When in Brooklyn, exploring DUMBO (or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is an absolute must. This vibrant and bustling location is the neighborhood equivalent of the Renaissance in Brooklyn, with art galleries, restaurants and boutique hotels rising up in spectacular fashion.

1. The Powerhouse Arena

The Powerhouse Arena
© The Powerhouse Arena

Known for being an emporium for creative thought, the Powerhouse Arena is home to the world-famous art book publisher known as Powerhouse Books. The arena, on the other hand, serves as a gallery, bookstore and boutique all in one, while also being a much sought after performance and event space. At the Powerhouse Arena, visitors can experience landmark exhibitions, enjoy fantastic performance arts, and breathtaking spectacles of fashion, design, photography, music, and pop culture. Stop by for a book signing, gaze at beautiful works of art at their latest gallery opening or simply stop by the arena store which boasts an eclectic collection of design and photography books.

28 Adams Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-666-3049

2. Bargemusic

© Courtesy of Italo - Fotolia.com

Spend an evening aboard New York City’s floating concert hall at Bargemusic. Open all year round, Bargmusic is moored right under the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and puts on week after week of fantastic gigs. Interestingly, Bargemusic started as a coffee barge until it was renovated into the intimate gathering place that it is today – the perfect chamber-music hall and one of the best spots for musicians to perform today. In addition to putting on amazing musical performances no matter what the season, the Bargemusic is also a fantastic place to enjoy gorgeous views of the lower Manhattan skyline.

Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard, Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-624-4924

3. Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop
© Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

For the love of poetry! Book worms and poetry fans like definitely shouldn’t miss out on a visit to Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop. Until today, the Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop is the only all poetry bookstore in the entire city of New York. The store specializes in indie press chapbooks as well as books, and boasts some of the most impressive collections in town. Apart from browsing the store’s wide collection, the Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop also hosts a wide range of interesting events like poetry readings, book readings, open mic nights and more. So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in the thriving literary culture of DUMBO, this is the place you want to be.

141 Front Street DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, Phone: 347-687-2375

4. Blanc et Rouge

Blanc et Rouge
© Blanc et Rouge

If you consider yourself to be something akin to a drink savant, or if you simply like to enjoy a good drink or two, then you’re definitely going to enjoy a night at Blanc et Rouge. Blanc et Rouge is a specialty wine and spirits boutique in the DUMBO neighborhood that was founded in 2000. While Blanc et Rouge certainly has a wide array of wines and spirits available to its patrons, there’s no denying that its specialty is in its wines. Apart from offering wines from various regions and price ranges for every occasion, Blanc et Rouge also hosts a number of wine and spirit related events such as wine tastings, cocktail hours and food and wine pairing classes.

81 Washington Street DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-858-9463

5. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
© Courtesy of Zarya Maxim - Fotolia.com

There’s nothing quite like people watching in Brooklyn with a couple of scoops of delicious craft ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Known for their creamy, decadent and well thought out flavor offerings, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is arguably the top producer of the world’s most popular cold and sweet treat in New York City. Sample classic flavors from their offerings like the Vanilla, Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate, and Strawberry or go for some of their specialty flavors like the Butter Pecan, the Peaches and Cream, and their Coffee flavored ice cream. We’re not joking when we say their ice cream is ultra-delicious, so in the spirit of being safe than sorry – go for two scoops, not one.

Old Fulton Street corner Water Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-246

6. Burrow, Dumbo, Brooklyn

Burrow, Dumbo, Brooklyn
© Burrow

Start your day with a small bundle of sweet joy at Burrow, a top patisserie in DUMBO owned and operated by the popular pastry sculptor and food stylist Ayako Kurosawa. Burrow is known for simply yet delicious and fresh dishes. They’re also popular for their uncanny ability to surprise every patron with sweet treats that ultimately bring smiles to their faces. The menu at Burrow is built upon French classics, which are then developed and influenced by Japanese and American culinary practices. Enjoy an afternoon snack or breakfast on the go alongside an outstanding cup of tea or coffee at this neighborhood patisserie.

68 Jay Street, 119 Brooklyn, New York 11201

7. DUMBO Flea

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Dress comfortably and get ready to spend the day exploring awesome finds and snacking on incredible food at the DUMBO Flea Market. One of the most popular places to be on a Sunday in Brooklyn, the DUMBO Flea features 80 amazing vendors and runs from April to October. This bustling flea market is a marriage between an old-fashioned town square, a vintage bazaar and food bonanza that visitors and locals alike have a hard time passing up. Shop for anything from vintage clothing, hand crafted furniture, antique collectibles, hand-made jewelry and more at the flea market. When you’re done shopping, stop by one of the food vendors for an amazing and tasty meal or snack.

