Absolutely teeming with unique locations and exciting activities, Pueblo, CO offers visitors the chance to explore the banks of the Arkansas River and its unique history. While Pueblo is most commonly known for being an old mining town, its reputation is one of excitement and thrill as the city is known to have been home to many cowboys eager to find their fortune during the gold rush. Pueblo has played host to some of the most infamous characters of the Old West, like Buffalo Bill Cody and even Wild Bill Hickock.

Today, friendly locals and a unique cuisine make the city a great choice for eager explorers. If you're planning on adding Pueblo to your next road trip, make sure to drop by any of the following places for a great time.

1. El Pueblo History Museum

El Pueblo History Museum
© El Pueblo History Museum

Showcasing the city's history and the region's diverse cultures and ethnicities, the El Pueblo History Museum is a must-see for history buffs and lovers of culture alike. One of the top draws at the museum is a re-created adobe trading post and plaza circa the 1840s, along with the archaeological excavation site of the original 1842 trading post. The museum is also home to traveling exhibits, ensuring that guests can always look forward to something new with every visit. Art enthusiasts will also get the opportunity to feast their eyes on 20th century photographs, objects, and art pieces that represent region's early history and inhabitants.

301 North Union, Pueblo, CO 81003, Phone: 719-583-0453

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2. Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo

Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo
© Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo

There's no denying that the Riverwalk is one of the most beautiful locations to explore in downtown Pueblo. Visitors can learn about Pueblo's history and the flood of 1921 while cruising down the waterway in one of the Riverwalk's excursion boats. After your boat trip, walk alongside the mile-long channel to take in all the beautiful pocket gardens, art installations, and historical tidbits situated by the Riverwalk. This area is also a great place to just sit back and relax with your family or to go for a quick jog with your beloved pooch. Better yet, drop by during the weekend and enjoy one of their riverside movie screenings or a festival. Browse our Weekend Getaways in Colorado guide for more ideas.

101 South Union Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81003, Phone: 719-595-1589

3. Pueblo Zoo

Pueblo Zoo
© Courtesy of MiguelAngel - Fotolia.com

It doesn't matter what time of the year you visit Pueblo Zoo as it's bound to be a leisurely and family-friendly destination in any season. The Pueblo Zoo is home to over 400 animals and 120 species including majestic lions, playful otters, and cute penguins. Apart from visiting the several habitats featured, visitors of all ages are also welcomed to participate in Keeper Talk activities such as the Lion Keeper Talk, the Otter Feeding, the Mystery Keeper Talk and the African Painted Dogs Keeper Talk. The zoo has even partnered with the Buell Children's Museum to make every visit to Pueblo Zoo a more memorable one. Truly, this is a place where people of every age can wander in and enjoy.

3455 Nuckolls Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81005, Phone: 719-561-1452

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4. Lake Pueblo State Park

Lake Pueblo State Park
© Lake Pueblo State Park

Ready for the ultimate summer getaway? The Lake Pueblo State Park is the ideal location for a summer excursion thanks to its fantastic facilities, gorgeous landscape, and numerous activities. Visitors can go on hikes, participate in their favorite watersports, or even enjoy a bit of archery and touch football. With over 4,600 surface acres of water, Lake Pueblo is famous for fantastic fishing and extreme water sports. Meanwhile, guests who want a quieter trip to the park can indulge in a solo camping trip at one of the diverse campsites or a sail around the lake with the help of the full-service marinas.

640 Pueblo Reservoir Road, Pueblo, CO 81005, Phone: 719-561-9320, (website link)

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5. Things to Do in Pueblo: Mauro Farms Bakery

Things to Do in Pueblo: Mauro Farms Bakery
© Mauro Farms Bakery

Although Mauro Farms Bakery was officially opened in 1981, the family-run business has actually been in the baking game since 1963. Now on its 4th generation of bakers and farmers, Mauro Farms Bakery continues with its tradition of providing top quality baked goods and produce to their customers. Some of the popular offerings at Mauro Farms Bakery include their Italian cookies, biscotti, sweet bread, and candies. There's no question, however, that their best seller is their Potica, a thinly rolled gourmet sweet bread with assorted fillings. Don't forget to pick up some of their exquisite coffee beans to pair with your sweet treats.

