Traveling on the waters of the world is a wonderful form of escapism. There's nothing quite like heading out on the waves, breathing in the salty sea air and feeling totally free, a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of big city streets and the noise and pollution associated with these kinds of places.

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Many people don't have the budget, time, or resources to own and maintain their own vessels, but cruises and charters are accessible to all and let you enjoy the wonders of sailing without any commitments or responsibilities. If you're looking for historic and scenic cruises in Maine, the Stephen Taber is the vessel to choose.

Stephen Taber - Schooner Cruises in Maine

First launched way back in 1871, the Stephen Taber isn't just one of the most historic vessels you could ever hope to sail on, she's officially the oldest documented sailing vessel in continuous service in the entire United States, even being awarded National Historic Landmark status.

Still sailing each and every year, the Stephen Taber and her crew undertake many amazing and unique cruises all around the picturesque Maine coastline, and you're invited to come aboard.

These all-inclusive, small group cruises offer incredible experiences and magical memories for all, with Captain Noah and his enthusiastic crew always happy and eager to welcome new faces aboard and head off for exciting adventures and unforgettable journeys.

- A Truly Historic Vessel - There are plenty of different cruise ships, yachts, and schooners out there, but none are quite like the Stephen Taber. This is a truly historic vessel that was actually sailing back in the 19th century. The decks and cabins on board have played host to countless people over the years, and the Stephen Taber has so many stories to tell. Traveling on such a truly historic schooner is a big part of why these cruises are so special and unique, and you can really feel the history coming to life around you as the Stephen Taber sets off across the waters of Maine for new adventures. Guests can really feel like they’re a part of history and learn a lot about the past exploits of the vessel from the captain and crew.

- An Incredible Crew - Speaking of the captian and his crew, you really couldn’t hope to find a friendlier and more welcoming group of people. The husband and wife duo of Captain Noah Barnes and Jane Barnes head up the team. Captain Noah has had a lifelong love affair with the Stephen Taber, having first voyaged on the historic schooner when he was just a young boy. He's got decades of sailing experience behind him to exotic locations all over the world, but his favorite place of all is the Maine coast. Jane Barnes is a New York native who developed a passion for life at sea after meeting her husband and works as the wine expert on-board the Stephen Taber. The crew also features several other members, including an excellent chef and plenty of trained and experienced sailors.

- Unique Journeys - Each year, the Stephen Taber enjoys a unique calendar of cruises. Every cruise is different, meaning no two experiences on board this vessel will ever be quite the same. Some cruises feature live musical entertainment from New England bands and artists, while others are focused on gourmet meals and fine wines. Some cruises take place during special times of the year like the Summer Solstice, while others can let you be a part of iconic annual events like the Great Schooner Race or simply explore and admire the islands of coastal Maine, taking magical photos along the way. There are a lot of different options to enjoy and so much variety when you book Maine cruises with the Stephen Taber.

- Cozy Cabins - On board, you'll be staying in the historic wooden cabins of the Stephen Taber. These rooms provide everything you need to have a great night's sleep and really experience the unique thrills and fun of traveling on a beautiful, historic vessel. There are 12 cabins in total, so the schooner can accommodate small or large groups for special events and occasions. Each room is fitted with cozy beds and various little features like a sink, mirror, reading lamps, hooks to hang your clothes, a towel bar, and more. Shared amenities include toilets and showers, and there are several communal areas and amenities around the Stephen Taber, with a book and game library for entertainment and a nice little galley area with comfortable seating.

- Activities and Dining - The simple act of enjoying the vessel and admiring the views is a big part of any cruise on board the Stephen Taber, but there are plenty more activities to enjoy. Guests can participate in wildlife watching, fishing right off the deck, sunbathing, playing games, reading books, swimming, paddleboarding, hiking across coastal islands, taking photographs, exploring coastal villages, and more. Guests will also be treated to fine dining meals cooked by the ship's chef. Every single meal is prepared with fresh, local ingredients that really embody the cuisine and culture of Maine.

A cruise on board the historic Stephen Taber is truly a one of a kind experiences, offering the kind of magical memories that will never be replaced or forgotten. If you’re planning any kind of trip to Maine or the New England region and want to make it extra special, a journey with Captain Noah and his crew can make the experience so much better.

There's nothing quite like these cruises, with the friendly crew always on hand to make your voyage comfortable and happy, the history and beauty of the vessel providing the perfect setting for marine adventures, and the gorgeousness of the coastal islands and villages of Maine providing the perfect hunting ground for all kinds of unique experiences.

The full calendar of cruises can be found on the official Stephen Taber site and you can reserve your spot-on board with ease. Each cruise has its own theme, dates, and price plans, so check out the full calendar for more details and start planning out your dream Maine cruise today. website