80 Pearl Street, Manhattan Bridge Archway, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York

8. Jacques Torres Chocolate

Jacques Torres Chocolate
© Jacques Torres Chocolate

There’s no place in New York that does chocolates quite like Jacque Torres Chocolate does. Known for spectacularly indulgent treats like their hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and Jacque’s Choice – an assorted box of craft chocolates, Jacques Torres Chocolate has an unbeatable range of chocolatey treats to choose from. So popular is this chocolatier that there’s even a museum dedicated to it with tours and classes available to their patrons. A great place to shop for souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones, Jacques Torres Chocolates offers bonbons, chocolate bars, barks and brittles, kosher treats and more at their several locations across the city. Want to know something else special? Their DUMBO location is where it all started and was the first location that Jacques’ had in the city.

66 Water Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-875-1269

9. Jane’s Carousel

Jane’s Carousel
© Courtesy of HT777 - Fotolia.com

Originally built in 1922, Jane’s Carousel is a popular attraction at Brooklyn’s Old Dock Street. The carousel was first made and installed in the prosperous steel-making city of Youngstown, Ohio. Since it was transferred to New York, it has been bringing joy to children and adults alike with its classic beauty. Jane’s Carousel is an authentic 3-row machine which features two spectacular chariots and 48 superbly carved horses. Apart from being the site of public merrymaking, Jane’s Carousel can also be rented for birthdays, weddings and an assortment of private events. Photographers, models, and other enthusiasts can also rent Jane’s Carousel for photo shoots.

Old Dock Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-222-2502

10. Juliana’s Pizza

Juliana’s Pizza
© Juliana’s Pizza

You can’t go to New York and not eat a spectacular slice of New York-style pizza. If you’re looking for one of the best slices in town, let alone in DUMBO, then Juliana’s Pizza is the place to go. As if the long line around the block isn’t enough of an indication, Juliana’s Pizza serves up one spectacular pie after another whether you’re dining in or grabbing your pizza to go. Juliana’s dishes up classics like their Marinara, Margherita and White Pizza as well as Calzones, but they also offer pizza specials for those who want a little more on their slice. The Special No. 1 is arguably the most popular on the menu. It features mozzarella, scamorza affumicata, pancetta, scallions, and Oregon-grown white truffles.

19 Old Fulton Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-596-6700

11. Kayaking the Brooklyn Bridge

Kayaking the Brooklyn Bridge
© Courtesy of Samuel B - Fotolia.com

For travelers who love taking part in recreational activities, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse has a treat for you! The boathouse runs a free program that allows visitors to kayak around the New York Harbor and take in fantastic views of the Brooklyn Bridge while they’re at it! The Walk-Up Kayaking Program isn’t the only kayak-related activity at the boathouse either. Visitors can also participate in friendly kayak polo games, training excursions as well as kayak classes to improve paddling skills all around. Children between the ages of 12 and 18 can also stop by the Brooklyn Bridge Boathouse to participate in regular youth kayak programs.

Pier 2, Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 973-223-4639

12. Luke’s Lobster

Luke’s Lobster
© Luke’s Lobster

First opening its doors in the 2009 at the East Village, Luke’s Lobster dishes up mouthwatering fare to their patrons with sustainably sourced seafood. Working directly with local fishermen, Luke’s Lobster guarantees the freshest and best quality seafood available, bring the produce straight from the sea to the plate. Dig into crowd pleasers like the Lobster Roll, which features a quarter pound of chilled, wild caught lobster, and the Lukes Trio, which lets patrons dig into the lobster, crab and shrimp roll.

11 Water Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 917-882-7516

13. MELT Bakery

MELT Bakery
© Courtesy of Nicole - Fotolia.com

If you’ve never been to Melt Bakery before, now’s the time to go! Home to what is arguably the best ice cream sandwich in the entire state of New York, Melt Bakery specializes in both bite-sized and regular sizes of this sweet year-round treat. Popular favors at the bakery include the Lovelet, which features red velvet melt cakes and decadent cream cheese ice cream, the Cinnamax, which has snickerdoodles and cinnamon ice cream, and the Classic, the good ol’ combo of vanilla ice cream and luxurious chocolate chip walnut cookies. Can’t make it to the brick and mortar store? Don’t sweat it. They deliver!

111 Front Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York, Phone: 646-535-6358

14. One Girl Cookies

One Girl Cookies
© One Girl Cookies

Searching for a place to kick back and relax over breakfast and a great cup of coffee? Head over to One Girl Cookies to sample delicious treats and a wide array of coffee based beverages. Those visiting later in the day can also dig into some savory snacks while evening visitors can unwind after work with some great wine or ice cold beers. One Girl Cookies’ DUMBO location is situated in a hip neighborhood with a great clientele of friendly locals. If you don’t have the time to sit and hang out for a while, grab one of their fantastic treats to go and enjoy it as you explore the surrounding area by foot.