936 36th Lane, Pueblo, CO 81006-9428, Phone: 719-948-3381

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6. Pueblo Heritage Museum

Pueblo Heritage Museum
© Pueblo Heritage Museum

Seeking to preserve, promote, and interpret the heritage of Southeastern Colorado, the Pueblo Heritage Museum is a grass roots effort home to several exhibits like the Carlisle Collection, the Buddy Johnson Exhibit, and the Kay Key Carriages. Through these exhibits, the museum strives to foster both understanding and appreciation for the diversity of its people and heritage. In addition to perusing the many galleries of the museum, stop by the Edward Broadhead Library on the second floor of the building. This is a historical library that is staffed by volunteers from the Pueblo Historical Society and contains many publications from Pueblo's history.

201 West B. Street, Pueblo, CO 81003, Phone: 719-295-1517

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7. Fish Head Outdoors

Fish Head Outdoors
© Fish Head Outdoors

It's no secret that Colorado has some of the most explosive fishing experiences in the country. In fact, Colorado is home to gorgeous fish like walleye, pike, bass, kokanee salmon, and more, which have avid anglers rushing to Lake Pueblo for a chance to snag their greatest catch. Fish Head Outdoors offers beginners and seasoned fishermen alike the chance to go on sports fishing trips in and around the Colorado Lakes to enjoy the adrenaline rush of battling with huge fish on multiple rods at the same time. The best part? Trips are customizable. Pick and choose your adventure out on the open water. Beginners can also learn a thing or two from the expert guides who will accompany you on your fishing expedition.

Phone: 719-696-1089

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8. Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo, Colorado

Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo, Colorado
© Weisbrod Aircraft Museum

Aviation and military enthusiasts alike will absolutely love a trip to the Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo's largest collection of military memorabilia and the International B-24 Memorial Museum. As part of a network of smaller museums, the Weisbrod Aircraft Museum offers several learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. Among their incredible gallery of items are several military aircrafts, airbase support equipment, military vehicles, and historical artifacts. Another interesting gallery in the museum is of a collection of authentic military uniforms, arms and relics from multiple American wars. Be sure to admire the full-scale model and diorama of the airport as depicted during wartime operations as well!

31001 Magnuson Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81001, Phone: 719-948-9219, (website link)

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9. Hopscotch Bakery, Pueblo, Colorado

Hopscotch Bakery, Pueblo, Colorado
© Hopscotch Bakery

Hopscotch Bakery is, hands down, the best place to buy baked goods in the area for over a hundred miles. It's so good that even publications like the Colorado Springs Independent will echo the statement and concur wholeheartedly. Hopscotch Bakery features hand-crafted food and exceptional takes on all-time favorites. Some of the bakery's best sellers include the vanilla bean cheesecakes, the raspberry croissants and the white chocolate-lavender scones. Of course, each treat is made fresh in-house from scratch in a cozy, laughter-filled kitchen. The Hopscotch Bakery also offers great sandwiches and other delights for those looking for a savory treat.

333 South Union Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81003, Phone: 719-542-4467

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10. Things to Do in Pueblo: Rosemount Museum

Things to Do in Pueblo: Rosemount Museum
© Rosemount Museum

Come explore the awe-inspiring grandeur of a bygone era at the Rosemount Museum. The Rosemount Museum, a 37-room mansion, was built in 1893 and served as the home of the John A. and Margaret Thatcher family for 75 years. Today, the house offers a glimpse into the opulence and luxury of the past as the mansion has stayed, for the most part, the same through the years. Visitors can admire the home's original furnishings, accessories and decorative paintings as well as the custom paneling, wall, and window treatments from when the mansion was completed in the late 1890s. Explore every room in the opulent mansion and see for yourself why the Rosemount Museum is referred to as Colorado's crown jewel.

419 West 14th Street, Pueblo, CO 81003, Phone: 719-545-5290

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11. San Isabel National Forest

San Isabel National Forest
© Courtesy of digidreamgrafix - Fotolia.com

Get your camping gear together and grab a hiking buddy because the great outdoors is waiting at the San Isabel National Forest. Whether you want to pitch a tent or drive a recreational vehicle to San Isabel, there are camp sites ready to accommodate you and your party. You're also welcomed to pick from a few locations in the surrounding area, including the Pike, the Comanche National Grasslands, and the Cimarron. For fans of the outdoors who don't have access to a recreational vehicle and don't necessarily want to pitch a tent, you can also rent one of the beautifully simple historic cabins in the area.

