There are lots of awe-inspiring beaches to be found throughout Connecticut. Milford is one of the best spots to visit if you’re looking to spend some time on the shores of New England.

The town has several excellent beaches to choose from, with each one offering its own unique views, conditions, amenities and activities.

1. Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands State Park
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The only state park in the Milford area, Silver Sands State Park covers almost 300 acres and consists of marshes, woods, dunes, and large stretches of sand. It's a beautiful spot to take the whole family, but can also appeal to couples, groups of friends, or solo travelers too due to the large amount of space and vast range of activities to be enjoyed here. Silver Sands State Park is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and especially wildlife-spotting. Lots of different species of birds can be found around the park including terns and raptors. There are also various scenic trails to follow.

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2. Milford, CT Beaches: Gulf Beach

Milford, CT Beaches: Gulf Beach
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One of Milford's five public beaches to have lifeguards on duty, Gulf Beach is best-known for the amazing views it provides of nearby Charles Island. You can take some amazing photos of the seascape here or simply sit on the sand and admire the views with your own eyes, making magical memories that will never be forgotten. The sands here are some of the softest in the Milford area and there are several useful amenities including clean restrooms, picnic tables, and a fishing pier. The pier can be a great spot to spend a few hours waiting to reel in a big one, but is also a romantic little point for couples to step out and admire the waves. It's also conveniently located near some of Milford's best bars and restaurants.

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3. Beaches Near Me: Anchor Beach

Beaches Near Me: Anchor Beach
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A simple beach with a beautiful little promenade running right alongside it, Anchor Beach is another of Milford's public beaches. Soft golden sands and stunning views can be enjoyed here, and there's a little grassy, rocky spot jutting out into the water that can be a super place to sit and breathe in that salty sea air. The waves can get quite rough around here, especially on windy days, so swimming isn't recommended but it can be very relaxing and enjoyable to find a nice spot on the sand and simply listen to the waves washing up on the shore.

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4. Beach Near Me: Walnut Beach

Beach Near Me: Walnut Beach
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One of the best rated beaches in the Milford area, Walnut Beach is a must-visit location for any local or traveler. It's conveniently located near Silver Sands State Park, so you can enjoy both of these Milford beaches in the same day if you like. A tour around the park in search of some wildlife followed by a relaxing sunbathing session on the sands of Walnut Beach is definitely a great day plan for any Milford traveler. The beach here is very big, with a sandbar that seems to stretch out as far as the eye can see, offering more than enough space to provide a calm, peaceful atmosphere even on the busiest days. The waves are gentle and calm, making Walnut Beach a nice swimming spot on sunny days, but there aren't many amenities in the area so you might want to pack a picnic. More beaches in Connecticut

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5. Closest beach to me: Middle Beach

Closest beach to me: Middle Beach
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Down at the junction between Belmont Street and Usher Street, Middle Beach is conveniently located near many of the town's shops and restaurants, so it's a nice place to walk after a little stroll around Milford. It's only a small and simple beach, like many of the others in the area, but it offers all you need to have a good time, including soft sands and gentle waters. Lots of locals can be found gathering here on summer weekends, but if you visit in the middle of the week, you might even have the whole place all to yourself. For a peaceful, calming beach in Milford, Middle Beach is a great option.

6. Milford Point

Milford Point
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Bird enthusiasts will love a visit to Milford Point. Globally recognized as an “Important Bird Area,” the beach is filled with various bird species and is considered the state’s most popular bird viewing spot. Over 8 acres wide, the area is primarily used for nature and wildlife conservation, but also has a research and education center operated by the Connecticut Audubon Society. Birdwatchers can see thousands of migrating and nesting shorebirds every year including sharp-tailed sparrows, American oystercatchers, short-eared owls, and many others. The area, which is located at the mouth of the Housatonic River, is also a popular spot for fishing.

1 Milford Point Road, Milford, CT 06460, Phone: 203-878-7440

7. More Info About Milford Beaches

More Info About Milford Beaches
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There are many reasons to visit New England, with a lot of things to do in states like Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts. This part of the nation is known for its rich history, being the location where the English pilgrims of the Mayflower first set foot on American soil and started to form the foundation of what would become the United States of America. Many key historic sites and charming old towns and villages can be found all around the New England area, especially near the coast. Lots of gorgeous beaches are found in these states as well, with Connecticut being one of the best New England beach states.

