Located in the Hudson Valley, Hudson Beach Glass is an artist studio that has specialized in glass mediums for over 20 years. At Hudson Beach Glass, visitors can not only purchase an assortment of beautifully created glass pieces, but they can also learn how to make their own. Established by John and Wendy Gilvey, Jennifer Smith, and Michael Benzer, this glass studio features an assortment of works that include both sculptured and functional pieces. Patrons are invited to stop by the gallery to view glass artwork in various shapes, sizes, and colors as well as let their creativity flow by joining one of the several glass sculpting and blowing classes offered at Hudson Beach Glass.

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Gallery Hours

Hudson Beach Glass operates 7 days a week. The specific days and hours of operation are as follows.

Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday: 11:00am - 6:00pm


The current gallery at Hudson Beach Glass is located in a restored firehouse that was established in 2003. At the gallery, visitors have the opportunity to view a wide assortment of glass pieces. While many of the pieces are purely pieces of art, there are also a number of functional pieces that are quite intriguing to look at. Visitors can even learn more about the various items on display at Hudson Beach Glass by staying connected via social media or by visiting the Hudson Beach Glass website for more gallery details.


Visitors to Hudson Beach Glass can take a bit of the beauty of handcrafted glassware home with them by purchasing items in person or from the online store. From drinkware to bowls and platters, there are numerous pieces of glassware available for display as well as functional usage. Those interested in purchasing unique glass items from Hudson Beach Glass can do so by visiting the studio’s website.


Individuals are encouraged to embrace their inner artist by participating in one of the several glass classes at Hudson Beach Glass. Participants can choose from such classes as glass bead making, ornament blowing as well as creating their own paperweight.

Classes at Hudson Beach Glass require a deposit and all materials are provided. Advance registration is required to ensure seats for a particular class. Those interested in participating in a class at Hudson Beach Glass can find more information via the studio’s website.


Hudson Beach Glass is involved in a number of events throughout the year. Patrons will enjoy the various exhibits that feature artwork and other creative works being showcased at the gallery. Hudson Beach Glass also participates in the city-wide monthly art celebration Second Saturday Beacon. Every second Saturday of the month, Hudson Beach Glass joins other studios and art shops in celebrating art in its various forms.

Hudson Beach Glass also offers packing peanut recycling 7 days a week for those that want to get rid of their unused packing peanuts in a responsible, eco-friendly manner.

Patrons can keep abreast of the various events happening at Hudson Beach Glass by visiting the website or subscribing to the email newsletter.


Hudson Beach Glass, 162 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508, website, Phone: 845-440-0068