This historic maritime and railroad town of Tiburon has much to offer its visitors, including gorgeous ferry rides to nearby islands, beautiful parks, and educational museums about the area’s history.

Tiburon’s downtown area has great dining options, romantic views, adorable shops and boutiques.

1. Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry

Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry
© Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry

A ten minute ferry ride on the Tiburon Ferry will bring visitors from the heart of Tiburon to the beautiful Angel Island. In Angel Island State Park, guests will find natural beauty, views, trails for hiking and biking, and some historical buildings. The ferry also offers several options for Bay cruises, to allow guests to see and learn about all the amazing landmarks in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sunset cruises provide stunning, one of a kind views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline, and the Alcatraz/Golden Gate cruise is a fully guided experience that will teach passengers about history and landmarks. The Tiburon Ferry also offers amazing wildlife tours, which will journey through the Bay in search of whales, sea lions, and other marine animals.

21 Main St, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-435-2131

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2. Blackie's Pasture

Blackie's Pasture
© Courtesy of woff -

During the early to mid 20th century, many visitors to Tiburon noted the presence of an old, sway backed horse living in a green pasture. Blackie, the horse, had been a cavalry horse at Yosemite National Park for much of his youth, and after his retirement from the military, he became a rodeo horse, participating in cutting events to handle cattle. Once he was retired from the rodeo, Blackie lived in a pasture, where he was doted upon by everyone who met him. Locals often fed him carrots and treats, and even visitors stopped to give him a pat. Blackie lived to be 40 years old, which is unusually long when it comes to horses, and his death in 1966 was mourned by citizens and tourists alike. Today, this remarkable horse lives on in the beautiful green space named for him, with playgrounds, walking paths, and fields, as well as a life-size sculpture of Blackie himself.

Tiburon Blvd, Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-499-6387

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3. Railroad & Ferry Depot Museum

Railroad & Ferry Depot Museum
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Tiburon’s extensive history in the maritime and railroad industries are chronicled at the Railroad & Ferry Depot Museum, which is part of the National Register of Historic Places. The museum itself was once a railroad station, which provided passenger services throughout Northern California until it closed in 1967. The depot is now a museum where guests can learn about the history and impact of trains and ferries on Tiburon’s economy, culture, and history. An incredibly detailed model inside the ground floor of the museum gives visitors an idea of what Tiburon looked like in 1900, and upstairs, the station has been meticulously restored to look like what it did when William Bent served as stationmaster there from 1913 until 1940.

1920 Paradise Dr, Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-435-1853

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4. Old St. Hilary’s Open Space Preserve

Old St. Hilary’s Open Space Preserve
© Old St. Hilary’s Open Space Preserve

Old St. Hilary’s Open Space Preserve is the site of a former mission chapel, which was declared a historical landmark during the 1950s. The old chapel is set on 122 acres of land, which have been carefully preserved and conserved to be a beautiful, natural green space. The Open Space Preserve is one of only two places where visitors can see the Tiburon Jewelflower, an incredibly rare plant iconified by its deep maroon flowers that almost look to be black in color. With the help of some beautiful nature trails in the park, visitors can look for the Tiburon Jewelflower as well as many others as they explore, relax, and take in the beauty of this untouched nature.

2000 Vistazo St W, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-473-6387, (website link) Browse our California weekend getaways guide for more ideas.

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5. Hippie Tree, Tiburon, CA

Hippie Tree, Tiburon, CA
© Courtesy of Kurashova -

The beautiful old eucalyptus tree known as Hippie Tree - or sometimes Tick Rock - has been a Tiburon attraction for decades. Hippie Tree is fairly easy to climb, with long, strong branches hanging horizontally out from the trunk, and there is even a wooden and rope swing hanging from one of the branches. The swing is a little high up, but it provides a great spot to sit and swing and look out at the views of Richardson Bay, Mount Tam, and even the Golden Gate Bridge. Hippie Tree is not easily accessible, and visitors looking to find it may have to hike for about 15 minutes before finding it, but the views, and the experience of spending time with this unique old tree, are entirely worth the effort.

100 Gilmartin Dr, Tiburon, CA 94920

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6. Paradise Beach Park

Paradise Beach Park
© Courtesy of Tupungato -

This beautiful park at the water’s edge features gorgeous views of the Bay, hillsides full of wildflowers and poplars, and even a grove of redwood trees. At Paradise beach Park, visitors can enjoy a peaceful picnic, paddle in the water on a kayak, go swimming, play a rousing game of horseshoes, or go fishing for the many species of fish that live in the water - including perch, sturgeon, and halibut, as well as crab. There is a fee to enter the park, but on the first Saturday of the month, parking and entry fees are waived.

