Prepare to be enthralled by Portugal. This small country at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula is packed with diverse and affordable attractions. It's a country dotted with hilltop castles and wrapped in stunning beaches. Visitors will appreciate the hat tip to Portugal's maritime prowess at the Monument to the Discoveries, which commemorates Henry the Navigator and the Portuguese overseas expansion. Lisbon Oceanarium immortalizes the centuries-old relationship between Portugal and the ocean.

1. 25 de Abril Bridge

25 de Abril Bridge
© Courtesy of neirfy -

The 25 de Abril Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the 1.5 miles over the Tagus River, and it is commonly known as the Golden Gate's twin sister due to its likeness to San Francisco's iconic bridge. Its infrastructure holds a world record as it stands on basalt rock 262 feet below the riverbed. It also has the longest central span in Europe, spanning over 3,300 feet. Below the bridge is a beautiful dock and marina known as the Doca de Santo Amaro, which features several bars and restaurants and is the best location from which to view the bridge.

Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-252-947-920

2. Monastery of Alcobaca

Monastery of Alcobaca
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The Monastery of Alcobaca is a National Monument and one of the most well-known and greatest examples of spatial philosophy and Cistercian architecture. It was established in 1153, and was the last nunnery to be founded during St. Bernard's lifetime. The first entirely Gothic structure in Portugal, this religious complex offers visitors an in-depth look into the Cistercian religious order. Among the most notable sites within this compound is the monastery church itself, consecrated in 1252; the King Dinis Cloister, an area for meditation and reading; and the Reliquary Chapel, featuring 89 sculptures on six levels. The Tombs of King Pedro and Ines de Castro are also located within the monastery.

2460-018 Alcobaca, Portugal, Phone: 351-262-505-128

3. Avenida de Liberdade

Avenida de Liberdade
© Courtesy of Carson Liu -

Avenida de Liberdade was built in 1879 and was designed to mirror the boulevards of Paris. It stretches for nearly a mile north of Restauradores and is almost 300 feet wide, featuring pedestrian pathways surrounded by beautifully decorated gardens. Known for being the premier shopping boulevard in Lisbon, it features designer boutiques, architecturally stunning mansions, theatres, hotels, and quaint cafes. It is the central nervous system for the city, connecting Lisbon's central district with Praca Marques de Pombal. Visitors to this shopping mecca will find every high-end shop imaginable, including Armani Exchange, Burberry, Carolina Herrera, Cartier, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Prada.

Avenida de Liberdade, 1250-096 Lisbon, Portugal

4. Belem Palace

Belem Palace
© Courtesy of Downunderphoto -

The Belem Palace was constructed in 1559 and has been the home of Portugal's presidents since 1910. It's nestled high on a hill surrounded by majestic gardens. Visitors are welcome in the palace on Saturdays, when they can peruse the various rooms that still retain the regal splendor of years past. The front of the palace features a stunning square that showcases a marvelous garden space with a 65-foot-tall statue of Alfonso de Albuquerque, the governor of Portuguese India, at its center. The palace also houses the Presidency Museum, which can be visited every day, educating visitors on the history of Portuguese presidents and the republic.

Calcada de Ajuda, 1349-022 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-213-614-600

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5. Museu Colecao Berardo

Museu Colecao Berardo
© Museu Colecao Berardo

The Museu Colecao Berardo is a modern and contemporary art complex that features the permanent collection of Berardo artworks as well as a variety of temporary exhibitions. These traveling showcases display the works of artists from various cultural backgrounds who, through their differing styles of art, have shaped art history throughout the last century. The museum compound is a family-friendly environment, featuring activities such as family-visit workshops that foster learning in a unique way. This allows visitors to get well acquainted with artistic greats such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, and Helena Almeida.

Praca do Imperio, 1449-003 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 213-612-878

6. Zoomarine Algarve

Zoomarine Algarve
© Courtesy of Mike Price -

Zoomarine Algarve is a unique aquatic park in Guia, where there is no shortage of attractions. Visitors will enjoy dolphin, sea lion, and seal presentations as well as demonstrations featuring birds of prey. There is an astounding aquarium of sharks, a 4D cinema, and amusement rides. A park highlight is the Zoomarine Beach, a saltwater wave beach surrounded by sand and exciting water slides. They even offer Discover the Aquarium guided tours. Expert guides take groups on a detailed journey through the aquarium, disclosing interesting facts about its inhabitants, such as which sea creatures glow in the dark and which change genders over their lifetimes.

