There are many reasons to visit New England, with a lot of things to do in states like Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts. This part of the nation is known for its rich history, being the location where the English pilgrims of the Mayflower first set foot on American soil and started to form the foundation of what would become the United States of America. Many key historic sites and charming old towns and villages can be found all around the New England area, especially near the coast. Lots of gorgeous beaches are found in these states as well, with Connecticut being one of the best New England beach states.

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With a long stretch of coastline looking out over the Long Island Sound, Coastal Connecticut draws in many visitors each and every year for its perfect blend of natural and man-made beauty. Gentle waters lap at the shores and beautiful golden sands can be found throughout this region, especially in the area near the city of Milford. Settled way back in 1639, Milford has a rich history and some fascinating historical sites like the Eells-Stow House, Milford Green, and Milford Harbor. The city is also known for being built on one of the prettiest parts of the Connecticut Shore.

Best Beaches in Milford, CT

There are lots of awe-inspiring beaches to be found throughout Connecticut and Milford is one of the best spots to visit if you’re looking to spend some time on the shores of New England. The town has several excellent beaches to choose from, with each one offering its own unique views, conditions, amenities and activities. To learn more about the best beaches in Milford, read through the useful information below.

Silver Sands State Park

The only state park in the Milford area, Silver Sands State Park covers almost 300 acres and consists of marshes, woods, dunes, and large stretches of sand. It's a beautiful spot to take the whole family, but can also appeal to couples, groups of friends, or solo travelers too due to the large amount of space and vast range of activities to be enjoyed here. Silver Sands State Park is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and especially wildlife-spotting. Lots of different species of birds can be found around the park including terns and raptors. There are also various scenic trails to follow.

Gulf Beach

One of Milford's five public beaches to have lifeguards on duty, Gulf Beach is best-known for the amazing views it provides of nearby Charles Island. You can take some amazing photos of the seascape here or simply sit on the sand and admire the views with your own eyes, making magical memories that will never be forgotten. The sands here are some of the softest in the Milford area and there are several useful amenities including clean restrooms, picnic tables, and a fishing pier. The pier can be a great spot to spend a few hours waiting to reel in a big one, but is also a romantic little point for couples to step out and admire the waves. It's also conveniently located near some of Milford's best bars and restaurants.

Anchor Beach

A simple beach with a beautiful little promenade running right alongside it, Anchor Beach is another of Milford's public beaches. Soft golden sands and stunning views can be enjoyed here, and there's a little grassy, rocky spot jutting out into the water that can be a super place to sit and breathe in that salty sea air. The waves can get quite rough around here, especially on windy days, so swimming isn't recommended but it can be very relaxing and enjoyable to find a nice spot on the sand and simply listen to the waves washing up on the shore.

Walnut Beach

One of the best rated beaches in the Milford area, Walnut Beach is a must-visit location for any local or traveler. It's conveniently located near Silver Sands State Park, so you can enjoy both of these Milford beaches in the same day if you like. A tour around the park in search of some wildlife followed by a relaxing sunbathing session on the sands of Walnut Beach is definitely a great day plan for any Milford traveler. The beach here is very big, with a sandbar that seems to stretch out as far as the eye can see, offering more than enough space to provide a calm, peaceful atmosphere even on the busiest days. The waves are gentle and calm, making Walnut Beach a nice swimming spot on sunny days, but there aren't many amenities in the area so you might want to pack a picnic.

Middle Beach

Down at the junction between Belmont Street and Usher Street, Middle Beach is conveniently located near many of the town's shops and restaurants, so it's a nice place to walk after a little stroll around Milford. It's only a small and simple beach, like many of the others in the area, but it offers all you need to have a good time, including soft sands and gentle waters. Lots of locals can be found gathering here on summer weekends, but if you visit in the middle of the week, you might even have the whole place all to yourself. For a peaceful, calming beach in Milford, Middle Beach is a great option.