With a long stretch of coastline looking out over the Long Island Sound, Coastal Connecticut draws in many visitors each and every year for its perfect blend of natural and man-made beauty. Gentle waters lap at the shores and beautiful golden sands can be found throughout this region, especially in the area near the city of Milford.

Settled way back in 1639, Milford has a rich history and some fascinating historical sites like the Eells-Stow House, Milford Green, and Milford Harbor. The city is also known for being built on one of the prettiest parts of the Connecticut Shore.

The 6 Best Milford, CT Beaches near me today according to local experts:

More Ideas: Harrybrooke Park

Nestled in the heart of Connecticut, in the little Litchfield County town of New Milford, sits Harrybrooke Park. From 1941 to 1965, it was the private estate of Frank Harden, and his wife, Elizabeth. Frank, an industrial pioneer and business mogul, married Elizabeth on the grounds of their estate in 1943, and the couple loved to spend time roaming around the grounds and admiring the wonderful views over the Still River, as well as inviting friends and family to visit their lands from time to time. Legend has it that Marilyn Monroe herself once visited the estate, but now, it's open to the public as one of the prettiest parks in the area.

Visit Harrybrooke Park

To enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Harrybrooke Park for yourself, you can visit whenever you like. Here's all you need to know about visiting this popular Connecticut park:

- Location - Harrybrooke Park and the Harden House Museum are located at 100 Still River Drive, New Milford, CT 06776.

- Contact - To get in touch with the park team, you can call 860 799 6520 or email Opening Times and Dates - Harrybrooke Park is open all year long, so you never have to worry about the park closing for holidays or special occasions, although there are times when the park will be reserved for special events, so it's always important to check the calendar for the latest schedule and event news before you visit to be sure. The park is open from sunrise to sunset each day.

- Park Features - Harrybrooke Park may not be the biggest park in Connecticut, but it still has plenty to offer. You'll find parking areas upon arrival beside the Still River, and several restrooms dotted around the park grounds. There are two separate pavilions - the Conn Pavilion and the Ohmen Pavilion - and there are also several walking trails to follow. There are five different picnic areas, a playground for younger visitors, various landmarks along the way, a pond, a waterfall, and more.

- Harden House Museum - Harrybrooke Park is also home of Harden House Museum, the home formerly occupied by the Hardens. It's open for guided tours throughout the year, and it's a beautiful property, being maintained and cared for by local volunteers and passionate history lovers.

- Park Rules - Like any park, Harrybrooke Park also comes with its own set of rules for visitors to abide by in order to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience, respecting the safety and comfort of one another each day. The rules are clearly marked at the entrance to Harrybooke Park, and examples include the fact that no pets of any kind are allowed in the park, no motorcycles or motorbikes are allowed in the park, and no loud music or speakers should be used either. All of the park rules at Harrybrooke Park are designed to make the park a pleasant place for visitors of all ages.

- Reservations - If you're planning a special event and would like to rent out this leading Connecticut venue, you can make reservations online and rent out the two pavilions in Harrybrooke Park as needed. These pavilions are well-suited to all kinds of parties from family reunions to graduation celebrations. You can also reserve your own picnic area online too, and these open air spaces are a great option for sunny days when you don’t really need the shelter of the pavilion. Pavilion reservations are available for a fee, and you can choose half-day or full-day reservations. Picnic areas, meanwhile, can be reserved for $50 for your open air events and get-togethers, with five different picnic areas to choose from.

- Weddings and Large Events - Maybe you're planning a wedding, a bridal shower, or another large scale event or special occasion. If so, you can get in touch with the Harrybrooke Park team to start arranging the finer details of your day. Weddings are absolutely wonderful at Harrybrooke Park, with the stunning scenery all around providing that 'fairy tale' atmosphere so many brides and grooms crave. You can enjoy a full ceremony in the Gated Garden, a reception event in a pavilion, or something else totally different. You can also choose to rent out the Harden House Museum for 3-hour events.