EN 125- Km 65, Guia 8201-864 Albufeira, Portugal, Phone: 351-289-560-300

7. Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
© Courtesy of quasarphotos -

The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum features an impressive collection of modern art that allows visitors to explore Portuguese art from the last few decades of the 19th century to the present day. The permanent collections are set up in geographical and chronological order to establish two separate circuits on the tour. The first course focuses on classical and oriental art displaying Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Armenian, and Greco-Roman works, and the second explores European art. The museum also exhibits the Founder's Collection, a private collection accumulated by Calouste Gulbenkian displaying more than 5,000 years of history, one of the most influential compilations of international art in the world.

Avenida de Berna, 45A, 1067-001 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-217-823-000

8. Conimbriga

© Courtesy of curto -

Conimbriga is a National Monument and ancient city, the biggest preserved Roman settlement in Portugal. The excavation of this site has been conducted in layers, many of which date back to the Iron Age. To date, archeologists have uncovered city walls that are mostly intact, the foundations of several houses, and the remains of public buildings, mosaic floors, and baths that expose the system of stone heating ducts. Archeologists state that although they've uncovered much, only about 10% of the city has been unearthed. This site also features a museum of objects found during the digs, a gift shop, and a café.

Conimbriga, Condeixa-a-Velha 3150-220 Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal, Phone: 351-239-941-177

9. Cultural Centre of Belem

Cultural Centre of Belem
© Cultural Centre of Belem

The Centro Cultural de Belem (CCB), is a giant complex that presents touring ballets, art exhibitions, and operas; it's also where the Berardo Museum has its home. Visitors will find that the center showcases an extensive schedule of events throughout the year. The Cultural Centre also offers 90-minute guided tours of the grounds, giving guests a detailed history and a behind-the-scenes look at the complex. There are four dining options at Cultural Centre of Belem: Commenda, ideal for pre-show dinners; the Este Oeste, a fine dining eatery; Bar Terraco, a relaxed informal restaurant; and the café Sandwich, ideal for light meals and snacks.

Praca do Imperio, 1449-003 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-213-612-627

10. Igreja de Sao Roque

Igreja de Sao Roque
© Courtesy of rudiernst -

Igreja de Sao Roque is a 16th-century Renaissance Jesuit church designed by Sao Vicente architect Filippo Terzi in 1574. The simple exterior contradicts the magnificence within, featuring a prominent center with a painted wood ceiling and lined with chapels packed with baroque art. Igreja de Sao Roque is most well known for the intricate Chapel of St. John the Baptist, which is the last one on the left. Within the church, visitors will find several paintings that illustrate scenes from the Jesuit saints' lives and a magnificent assortment of baroque silver. It also includes priceless sacred artifacts, including a thorn from the Crown of Thorns.

Largo Trindade Coelho, 1200-470 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-213-460-361

11. The Baxia District

The Baxia District
© Courtesy of gustavofrazao -

The Baxia District is the center of Lisbon, stretching from Avenida da Liberdade to the banks of the River Tagus, nestled in the middle of the two hills of Chiado and Alfama. This neighborhood features several beautiful plazas, connected by straight avenues that are lined with stunning examples of 18th-century architecture. This district is filled with awe-inspiring attractions including the Praca do Comercio, the most palatial of the plazas; Igreja do Carmo Church, a small archaeological museum; and Praca Dos Restauradores. Visitors will also find beautiful gems like the Elevador Santa Justa, a lift that takes guests up a steep hill to the ruins of Carmo Church.

Relojes Casio Baixa Pombalina, 1100-042 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-210-312-700

12. Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium
© Courtesy of Vlada Z -

The Lisbon Oceanarium opened in 1998, immortalizing the centuries-old relationship between Lisbon and the ocean. This giant public aquarium is the most visited attraction in Portugal, and is well known throughout the world as one of the most prestigious aquariums. The Oceanarium comprises two buildings, the Oceans Building and the Sea Building. They are interconnected by a large, open court in the front that displays a beautiful 55-thousand tile panel. Its permanent exhibition features 8,000 sea animals in almost 1.3 million gallons of salt water, with four marine habitats represented. Visitors will see everything from water birds and mammals to invertebrates, amphibians, fishes, plants, and algae.

Esplanada Dom Carlos I s/n/, 1990-005, Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-218-917-001

13. Jardin Zoologico

Jardin Zoologico
© Courtesy of Vlada Z -

Jardin Zoologico gives visitors the chance to virtually travel the natural world without ever leaving Lisbon, while also supporting a leading conservation project. Guests make their way to the California coast, where the sea lions reside, before heading to Cuba to get up close and personal with snakes and reptiles. The African route has guests interacting with chimpanzees and gorillas, while giraffes and elephants call the Savannah their home. The forest allows visitors to watch various animal species, including okapis, before they head to Madagascar to check out lemurs. It all ends at the Children's Farm, which returns guests back to Portugal.

