There’s no two ways about it: Ziplines are just cool. If you can manage to get past the instinctual fear of being so high above the ground, that is. Soaring above the treetops, attached to a thick wire and propelled by gravity, is a fantastic way to get an adrenaline rush and to see some of the surrounding area, whether you’re in the mountains, flying through a thick forest, or above a death-defying canyon. Zipline tours mean seeing the world from a bird’s eye view, and whether that means whooping and screaming out of fear or joy, or taking in the sights with silent wonder and a huge smile on your face, the only thing for sure is that it’s bound to be an unforgettable experience.

1. Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours
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At Cypress Valley Canopy Tours, guests can craft a custom experience that is specifically tailored to their needs.Classic zipline tours take riders on five lines along with bridges and other elements, and Cypress Valley offers Kids Fly Free deals on select days throughout the year. They also offer Night Tours for a different type of experience where guests can see the old growth cypress trees of the area under the light of twinkling string lights and neon glowsticks. They also have a romance package that includes ziplining for two, a wine tasting, a delicious dinner for two, and an overnight stay in one of Cypress Valley’s treehouse accommodations.

1223 Paleface Ranch Rd S, Spicewood, TX 78669, Phone: 512-264-8880

2. SlotZilla Zip Line

SlotZilla Zip Line
© SlotZilla Zip Line

Most ziplines take their riders through nature—flying through the treetops or past 360 degree views of mountains, canyons, or other gorgeous scenery. But for a complete 180, the SlotZilla Zipline offers a very different experience: ziplining over the famous Las Vegas skyline. Riders will see all the bright lights, big crowds, and opulent finery of Vegas, but from a completely different vantage point. Guests can choose to ride a seated zipline or “Zoomline,” in which they’ll soar belly down like a superhero, and they’ll launch from an 11 story high slot machine to fly over Vegas for an unforgettable adventure.

425 Fremont St #160, Las Vegas, NV 89101, Phone: 702-678-5780

3. Angel Fire Resort

Angel Fire Resort
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During the winter, Angel Fire Resort is one of the coolest ski resorts in New Mexico, but during the summer season, Angel Fire becomes a natural playground with hiking, golf, scenic chair lift rides, and a killer zipline. With four epic lines high above the Moreno Valley, guests who decide to take a zip line tour generally are able to complete all of them within two to three hours. Zipline tours include scenic walks among the Sangre de Cristo mountains, and of course, the exhilaration of flying above the treetops on the four ziplines, which range in length from about 700 feet to over 1600.

10 Miller Ln, Angel Fire, NM 87710, Phone: 800-633-7463

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4. AVA Mountaintop Ziplining

AVA Mountaintop Ziplining
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Translated, Buena Vista literally means “good view,” so it only stands to reason that zip lining above this gorgeous Colorado town, nestled deep into the Rocky Mountains, is bound to be stunning. With seven zip lines across a course that combines to almost 4,000 feet of line, as well as other great elements like a swinging log bridge and a hanging staircase, AVA Mountaintop Ziplining offers a gorgeous view of the Arkansas Valley during its annual operating season from May through September. Guests who ride the zipline must be at least six years old and weigh between 50 and 250 lbs.

40579 US-24, Buena Vista, CO 81211, Phone: 855-947-7464

5. Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain

Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain
© Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain

Wolfe Creek Preserve is an amazingly beautiful eco preserve in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri that is gorgeous year round with opportunities. It uses the zipline tour to not only show its guests the surrounding environment, but to teach them about it with a themed zipline experience that is unlike any other. The canopy tours at Wolfe Creek can be tailored based on time and ability constraints, but may include up to eight ziplines, ten suspension bridges, and even a freefall or two of forty and/or one hundred feet! The shortest tours at Wolfe Mountain take only about half an hour to an hour, while the longest can extend nearly to four hours long.

2339 US-65, Walnut Shade, MO 65771, Phone: 800-712-4654

6. Canopy Ridge Farm

Canopy Ridge Farm
© Canopy Ridge Farm

Adventure awaits at Canopy Ridge Farm in North Carolina, where zipline tours through the Blue Ridge Mountain will take guests one hundred feet into the tree canopies, where they will soar at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour on as many as six ziplines. Canopy tours tend to last an average of one and a half hours, and are available for guests of all ages, though younger guests who are under a certain weight limit will be required to ride tandem with a partner in order to receive the best experience. Those who really want to remember every second of their experience will even have the option to rent a GoPro camera.

7115 US-64, Lake Lure, NC 28746, Phone: 828-625-4500

7. CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains - Zipline Tour

CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains - Zipline Tour
© CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains - Zipline Tour

This Gatlinburg Zipline Tour offers amazing canopy experiences. Guests will have the option to choose from the Mountaintop Tour and the Treetop Tour, both of which are located within spitting distance from the incredible Great Smoky Mountain National Park. In the Mountaintop Tour, five ziplines, a few aerial bridges, an ATV tour, and even a rappelling experience will give guests a 360 degree look at the surrounding region, with high vantage points and soaring ziplines that are long and exhilarating. For those looking for back to back ziplines, the Treetop Tour offers nine of them, for two and a half hours of soaring among the canopy.