3450 Paradise Dr, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-435-9212

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7. Mt. Livermore

Mt. Livermore
© Courtesy of Jeremy -

Named for Caroline Livermore, an important conservationist who worked hard to preserve the beautiful Angel Island, Mt. Livermore is the highest point on the island, and from its summit there is an amazing 360 degree view of the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area. From the trailhead at Ayala Cove, hiking to the summit of Mt. Livermore is about a six mile round trip. There are two trails that visitors can take to the top: The Sunset Trail, which is easy and grounded, with spectacular views of San Francisco, and the North Ridge Trail, which is much more rugged and natural, and will take hikers among lizards, oak trees, and twisting pathways.

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8. Richardson Bay Audubon Center

Richardson Bay Audubon Center
© Richardson Bay Audubon Center

Located on 10 acres right next to the Bay, Richardson Bay Audubon Center is devoted to the conservation and protection of the local ecosystem. Visitors to Richardson Bay Audubon Center can learn about waterbirds, the eelgrass ecosystem, and other aspects of local wildlife, or volunteer to help survey and categorize waterbirds. During the summer and throughout the year, the Audubon Center hosts leadership training programs for youths, summer camps that will teach kids about birding, nature, and ecology, and many events such as bird walks, where visitors can explore the Audubon Center and learn a lot about the wildlife that lives there or passes through.

376 Greenwood Beach Rd, Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-388-2524, (website link)

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9. Perimeter Road

Perimeter Road
© Courtesy of kwphotog -

Perimeter Road is the main road that rings the small island of Angel Island. The road is not flat, and can be trafficked only by bicycles, but it makes for an amazing little tour of the island, with spectacular views along the way of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the infamous island of Alcatraz. Bikers on the Perimeter Road will encounter all of the major historical sites on the island, from the Immigration Station to the abandoned military facilities, as they cruise through the island. Near the Immigration Station, bicyclists have the option of turning inward and biking the Fire Road Loop, which rises to a higher altitude and also encircles the small island.

Angel Island, CA

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10. P.S. China Cabin Social Saloon, Tiburon, CA

P.S. China Cabin Social Saloon, Tiburon, CA
© Courtesy of pikappa51 -

In 1866, the PS China was built, a steamship commissioned by the Pacific Mail Steamship Company to carry mail and passengers from San Francisco all the way to Asia. The steamship didn’t serve for very long because its wooden hull became obsolete in a world of new iron-hulled ships, so after only 30 round trips, the PS China was retired. Most of the ship was destroyed and used for scrap metal, but the ornate social saloon of the ship - along with all of its furnishings - was rescued, set on pilings, and given a permanent home on shore. Today, visitors can check out this beautiful place and learn about the history of 19th century shipbuilding, or even book it for events such as weddings.

52 Beach Rd, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-435-1853

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11. Fort McDowell

Fort McDowell
© Fort McDowell

Although today the island is known as Angel Island, in the late 19th century the entire island was called Fort McDowell. In 1891, at what is now known as Ayala Cove, a quarantine station opened, and throughout the years this place served as a discharge depot for troops returning from the Spanish American War, and a transit station for American troops in World War I. The facilities grew with demand during World War II, and later became a detention center for immigrants and prisoners of war. In 1947, the fort was decommissioned, but in the 50s it became a missile station. The military finally left the island - taking the missiles with them - in 1962, but Fort McDowell still stands. Visitors can explore Angel Island for remnants of this military history, as well as for the amazing 360 degree views of the Bay that Fort McDowell provides.

Fort McDowell, Tiburon, CA 94920

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12. Camp Reynolds

Camp Reynolds
© Courtesy of kwphotog -

The Western counterpart to Fort McDowell on the east side of Angel Island is Camp Reynolds. Sometimes known under the name “The West Garrison”, Camp Reynolds was built in 1863, making it even older than Fort McDowell. The Camp consists of several artillery batteries located in multiple places on the western half of Angel Island, as a defense against Confederate forces, who were feared for their potential of entering the Bay and attacking the naval post at Mare Island. These fears were never realized, but Camp Reynolds remained an important military post even after the Civil War, expanding into a full on town with schools, shops, blacksmiths, and more. Like other military posts on Angel Island, Camp Reynolds has been decommissioned today but is still open for visitors to explore the grounds and learn about its history.