2840 Kachina Drive, Pueblo, CO 81008, Phone: 719-553-1404

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12. Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center

Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center
© Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center

It only takes one visit to appreciate just how special and one-of-a-kind the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center is. A multi-disciplinary center for the arts that opened in 1972, Sangre de Cristo is educational, inspirational, and inclusive all at the same time. Its popularity and brilliance is clear as the center continues to expand its borders not just in physical space but also in its activities and offerings. Some of the things to see at the center include the 7,500-square foot Buell Children's Museum, the Jackson Sculpture Garden, a 500-seat theater, studios and classrooms as well as a gift shop. The three-building complex offers visitors a unique experience of Southern Colorado's arts and is definitely a must-see when in Pueblo.

210 N. Santa Fe Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81003, Phone: 719-295-7200

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13. Things to Do in Pueblo: Steelworks Museum

Things to Do in Pueblo: Steelworks Museum
© Courtesy of kevers - Fotolia.com

Situated in the heart of the historic Bessemer Neighborhood and housed in the historic Colorado Fuel and Iron Company administrative building, the Steelworks Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of Pueblo's industrial past. A trip to this museum features exhibits of the coal mining history of Pueblo as well as the history of steel production, railroads, labor, and more. One of the stand-out portions of the museum is how it showcases the impact of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company on the entire region. While you soak up the history and information, take some time to appreciate the museum building as well, as it is historic in its own right.

215 Canal Street, Pueblo, CO 81004, Phone: 719-564-9086

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14. Hose Co. 3 Fire Museum, Pueblo, Colorado

Hose Co. 3 Fire Museum, Pueblo, Colorado
© Hose Co. 3 Fire Museum

Owned and operated by the Pueblo Firefighters Historical Society, the Hose Co. 3 Fire Museum is located in the Mesa Junction area of Pueblo. The museum tells the story of fire fighting through the decades in Pueblo and showcases a large collection of fire-fighting equipment, uniforms, documents, photographs and other artifacts of interest to visitors. You can admire a vintage horse-drawn hose cart from the 1880’s, several vintage motorized fire trucks and many other interesting exhibits. The Fire Museum is widely believed to be haunted, and several Ghost Investigations have taken place over the years. You may request a guided tour of the museum to learn all about its legends.

Hose Co. 3 Fire Museum, 116 N. Main Street, Pueblo, Co 81003, 719-821-1273

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15. Pueblo Railway Museum, Pueblo, CO

Pueblo Railway Museum, Pueblo, CO
© Pueblo Railway Museum

The Pueblo Railway Museum is an outdoor museum located in Historic Downtown Pueblo, operated by a dedicated band of volunteer railway enthusiasts. Here, spread over the Pueblo Union Depot, visitors will find a large collection of vintage carriages, engines and rolling stock. The museum hosts a full calendar of public events each year (you can find these on their website) when you can take a ride on one of the vintage trains and see others in action in the train yard. Just a few of the planned events for 2022 include the Easter Bunny Express, the Father’s Day Train and the Colorado Rail Fair in August.

Pueblo Railway Museum, 301 West B Street, Suite 100, Pueblo, CO 81003, 719-544-1773, (website link)

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16. Colorado Mental Health Institute Museum

Colorado Mental Health Institute Museum
© serkucher/stock.adobe.com

The cornerstone of the original Colorado Mental Health Institute dates back to 1879 and proclaims that you are looking at the Colorado State Insane Asylum. Later, the facility was renamed The Colorado State Hospital. At times, this facility served the needs of more than 6000 patients at a time. Fortunately, times have moved on since those days when the institute was home to hundreds of people with mental health disorders who were forcibly held here against their wills. A few of the exhibits include vintage restraint devices like a special chair and a straight-jacket. Today visitors can see various salvaged items from the original asylum including an antique door knob, an original safe and much more.

Colorado Mental Health Institution Museum, NW corner of W13th Street and Francisco Street, Pueblo, CO 81003, 917-843 -2012

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