33 Main Street corner Water Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 212-675-4996

15. Shake Shack

Shake Shack
© Shake Shack

If you’re in New York and haven’t sunk your teeth into some Shake Shack, you haven’t lived! Shake Shack is arguably the most popular and beloved burger joint in the entire state of New York and boasts of a crazy array of options to choose from. All of the Shack’s burgers are 100% all-natural Angus beef and contains absolutely no hormones or antibiotics either. Their mince is freshly ground in-house and the patties are grilled to medium then served on a fluffy non-GMO Martin’s potato roll. Shake Shack offers chicken and vegetarian patties as well to those who are trying to avoid red meat. Meanwhile, the shake menu is absolutely to die for, so forsake the diet just one day to enjoy the deliciousness that abounds at Shake Shack. You won’t regret it!

1 Old Fulton Street (corner of Water Street), DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 347-435-2676

16. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge Tour

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge Tour
© Courtesy of TTstudio - Fotolia.com

No visit to DUMBO, or even Brooklyn, is complete without a visit to the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the most iconic symbols of this hip and vibrant borough, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the top things to do in the entire city. So popular is this activity that guided walking tours have been built around this location as a whole. Not only is walking the Brooklyn Bridge a great physical activity to add to your itinerary, it’s also one that offers spectacular views of both Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as the Statue of Liberty. Visitors can cross the Brooklyn Bridge at any time of the day. It’s worth noting, however, that I can get pretty chilly on the bridge at night, no matter what the season, so if you plan to enjoy the city lights in evening, make sure to bring a light jacket with you.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York 10038, New York

17. St. Ann’s Warehouse

St. Ann’s Warehouse
© Courtesy of eugenesergeev - Fotolia.com

Serving as the artistic home for several international companies, the St. Ann’s Warehouse is a vital part of DUMBO’s artistic and performing arts community as well as a key player in the global cultural landscape. As one of the most sought after theatres on the East Coast, the St. Ann’s Warehouse offers a signature versatility to promote unfettered creativity as well as unparalleled grandeur to shows that are held in it. Originally a Tobacco Warehouse, the building was built in 1860 and still retains the charm of its original brick exterior. Apart from theatre productions, the St. Ann’s Warehouse is also home to smaller-scale and community events. The Max Family Garden, which was designed by the famed Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, is also open to visitors of the Brooklyn Bridge Park along with the Bar Jolie in the lobby.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, 45 Water Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York, Phone: 718-254-8779

18. Usagi

© Usagi

Be inspired and allow your creativity to take on a life of its own at Usagi. More than being just an art gallery or a cozy café, Usagi makes it a point to provide a space and environment that is optimal for cross-disciplinary creativity and collaboration to take place. Usagi draws many creative minds to its doors by integrating art, retail and dining into one space at the gorgeous DUMBO waterfront. Guests can explore the fantastic exhibit space, which was inspired by the traditional sliding screens in Japanese homes, enjoy a great drink and savory or sweet treat at the café, or explore the small but well curated books for sale at the bookstore.

163 Plymouth Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-801-8037

19. Vinegar Hill House

Vinegar Hill House
© Vinegar Hill House

Situated in an unassuming yet historical area of the Brooklyn waterfront, the Vinegar Hill House offers busy New Yorkers and visitors alike a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Each dish at Vinegar Hill House is curated with only the best ingredients available in the market. To ensure that their ingredients are top notch, the restaurant cultivates close relationships with produce, fish and meat producers. Most of the dishes created in the kitchens are born out of the Vinegar Hill House’s wood-fired oven. Enjoy your meal inside their cozy restaurant or dine under a cherry at their quiet garden area.

72 Hudson Avenue, DUMBO Brooklyn, New York 11201, Phone: 718-522-1018

20. Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO Walking Tour

Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO Walking Tour
© Courtesy of Edi Chen - Fotolia.com

Take a walk around the busy neighborhood that surround the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO all in one amazing 3-hour walking tour by Free Tours by Foot. Perfect for first-time visitors or eager travelers that don’t have much time on their hands, the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO Walking Tour takes visitors all around the top sights in the area before ending at the Fulton Ferry Landing. What’s awesome about tours like these is that they’re absolutely free and you get decide what you give to the tour guide after the 3 hours have concluded. Reservations are required though, so make sure to book those in advance.

Phone: 646-450-6831

21. Wall Mural Walk

Wall Mural Walk
© Courtesy of drimafilm - Fotolia.com

A must-visit for art lovers and culture-chasers alike, the Wall Mural Walk is an iconic feature in the BQE neighborhood. Practically a two-in-one tour, visitors can stroll around the most popular neighborhoods of DUMBO while enjoying murals and public art on expected and unexpected surfaces alike. Some of the top murals to spot in DUMBO include the Momo, the Daleast, the Faith47 and Eltono. Other popular murals have been developed by artists like Stefan Sagmeister, Yuko Shizimu and Shepard Fairey. Addtionally, locations to stop by include the Bridge Park 2 and the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge. No matter where you go, one thing is for sure: each mural is a gorgeous sight to behold.

DUMBO Brooklyn, New York

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