Camp Reynolds, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, (website link)

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13. Sam's Anchor Cafe, Tiburon, CA

Sam's Anchor Cafe, Tiburon, CA
© Sam's Anchor Cafe

Patrons at Sam’s Anchor Cafe will enjoy not just the food and drinks, but also the gorgeous waterfront location, which overlooks Angel Island. Sam’s bills itself as a yacht-club, but it’s not the snooty and exclusive kind you have in mind. At Sam’s, everyone - kids, adults, visitors, locals - is welcomed with open arms and a delicious meal. Brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, and dessert are served by friendly staff, and pretty much everything on the menu is a winner. Menu items include the Catch of the Day, the signature Burger and Champagne, and Warm Maine Lobster Roll. Drinks and specialty cocktails include the Aperol Spritzer with Aperol, the Hermosa Picante, as well as a full wine list and a selection of beer.

27 Main St, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-435-4527

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14. Things to Do in Tiburon, California: Luna Blu

Things to Do in Tiburon, California: Luna Blu
© Luna Blu

At Luna Blu, the colorfully tiled bar and beautiful pops of blue accent colors make guests feel as though they are in a chic, comfortable space. Luna Blu is a Tiburon favorite, for not only the atmosphere but also for the great food and drinks. This Italian-inspired restaurant has a seafood focus, with menu items like Tartare di Tonno (ahi tuna) and Crab Bisque for appetizers, pasta dishes like the delicious Linguine Alle Vongole, served with manila clams and fresh cherry tomatoes, and entrees like the Cioppino, which comes with salmon, monkfish, clams, mussels, calamari, and prawns. There are also plenty of non-seafood items on the menu, as well as a full list of amazing wines and cocktails.

35 Main St, Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-789-5844

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15. The Caprice

The Caprice
© The Caprice

When in the historic and fabled town of Tiburon, it is only fitting to pay a visit and dine at a restaurant as historic and fabled as the town itself – The Caprice. This romantic hideaway of a restaurant was established by Kirby Atterbury in 1956. After a renovation in 2021, The Caprice reopened to loyal customers and new visitors alike with a modern mid-century design and a gorgeous atmosphere and architecture that showcases the surrounding natural landscapes. The Caprice is open for lunch and dinner service and features a large yet curated Italian menu of mouthwatering entrees, starters, paninis, and the like. Tuck into starters like the Tuna Carpaccio or Crab Crostini before sinking your teeth into satisfying entrees like the Seared Scallops in Chive Lemon Butter, the Branzino, the Kurobuta Tomahawk Pork Chop, or the Bone-In Fillet Mignon.

2000 Paradise Drive, Tiburon, California 94920, Phone: 415-435-3400

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16. Servino Ristorante Italiano

Servino Ristorante Italiano
© Servino Ristorante Italiano

It’s clear by now that Tiburon has a rich Italian heritage, from the many immigrants that moved to the area throughout history and evidenced by the wide variety of Italian restaurants in the town. At Servino Ristorante Italiano, a family-owned restaurant first established in 1978, the Servino family makes it their personal mission to provide the highest quality possible when it comes to food, wine, and the general atmosphere and service that their guests receive. The restaurant, located on the waterfront, provides a beautiful view and ambiance for patrons as they enjoy a full dish of delicious Southern Italian food, which includes everything from tagliatelle (which can be made gluten free!) to veal tenderloin. And of course, it wouldn’t be Italian food if it wasn’t served with a glass of top notch wine.

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17. Tiburon Thrift Shop, Tiburon, CA

Tiburon Thrift Shop, Tiburon, CA
© Tiburon Thrift Shop

Located right in the heart of downtown Tiburon, on Main Street, the Tiburon Thrift Shop is an adorable community shop where visitors can browse through the racks and shelves for vintage and gently used clothing, furniture, art, books, housewares, shoes, and much more. Eco-friendly shoppers will love the items they can find, which are all pre-owned, and budget-conscious shoppers will go wild for the low and affordable prices. Whether you’re in search of antiques, a good book to read, a great new outfit, or a unique souvenir to take home, you’ll find it at Tiburon Thrift Shop, even if it’s not what you were looking for in the first place!

96 Main St, Tiburon, CA 94920, Phone: 415-435-7605

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