Art is so important to so many people, but it's important to never forget that art can come in many different forms.

It's not just about paintings and photographs hanging in homes and galleries; the whole world can be a canvas, and even a simple city street can be transformed into something so much more beautiful and inspiring with the power of artistic expression and creativity. For a wonderful example of this, we only have to take a look at the Annapolis ArtWalk.

Annapolis ArtWalk - Public Art in Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis ArtWalk is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Annapolis an even more beautiful city and bringing large-scale art to public spaces like the sides of buildings and even crosswalks. By adding color, life, and flair to dull gray walls and roads, Annapolis ArtWalk is brightening up the city and the lives of all those who live in it, work in it, and visit it each and every day.

- Making Art More Accessible - Too often, when we think of the art world, we think of closed-off museums, private collections, exclusive galleries, and a general theme of inaccessibility. Annapolis ArtWalk takes a very different approach. This non-profit was founded on the firm and respectable belief that art should be enjoyed by as many people as possible and that everyone, regardless of age, background, social standing, or any other factor, should be allowed to enjoy and engage with wonderful works of art. By making public spaces its canvas and working on big-scale projects that really change the whole style of the city, Annapolis ArtWalk is providing art for all.

- Adding Beauty to Annapolis - Annapolis, the state capital of Maryland, is already a truly beautiful city. Defined by its stunning docks, coastal areas, parks, gardens, and historic buildings, the city has so much to offer and has always been a charming place for people to walk around. Landmarks like Maryland State House and the Annapolis City Dock have come to define and symbolize the culture and heritage of this city, but Annapolis has always been an evolving, growing place too, adapting with the times while preserving its past. It’s a place where many examples of art and architecture from the past can be enjoyed, and the wonderful works being done by Annapolis ArtWalk are only adding and enhancing to the city’s amazing image.

The Work So Far

So far, Annapolis ArtWalk can boast of several successful art projects and public installations all over the Maryland state capital.

- ArtWalk I - The ArtWalk I project celebrated the 300th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of the City of Annapolis and involved a selection of works honoring the city's amazing history and storied past. Examples include the John Paul Jones Ranger mural on the side of the United States Naval Academy, as well as the beautiful Photographs collection by Marion Warren.

- ArtWalk II - ArtWalk II, meanwhile, was inspired by the artists of the Stanton Center and saw ArtWalk teaming up with local Annapolis creatives to show off the best and brightest talents the city's art scene has to offer. Examples include the four large scale murals of the Light House Healing Garden and the 'Soccer' exhibit at VisionWorkshops.

- Crosswalks - Finally, the Crosswalks series saw ArtWalk take to the streets, quite literally, and decorate some of Annapolis' crosswalks with bright colors and bold designs, encouraging walking and making the crossings safer and more noticeable for both pedestrians and drivers; a wonderful example of art proving itself to be both functional and inspiring.

Support Annapolis ArtWalk

As a non-profit organization, Annapolis ArtWalk relies on the generous gifts of donors and the kindness of people who want to give something back and contribute to a cause near and dear to their hearts. If you're an Annapolis resident or frequent visitor to the city who has seen, admired, and enjoyed the wonderful work being done by Annapolis ArtWalk and would like to make a contribution of your own, donations can be made both online and by mail.

You can fill out a simple online form to get in touch with Annapolis ArtWalk to make your donation or address checks and correspondence to ArtWalk, PO Box 6726, 47 Spa Road, Suite 5, Annapolis, MD 21401. You can also call up Annapolis ArtWalk at 410 268 2701 to learn more about the organization and the various ways in which you can help or demonstrate your support for this great cause. website