The beaches of Cape Cod draw in large numbers of visitors on an annual basis, with Dennis easily being one of the very best beach towns in the region. The thing that really stands out about the Dennis beaches is their variety.

With well over a dozen different beaches to choose from, each offering their own unique views and features, you can spend a full vacation here and always have something new to discover. Read on to learn full details and useful information about the best beaches in Dennis.

1. Chapin Memorial

Chapin Memorial
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Once known as Black Flats due to the black sand found here, Chapin Memorial was named in honor of a man named George Chapin who once owned the land on which the beach is situated. It's one of the best beaches in Dennis and in all of Cape Cod for watching the sunset, so it's a nice place to come as a couple, strolling hand in hand along the soft sands as the sky begins to darken. Good swimming can be enjoyed here too and this Dennis beach never seems to get too busy or noisy. More things to do on Cape Cod

2. Beaches Near Me: Princess Beach, Dennis

Beaches Near Me: Princess Beach, Dennis
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If you're looking to visit a Dennis beach with a difference, check out Princess Beach. This is one of only two beaches in the area not to be located on the ocean coast. Princess Beach is actually situated on the shores of Scargo Lake and has a real fairy tale sort of vibe, with the shimmering waters of the lake surrounded by soft sands and lush vegetation. Couples will really appreciate the intimate setting of this beach and there's a safe swimming area, scenic hiking trail, and children's playground too.

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3. Dennis, MA Beaches: Corporation Beach

Dennis, MA Beaches: Corporation Beach
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Definitely one of the better beaches for families in Dennis, Corporation Beach is situated on Nobscussett Point and is also sometimes referred to as Nobscussett Beach. There's a great playground here for the kids to enjoy and a useful snack bar that opens up in the summer months to serve tasty treats and refreshments. Corporation Beach is quite large, so there's plenty of room to explore and spread out for beach games and picnics. More things to do in Dennis

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4. Beach Near Me: Bayview Beach

Beach Near Me: Bayview Beach
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Bayview Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dennis and is always a big hit with families in particular. Lifeguards are on duty here to ensure that everyone stays safe and the waters are just right for young children to splash and paddle around. Tide pools will also form when the tide is low, offering even more fun little spots to swim around in, and the sands are nice and soft at this Cape Cod beach, ideal for sitting back with a good book or good company and letting the hours fly by. Visitors should note that parking at this beach can be tricky and part of the sand is privatized, so it's important to pay attention to the signs.

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5. Beach Near Me: Haigis Beach

Beach Near Me: Haigis Beach
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If you're looking to do some shelling in Dennis, Haigis Beach is the place to be. Lots of lovely little ocean treasures wash up on the shore here, so it's a super spot to stroll along, eyes focused on the sand in search of a special souvenir to take home with you. This beach also has quite gentle water conditions due to several rocky jetties, making it a nice spot for people of all ages to do some swimming. There's a play area for the kids too and a lifeguard on duty through the summer, making it one of the safest beaches in the area.

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6. Beach in Dennis, MA: Cold Storage Beach

Beach in Dennis, MA: Cold Storage Beach
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This uniquely named beach earned its moniker due to the old storage huts that were used to keep fish fresh and cold back in the early 20th century. It's a pretty little beach and a nice spot to sit with the kids and enjoy a picnic or build some sandcastles. There isn't much shade to be found at this beach, so you might want to bring your own umbrella or beach tent to cool off when the sun is beating down. Parking is good at this beach and it's easy to access too, so it's a good choice if you're in Dennis and looking for a quiet and comfortable place to spend some quality time.

7. More Info About Dennis, MA Beaches

More Info About Dennis, MA Beaches
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Dennis is home to around 14,000 people in total but attracts thousands more each year due to its beautiful beaches and stunning coastal scenery. There are lots of things to do in Dennis, but the town really stands out for its beaches. The Dennis beaches are well-known all around New England, with the town having a total of 18 individual beaches. 16 of them look out onto the ocean, while the remaining two are situated by freshwater ponds. There are beaches on both the northern and southern coastlines of Dennis and these beaches are beloved by both locals and Cape Cod visitors for their beauty and charm.

Located in Barnstable County around the central point of Cape Cod, Dennis, is a little town made up of five separate villages: Dennis, Dennis Port, East Dennis, West Dennis, and South Dennis. The town, which was first settled way back in 1639, has a fascinating history. It was named after the local minister, Reverend Josiah Dennis, and became a major fishing and seafaring spot as the years went by, before developing into a popular summer beach retreat. The town is also home to the Cape Playhouse, one of the oldest theaters in the entire United States and also the location where Golden Age Hollywood actress Bette Davis was first discovered.

The 6 Best Dennis, MA Beaches near me today according to local experts are: