The Cycladic Islands are located just to the southeast of Greece’s mainland, offering classic beach getaways on islands that include Serifos, Antiparos, Milos, and Mykonos.

Greece’s beaches offer everything from beautiful reefs and fascinating shipwrecks to carved caves and soft, beige sand.

Whether travelers are looking for low-key, luxury, or epic partying, this list of 25 Greek beaches has it all.

1. Faragas Beach

Faragas Beach
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Faragas Beach is a picturesque, soft sand beach that is located on the Greek island of Paros, in the Aegean Sea. The beach is a little more remote, and not served by local public transportation, making getting here a little tricky. Once at the beach however, the calm, clear waters of the Aegean call to the beach goers for a relaxing swim, snorkeling, or paddleboarding. The beach is lined with several chairs and umbrellas, giving travelers additional comfort as they laze the day away in paradise. Visitors can grab some tasty and refreshing cocktails at Faragas Beach Bar conveniently situated at the heart of the beach.

2. Mylopotas Beach, Greece

Mylopotas Beach, Greece
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Mylopotas Beach is the most popular beach on the beautiful Greek island of Ios in the shimmering Aegean Sea. The beach is located near the island’s main village, Chora. The long, white-sand beach is equipped with a number of sunbeds that are available for rent. There is also plenty of unspoiled beach for travelers to lay a towel or sheet for free. Visitors to the beach will have a plethora of water activities at their fingertips to keep them busy, such as banana boat rides, parasailing, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and jet-skiing. The beach is also lined with a several lively bars and sensational restaurants where beach goers can refuel in the middle of perfect summer days.

3. Stafylos Beach

Stafylos Beach
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Safe, shallow, and free of currents, Stafylos Beach is idyllically positioned to be the warmest swimming area early in the season. The beach has tan, soft sand and is crescent shaped. It’s surrounded by rocky cliffs that are covered in lush-green pine forests. The beach is dotted with daybeds and umbrellas, providing comfortable resting places for beach goers on the prettiest of days. The calm and crystal clear waters straight out from the beach are perfect for snorkeling and exploring the coves around the bay. There’s also a bubbling, freshwater spring that pours into the sparkling Aegean Sea from the hills above.

4. Myrtos Beach, Greece

Myrtos Beach, Greece
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Myrtos Beach is a renowned, award-winning beach that is located on the scenic island of Kefalonia, Greece. Some would say it tops the lists of best Greek beaches. It has regularly ranked among the world’s best beaches for over ten consecutive years. Soft white sand leads to bright-white, dazzling pebbles that spill into the deep turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The beach is framed by towering, steep cliffs that capture the attention of every beach goer’s vision. The calm, blue waters are perfect for enjoying gentle swims, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and just cooling off from sunbathing under the warm Mediterranean sun.

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5. Shipwreck Beach, Greece

Shipwreck Beach, Greece
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Shipwreck Beach, or Navagio Beach, is situated along an exposed cove on the northwest coast of Zakynthos – a Greek island within the Ionian Islands. The beautiful cove that the beach is nestled within is often referred to as “Smugglers Cove.” Originally named Agios Georgios, a smuggler’s freightliner ran aground on this beach in October, 1980. The abandoned ship remains buried within the beach’s limestone gravel – hence the “Shipwreck” moniker. The waters are vibrantly blue and mesmerize all who bask along its shores. Visitors can enjoy relaxing swims, a bit of snorkeling, or even a little scuba diving around the island.

6. Koukounaries Beach, Greece

Koukounaries Beach, Greece
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Koukounaries Beach is a bustling, fine-white-sand beach that is located on the stunning Greek island of Skiathos, surrounded by the shimmering Aegean Sea. The beach is lined with a plethora of comfy beach chairs with large umbrellas for shade. It is the most popular beach on the island, boasting soft sand, dense tropical foliage, and some of the clearest waters around. The deep blue waters are perfect for a number of water sports and activities, such as jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and swimming. There are also plenty of oceanfront bars and restaurants within walking distance of the beach, capable of satisfying most tastes, and quenching most thirsts.

7. Agios Georgios Beach, Greece

Agios Georgios Beach, Greece
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Agios Georgios Beach is a large, sandy beach that is nestled within a magnificent setting on the sprawling Greek island of Naxos. The Ionian Sea is crystal clear, and provides idyllic conditions for catamaran sailing and windsurfing. Visitors will find a well-equipped diving school set up at the beach, offering guided walk-in dives straight out from the beach’s pristine shores. The underwater world around Korfus Norden is quite spectacular. Agios Georgios is lined with a plethora of cozy restaurants with terraces, and charming pubs for beach goers to explore. The calm, deep blue waters are perfect for relaxing swims, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and pedal-boating.

