Bringing together the worlds of Fashion, Art, and Design in one perfect package, FAD Market is a traveling, pop-up market operating all around the New York City borough of Brooklyn. Throughout the year, at various times, FAD Market pops up, bringing together the work and creations of artists and designers and making the worlds of art and culture much more accessible to the Brooklyn public. So if you’re looking for top quality art and handcrafted products in the Brooklyn area, look out for the next pop-up FAD Market near you.

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The History of FAD Market

FAD Market got its start back in 2016. Traditionally, art, fashion, and design markets are held independently, but the idea behind FAD Market was to bring these three worlds together. Since its inception, FAD Market has appeared at various venues all around Brooklyn including the Brooklyn Historical Society, City Point, The Invisible Dog Art Center, and the Issue Project Room. FAD Market has drawn attention from several major news and media publications too, including the New York Times and Time Out.

Important Information for FAD Market

FAD Market runs various events all throughout the year. These pop-up markets often only last for a few days, so it's vital to know the dates ahead of time in order to ensure you don't miss out. In order to ensure you know the dates, times, and locations of any future FAD Market events, be sure to follow the marketplace on social media. FAD Market has accounts on all of the major networks (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), so you'll be totally up to date at all times. You can also choose to sign up for the FAD Market newsletter too for all the latest news and info on the Fashion, Art, Design Market.

Visiting the FAD Market

FAD Markets are open to all guests and fully free, so you won't need to worry about buying a ticket. This rule applies to all events and is part of the FAD Market philosophy, so these pop-up Brooklyn markets will always be free and accessible to all. The markets all stick to the same timetable too. A FAD Market event always opens at 11 am and closes at 6 pm.

Upon arrival at a FAD Market event, you can expect to see a vast and varied selection of handcrafted creations, including clothes, toiletries, home furnishings, decorations, art, and jewelry. All of these products have been lovingly made with passion and talent, ensuring that every single item has a story and personality. You'll also be able to find locally-crafted drinks and food all around the FAD Market too, so no attendee will have to worry about going hungry or thirsty.

Becoming a Vendor at a FAD Market

If you'd like to sell your wares during a FAD Market event, you'll need to fill in an application form for the new season. Applications are open at various times throughout the year and you can learn more on the official site, newsletter, social media channels. Not every vendor will be accepted as FAD Market likes to focus on high quality products from up-and-coming artists and designers, focusing on quality over quantity.

Each application will be considered from various angles in order to decide if the applicant is suitable for a spot at an upcoming event. The cost of participation will vary depending on the event, with a minimum price of $240 for a full weekend sale. If you'd like your application to be successful, be sure to provide lots of information about your products and share some personal stories about your design philosophy and ideas.

Examples of FAD Market Events

Some examples of FAD Market events include the Holiday Pop-Up Makers Market on December 1 and 2 of 2018. Held at the Brooklyn Historical Society, this FAD Market pop-up offers the perfect chance for Brooklyn residents and visitors to shop for some perfect gifts for their friends and family this holiday season. Browse through a wide selection of high quality, handmade products in all categories, from attire to home furnishings, and find some completely unique gifts to share with your loved ones.

Another excellent example of a FAD Market event is the Holiday Pop-Up Artisanal Food Market. Held on December 8 and 9 of 2018 at the Brooklyn Historical Society on Pierrepont Street, this event lets you get in the festive spirit with all kinds of handmade treats and drinks. Over 40 different makers will be in attendance at the event offering meats, treats, sauces, sweets, baked goods, chocolates, spices, oils, culinary aids, and more.