish buggy to discover the scenic Amish countryside. Drivers of an Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren background share their knowledge on the Amish lifestyle while pointing out Amish sights along the way. Tourists can customize their voyages by choosing from a variety of hotspots including an actual Amish dairy farm, a miniature horse stable, a woodworking studio, and a craft store. Children can have a go at feeding goats and chickens at the petting farm, running around the playground, or enjoying some lunch at the picnic spot.

A Is For Amish Buggy Rides , 312 Paradise Lane, Ronks, PA, Phone: 717-725-8664

11. Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland

Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland
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For animal kingdom enthusiasts, Clyde Peeling's Reptiland is a must-see while in Pennsylvania. This outstanding zoo accommodates a mixture of exotic reptiles and amphibians from all over the world and creates the most realistic natural habitat for them. From slithering snakes to enormous alligators, this day-out is enjoyable for the whole family.

Visitors can explore both the indoor and outdoor exhibits to see how these incredible creatures live. Additional experiences include a Souvenir Photo Opportunity, Meet and Feed the Gentle Giants, Behind-the-Scenes Tour, Route 15 Road Trip, and the exciting “Dinosaurs Come to Life”' exhibit, for those seeking an adventure.

Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, 18628 US-15, Allenwood, PA, Phone: 570-538-1869

12. Castle Halloween Museum

Castle Halloween Museum
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For those seeking a spooktacular experience, Castle Halloween Museum in Pennsylvania holds a mysterious collection of sculptures and adornments from the Queen of Halloween herself, Pamela E. Apkarian-Russell. Exhibitions showcase a historical pursuit of Halloween-themed artifacts, customs, and objects dating back to the 1890s.

Over 35,000 items are spread over two floors for the public to explore the history of Halloween and observe how inspiration has elevated with time. Guided tours take place around the museum providing tourists with insight into diverse eerie eras. This marks an excellent day out for Halloween lovers to experience all year round chills.

Castle Halloween Museum, 2028 Broad Avenue, Altoona, PA, Phone: 814-940-1031

13. Elmwood Park Zoo

Elmwood Park Zoo
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Elmwood Park Zoo offers a remarkable educational adventure for children of all ages to dive into all things wildlife. Children and adults alike explore environmental conservation movements in a fun and engaging way. With a unique feeding experience, guests can get up close and personal with the US national mammal, the American Bison, as well as giraffes – the tallest mammal in the world. Children can take a ride on the Butterfly Train which follows the transitions of a caterpillar becoming an enchanting butterfly before heading to the animal-themed carousel. No trip to Elmwood Park Zoo is complete without animal-themed face paint and a visit to the souvenir store.

1661 Harding Boulevard, Norristown, PA, Phone: 800-652-4143

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14. expERIEnce Children's Museum

expERIEnce Children's Museum
© Africa Studio/

A museum developed entirely for children, expERIEnce provides an interactive learning experience for curious minds to explore. Featuring over 50 exhibits, each of the four floors promotes creativity, exploration, imagination, and discovery for the youth. Children are educated in math, science, art, culture, literacy, and health in a creative and engaging way, which stimulates their imagination while sharing knowledge around these valuable topics. Baby explorers can enjoy an entire floor designed with soft mats, soft blocks, an interactive felt board, activity panels, and a sensory wall to motivate early year development through touch and feel activities.

expERIEnce Children's Museum, 420 French Street, Erie, PA, Phone: 814-453-3743

15. Hands-on House Children’s Museum

Hands-on House Children’s Museum
© Tobilander/

Hands-on House Children’s Museum believes that children learn best through playing and engagement which is why they have created an entire museum devoted to educating adolescents through exhibitions, programs, and interactive activities. With realistic presentations throughout the museum, children can get a taste of a day in the life of adults, in particular, a farmer, by exploring daily tasks such as apple picking and sorting. Kids are encouraged to unleash their creative side in The Clubhouse through self-guided exploration which involves sensory bins and a range of themed activities which changes every month.

721 Landis Valley Road, Lancaster, PA, Phone: 717-569-5437

16. Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey’s Chocolate World
© Evgeny/

Guests can activate all senses at the sweetest place on earth. Hershey's Chocolate World takes visitors on a tasty journey of how cocoa beans are transformed into the world-famous chocolate bar, Hershey's. Children are invited to create their very own Hersey's chocolate bar choosing their own ingredients and then wrapping it in personalized packaging. The 4D Chocolate Movie is a digital experience like no other where families get to meet Hershey's animated characters with an array of advanced social effects creating a lifelike experience. A new addition to Hershey's Chocolate World features 'Hershey's Unwrapped', a theatrical tasting experience for the whole family.

