The Caribbean Sea is home to some of the world's best vacation destinations. There are over 700 different islands to be found all around the Caribbean, and you'd need more than one lifetime to visit and enjoy them all.

Choosing the right Caribbean island for you and your traveling companions can be a challenge because there are simply so many different options, but if you're looking for a picturesque Caribbean island with lots of gorgeous beaches and fun opportunities for water sports, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and other coastal activities, then Saint Croix might be the right choice for you.

1. Buccaneer Beach

Buccaneer Beach
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A highly popular St Croix beach, Buccaneer Beach is especially good for families. It's a large beach with a lot to love, starting with the excellent views and surrounding landscapes which make it a lovely spot to simply sit and admire the surrounding scenery or snap some magical vacation photos to share with friends and family back home.

Buccaneer Beach offers really soft sands and warm waters, while also being equipped with plenty of good amenities and facilities. Lots of sun loungers and umbrellas can be found dotted around the sand offering comfortable, shady spots in which to relax, and there are some good restaurants and bars nearby as well, so you never have to worry about going hungry or thirsty at this St Croix beach.

2. Rainbow Beach, St Croix

Rainbow Beach, St Croix
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One of the most famous and popular beaches on St Croix, Rainbow Beach is situated on the western end of the island. It's not too far from Frederiksted, so you happen to be staying in or near this part of the island, you should definitely stop off and spend at least a few hours appreciating the captivating beauty of Rainbow Beach.

The sands here are exceptionally soft and powdery, while the waters are calm and soothing, just right for wading and swimming. Everyone can have fun at this beach, including families with young kids or groups of friends. The local bar provides live entertainment to create a real party atmosphere at the weekends, while the weekdays at Rainbow Beach are much calmer and quieter. Snorkeling is really rewarding at this beach too, so there are lots of activities to try out here.

3. Jack's Bay

Jack's Bay
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One of the best ways to make the most of any vacation is to pay attention to the locals and see what sort of places they prefer to visit in their free time. While many tourists flock to locations like Buccaneer Beach and Rainbow Beach at St Croix, many of the locals prefer heading out to Jack's Bay.

Part of a protected area that also includes the neighboring Isaac's Bay, Jack's Bay is one of the most pristine and private places on the entire St Croix coastline. It's an incredible beach, offering the sort of views that can take one's breath away, but it's worth noting that there aren't any hotels, restaurants, or other amenities in the area. It's also important to note that reaching Jack's Bay requires a little effort, as the beach can only be reached by a hiking trail, but it's definitely worth the effort.

4. Shoys Beach, St Croix

Shoys Beach, St Croix
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Definitely one of the biggest and prettiest beaches on St Croix, Shoys Beach stretches out a long way in both directions, offering a huge amount of space to ensure that even on the busiest of days, it never gets too crowded or noisy here.

In fact, if you come at a good time in the middle of the week, you'll be able to have large parts of this St Croix beach all to yourself. The views from this beach are astonishing and the crescent form of the surrounding bay area makes it a great spot for swimming. Even young children will be able to splash around here as the waves are very small and gentle.

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5. Turtle Beach, St Croix

Turtle Beach, St Croix
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If you try and picture the perfect Caribbean beach in your mind, the image you create probably isn't too different from Turtle Beach. This beach isn't actually on St Croix island; instead it's situated on the tiny Buck Island, just off the coast of St Croix, so you'll need to hitch a ride on a private boat or rent a kayak and paddle your way over there.

It's worth the detour though, offering astonishingly soft, white sands and mind-blowing waters. The snorkeling at Turtle Beach is exceptional too, with lots of colorful fish and other marine life waiting to be discovered and admired beneath the waves.

6. Protestant Cay

Protestant Cay
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Located on the small island of Protestant Cay, in Christiansted Harbor, Protestant Cay Beach is reached by a 2-minute ferry ride from downtown Christiansted. This very attractive beach boasts clean white sand, gently swaying palm trees for shade and rental loungers and umbrellas. It is an ideal beach for families as the water is shallow and calm with a sandy base. You will find a restaurant and bar right on the beach to provide everything you need for a day of beach fun and relaxation. If you bring along your snorkeling gear you may spot some starfish, conch and small shoals of fish at the north end of the Cay.

Protestant Cay, Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands

7. Cane Bay

Cane Bay
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Whether you just want to soak up some sun on the beach or don you diving gear and explore the ocean bed, Cane Bay is one of the best beaches on St. Croix. The beach is equally popular with locals and tourists and can get rather busy on the weekends. Cane Bay has several restaurants and pubs beside the beach and the Sweet Bottom Dive Shop is across the road. Here you can hire all the gear you need to explore what many consider to be the best dive site in the Caribbean. If you are not up to scuba diving the famous Wall, grab some gear and swim out to the reef for fabulous snorkeling.