8. Ammoudara Beach

Ammoudara Beach
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Ammoudara Beach is a long, sandy stretch of beach that is located on Crete, Greece’s largest island. This beach provides a vast amount of space for beach goers to carve out their own little slice of paradise. It is extremely easy to reach, and with its close proximity to the island’s capital, it’s also a popular spot with the locals. Ammoudara Beach is well organized, featuring a plethora of beach furniture, several showers, active lifeguards, and a variety of watersports. Nearby trendy beach bars offer good music, tasty snacks, and refreshingly-cool drinks during those warm summer days.

9. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

Elafonissi Beach, Greece
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Elafonissi Beach is a stunningly beautiful beach that is located on the Mediterranean island of Crete, Greece. The beach is situated on the island’s west coast, featuring pink and white sand, along with crystal clear waters straight out from the beach. This is where unspoiled, well-preserved sand dune landscapes meet turquoise waters surrounding the beach. There’s a large, inviting lagoon that beckons sunbathers to a refreshing and relaxing swim. The open waters further out are ideal for enjoying a little windsurfing or kitesurfing. With any luck, visitors may even catch sight of a loggerhead turtle in the process of laying eggs.

10. Falassarna Beach, Greece

Falassarna Beach, Greece
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Falassarna Beach is regularly recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches on the Greek island of Crete. The long stretch of soft, light sand has been divided into several different sections. The beach offers plenty of space for laying down a towel or sheet, but there are also plenty of umbrellas and deckchairs available for use. The beach is lined with a plethora of taverns, cantinas, and oceanfront bars to choose from. Falassarna Beach is also an excellent place for enjoying watersports. Visitors will have the opportunity to partake in a little diving, swimming, body surfing, surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

11. Faliraki Beach, Greece

Faliraki Beach, Greece
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Faliraki Beach is among the busiest and most popular beaches located on the gorgeous Mediterranean island of Rhodes, Greece. The soft, light-colored sand stretches along the island’s east coast for over four kilometers, gently feeding into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There’s a wooden platform that runs nearly the entire length of the beach that visitors can walk on. The beach is well-equipped with a number of umbrellas and sunbeds available for rent. There are also restrooms, showers, kiosks, taverns, oceanfront bars, and restaurants along the beach. Beach goers will have plethora of fun water activities to choose from, such as banana boat rides, jet-skiing, scuba diving, and parasailing.

12. Issos Beach, Greece

Issos Beach, Greece
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Issos Beach is among the most beautiful and impressive beaches located on the scenic, Greek island of Corfu. The beach is a popular destination within both the LGBT and nudist communities. The shallow, calm waters straight out from the beach are perfect for those just starting to learn the art of kitesurfing or windsurfing. There’s a small water sports shop that is centrally located on the beach. Visitors will also find several umbrellas and a rental kiosk. The beach is dotted with natural sand dunes, which provide their own little secluded spaces for a bit of privacy. During their stay, travelers will enjoy stunning views of the Korission Lagoon.

13. Ixia Beach

Ixia Beach
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Ixia Beach is an expansive pebble beach that is situated along the northwestern coast of Rhodes, a Greek island in the Mediterranean. The beach has much to offer, like its stunning views of Turkey, idyllic conditions for windsurfing, and breathtaking sunsets. The beach is lined with several luxury resorts that feature well-organized areas with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. Along the entire beach, visitors will find restrooms, showers, souvenir shops, mini markets, cantinas, and restaurants. Because the conditions for windsurfing are so perfect at this beach, visitors will find plenty of windsurfing equipment available for rent and schools ready to give lessons.

14. Kalafati Beach

Kalafati Beach
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Kalafati Beach is a coarse, beige sand beach that is nearly 550 meters in length, located on the idyllic Greek island of Mykonos. Kalafati is the perfect beach for any kind of watersport, especially windsurfing, kitesurfing, and scuba diving. On both ends of the beach, visitors will find areas staged with a number of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. The middle section of the beach has been left to those bringing their own personal comforts. Kalafati beach is also equipped with windshields, lifeguard towers, restrooms, showers, and a playground. There’s even dive and windsurfing schools for those looking to learn, and a water sports center for renting out equipment, such as paddleboards and snorkeling gear.

