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From home-style cooking to cuisine from around the world, Portland, Oregon is an incredible culinary destination, ideal for a weekend of food adventures, combined with sightseeing and shopping. Start your day with delicious Belgian-style waffles, followed by tapas or a classic wood-fired pizza for lunch. For dinner, sample sustainable sushi dishes, Swiss, Pacific Northwest, Southern Italian, Argentinian, Thai, Russian, traditional Japanese or classic American cuisine - our list includes best romantic restaurants in Portland, Oregon for nearly every taste and budget. Photo: David Gn/Fotolia

1.Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi is a unique sushi restaurant based in three locations across the city with the aim of operating the highest level of sustainability.

Partnering with some of the largest organizations in marine stewardship and oceanic sustainability in the United States, Bamboo Sushi ensures that every product that enters their kitchen is 100% sustainably-sourced.

Menus include traditional sushi platters, tempura, nigiri, and other seafood dishes, and all three locations serve dinner only with a Monday-Friday Happy Hour between 4:30-6:00 p.m.

836 NW 23rd Ave, 971-229-1925; 310 SE 28th Ave, 503-232-5255; 1409 NE Alberta St, 503-889-0336 Photo: Bamboo Sushi

2.Castagna Restaurant & Cafe

Castagna Restaurant & Cafe

Romantic Castagna Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Portland that serves delicious Pacific Northwest cuisine made with the freshest local ingredients.

Plan a romantic dinner in Portland and enjoy creative dishes like Kurobuta pork and Maltaise burnt beet. There is also an exquisite Chef’s Tasting Menu, with delicacies like aged duck and Tokyo turnip. Before opening Castagna in 2000, owner Monique Siu had founded Zefiro Restaurant, where she was also a pastry chef.

Today, she is joined in the kitchen by Executive Chef Justin Woodward, who brings a sense of adventure to the restaurant’s eats.

1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR, Phone: 503-231-7373 Photo: Castagna Restaurant

3.Swiss Hibiscus

Swiss Hibiscus

You’re in for a tasty treat when you dine at Portland’s Swiss Hibiscus – a cozy family restaurant serving authentic Swiss dishes since 2010.

Stop in and try the cheese fondue appetizer, before diving into delicious entrees such as the Szegedin Goulash and the wienerschnitzel. Don’t miss their famous Swiss Inn salad dressing! Before there was the Swiss Hibiscus, there was the Swiss Inn in Honolulu, which was also founded and run by owner Chef Martin Wyss.

Born in Switzerland, Chef Wyss has traditional Swiss recipes in his genes.

4950 NE 14th Ave, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-477-9224 Photo: Swiss Hibiscus

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Relaxed, chic Ataula restaurant has been bringing a taste of Spain to Portland since 2013.

This traditional tapas house serving up some of the most delicious Spanish dishes around – all made with the freshest local ingredients. Treat yourself to their amazing Nuestras Bravas, the delicious albondigas, or the out-of-this-world croquetas. Ataula is a Catalonian word meaning “to the table”.

This restaurant was started by three close friends: Cristina Baez, Emily Metivier, and Chef Jose Chesa (who brings his Spanish roots to the menu).

1818 NW 23rd Pl, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-894-8904 Photo: Ataula

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5.Firehouse Restaurant

Firehouse Restaurant

Firehouse Restaurant serves Southern Italian dishes made from seasonally-available, sustainable produce, fish, and meats whenever possible.

Enjoy the twentieth century Italian Renaissance style of the historically-rich building, while savoring delicious eats like the goat cheese bruschetta or the rotisserie porchetta with wood oven-roasted broccoli sprouts, pepper relish, and jus. Their pizza is also delicious. Owners Matthew Bussetto and Eric Rose opened the place in 2008.

Before it was transformed into the restaurant, the building formerly served as a train station until the early 1900s, when it was converted into a firehouse. It’s located in Portland’s Dekum Triangle.

711 NE Dekum St, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-954-1702 Photo: Firehouse Restaurant

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6.Ned Ludd

Ned Ludd

If you are in the mood for simple home-style cooking with European influences, you’ll want to check out Portland’s Ned Ludd restaurant, where farm-to-table is the theme and everything is made from scratch with the highest quality, freshest, local, sustainable ingredients.