North Shore St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

8. Tamarind Reef Beach

Tamarind Reef Beach
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If you are looking for a great beach with loads of amenities, Tamarind Reef Beach is waiting to welcome you. This well-maintained beach is adjacent to the Tamarind Reef Resort and is perfect for swimming, soaking up the sun and snorkeling. There is a beach shack where you can rent all kinds of water sport equipment, and a restaurant, bar and restrooms are all right on the beach. If you love snorkeling, this beach is a great spot as you can walk straight off the beach to the reef. The adjacent Tamarind Reef Resort also has a spa and wonderful beach-side massages are available.

East End, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

9. Pelican Cove Beach

Pelican Cove Beach
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Located close to Christiansted, on the north shore of St. Croix, Pelican Cove Beach is also sometimes called Cormorant Beach. This Blue-flag beach is long and sandy, although some parts are a little rocky. There are many palm trees to provide you with shelter during the heat of the day. Ideal for everyone, this beach is great for relaxing and there is a house reef located close to the water’s edge which is perfect for beginners to practice their snorkeling skills. Slightly further out there is deeper water and good snorkeling for the more experienced. There is a resort on the beach (The Palms) where you will find a restaurant and bar.

North Shore, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

10. Davis Bay

Davis Bay
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Davis Bay Beach is sometimes called Carambola Beach, as it forms part of the Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort. Davis Bay is one of the island’s most picturesque beaches, surrounded by verdant green hills which stretch down to meet the soft white sands and azure waters of the bay. There is public access to the beach just before you reach the entrance to the resort. Available public amenities include the restaurant and bar, the water-sport rentals and the on-site dive shop. Regrettably, the loungers and umbrellas are reserved for resort guests. On a calm day, Davis Bay offers excellent snorkeling and other water sport conditions.

Davis Bay, North Shore, St.Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

11. Fort Frederick Beach, St Croix

Fort Frederick Beach, St Croix
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Fort Frederick Beach is sometimes also called Fredericksted Beach due to its close proximity to the town. This is the closest beach to the Cruise Ship Terminal, so if you are stopping by St. Croix on a cruise and would like to spend the day on the beach, this one is for you. The beach is quite large, but does fill up quickly when a cruise ship is in port. This beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming and there is also good snorkeling to be had near the pier. The water is usually calm here, making this beach ideal for paddling. There are restaurants, bars and a dive shop near-by.

Fredericksted, West End, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

12. St Croix Beaches: Dorsch Beach

St Croix Beaches: Dorsch Beach
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Located just south of downtown Fredericksted, Dorsch Beach is a long and narrow crescent-shaped beach which is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Although there is not a great deal for snorkelers to find on this beach, the calm and clear waters are ideal for paddling. A paved walkway runs along the edge of the beach and many locals come here to walk, swim and relax on the weekends. Although Dorsch Beach does not offer any amenities, you are close enough to take a stroll into town to find restaurants and bars. If you prefer, you can buy a day pass to use the facilities at Sand Castle on the Beach Resort, which has a pool and beach-side café.

West End, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

13. Monk’s Bath Tidal Pools and Northside Valley Beach

Monk’s Bath Tidal Pools and Northside Valley Beach
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This interesting beach is located 3 miles north of Fredericksted and is usually quite deserted. The beach is rocky and not really suited to sunbathing, but it does offer interesting snorkeling all along the edge of the rocks. If you are up for a bit of a hike you can walk all the way to the northern end of the beach to find the Monk’s Bath Tidal Pools.

Legend has it that the pools were used by monks as a religious retreat, but in reality, the pools were man-made. There are no facilities at this beach so you will need to bring in (and carry out) everything you need including water and snacks.

Monk’s Bath Tidal Pools and Northside Valley Beach, North Side, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

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14. Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge
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Located on the West End of the island, Sandy Point is regarded as one of the best beaches on Str. Croix. You can expect to find a 2-mile swath of powder white sand surrounded by gently-lapping azure water.

Because it is a Wildlife Refuge and a turtle breeding ground, the beach is only open to the public on weekends or when a cruise ship is in port. However, it is completely off-limits to everyone for 4 months from April to August to protect the turtles during their nesting time. Snorkeling is limited but you may catch sight of a turtle or stingray in the water. You can go hiking through the refuge to see a variety of birds – be sure to bring binoculars and a camera.