- Catering and Services - The members of the Harrybrooke Park team are always happy to start planning special events of all kinds and want to ensure that your day goes off perfectly from the first second to the last. If you need catering or planning services of any kind, Harrybrooke Park has a network of local contacts including vendors and caterers who can offer the help you need for food, entertainment, photography, wedding décor, floral design, and more. No matter what level of service or customization you need, the Harrybrooke Park staff can meet your expectations.

More Ideas in CT: The Inn at Stonington

Located in the history-rich village of Stonington Borough, Connecticut, The Inn at Stonington is situated right on the Fishers Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, which is just a short walk away from award-winning shops, galleries, and restaurants. Guests find comfort in the many amenities and unique services the Inn and the surrounding area provide.


The accommodations at The Inn include 18 different rooms in a single inn building. Most of the guest rooms have views of the seaside Stonington Harbor and the Fishers Island Sound. The other rooms are considered the village side. Guests should make sure to state their preference when reserving a room. All rooms can be virtually toured on The Inn’s website ahead of making reservations as well.

The rooms either a queen-sized or a king-sized bed, except for Room 15 (this room has two full sized beds as well as a larger living room area).

Many of the guest rooms also feature walkout balconies and window seats.

Travel and Leisure Magazine features The Stonington Inn's Room 7 as one of the most unique, modern luxury suites in Connecticut.

Rooms 14 and 15 can be joined if requested.

All rooms at The Inn are non-smoking.


Not all the rooms at The Inn are accessible to those with physical disabilities. Room 4, located on the first floor, is accessible and has its own entrance/exit door.


Many of the rooms at the inn have different amenities to enjoy. Some of the rooms and suites have gas fireplaces and other cozy amenities. Each bathroom features a separate Jacuzzi soaking bathtub and shower (apart from rooms 2 and 4, that do not have Jacuzzi bathtubs, and rooms 10, 11, and 12, that only have oversized soaking bathtubs with Jacuzzi jets). Each bed is fitted with high-quality bed linens and comforters.

Each room has an ironing board and iron. The bathrooms have luxurious robes for guests to use while staying at The Inn, hairdryers, and EO brand shampoo, conditioner, and body soaps in the shower dispensers. Each guest rooms have complimentary wireless internet access, a flat screen television, and the use of Google Home technology. Room 16 features its wet bar. Each overnight stay comes with a complimentary wine and cheese reception in the evening and free breakfast the next morning. Parking is included, as well as water and soft drinks.


The concierge desk staff provides exceptional hospitality to Inn guests. Guests with any specific request, whether for a bottle of wine, help to select a local restaurant to dine at, directions, or anything else. The staff can also help guests pack picnic lunches, organize bourbon tastings, or arrange a private charter boat. Give the desk 24 hours’ notice to arrange larger requests.


The Inn at Stonington takes a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Certified massage therapists provide on-site massage therapy to guests staying at The Inn. There are two massage rooms located just steps away from the guest rooms, each designed for tranquility and comfort. The massage therapists will meet with each guest before their appointment to establish the best plan and course of treatment. Reservations are recommended. Massages will last either an hour or an hour and a half.

The Inn at Stonington also has a fitness room. This room offers guests the ability to work out while on vacation and has a selection of both cardio and strength training equipment including an elliptical, a spin bike, a universal weight machine, free weights, and a rowing machine.

Located just steps from The Inn are a variety of both hiking and biking trails as well. Trail information is available on the website as well as by contacting the concierge desk.


While there are no dining options at The Inn other than the complimentary continental breakfast, there are a wide variety of award-winning restaurants located just walking distance away.

The closest is the Breakwater, located just in The Inn’s backyard. Breakwater offers locally caught, fresh seafood dishes, a full bar, and both inside and outside dining. The staff at The Inn recommends the fish tacos.

For a more casual experience, guests can dine at the Dog Watch Cafe. A favorite of many of the Stonington locals, the menu is fast, casual American food with an east coast twist. Inn staff recommends the lobster BLT.

Guests who enjoy Mexican food can dine at Milagro. The chef was born in Mexico City, and he offers an authentic menu including cinnamon and honey margaritas and ceviche de atun.

