Many people feel an innate need to push themselves, to really see what their minds and bodies can be capable of, and the rewards of these kinds of pursuits can be incredible.

Training hard, being dedicated, and overcoming the challenges in your way can provide amazing feels of satisfaction and pride, and for a perfect example of this, we need only look at marathon runners.

Individuals from all walks of life, of all ages, ability levels, and experiences decide to try to finish marathons each and every year. Almost anyone can complete a marathon, if they really put their mind to it and train hard, and some people go the veritable extra mile, aiming to complete multiple marathons in a single year or even try to run marathons on every single continent. For those people, Marathon Tours & Travel exists.

Marathon Tours & Travel - Leading Travel Agency for Runners

If you’ve ever considered doing a marathon, your primary concerns are usually about getting registered for the event and actually training up to be able to complete it, but travel is another key aspect to think about. Marathons take place all over the globe in locations like Boston, London, New York City, and even Antarctica, and organizing travel arrangements to these locations can seem like a big challenge at first.

Fortunately, Marathon Tours & Travel makes everything easier. Founded in 1979 as the world's first travel agency dedicated entirely to runners, Marathon Tours & Travel is based out of Boston, home of the world's oldest and one of the most popular marathons. It's the leading North American travel agency for marathons all over the globe, with a team of travel specialists able to organize all of your travel arrangements and reach your own personal running goals.

Whether you're a total newbie to the world of running or a serial marathon runner in search of your next big challenge, Marathon Tours & Travel can help. This company actually created several marathons of its own, including the Antarctica Marathon, as well as launching special projects and programs like The Runners Country Club. With expert trip designers and specialists leading the way, Marathon Tours & Travel making marathon running a lot easier.

- An Experienced and Trusted Brand - Marathon Tours & Travel was founded back in 1979 and now has four decades of experience to look back on. It's easily the most experienced marathon and runner-based travel agency in all of North America, having established a huge network of trusted contacts with airlines, travel organizers, and hotels all across the globe. A widely trusted company, Marathon Tours & Travel has staff with more than a century of combined travel experience and has received nothing but praise and rave reviews from past travelers. For impeccable marathon travel experiences on all seven continents, Marathon Tours & Travel is the company to choose.

- Runner Travel - Whether you're heading off to Boston for the BAA Boston Marathon, over to England for the Virgin Money London Marathon, to the Big Apple for the TCS New York City Marathon, or somewhere totally different, this full-service travel agency can make all of the arrangements and take care of all the little travel details so you don’t have to. An experienced team of travel experts work tirelessly to ensure that every part of your trip goes smoothly, offering a personalized approach to each individual or group and always meeting the unique needs of every traveler.

- Giving Back - Many people choose to run races and marathons with sponsorships in order to try and raise money for worthy causes, and Marathon Tours & Travel is setting a great example for this. Philanthropy is a big part of the core concept behind Marathon Tours & Traveland many of the company's marathons and travel experiences feature contributions to great causes. The Antarctica Marathon, for example, helps tor raise money for Oceanites, a non-profit research organization dedicated to monitoring the effects of climate change and tourism on the ecology and landscapes of Antarctica. Even the founder of Marathon Tours & Travel, Thom Gilligan, has helped to raise more than half a million dollars for Charlestown Boys & Girls Club in Boston.

- The Clubs - Marathon Tours & Travel has established both the Seven Continents Club and the Runners Country Club. Both designed with real running and marathon enthusiasts in mind, these clubs can help you take your running experiences to a new level. The Seven Continents Club, as the name implies, is for those who wish to complete marathons on all seven continents, and Marathon Tours & Travel makes it very easy to do this by offering travel packages all over the globe. The Runners Country Club, meanwhile, is a unique program for runners who want to discover new runs and races in destinations outside the typical marathon locations. Examples of new destinations offered by the Runners Country Club include Madagascar, Bhutan, Jerusalem, and Scotland. website