155 Branam Hollow Rd, Gatlinburg, TN 37738, Phone: 865-325-8116

8. Grafton Zip-Line

Grafton Zip-Line
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Ziplining is such a fun and exciting way for families to spend time together. At Grafton Zip-Line, there are seven lines for guests to enjoy, and some of them might even get riders up to 45 miles per hour as they fly through the treetops with the wind in their hair. Grafton Zip-Line has no age requirement for participants, but does ask that their riders be no less than 50 lbs and no more than 250 lbs to use the zipline, and participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign in order for them to ride. Group discounts are available at Grafton Zip-Line, and there are also discounted rates for those who choose to visit during the week rather than on the busier weekends.

14 W Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, Phone: 618-786-9477

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9. Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours

Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours
© Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours

Historic Banning Mills is a well known adventure resort in Whitesburg, Georgia, with cottages, cabins, and even treehouses available for rent, activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, and even falconry, and of course, a killer zip line. The lines at Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours are well known for being much longer than average, with several World Records for its lines. Banning Mills’ Screaming Eagle holds the world record for longest zip line course in the world at 39,127 feet (nearly 12 kilometers!), which consists of more than one hundred zip lines and would take at least twelve hours to complete in full.

205 Horseshoe Dam Rd, Whitesburg, GA 30185, Phone: 770-834-9149

10. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours
© Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

While a lot of zipline companies will charge extra for souvenirs and mementos, Hocking Hills Canopy Tours prides itself on being the only canopy tour around that offers free photos. Their zipline adventures are about as varied as they come—Hocking Hills has a Dragonfly Zipline adventure designed especially for kids, which includes two rotations through the course, as well as the “original” tour, which takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and includes ten ziplines, and the “X Tour,” which is a hybrid tour that uses ziplines from both towers and trees and takes guests through caves, across rivers, and over gorgeous rolling hills.

10714 Jackson St, Rockbridge, OH 43149, Phone: 740-385-9477

11. La Jolla Zip Zoom Ziplines

La Jolla Zip Zoom Ziplines
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The ziplines at La Jolla Zip Zoom Ziplines in Pauma Valley, California, consist of four epic courses, which range in length and difficulty from three hundred feet to over 2700. There are even parallel lines, so friends and family can soar next to one another as they race along the sky at speeds that might reach up to 55 miles per hour, sharing breathtaking views of the Pauma Valley as well as the nearby La Jolla Indian Reservation and Palomar Mountain. A tour of all four zipline courses at La Jolla Zip Zoom Ziplines takes about two hours in total, and is perfect for a day trip.

22000 CA-76, Pauma Valley, CA 92061, Phone: 760-742-3776

12. Captain Zipline

Captain Zipline
© Captain Zipline

With Captain Zipline, adventure-seekers will find what they are looking for in Salida, Colorado as they skyrocket over slot canyons and jagged rock formations. The zipline course at Captain Zipline consists of six heart pounding, exhilarating lines, and has been voted one of the best ziplines in the country and in the world by publications such as USA Today, National Geographic’s travel blog, and Men’s Fitness Magazine. Anyone over the age of six and between 55 and 250 lbs (190 lbs for women) is welcome to take part in this epic adventure, which operates year round.

1500 Co Rd 45, Salida, CO 81201, Phone: 719-207-4947

13. Moaning Cavern Adventure Park

Moaning Cavern Adventure Park
© patiwat/

Moaning Caverns Adventure Park is the proud home of the largest single cave chamber in the entire state of California. They offer twin ziplines that run parallel to one another so guests can ride and soar with their friends and loved ones, or race down the zipline to see who gets there first. Moaning Cavern Adventure Park allows tandem line riding, where there are two riders who share a zipline trolley, and regular ziplining for those who fall within the specified weight and height requirements. All necessary equipment is provided, and the zipline experience takes about 45 minutes in total, making it one of the shorter ziplines on this list, but no less fun.

5350 Moaning Cave Rd, Vallecito, CA 95251, Phone: 209-736-2708

14. Royal Gorge Rafting & Zipline Tours

Royal Gorge Rafting & Zipline Tours
© Alise/

Canon City, Colorado is a little Wild West town located along the bottom of Royal Gorge, a massive canyon of the Arkansas River that reaches depths of over twelve hundred feet. It’s enough to induce a bit of vertigo in even the bravest visitors, so in the typical style of humans, we built a zipline over it. The very brave can opt to zipline across Royal Gorge, which features a state of the art “Flight Line”—a free fall belay system which is the first of its kind in the world. The incredible, world-class ziptour features up to 11 lines and with speeds of more than 55 miles per hour, is one of the fastest in the world.

