Dunedin is one of the very best cities to visit if you’re looking to spend some time on a Florida beach. Lots of genuinely world class beaches can be found within a few miles of the city, and the only problem you’ll have is deciding which one to visit first. With so much choice, it can be hard to pick the right beach for you.

That’s where our Dunedin beach guide comes in. The information below will be able to help you learn all you need to know about the best beaches in Dunedin and the surrounding area.

1. Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Island State Park
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Caladesi Island State Park can be found just a 10-15 minute drive away from Dunedin and is one of the best beach spots in the local area. It's quite close to Clearwater Beach too, so you can spend a full day here hopping between the two locations. Caladesi Island is well-suited for a huge range of activities from calming, relaxing sunbathing sessions to water sport adventures like kayaking and surfing. Fishing is also popular in this area too, but the island is only accessible by boat, so you'll need to pay for a ticket on a private charter or the Caladesi Island Ferry. The park is equipped with plenty of simple amenities like camping facilities, picnic areas, and more, but doesn't have any vendors, bars, or eateries, so you'll need to bring your own food and drinks. Read about the most beautiful white sand beaches in Florida.

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2. Honeymoon Island State Park

Honeymoon Island State Park
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Along with Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island State Park is the other major state park in the Dunedin area. It's only five miles away from Dunedin, so you can get here in just a few minutes by car. Like Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island has the advantage of providing the perfect conditions for a myriad of fun activities including sunbathing, fishing, swimming, and shelling. There's also a dog-friendly spot at this Dunedin beach, so if you want to bring a furry friend along for some fun in the sun, you can. The local wilderness can be a lot of fun to explore as well, with scenic hiking trails, and the island features a few rental shops and food vendors, offering all the amenities you need.

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3. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach
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Unquestionably the most famous beach in the Dunedin area and also one of the best-known beaches in all of North America, Clearwater Beach is a must-visit location for any Florida resident or visitor. It's situated about 15 minutes away from Dunedin and is famous for its exceptionally crystal clear waters and remarkably soft white sands. The beach is open all day long and equipped with all the amenities you could hope to find, including ample parking areas, clean restrooms, public showers, concessions, and more. As soon as you step foot on the silky, sugary sands of this Dunedin beach, you simply won't want to leave.

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4. St Pete Beach

St Pete Beach
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Located in the nearby city of St Petersburg, St Pete Beach is easy to access from Dunedin and has a lot to offer. Gorgeous views, warm waters, and soft sands are found all around this beach, making it just right for swimming, sunbathing, and much more. The waves can also get pretty big a little way off the shore, so lots of surfers like to gather at this Dunedin beach and test out their skills. Kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding are possible here too, so St Pete Beach is really well-suited for everyone. No matter what kind of fun you’re looking to have, you’ll find it here, and this beach is also well-served with hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and the local shipping streets of the city. Florida beaches offer a cheap way to enjoy the state's natural beauty.

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5. Dunedin Causeway

Dunedin Causeway
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Featuring 2.5 miles of beautiful beach, the Dunedin Causeway Beach is a great place to visit while in Florida. This spectacular beach connects the Honeymoon Island State Park to the Bayshore Boulevard and is embraced by the relaxing St. Joseph Sound. With spacious and well-kept amenities as well as a ton of available parking, it’s no surprise that Dunedin Causeway is a go-to beach for locals and visitors alike. Visitors to Dunedin Causeway Beach can enjoy a range of activities with fishing, watercraft, and your typical beach activities all available at one spot. As far as Florida sunsets go, Dunedin is undeniably a great place to watch the sun go down.

Causeway Boulevard, Dunedin, Florida 34698

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6. More Info About Dunedin, FL Beaches

More Info About Dunedin, FL Beaches
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Florida is one of the most visited states of America, with millions of visitors being drawn in by major attractions like the Walt Disney World Resort hotels and theme parks and the many attractions of cities like Orlando and Miami. However, away from all the man-made touristic locations, Florida also has a natural side which is simply breathtaking. Whether you’re cruising through the Everglades on a motor boat or kayaking around the Florida Keys, there’s a lot to love about the natural wilderness of the Sunshine State. Florida is also home to some of the very best beaches you could ever imagine, with several great beach resort areas like Tampa Bay and Fort Myers. Read about the best Florida weekend getaways for a relaxing vacation.

Located in Pinellas County on the western coast of the state, Dunedin is one of Florida's most incredible beach resort towns, but the local area never gets too crowded or busy. Named in reference to the Gaelic name for Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, Dunedin was settled back in 1852 and has grown over the years into a beloved beach destination. Many of the best beaches not just in America, but in the entire world, can be found just short distances away from this city, making it a prime spot to base yourself for a beach vacation in the Sunshine State. Check out these Gulf Coast beaches for an inexpensive relaxing day out.

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