Estrada de Benifica, 158-160, 1549-004 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-217-232-920

14. Livraria Lello

Livraria Lello
© Courtesy of eldeiv -

Livraria Lello is a historic bookstore opened by the Lello brothers Jose and Antonio in 1906 after they commissioned architect Francisco Xaviar Esteves to build it in the 19th century. This neo-Gothic masterpiece has been a literary staple since the beginning of the 20th-century, housing a vast number of books and other written works on two expansive floors as well as on a stunning mezzanine. It remains a source of inspiration for acclaimed authors, and is utilized as a space for performances and social gatherings. Livraria Lello draws in thousands of visitors each year, from avid readers to those fascinated by history and architecture.

R. das Carmelitas 144, 4050-161 Porto, Portugal, Phone: 351-222-002-037

15. National Coaches Museum

National Coaches Museum
© National Coaches Museum

The National Coaches Museum opened in 1905 and contains the biggest and most prized collection of its kind in the world. Originally part of the Belem Palace, this 18th-century riding school was lavishly decorated, showcasing the flashiness and overwhelming wealth of the Portuguese elite at the time. On the museum's 110th anniversary it was moved across the street in order to display all the carriages and accessories that could not be previously shown. The new building was designed by renowned architect and Pritzker Prize-winner Paulo Mendes da Rocha, offering a setting worthy of its beautiful royal artisan carriages.

Avenida da India 136, 1300-004 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-210-732-319

16. National Museum of Ancient Art

National Museum of Ancient Art
© Courtesy of Jonathan Stutz -

The National Museum of Ancient Art was established in 1884 and has called the Palacio Alvor its home for nearly 130 years. It has the most extensive and significant public collection of Portuguese art, featuring everything from sculptures and ceramics to drawings and paintings as well as gold and silverware. It also showcases decorative arts from Africa, Europe, and the Far East consisting of more than 40,000 items, many of which have been classified national treasures by the State. Some of their noted pieces are the Panels of St. Vincent by Nuno Goncalves, created in 1470, and the Belem Monstrance, the most iconic work by a Portuguese goldsmith.

R. das Janelas Verdes, 1249-017 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-213-912-880

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17. Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Padrao dos Descobrimentos
© Courtesy of saiko3p -

The Monument to the Discoveries commemorates Dom Henrique – Henry the Navigator – and the Portuguese overseas expansion. First conceived and built with temporary materials in 1940 for the Portuguese World Exhibition, it was made permanent in 1960, the 500th anniversary of the death of Dom Henrique. The rose-tinted stone monument has an interior auditorium and exhibition hall. The monument appears to be setting off to sea with a figure of Dom Henrique. There are 32 cultural figures ascending the monument that symbolize navigators, warriors, cartographers, colonizers, missionaries, writers, and artists who all played parts in the age of the Discoveries. A viewing platform offers a panoramic vista of the area.

Avenida Brasilia 1400-038 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-213-031-950

18. Palace of Ajuda

Palace of Ajuda
© Courtesy of StockPhotosArt -

The Ajuda National Palace was begun in 1802, but after the royal family fled Portugal for Brazil during the Napoleonic Wars, construction slowed. In 1861, Ajuda Palace finally become the residence of the Portuguese monarchy until 1910, when the Portuguese Republic was established and the palace was closed. It reopened in 1968 as a museum with collections from the 15th to 20th centuries. Visitors can view an array of decorative arts, including ceramics, sculpture, photography, jewelry, metals, furniture, gold and silverware, paintings, textiles, civilian objects, costumes of the royal family, and decorative glass objects from the palace. The palace is still used for official ceremonies.

Largo de Ajuda, 1349-021 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-213-637-095

19. Palace Mafra

Palace Mafra
© Courtesy of jorisvo -

Mafra National Palace is an icon of European baroque expression and is Portugal's most important baroque monument. The monument complex, which includes the palace, convent, basilica, library, and game park, opened as a museum in 1911. The royal convent and palace have 1,200 rooms and 29 inner courtyards. The library contains 36,000 volumes in diverse thematic collections from the 15th to 18th centuries. The convent, which once housed 300 Franciscan monks, is now headquarters for the School of the Arms. The basilica has six pipe organs, a significant collection of baroque Italian sculptures, and a distinguished set of two historic carillons with 98 bells. Admission is free the first Sunday of the month.