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, West End, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

15. Columbus Landing

Columbus Landing
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Columbus Landing is a quiet and secluded beach located on the North Shore of the island, offering a true Robinson Crusoe ambiance. The beach gets its name from a historic meeting which took place here back in the 15th century, when Christopher Columbus met the local natives on this beach. This beach is great for sunbathing and swimming and you can have a go at snorkeling just a short way off the beach. However, there are no amenities here and you will have to bring all your water and snacks. There is a Visitor’s Center on the hill where you can admire the views and there are several kayak outlets near-by where you can join guided kayak tours of the coastline.

Columbus Landing Beach, North Shore, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

16. Butler Bay

Butler Bay
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Butler Bay is a secluded beach where you can spend a day relaxing, sun bathing and castle building. Good for families, this beach has lots of tiny shells and pretty rocks to find and good sand for castle building. In addition, the water is generally calm and good for swimming. However, there is quite a bit of coral here and visitors are advised to wear beach shoes in the water. If you enjoy scuba diving you can arrange for one of the island dive shops to bring you to the bay by boat to dive one of 5 wrecks. There are no amenities on this beach – you need to bring plenty of drinks, sunscreen and snacks.

Butler Bay, West End, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

17. Annaly Bay and Tide Pools

Annaly Bay and Tide Pools
© MaksimM/

Located on a particularly rocky strip of coastline on the North Shore, Annaly Bay and Tide Pools are quite challenging to access. However, it will be worth your trouble to hike in to these stunning natural rock pools. The hike is 5 miles in-and-out, and most of it is through tropical rain forest so there is plenty of shade. However, the trail is steep in places and you need to be reasonably fit. The remote location and the difficult access ensure that the pools are usually deserted. If you are unsure of your capabilities it would be wise to hire a local guide to lead the way. You need to bring water, snacks and sunscreen as there are no facilities on this beach.

Annaly Bay and Tide Pools, North Shore, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

18. Salt River Beach

Salt River Beach
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Salt River Bay is a popular part of the island for sailing and boating, and the calm waters of the inlet are perfect for a variety of water sports.

You will find several outfitters at the Marina and guided kayak tours are one of the most popular activities. Diving is also excellent here – divers can access the Salt River Underwater Canyons which are bristling with marine life. The beach is good for sunbathing and you can also hike through the Nature Conservatory which is home to dozens of bird species. Everyone entering the water is requested to use reef-safe sunscreen to protect the fragile ecosystem.

Salt River Beach, North Shore, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

19. Sprat Hall Beach, St Croix

Sprat Hall Beach, St Croix
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Backed by gently-swaying palm trees and other vegetation, Sprat Hall Beach offers powder-white sand and calm turquoise waters. Although the beach can be rocky in places, it is great for snorkeling and swimming. The beach meanders along the coastline for about a mile, offering a great beach walk, particularly at sunset. Sprat Hall Beach does not have any amenities, so visitors who plan to spend the day here will have to bring in (and carry out) everything they need. Water socks are recommended for walking in the rocky areas. The beach is located across the road from the Sprat Hall Plantation on the island’s West End.

Sprat Hall Beach, West End, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

20. Judith’s Fancy Beach, St Croix

Judith’s Fancy Beach, St Croix
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A favorite beach for surfers, Judith’s Fancy Beach is located within the Judith’s Fancy Quarters estate. Although the beach is not great for swimming due to the shallow water and presence of sharp corals, it can be great for surfing if you know the layout. Children will enjoy hunting for shells and coral and the beach offers quite good snorkeling provided you only try when the tide is out and the coral reef is easy to see. There are no amenities on Judith’s Fancy Beach and visitors need to bring all their drinks, snacks and sunscreen with them. You will often have this beach to yourself on weekdays.

Judith’s Fancy Beach, North Shore, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

21. More Info About St Croix Beaches

More Info About St Croix Beaches
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One of the United States Virgin Islands, St Croix is home to 50,000 people and is known under the nickname 'Twin City' due to the fact that there are two major cities on the island, one at each end. The island is a lively and luxurious places with stunning natural landscapes and fun festivals. It's a place for everyone to have fun and relax and holds equal appeal to thrill-seekers and backpackers looking for peace and tranquility. The beaches of Saint Croix are renowned for their beauty, and this particular Caribbean island offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities in the whole region, well known for a vast array of marine life and awe-inspiring bioluminescent bays.

Best Beaches in St Croix

St Croix is blessed with some astounding beaches of all shapes, sizes, and forms. Whether you're looking for a huge open stretch of sand to play some beach games and enjoy picnics with friends or a secluded, romantic spot to watch the sunset with that special someone in your life, you'll find all you need on this Caribbean island. Choosing the best St Croix beach is simply impossible, but the guide below will give you all the information you need on some of the island’s best-rated beaches.

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