The charming town of Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts was first settled in 1660. Chilmark is mostly rural and residential, known for its fine sandy beaches, organic farms, great food and peace and quiet. The town has only 900 permanent residents, but it has a great public library established in 1882, dancing school The Yard. If you want to get any supplies or find out what is going on on the island, stop by the General Store. For some organic cheese and tour of the true organic farm, visit the Grey Barn.

1. The Grey Barn

The Grey Barn
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The Grey Barn is a small, diversified family farm established in 2009 on the island of Martha’s Vineyard on 100 acres of lush green pastures, ancient oak woods and salt air. Folks at the Grey Barn raise happy animals and make great artisanal cheese. They believe that happy animals make better food and so they start with growing good food for them. Their 32 Dutch Belted cows are a heritage breed, well-suited to be raised on grass. The land and all of the Grey Barn products are Certified Organic. The farm produces and sells a small range of handmade organic cheeses, fresh homemade bread and offers tours of the farm and creamery and cheese tasting to the visitors.

22 S Rd, Chilmark, MA 02535, Phone: 508-645-4854

2. Chilmark Public Library, Chilmark, Massachusetts

Chilmark Public Library, Chilmark, Massachusetts
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Chilmark Public Library is a full-service free library on Martha's Vineyard, with a collection of 34,000 items and over 50,000 digital titles. The library was established in 1882 and was the first public library on Martha's Vineyard. The new library had thirty-three books donated by Alice Stone Blackwell and her cousin Florence Blackwell Mayhew. The charge for book rentals was 3 cents a week. The books were kept in the Mayhew Brothers' store across the road from the Mayhew homestead. The library moved several times as its collections grew. Its present home was originally built in 1790 for Captain William Tilton. It was purchased in 1953, enlarged and renovated, and in 1956 opened to the public .

522 S Rd, Chilmark, MA 02535, Phone: 508-645-3360

3. Native Earth Teaching Farm, Chilmark, Massachusetts

Native Earth Teaching Farm, Chilmark, Massachusetts
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Native Earth Teaching Farm is a small working farm in Chilmark, Massachusetts, established by Randy and Rebecca. They raise the healthiest and best tasting and foods they possibly can. They also drive tractor, do caretaking and consulting and sell pets and breeding stock. Native Earth farm is also the teaching farm, open to the public part time for educational and recreational purposes. Rebecca and Randy teach classes, demonstrate farm crafts, give tours, and host a community garden. The farm’s mission is to enrich the soil on the farm and connect people to land, food, and agriculture. The farm uses organic methods and is open to the public during open hours. They also sell seasonal produce from the community gardens including eggs, meat, woolen toys, crafts, kits, duck cookbook and farm coloring book

94 N Rd, Chilmark, MA 02535, Phone: 508-645-3304

4. The Yard, Chilmark, MA

The Yard, Chilmark, MA
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The Yard is a dance organization that offers performances by exciting choreographers, residencies for artist groups, and classes for all ages. From June - September there are weekly events that serve the cultural groups on Martha’s Vineyard, often in collaboration with artists, producers, and other organizers on regional, national, and international level. Some highlights include weekly dance shows by international and national artists, music nights with local musicians, dance parties, and kids summer programs. The Yard hosts an annual Pride celebration every year. During the summer, The Yard offers community dance and yoga classes every morning in its beautiful open air studio, and these classes are open to the public and all skill levels. During the Fall and Winter The Yard presents work in collaboration with other island organizations and at the Martha's Vineyard Performing Arts Center.

5. Kitchen Porch, Chilmark, Massachusetts

Kitchen Porch, Chilmark, Massachusetts
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Kitchen Porch was established in 1988 by Jan Buhrman in Chilmark, Marta’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. It offers full service catering for local events of all sizes, from 20 to 600. They provide personal chef services and drop-off dinners for 20 or more guests. Kitchen Porch uses local and sustainable products whenever possible, working with local farms and fishermen. They also provide Culinary Experiences - educational courses, dinners and nutritional retreats focused on local living and healthy lifestyles and in sourcing organic and local foods. From Spring to Autumn they offer local classes on preserving, cheese making, ethnic meals, healthy living and raw foods and offer farm tours for any occasion.

54 Hewing Fld, Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, MA 02535-2208

6. Chilmark General Store, Chilmark, Massachusetts

Chilmark General Store, Chilmark, Massachusetts
© Chilmark General Store

The Chilmark General Store is a curious cross between a community market, pizzeria, restaurant, deli and a popular gathering place for locals and visitors. The iconic porch with comfortable rocking chairs is a community central where friends and neighbors meet for coffee, and celebrities hang out with local workers for lunch. Children stop by after school for snacks, bikers come to refuel before hitting the cliffs, business deals are made over coffee and pastries and travelers stop by to try the famous pizza. Established in 1900s as E. Eliot Mayhew’s store, even then the people of Chilmark used to gather at a store before stocking up on just about anything. And just like then, today’s General Store carries everything: everyday basics, fresh local produce, household necessities, hot breakfast, lunch and dinner to eat on the porch or to go. The coffee is organic, roasted in small batch and ground fresh every day. The sandwiches are made with bread from PainD’Avignon bakery, and their famous Pizza is hand-tossed and topped with your favorite ingredients.

7 State Rd, Chilmark, MA 02535, Phone: 508-645-3739

7. Menemsha Hills

Menemsha Hills
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A trip to Menemsha Hills is like walking right onto a set of a dramatic movie. With a rocky shoreline, spectacular vistas all around, and breathtaking views of Vineyard Sound and the Elizabeth Islands, Menemsha Hills is truly a memorable place to visit. This protected nature reserve is the result of thousands of years' worth of glacial retreats and advances. Similar to the rest of Martha’s Vineyard, it is comprised of many different mini environments such as woodland groves, coastal plains, and low wetlands. It is also home to the 308-foot Prospect Hill. Enjoy the use of many beautiful, marked trails with your family, friends, or your beloved pooch, or see other trustees on Martha’s Vineyard while you’re in the area.

Trustees Ln, Chilmark, Massachusetts 02535, Phone: 508-693-3678

8. Great Rock Bight Preserve

Great Rock Bight Preserve
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The Great Rock Bright Preserve is one of the best-kept secrets, as good as secrets can be kept at least, in Martha’s Vineyard. Relatively quiet and one of the lesser visited parts of the vineyard, Great Rock Bight Preserve is defined by a serene set of relaxing trails that wind around and through rolling meadows, refreshing woodlands, upland ponds, and even the windy and picturesque beach. It is the first stop of the African American Heritage Trail and lies to the east of the Menemsha Hills. See famous features of the preserve like the large glacial erratic boulder for which the preserve was named as well as the fields formerly owned by Rebecca Cooper, an African American woman who lived on the island during the 18th Century.

37 Brickyard Road, Chilmark, Massachusetts 02535

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