Stop in and try superb dishes like the roasted quail, smoked ham, or the frittata of bacon, onion, and gruyere. Chef (and owner) Jason French opened this American craft kitchen in 2008 and named it after the 18th century, British, anti-industrial folk legend from which the word “Luddite” was coined.

You’ll find Ned Ludd in Northeast Portland’s historic King neighborhood. More Places to Visit in Oregon

3925 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-288-6900 Photo: Ned Ludd

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7.Ox Restaurant

Ox Restaurant

Portland’s Ox Restaurant serves a creative and delicious blend of Argentinian and Pacific Northwest cuisine, all cooked on a wood-fired grill (an Argentinian tradition).

This comfortable and friendly restaurant has an energetic vibe and brilliant menu, which includes dishes like roasted sea scallops, Flankenstyle beef short rib, or the house chorizo. Wash it all down with Ox Blood, the signature cocktail. Chefs Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quinonez Denton opened the restaurant in 2012, each bringing a creative flare from their cultural backgrounds.

The Ox is located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Northeast Portland.

2225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-284-3366 Photo: Ox Restaurant

8.Paley's Place

Paley's Place

Paley’s Place serves delicious Pacific Northwest Bistro fare with Southern French and Northern Italian influences, all made from scratch with sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients.

Enjoy the warm and inviting setting of the Victorian home the restaurant occupies, while dining on extraordinary dishes, such as grilled red prawns, lamb dumplings, or chilled oysters.

Paley’s Place has been an Oregon landmark since it was opened in 1995 by co-owners and Chefs Kimberly and Vitaly Paley – the latter of which you may know from Food Network’s ‘Iron Chef America’. Read more

1204 NW 21st Ave, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-243-2403 Photo: Paley's Place

9.The Waffle Window

The Waffle Window

The Waffle Window is a family-friendly eatery that serves Belgium-style waffles with a Portland twist. With two locations in the city, on Hawthorn Boulevard and Alberta Street, Waffle Window is owned by Mary O’Rourke and her two sons, Max and Brendan, who bring their ample experience in traveling and tasting European foods, particularly waffles, to Portland.

Basing their waffle recipe on the famous Liege sugar waffles from Belgium, Mary serves a variety of the sweet treats with delicious toppings for breakfast and lunch. A Berry Bliss Waffle is the perfect start to the day while a Pulled Pork Waffle makes lunch a special treat.

Waffle Window also serves a range of waffles-based sweets, decadent sundaes, and cold drinks. Read more

3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 971-255-0501; 2624 NE Alberta St, 503-265-8031 Photo: The Waffle Window



Radar is a rustic, contemporary eatery with a maritime theme located on Mississippi Avenue in the heart of Portland.

Run by husband-and-wife team Jonathan Berube and Lily Tollefsen, Radar serves a seafood-based dinner menu with an array of Northeast seafood infused with strong Scandinavian influences in dishes such as griddled swordfish and razor clams. Diners can sip signature cocktails, ciders and draft beers with their meal, in a relaxed and casual industrial-style dining space packed with locals.

The eatery also serves a delicious brunch menu that features Spanish tortillas, French toast, and Scotch eggs.

3951 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-841-6948 Photo: Radar

11.Mother's Bistro & Bar

Mother's Bistro & Bar

Mother’s Bistro & Bar is a cozy and comfortable eatery in the heart of downtown Portland that serves traditional, home-style cooking in a casual and welcoming environment.

Owned by Lisa Shroeder, whose dream was to bring to the people of Portland delicious, home-cooked fare, Mother’s Bistro has grown by leaps and bounds from a small, unassuming restaurant to a veritable Portland institution.

By day, the bistro serves guests in the sunny lunch room, which is decorated in shades of yellow and green, while at night the restaurant’s sultry bar, the Velvet Lounge, exudes an elegant and romantic ambiance for late-night dining with gilded mirrors, crystal chandeliers and an extensive cocktail menu.

212 SW Stark St, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-464-1122 Photo: Mother's Bistro & Bar

12.Life of Pie Pizza

Life of Pie Pizza

Life of Pie Pizza is one of the city’s most popular spots for classic wood-fired pizza, tasty Italian sides, fresh garden salads, and a pleasing wine and beverage list.

Situated on Williams Avenue, the pride of the pizzeria is the 6,900-pound wood-fired pizza oven, built by Stefano Ferraro in Naples, which brings a real taste of Italy to the city.