Terreiro D. Joao V 2640-492 Mafra, Portugal, Phone: 351-261-817-550

20. Palace of Queluz

Palace of Queluz
© Courtesy of Jose Ignacio Soto -

The National Palace of Queluz has been a National Monument since 1910 and is part of the Parques de Sintra UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape designation. Originally built as a summer home, the royal family became so enamored with the palace that they made it their permanent home from 1794 until leaving for Brazil in 1807. The palace and gardens are a masterpiece in merging the architecture with the gardens. Visitors can follow the recommended itinerary, which features 23 highlights that include the throne room, music room, chapel, archers' room (where archers guarded the palace), the Hall of the Ambassadors, Robillion Pavilion, and royal private living spaces. Docent-led tours are also available.

Parques de Sintra, Monte da Lua S.A., Parque de Monserrate, 2710-405 Sintra, Portugal, Phone: 351-219-237-300

21. Roman Temple of Evora

Roman Temple of Evora
© Courtesy of joserpizarro -

The Roman Temple of Evora is also sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Diana Temple. The original temple was constructed in the first century with twelve stone Corinthian pillars that wrap around three sides and an entrance with stairs the width of the fourth side. The significance of the temple of Evora is demonstrated by its location atop the highest point in the area. Visitors will find the Roman Temple of Evora in the Largo Conde de Vila Flor square, where it is the central feature; it's near the Jardin de Diana gardens, the Museum of Evora, Sé Cathedral, and the Palacio da Inquisicao. It can be visited at any time and there is no entrance fee.

Largo do Conde de Vila Flor, 7000-863 Evora, Portugal, Phone: 351-266-769-450

22. Rossio Square

Rossio Square
© Courtesy of andrii lutsyk -

Rossio Square is the most popular plaza in Lisbon, a place where visitors love to sit back and people watch, or dine at one of the many charming outdoor cafes like the celebrated art deco-style Café Nicola. In the center of the square is an 88-foot-tall monument, a pedestal featuring marble allegories of Wisdom, Strength, Justice, and Moderation, qualities associated with Dom Pedro IV, whose statue tops the monument. There are two beautiful baroque fountains on each side of the plaza. The Dona Maria II National Theater, a neoclassical building that is awe-inspiring, can be found to the north of the square.

Praca Dom Pedro IV, 1100-200 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-968-412-612

23. Rua Augusta Arch

Rua Augusta Arch
© Courtesy of StockPhotosArt -

The Rua Augusta Arch is on the north end of the Praca do Comercio. Constructed in the 19th century, it was created to serve as a symbol of the Portuguese capital's rehabilitation after its destruction in the 1755 earthquake. It consists of six columns, some reaching a height of 36 feet in order to support the arch, and is decorated with statues created by Portuguese sculptor Vitor Bastos. Many of these sculptures are of historical figures, including Vasco de Gama and the Marquis of Pombal. French sculptor Celestin Anatole Calmels created the colossal figures that sit on top of the arch, which represent Glory rewarding Genius and Valor.

Rua Augusta 2, 1100-053 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-808-203-232

24. Santa Justa Lift

Santa Justa Lift
© Courtesy of picturist -

The Elevator de Santa Justa was constructed by Raul Mesnier de Ponsard, who studied under the famed iron craftsman Gustave Eiffel, designer of the iconic Eiffel Tower. After completing his studies with Eiffel, Mesnier de Ponsard returned to Lisbon and began his iron masterpiece. This Industrial Age gem is both beautiful and functional, featuring an iron structure, neo-Gothic arches, and luxurious wood carriages that take passengers from the Baixa District to the ruins of the Igreja do Carmo Church in style. This is one of Lisbon's most prominent tourist attractions due to its usability, affordability, and viewing platform at the top, which provides panoramic views of central Lisbon.

R. do Ouro, 1150-060 Lisbon, Portugal, Phone: 351-214-138-679

25. Bom Jesus do Monte

Bom Jesus do Monte
© Courtesy of venemama -

Bom Jesus do Monte is a sanctuary sitting atop a 985-foot-high slope; it can be reached by foot, tram, or car, although many prefer to go by foot. This preference is due to the stairway that leads to the iconic church, which features 17 landings, each decorated with symbolic fountains, statues, and various other baroque-style adornments. Many of these landings have themes, such as the five senses and Stations of the Cross. The last landing before reaching the church features the eight biblical figures who aided in the conviction of Jesus. Visitors will then enter the Italian-influenced neoclassical church that showcases paintings by Pedro Alexandrino.

Bom Jesus do Monte, Tenoes, Braga, Portugal, Phone: 351-253-676-636

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What are the top attractions to visit in Portugal?