Hershey’s Chocolate World, 101 Chocolate World Way, Hershey, PA, Phone: 717-534-4900

17. Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park
© Leandro/

Residents and tourists of Pennsylvania can visit Lake Tobias Wildlife Park for a fun day out the entire family can enjoy. Originally founded by J.R. Tobias as a hobby, the wildlife park has now become a popular tourist attraction in Central Pennsylvania. With a selection of engaging experiences including a Safari Tour, Reptile Building, Petting Zoo, and a range of educational exhibitions. Guests are sure to enjoy a trip here. From lions, tigers, and bears to some of the world’s most unique birds, the wildlife collection does not disappoint.

760 Tobias Road, Halifax, PA, Phone: 717-362-9126

18. Land of Little Horses

Land of Little Horses
© elena/

Land of Little Horses welcomes animal-lovers for a visit to their grounds where miniature horses, ponies, camels, alpacas, sheep, goats, peacocks, and pigs all call home. A splendid schedule of shows is presented throughout the day with fun activities for all the family to get involved. These little ponies have even appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and at Nickelodeon Studios – their claim to fame. Children can get active at the playing grounds or explore the Nature Trail to become mini explorers. Majestic visitors will be happy to hear there is a magical unicorn on site for a photo opportunity that will last a lifetime.

125 Glenwood Drive, Gettysburg, PA, Phone: 717-334-7259

19. Lewisburg Children's Museum

Lewisburg Children's Museum
© Cheryl Casey/

Lewisburg Children's Museum was introduced to enhance children's learning through educational exhibitions and interactive activities. Visitors can get involved in enriching hands-on activities including melody music classes, creative art workshops, language classes, and science-based games. With a variety of sensory exhibits and fruitful activities, the youth of Philadelphia can let their imaginations run wild at this fun day out. The 9,000-square-foot museum hosts 15 exhibits throughout nine different themed rooms, which all encourage learning, imagination, and play for kids aged 12 and under. Guests should keep an eye out for special events throughout the year. More things to do in Lewisburg

815 Market St #14, Lewisburg, PA 17837, Phone: 570-768-4914

20. Linvilla Orchards

Linvilla Orchards
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Linvilla Orchards is a family-run farm devoted to agriculture and education entertainment. Each new season brings new adventures and visions for Linvilla Orchards. Children can experience farm life by hopping on a tractor for a hayride through the fields and orchards to pick their own fresh fruit and vegetables, which they can take home with them. A train-track runs through Linvilla Orchard for the whole family to explore the grounds and beautiful scenery. Little ones can turn into their favorite animal with talented face painters on-site, or even go fishing at Orchard Lake. Either way, everyone enjoys a fun-filled day.

137 West Knowlton Road, Media, PA, Phone: 610-876-7116

21. Lehigh Valley Zoo

Lehigh Valley Zoo
© Stephen/

Located in the heart of the Trexler Nature Preserve, Lehigh Valley Zoo houses over 325 animals from over 125 species. As wildlife conservation advocates, the zoo both contributes to and participates in programs that represent and encourage conservation. A trip to Lehigh Valley Zoo offers a Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Center, a daily African Penguin feeding showing, and observation of a Mexican Gray Wolf feeding. Guests are invited to get up close and personal with specific animals who have an ambassador representing them to share interesting facts about the animal. The zoo was voted “Best Family-Friendly Outing in 2009” by Best of the Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh Valley Zoo, 5150 Game Preserve Road, Schnecksville, PA, Phone: 610-799-4171

22. Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo
© Chris/

1859 marks the year of the Philadelphia Zoo opening, making it the first public zoo in America. Covering 42 acres and housing almost 1,300 animals, this zoo aims to provide a safe environment for these rare and endangered animals to live. Children can explore the grounds to experience the beautiful sights of all the different animals in their natural habitats. A visit to the petting zoo allows guests to feed pigs, chickens, and goats. Those wishing to relax and enjoy the scenery can take a paddle boat trip around the lake, or go for a leisurely stroll around the many interactive and educational exhibitions.

Philadelphia Zoo, 3400 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, Phone: 215-243-1100

23. Sculpted Ice Works Factory Tour

Sculpted Ice Works Factory Tour
© ponsulak/

Established in 1999, Sculpted Ice Works is operated by a team of skilled design and carving experts who are all members of the National Ice Carving Association. Families are invited to attend the factory for a guided tour to venture back in time and discover how ice was initially made before refrigeration. The factory provides stunning ice sculptures for the people of Philadelphia including wedding functions and other special events. Guided tours explore all areas of the factory, so the public can witness these special pieces in production. This entertaining and educational day out offers the whole family something to enjoy.

Sculpted Ice Works Factory Tour, 311 Purdytown Turnpike, Lakeville, PA, Phone: 570-226-6246

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