Appetizers such as arancini, oven-roasted cauliflower and meatballs are the perfect way to prepare your appetite for the incredible selection of mouthwatering pizzas to follow, with toppings such as fresh goat’s cheese, roasted leeks and fennel sausage making their mark. While not one of the fancy restaurants in Portland, Life of Pie Pizza is an excellent choice for a romantic date night.

3632 N Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-719-7321 Photo: Life of Pie Pizza



Langbaan serves dishes featuring exotic Thai flavors, tastes and aromas. Meaning “Back of the House” in Thai, Langbaan offers guests a complete Thai-style dining experience in a casually elegant space.

Owner/Chef Akkapong Ninsom began cooking at an early age, and this shines through in his simple combinations of flavors. Scallops in coconut cream, woven egg net covering succulent pork and sublime poached lobster are just some of the delights on the menu.

The restaurant serves dinner, as well as a tasting menu with two seatings per night.

6 SE 28th Ave, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 971-344-2564 Photo: Langbaan

14.Cabezon Restaurant and Fish Market

Cabezon Restaurant and Fish Market

Cabezon is an award-winning seafood bistro close to the Rose City Park and Hollywood neighborhoods. Owners Chef David Farrell and wine maven Jackie Speck strive to bring their customers creative dishes made with the freshest ingredients possible by supporting Portland’s fishing and food communities.

Combining the bounty of the Pacific Northwest with local farmer’s produce, the menu showcases delights such as wood-fired fish, smoked meats, handmade patés and seasonal ice-creams.

Keeping in line with their sustainable practices, Cabezon’s diverse wine list features vintages from small, local and regional producers.

5200 NE Sacramento St, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-284-6617 Photo: Cabezon

15.The Country Cat

The Country Cat

The Country Cat serves farm-to-table classic American cooking with innovative flair for brunch and dinner. Husband-and-wife team, Adam, and Jackie Sappington, bring diners a menu that reflects the evolving culinary landscape of American heritage cuisine, made from locally sourced ingredients and local farm produce.

Located in Southeast Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood, the eatery is cozy and comfortable, with a soulful charm that is reflected in its food. Try the Manila clams in a chorizo sausage broth or the whole Idaho trout with artichokes and olive panzanella salad.

A sumptuous brunch menu is served on weekends only, with eggs, granola and other healthy options, as well as an array of signature cocktails. Read more

7937 SE Stark St, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-408-1414 Photo: The Country Cat



Kachka is a Russian restaurant on Southeast Grand Avenue that will delight even the toughest foodie with their Slavic-inspired fare. Boasting a homey setting with Russian décor, Kachka is run by Chef Bonnie Morales, a first-generation American from Russian parents, who presents a delectable menu of Russian classics.

With an emphasis on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, small plates, known as “vodka snacks” are the perfect way to prepare for a vodka-filled evening. Adventurous dishes such as veal feet terrine, cured salo (thick slices of fatback –the hump of the pig) and Siberian pelmeni will have you returning time and again, while the vodka menu, which features more than 50 brands of the tipple is just as impressive.

720 SE Grand Ave, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-235-0059 Photo: Kachka



Nodoguro serves traditional Japanese dishes in a formal setting. Known as “sousaku” as opposed to sushi, dishes are made-to-order from fresh, locally sourced ingredients from the restaurant’s very own Phantom Rabbit Farm.

Serving dinner only, the restaurant offers an eclectic range of courses that are frequently changed according to the season and chef’s inspiration.

The restaurant is elegantly furnished in simple Asian style, with low lighting for an intimate ambiance and crisp linens for a refined touch.

2832 SE Belmont, Portland, OR 97214 Photo: Nodoguro

18.Pazzo Ristorante

Pazzo Ristorante

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner menus packed with mouthwatering regional Italian cuisine, Pazzo Ristorante combines old world tradition with an innovative and modern touch to bring guests an unforgettable Italian experience.

Based in a vibrant setting on Broadway in downtown Portland, Pazzo prides itself on serving handmade antipasti, superbly grilled meats and succulent seafood dishes, crispy garden salads, and freshly prepared house-made pasta.

Signature cocktails and an extensive, award-winning wine list by the bottle or glass accompany each meal, as well as a selection of spirits, spritzers, and other beverages.

627 SW Washington St, Portland, Oregon, Phone: 503-228-1515 Photo: Pazzo Ristorante

20 Best Romantic Restaurants in Portland, Oregon