The top attractions to visit in Portugal according to local experts are:

Where to Stay in Portugal

Quinta da Casa Branca

Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and grounds and a sprawling banana plantation, Quinta da Casa Branca is a luxe, contemporary hotel with a manor house annex that offers stylish accommodations, world-class facilities, and gracious hospitality. Located just a few kilometers from the beautiful Formosa Beach and the historic Cathedral of Funchal, the boutique hotel features refined, airy rooms with sumptuous living areas, en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers and deluxe toiletries, and modern conveniences such as flat-screen satellite televisions, minibars, coffee machines, and wireless Internet access. Some suites are located in a 19th-century manor house, and most rooms and suites have balconies or terraces with lovely garden views. An enticing breakfast buffet is served in the pretty garden pavilion, and other guest amenities include an opulent restaurant and bar with panoramic countryside views, a chic day spa and fully equipped gym, a heated outdoor swimming pool, a fully-stocked library, and comfortable lounge. Quinta da Casa Branca's 24-hour reception staff can arrange a variety of services such as private jeep tours around the Island, sailing trips and guided walks, car, and bike rentals and private airport transfers.

R. da Casa Branca 7, 9000-088 Funchal, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-91-70-07-70

The Yeatman

The Yeatman is an award-winning boutique hotel that focuses on fine dining and rare vintage wines. The five-star wine hotel features the two-Michelin star-awarded Yeatman Restaurant which serves Portuguese cuisine made with fresh, local produce accompanied by fine wines, along with world-class facilities such as a luxury spa, a state-of-the-art gym, and an outdoor swimming pool. Beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites have spacious, private terraces furnished with sun loungers, ample living spaces and en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers and deluxe toiletries from the Caudalie skincare range, and modern conveniences such as flat-screen satellite televisions, minibars, coffee machines, and wireless Internet access. Lavish, cushioned seating areas around the outdoor pool offer unfettered views of the Douro River, and specialty Portuguese wines can be enjoyed every Thursday during customized wine tastings. Conveniently located in Vila Nova de Gaia, the Yeatman Hotel is within walking distance of the General Torres Station and the Douro River.

Rua do Choupelo, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-20-13-31-00

Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa

Set high on a clifftop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Alporchinhos, Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa is a spectacular Moorish-style hotel surrounded by lush tropical gardens with deluxe guest rooms and suites, several swimming pools and an exclusive spa. Spacious guest rooms and suites have sitting areas, private bathrooms, and modern amenities, and private balconies or terraces boast charming views of the Atlantic Ocean and Armação de Pêra. The luxury Vila Vita’s Spa features 12 treatment rooms, a yoga garden pavilion and offers revolutionary body sculpting techniques, and a fully equipped gym, tennis courts, and mini-golf are available for keeping fit. The resort is also home to ten restaurants and six bars, a fully stocked wine cellar with rare vintages, an on-site nursery, and a children’s play park.

Rua Anneliese Pohl, Alporchinhos, 8400-450 Porches, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-82-31-01-00

Six Senses Douro Valley

Set on a hill with breathtaking views of the patchwork terraced vineyards of the Douro Valley and the meandering Douro River, the Six Senses Douro Valley is a superb five-star hotel set in a newly renovated 19th-century manor house with world-class facilities. Combining the rich history of the region with unrivaled grace and charm, Six Senses Douro Valley features beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites with contemporary interiors, classical décor, en-suite bathrooms, rain showers, and designer toiletries, modern comforts such as air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, minibars, and complimentary wireless Internet. Luxury facilities include an exclusive spa and wellness center with ten treatment rooms, a heated indoor swimming pool, aromatic saunas, arctic showers, and water beds. There is also a state-of-the-art gym with professional trainers, a Wine Library, and an award-winning restaurant serving gourmet cuisine and fine wines from around the world.

Quinta Vale de Abrão, 5100-758 Samodães,Lamego, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-54-66-06-00

Olissippo Lapa Palace Hotel

Nestled in a lush, sub-tropical garden on a hilltop overlooking the Tagus River, the Olissippo Lapa Palace Hotel is a luxurious five-star hotel that was built in 19th-century and offers an unparalleled experience. Exuding an Old-World charm and grace, the elegant hotel features beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites with spacious seating areas, marble bathrooms with deluxe amenities, satellite televisions, and balconies and spectacular views of the Tagus River, swimming pool or the gardens. Upscale facilities at the hotel include an exclusive spa and wellness center with a sauna and a Turkish bath, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a fully equipped modern gym. The Restaurant Hotel Lapa serves authentic Mediterranean cuisine and regional wines, and signature cocktails and fresh fruit juices can be enjoyed at Le Pavillion. The hotel’s stylish outdoor terrace hosts live music in the summer months.