No 60 Water Street, Stonington, CT, 06378, Phone: 860-535-2000

More Ideas in CT: Delamar Southport

Delamar Southport is a luxury boutique hotel in Southport, a charming coastal village on the Long Island Sound. The 44-room hotel blends historic New England decor and architecture with modern amenities, including flat screen TVs, high speed Internet access, in-room kitchens and washers and dryers. A private spa suite offers guests total relaxation with targeted facial, massage, and body treatments. Guests can enjoy healthy farm-to-table cuisine at one of The Artisan Restaurant’s four dining venue or at one of Southport’s many local eateries. The area’s beaches, nature trails, historic sites and antique shopping make Southport a picture-perfect backdrop to a laid-back weekend retreat.

Rooms & Suites

Delamar Southport offers 44 guest rooms, each with high-speed Internet access, flat screen plasma TV, king bed, mini bar and work area, and a full kitchen and washer and dryer included in the suites.

The deluxe guest rooms feature a soaking tub and plush terry robes in the marble bathroom, as well as a large closet and blackout drapes. Each superior guest room includes a gas fireplace, sitting area, and kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave.

Both the executive suite and the larger Southport suite offer a full gourmet kitchen, separate living room and bedroom, and washer and dryer with hardwood floors throughout. The governor suite features two separate bedrooms, a king-sized bed in one and a queen-sized bed in the other. At 2,800 square feet, the three-bedroom presidential suite is the hotel’s largest accommodation, with a king-sized master bedroom and private bath with Jacuzzi tub, a queen-sized second bedroom and full bath, and a daybed and half bath in the third guestroom.


Guests booking a reservation at The Spa Suite at Delamar Southport have exclusive access to the private suite featuring a steam shower and living room with a fireplace. Spa services include facials, massages, and body treatments, with the option to add peels, masks, waxes and hand, foot, and scalp massages to personalize guests’ experience. The Spa also offers a couple’s massage room for side-by-side treatments, as well as specialized treatments for new mothers and brides to be.


The Artisan Restaurant offers a fine dining experience at Delamar Southport, serving New England-inspired plates for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. Guests can choose the main dining room or the relaxed Tavern or dine in the warmer months in the outdoor garden featuring a full-service bar. The restaurant also features a private dining room called The Copper Room for special occasion meals with views through the room’s elegant glass walls.

Stepping off the hotel grounds into Southport, guests will find more opportunities to sample coastal cuisine, including lobster bisque at The Grey Goose and sea scallops at Italian restaurant Paci. The village is also home to Connecticut’s oldest tavern, called The Horseshoe Tavern, now a popular bar and live music venue. Driftwood is a more casual dining spot for a lunchtime coffee or sandwich. Guests can also order takeout or delivery from Sammy’s Southport Pizza, with gluten-free and gourmet options.

Weddings & Conferences

Delamar Southport welcomes groups of up to 150 guests for weddings, meetings, and other special occasions. The Cunningham room on the hotel’s main floor can accommodate up to 80 guests for a reception or theatre-style event, 60 for a banquet, or 30 in a boardroom setup. Located off the hotel’s main courtyard, The Folly is a unique indoor-outdoor venue with space for up to 125 guests for a reception or banquet.

With a full gourmet kitchen, living room and den, the three-bedroom Woodward-Newman Presidential Suite offers a more intimate setting for smaller cocktail receptions, formal meetings, or sit-down dinners. Groups of up to 12 can meet comfortably in the Boardroom. The hotel can also arrange small meetings with audiovisual hookup in any of its suite accommodations by request.

Things to do Nearby

Southport is a charming coastal town with historic mansions lining original cobblestone streets. The village center offers quaint shops and antique stores, as well as the Pequot Library housing more than 30,000 volumes and an acoustic concert hall. The Southport Galleries exhibits local and regional contemporary artists in century-old restored former hardware store. The 10-acre Southport Park nature preserve includes walking and hiking trails, bird and small mammal habitats and a children’s natural playscape playground.

The neighboring town of Fairfield offers additional entertainment options for couples and families. The Fairfield Theatre Company’s Stage One is a 225-seat live music venue renowned for its intimate feel and outstanding acoustics. The Fairfield Museum and History Center features art and history exhibits for all ages, as well as a research library and museum gift shop.

275 Old Post Road, Southport, CT 06890, Phone: 203-259-2800