North Florida is home to some of the finest beaches in all of North America. This part of the state isn’t quite as sunny or hot as the southern cities, but it still gets a lot of sunshine and very warm temperatures all year long, offering just the right conditions for beach activities and water sports.

If you’re looking for some of the best beaches in North Florida, read through the guide below to learn more.

1. Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
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If you're in search of a beach with a chilled out vibe and a lot of amazing views in every direction, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in South Walton is the place to be. Visitors to this beach instantly fall in love with the views and stunning dunes here. The waters are also excellent, with gentle waves and crystal clear shallows for paddling, splashing, wading, and swimming. You'll find some basic amenities here too including restrooms, showers, and changing areas, but there aren't any concessions or cafes so you'll have to bring along your own snacks and drinks. Browse our things to do in Florida guide for more ideas.

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2. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach
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Panama City Beach is one of the biggest beaches in all of Florida, running for over 20 miles in total. The fascinating thing about this beach is that because it's so long, the vibe and conditions can change greatly from one section to the next. Some parts of Panama City Beach are quite lively, with a real party atmosphere and lots of things to do, while others are much quieter and calmer, perfect for people who want to enjoy a little peace and tranquility. Some sections of the beach offer great conditions for diving, while others are good for fishing or shelling.

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3. Grayton Beach, North Florida

Grayton Beach, North Florida
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Unlike many of Florida's beaches, which have been greatly affected and transformed by the state's thriving tourism industry, Grayton Beach is relatively untouched and pristine, offering a thoroughly calming, tranquil atmosphere. You can really get away from it all at this beach, without any towering hotels or resorts to be seen. It’s a purely natural environment and really lets visitors get in touch with the wonder and majesty of the Floridian wilderness. More Florida weekend getaways

4. St. George Island State Park

St. George Island State Park
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Located up on the Florida Panhandle, St. George Island State Park is home to some of the softest, whitest sands you could ever imagine.

As soon as you step foot on this beach, you'll want to take off your shoes and feel the unparalleled sensation of your toes sinking into those silky smooth powder.

There are many miles of sand to be explored here and great conditions for swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and kayaking, with lots of scenic hiking and cycling trails in the surrounding park as well.

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5. Jacksonville Beach, North Florida

Jacksonville Beach, North Florida
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One of the finest beaches in the northeastern part of Florida, Jacksonville Beach is situated in the state's biggest city, which makes it a very popular beach. The nearby city streets offer all the amenities and services you could hope to find, including lots of stores, bars, cafes, and upscale restaurants. So you can spend a full day lazing around on the sand before taking a slow stroll into town and sitting down for a top class meal. Some extraordinary views can be seen from this beach and you can even take a trip over to nearby Amelia Island for even more fun in the sun. Browse beaches near Orlando for more ideas.

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6. Pensacola Beach, North Florida

Pensacola Beach, North Florida
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Located on Santa Rosa, which is one of Florida's many barrier islands, Pensacola Beach runs for around eight miles in total, meaning there's more than enough space for everyone to spread out without feeling crowded. Even when special occasions like the 4th of July come along and the crowds start to gather, you can still keep walking and find a perfectly peaceful spot to sit and relax. The beaches here are fitted out with lots of good amenities like restrooms and lifeguards, and the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is a super spot to do some fishing. More Florida beaches

7. More Info About Beaches in North Florida

More Info About Beaches in North Florida
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Each year, millions of people head on down to Florida to enjoy the state’s sunny weather, exceptional attractions, beautiful beaches, and rich wilderness. The Sunshine State really stands out as one of the most special states of them all, especially for recreation and nature. Essentially, it’s one of the best places in all of the United States of America for people of all ages to have fun. Whether you’re riding on Space Mountain and meeting Mickey Mouse in the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, keeping an eye out for alligators down in the Everglades, or relaxing on one of the state’s many breathtaking, world class beaches, Florida is one of the best places in America to have a good time.

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One of the state’s biggest attractions is its exceptionally long coastline that runs all down the eastern side, looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean, and around to the west, looking out onto the Gulf of Mexico and leading up to the Florida Panhandle. This huge length of shore gives Florida an extensive number of beaches. Many of the state’s most popular beaches tend to be found in the southern part of the state where the weather is warmest. Areas like Naples, Miami, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Cape Coral stand out as a few of the best beach cities in the state. However, there are hundreds of wonderful beaches in North Florida too. More places to visit in Florida on your trip.

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