Rua do Pau de Bandeira 4, 1249-021 Lisboa, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-13-94-94-94

InterContinental Porto - Palacio das Cardosas

Set in an exquisitely renovated 18th-century palace in the historical center of Porto, the InterContinental Porto - Palacio das Cardosas is a luxurious five-star hotel with deluxe guest rooms and suites overlooking the city and the iconic Clérigos Tower, and high-end facilities such as an exclusive spa and state-of-the-art fitness center. Stylishly appointed guest rooms and suite have contemporary décor with period elements and antique furnishings, high ceilings, marble en-suite bathrooms with rain showers and designer toiletries, modern conveniences such as air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, and complimentary wireless Internet. The Restaurant Astoria serves a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes with a contemporary twist, along with a selection of fine Portuguese wines and the Cardosas Bar offers signature cocktails, port wines and craft beers in a relaxing setting. The lively Galerias de Paris, the UNESCO World Heritage Ribeira area, and the City Market Bolhão are all a short walk from the hotel.

Praça da Liberdade 25, 4000-322 Porto, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-20-03-56-00

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The Cliff Bay

Set high on a cliff of a natural peninsula, The Cliff Bay is a sophisticated hotel with provides panoramic Atlantic Ocean views and private access to the beach. Boasting an award-winning, two-Michelin star restaurant, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and top-of-the-range spa and wellness facilities, the boutique hotel is the perfect choice for travelers wanting relaxation, nature and gorgeous scenery. Elegantly appointed guest rooms and suites have marble en-suite bathrooms with rain showers and designer toiletries, modern conveniences such as air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, and complimentary wireless Internet, and furnished balconies provide unfettered ocean views. Other deluxe facilities at the hotel include tennis courts, a games room, and library, and three casual cafés and bars overlooking the sea. The Cliff Bay is located within a five-minute drive from the center of Funchal.

Estrada Monumental 147, Funchal, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-91-70-77-00

Myriad by SANA Hotels

Located on the banks of the Tagus River and with panoramic views, the MYRIAD by Sana Hotels is a futuristic oasis that offers luxurious, contemporary accommodation, high-end facilities, including a high-end spa and wellness center, an indoor swimming pool and gourmet restaurant, and world-class service and hospitality. Spacious guest rooms and suites have stylish décor and furnishings, and beautiful views of the Lisbon, Tagus River, and Vasco da Gama Bridge, along with modern amenities such as air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, and complimentary wireless Internet. The highly acclaimed restaurant serves traditional Portuguese and international cuisine, and bar offers a large selection of cocktails and snacks and evening entertainment. The striking modern hotel is close to the MEO Arena.

Lote 2.21.01, Parque das Nações, R. Cais das Naus, 1990-173 Lisboa, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-11-10-76-00

Belmond Reid's Palace

Set high on a cliff overlooking the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Belmond Reid's Palace is a luxurious five-star retreat with an exclusive oceanfront spa, three swimming pools, and spectacular, panoramic views. Nestled among ten acres of lush, sub-tropical grounds gardens and grounds, the award-winning hotel features elegantly appointed and beautifully furnished guest rooms and suites with plush décor, marble en-suite bathrooms with designer toiletries, fully stocked minibars, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, and complimentary wireless Internet. High-end facilities include three swimming pools, tennis courts a fully-equipped gym with state-of-the-art equipment, and two world-class restaurants serving gourmet cuisine and vintage wines. The Belmond Reid's Palace is a short walk to Funchal city center and close to Praia Formosa Beach.

Estrada Monumental 139, 9000-098 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-91-71-71-71

Conrad Algarve

The luxurious Conrad Algarve is an award-winning five-star resort-style hotel set in the golfers’ paradise of Quinta do Lago. Boasting a sleek, contemporary design, the hotel with palm trees and water features, the large hotel features modern guest rooms and suites with stylish décor and furnishings, marble en-suite bathrooms with rain showers, ample living areas, and modern conveniences such as flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, MP3 sound systems, Nespresso coffee machines, and complimentary wireless Internet. High-tech rooms and suites have large windows and private balconies with beautiful views of the swimming pool and palms, and guests can unwind in the hotel’s exclusive spa and wellness center which features an indoor swimming pool, sauna, and fully-equipped fitness center. Three highly acclaimed restaurants and bars serve a range of cuisine from traditional Portuguese fare to the Mediterranean and South American specialties, and signature cocktails are served on the pool deck. Guests can also enjoy a round of golf on one of the surrounding golf courses.