15. Ski Apache

Ski Apache
© macknimal/

When it’s not busy being a major skiing destination in the winter, Ski Apache opens up its slopes during the off season as a zipline destination. High mountain elevations mean that ziplining with Ski Apache offers some amazing views of the surrounding region, and the highest elevation of all the ziplines gets guests up to over eleven thousand feet. The total length of all the lines on the zip tour clocks in at 8,890 feet, and because of the elevation and grade of the lines, it’s not unheard of to reach speeds as high as 60 miles per hour. The ZipTour has three main segments, and takes about an hour and a half, with an option for side by side ziplining as well.

1286 Ski Run Rd, Alto, NM 88312, Phone: 575-464-3600

16. Soaring Tree Top Adventures

Soaring Tree Top Adventures
© Soaring Tree Top Adventures

Soaring Tree Top Adventures is one of the longest zip line courses in the world, with over a mile and a half in total along its many lines. This eco friendly course in Durango, Colorado, is a full day experience, which begins with a ride on the famous and scenic Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train through the mountains to the beginning of the zipline course. The zipline itself is safe for all ages, though small children may have to ride tandem, and the cool mountain air, combined with the spectacular views of Animas River and the ancient Ponderosa Pines that grow in thick groves along the steep sides of the San Juan Mountains will thrill guests just as much as the high speeds and soaring heights of the zip line itself.

964 Co Rd 200, Durango, CO 81301, 970-769-2357

17. Spring Mountain

Spring Mountain
© dieter76/

There is a huge variety of zipline tours offered at Spring Mountain in the Poconos. SOme of the canopy tour options include the Junior Explorers Tour, which is specifically designed with younger guests from ages six to twelve in mind, the Easy Rider Tour which is great for large groups and beginners who wants a scaled-down experience, and The Full Monty, which takes groups of 6-12 through the entire course over two to three hours. There is also the Heart of Darkness Tour, which is similar to The Full Monty except it’s done under the stars once the sun goes down, and the Date Night Tour, which is exactly like Heart of Darkness but designed to be a romantic bonding experience for couples.

757 SPRING MOUNT ROAD, SPRING MOUNT, PA 19478, Phone: 610-287-7900

18. Tamarack Resort

Tamarack Resort

Starting at 1800 feet above the ground, the zipline course at Tamarack Resort in Idaho gives its guests the opportunity to gain a bird’s eye view of the valley below as they zip and zoom through the air above the West Central Mountains. The ziplines at Tamarack Resort typically open for the season beginning in June, and close in the fall once snow begins to appear in the forecast and the resort looks ahead to ski season. Voted the Number One Zipline in Idaho, Tamarack Resort has over 3500 feet of lines, suspension bridges, and treehouses, with eight lines and a tour that lasts anywhere from two to four hours, depending on the size of the group.

311 Village Dr, Tamarack, ID 83615, Phone: 208-325-1000

19. The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park

The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park
© The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park

At The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park, a gorgeous blue lake is what’s beneath the 155 foot high zipline. Adventures by air include The Canyons’ 1100 foot long zipline as well as a number of others, and tour packages include a Sky High Tour with three ziplines, the Treetop Express with five lines and two suspension bridges, and the Big Cliff Canyon course, which features nine ziplines, two sky bridges, and rappelling, over the course of three hours. They also offer an “I’m Undecided” package for those who aren’t sure what they’re looking for, and night time tours under the light of the full moon.

8045 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala, FL 34475, Phone: 352-351-9477

20. The XTREME ZipRider

The XTREME ZipRider
© aquatarkus/

The Olympic Park in Utah was constructed for the 2002 Olympics, but since then, it’s become a world-class sports park with many uses throughout the year. One of these seasonal uses is the XTREME ZipRider, a major attraction that tens of thousands of people flock to each year. The XTREME ZipRider is a 1500 foot long zipline with a staggering 60% grade, making it not just the steepest zipline in North America, but the steepest in the entire world. With four cables side by side, riders can race down this heart pounding line at speeds of up to 60 mph.

3419 Olympic Pkwy, Park City, UT 84098, Phone: 435-658-4200

21. Zip Line USA

Zip Line USA
© Ammit/

Zip Line USA is the largest zipline in Missouri, with nine lines that reach heights of up to 350 feet in the air. The zipline course is comprised nearly three miles total of lines, the longest of which is over three thousand feet long, all of which is located on a gorgeous little nature park. In fact, for those in the group that don’t want to zipline or can’t join in the fun for any reason, Zip Line USA offers the Zip View Nature Trail. On the Zip View Nature Trail, guests can watch the rest of their group soar through the skies from the safety of the ground, where they will find scenic trails that are safe (but a bit bumpy) for strollers and wheelchairs, and contain benches for resting and sightseeing.

3335 US-160, Reeds Spring, MO 65737, Phone: 417-559-5398

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