Estrada da Quinta do Lago, 8135-106 Almancil, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-89-35-07-00

Albatroz Beach & Yacht Club

Set on a clifftop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with 400 meters of private seafront, the Albatroz Beach & Yacht Club is a five-star country inn-style hotel with spacious accommodations boasting spectacular views of the Atlantic and the Deserted Islands. The hotel features three swimming pools, two of which are at sea level with sea water and private access to the sea, with the third is heated at the hotel level. Beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites have nautical motifs and traditional hand-painted tile panels, en-suite bathrooms with double basin sinks, bathrobes, slippers, and deluxe toiletries, and modern amenities. A gourmet à la carte restaurant serves Mediterranean and local Portuguese cuisine, and a pool bar serves signature cocktails and other libations. Facilities include tennis courts, a day spa and gym, and the nearby Santo da Serra championship golf course.

Quinta Dr. Americo Durao Sitio Da Terca, 9100-187 Santa Cruz, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-91-52-02-90

Avenida Palace

Set in a beautifully preserved 19th-century building overlooking Restauradores Square with spectacular views of St. George's Castle in central Lisbon, the Avenida Palace is an iconic, opulent hotel dating back to 1892. Located next to the Restauradores metro station and a short walk from the historic Rossio Square and the Castelo de São Jorge, the luxury hotel features plush guest rooms and suites with marble en-suite bathrooms, spacious living rooms, whirlpool tubs, and modern amenities such as flat-screen televisions, iPads, coffeemakers, and complimentary wireless Internet. A complimentary breakfast buffet is served every morning and afternoon tea is available in an elegant lounge with a high glass ceiling, a genteel, English-style bar serves fine wines from around the world, and a modern fitness room has state-of-the-art equipment for keeping fit.

R. 1º de Dezembro 123, 1200-359 Lisboa, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-13-21-81-00

Four Seasons Ritz

Exuding the grace and charm akin to all Four Seasons hotels, the Ritz is a luxurious, five-star retreat with lavish guest lodgings, high-end facilities and amenities, and award-winning service. Located next to Eduardo VII Park with unparalleled views over the park, the hotel features beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites with elegant décor and classic elements, marble en-suite bathrooms with free L’Occitane toiletries, and private balconies with breathtaking views. A sumptuous buffet-style breakfast is served every morning in the chic Varanda Restaurant, and the Ritz Bar’s summer terrace serves signature cocktails in the summer months. Deluxe facilities include an exclusive spa and wellness center that offers Ayurvedic rituals and acupuncture and lymphatic drainage treatments, a fully-equipped fitness center on the 11th floor with an outdoor running track overlooking Lisbon, and an indoor swimming pool boasting views of the hotel gardens and Lisbon's Eduardo VII Park. The trendy Avenida da Liberdade and the iconic São Jorge Castle is a short stroll away.

R. Rodrigo da Fonseca 88, 1099-039 Lisboa, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-13-81-14-00

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Bairro Alto Hotel

Located in the Bairro Alto and Chiado districts in the heart of Lisbon's city center, the Bairro Alto Hotel is a luxurious hotel set in a historical building from the 18th century with an elegant façade that features beautifully appointed accommodations overlooking the Tagus River. Traditional guest rooms and luxury suites have designer décor, period pieces, and elegant living areas with sofa beds, along with marble en-suite bathrooms, rain showers, deluxe toiletries, and private balconies with breathtaking views. An award-winning restaurant serves exceptional cuisine against a backdrop of river and Old Town views, and a chic rooftop lounge is the best place to sip cocktails at sunset. The Bairro Alto Hotel is within walking distance of many boutique shops, galleries, and restaurants, as well as Rossio Square and S. Jorge Castle.

Praça Luís de Camões 2, 1200-243 Lisboa, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-13-40-82-88

Penha Longa Resort

Nestled in the tranquil Sintra Mountains, the Penha Longa Resort is luxurious resort set on a historic estate that dates back to the 14th century and features deluxe accommodations, eight gourmet restaurants, including two Michelin Star restaurants, two world-class golf courses, and a Thai-inspired spa and wellness center. The hotel’s 194 well-appointed guest rooms feature en-suite bathrooms, modern comforts such as air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, and complimentary wireless Internet. High-end facilities include two Robert Trent Jones Jr.-designed golf courses, a 1,500-square-meter spa and wellness center, exceptional dining facilities, a fully-equipped fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, squash, padel and jogging tracks, and special children’s activities area with a playground and mini golf.

Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Linhó, Sintra, 2714 - 511 Portugal, Phone: +35-12-19-24-90-11

Valverde Hotel

Located on the Avenida da Liberdade, the luxurious five-star Valverde boutique hotel offers chic guest rooms with bold feature walls, sophisticated and functional furniture, objets d’art from the 1950s, and private bathrooms with bathrobes and slippers. Modern comforts include Delta coffee machines, flat-screen televisions and complimentary wireless Internet. The Sitio Valverde Restaurant and Patio serves traditional Portuguese cuisine and hosts themed dinners and live music throughout the week, and guests can enjoy signature cocktails on the patio overlooking the outdoor swimming pool. A 24-hour reception desk offers concierge services, transport services, car rental and reservations for theater shows.

Avenida da Liberdade, 164, 1250-146 Lisboa, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-10-94-03-00

Vidago Palace

Surrounded by beautiful green parklands in Vidago, the majestic Vidago Palace is a luxurious hotel that blends the Belle Epoque style with modern luxuries to provide an unrivaled experience. The elegant five-star retreat features stylishly appointed guest rooms and suites with chic décor, floor-to-ceiling windows, work desks, private bathrooms with showers, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, and complimentary wireless Internet. High-end facilities include a luxury spa and wellness center, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, a vanity pool, and an 18-hole golf course. Four highly acclaimed restaurants serve an array of various international cuisine accompanied by the region’s most famous export wine from Vidago’s wine cellar.

Parque de 5-307, Vidago, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-76-99-09-20

Hotel Quinta do Lago

Set in the pristine Ria Formosa Natural Park in Quinta do Lago, the Hotel Quinta do Lago is a five-star seafront hotel with exclusive access to a beautiful private sandy beach, heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a luxury spa offering an array of rejuvenating treatments. Spacious and elegantly decorated guest rooms and suites have marble en-suite bathrooms with rain showers and designer toiletries, modern conveniences such as air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, and complimentary wireless Internet. Private balconies boast breathtaking views over the Ria Formosa’s lagoon, the hotel's exquisite gardens or the ocean. The Brisa do Mar restaurant serves traditional Algarvian cuisine on an open-air terrace with panoramic views, and the Ca’ d'Oro offers fine Venetian cuisine in an intimate ambiance. The Laguna Piano Bar offers signature cocktails, champagne, fine wines and imported spirits against a backdrop of awe-inspiring vistas.

Av. André Jordan, 8135-024 Almancil?, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-89-35-03-50

Quintinha São João

Set in lush, landscaped gardens just a few kilometers from Praia Formosa Beach and the Madeira Botanical Gardens, the Quintinha São João is a five-star luxury hotel with stylish accommodations and world-class facilities. Beautifully furnished guest rooms and suites have living areas and furnished balconies with garden views, and modern amenities such as air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, minibars, coffee machines, and complimentary wireless Internet. Upscale facilities at the hotel include a deluxe spa with indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, two highly acclaimed restaurants serving Portuguese and international cuisine, as well as Goan specialties, a fully equipped gym, and two elegant bars. There is an indoor car park at the hotel and a free shuttle service to and from Funchal Marina.

Levada de S. João 4, 9000-191 Funchal, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-91-74-09-20

Hotel Casa da Calçada Relais & Châteaux

Set in a beautifully restored 16th-century manor, Hotel Casa da Calçada Relais & Châteaux is a luxury boutique hotel with spectacular views over the Tâmega River in central Amarante. The award-winning hotel features exquisitely appointed guest rooms and suites with plush décor and antique furnishings, marble en-suite bathrooms with rain showers and designer toiletries, modern conveniences such as air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, coffee machines, and complimentary wireless Internet. A gourmet restaurant serves globally-inspired cuisine, vintage and rare wines from the nearby Douro Valley and champagne produced in-house, and high-end facilities at the hotel include an outdoor swimming pool, a solarium, bikes to rent and golf nearby. Hotel Casa da Calçada Relais & Châteaux is located less than one hour from both Porto and the Douro Valley, and a free shuttle service is available from the airport.

Largo do Paço 6, 4600-017 Amarante, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-55-41-08-30

Altis Belém Hotel & Spa

Set on the banks of the Targus River, the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa is a contemporary spa hotel with a renowned luxury spa, and a rooftop pool overlooking the ocean. Located a short walk away from the Berardo Collection Museum and the Belem train station, the hotel features plush guest rooms with flat-screen televisions, minibars, Nespresso machines, and complimentary wireless Internet. Suites have separate living areas, whirlpool tubs, and private balconies with beautiful views. A gourmet breakfast is served every morning, and an acclaimed restaurant offers local cuisine in an elegant setting. Other amenities include a casual café and hip bar, a charming garden, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, and a fully equipped fitness room.

Doca do Bom Sucesso, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal, Phone: +35-12-10-40-02-00