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15. Kiotari Beach

Kiotari Beach
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Kiotari Beach is not just one beach, but a collection of several small beach sections that line approximately five kilometers of the Greek island of Rhodes on its southeastern coast. Some of the beach sections are well organized, featuring umbrellas, loungers, restrooms, showers, water sports centers, and lifeguards. There are numerous undeveloped sections as well, where beach goers can find a quiet spot for themselves at no cost, and simply enjoy the surrounding beauty. Some sections of beach consist mostly of sand, while other sections offer pebbles, or a combination of the two. From glass bottom cruises to luxurious sailing trips to banana boat rides, visitors will have a plethora of water sports and activities to choose from.

16. Lardos Beach

Lardos Beach
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Lardos Beach is a long, beige sand beach that is located on the Mediterranean island of Rhodes, Greece. This beach offers a plethora leisure activities and amenities to keep beach goers busy and comfortable. The beach is dominated by luxurious, large, all-inclusive resort hotels, but the edges of the beach offer a setting that’s a little quieter and more laid-back. Lardos Beach is stunningly-framed by two impressive mountain ranges, offering total relaxation beneath parasols, or in the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can spend their days enjoying fun water adventures that include jet-skiing, parasailing, surfing, and banana boating.

17. Messonghi Beach, Greece

Messonghi Beach, Greece
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Messonghi Beach is a popular beach on the picturesque island of Corfu, Greece. It boasts perfect soft sand, calm turquoise waters, and a magnificent mountain backdrop. This idyllic beach faces east, giving beach goers the opportunity to catch beautiful sunrises. Messonghi Beach is home to a vibrant promenade that is loaded with a variety of charming shops and boutiques, taverns, and sensational restaurants. There are a number of water sports available for visitors to give a try, such as pedal boating, sofa and banana boat rides, parasailing, and snorkeling. The beach is also home to several tour providers, offering visitors the chance to enjoy guided boat tours through the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea.

18. Mykonos - Paradise Beach, Greece

Mykonos - Paradise Beach, Greece
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Paradise Beach is one of the busiest and most popular beaches on the Greek island of Mykonos. Paradise Beach is well-known for its vibrant nightlife and party atmosphere, with the latest club hits reverberating all throughout the beach. The beach offers so much more beyond its party reputation. Visitors will be treated to fine beige sand, plenty of comfortable sun loungers, numerous restaurants, and a fully-equipped water sports center. There’s also a colorful reef straight out from the beach, providing the perfect opportunity for diving and snorkeling within the Mediterranean’s crystal clear waters. Whether it’s relaxing, adventures on the water, unforgettable meals, or dancing the night away, Paradise Beach has it all.

19. Platis-Gialos Beach, Greece

Platis-Gialos Beach, Greece
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Platis-Gialos Beach is a sprawling beach that is located on the southern coast of the Greek island of Mykonos. The beach is well-equipped with everything any visitor would need for supreme comfort, such as bars, restaurants, showers, umbrellas, sunbeds, massages, a small harbor, and water sports center. The beach has soft, fine, beige sand, turquoise blue waters, and beautiful scenery. It’s surrounded by numerous bright-white luxury hotels and apartments. Visitors to the beach will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy some fun water activities under the Mediterranean sun, including jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and swimming. Banana boat rides and scenic guided boat tours are also available.

20. Psarou Beach, Greece

Psarou Beach, Greece
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Psarou Beach is a pristine, sheltered, sandy beach that is located along the southern coast of the Mediterranean island of Mykonos, Greece. The beach is conveniently situated approximately three kilometers from the island’s capital of Chora. It’s about 20 meters wide and 300 meters long, offering soft beige sand that spills into beautiful turquoise waters. Psarou Beach is well-equipped with plenty of umbrellas, sun loungers, and space for personal blankets or towels. The beach is popular among the newly rich, aristocrats, celebrities, and Hollywood stars. There are numerous restaurants, boutiques, luxury hotels, taverns, and clubs for beach goers to peruse, providing endless entertainment for all who visit.

21. Sidari Beach

Sidari Beach
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Sidari Beach borders the Canal d’ Armour Beach and the Agios Ioannis Beach on the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece. The beach is geared toward mass tourism, with a wide variety of sensational restaurants, luxury hotels, trendy bars, charming boutiques, and lively nightclubs available. Vacationers will have convenient access to a number of diving schools, boat rental companies, and water sports providers right on the beach. Some of the fun water sports offered include inflatable sofa and banana boat rides, plus parasailing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Comfortable beach beds, loungers, and umbrellas can all be rented from the beachfront restaurants, where visitors can enjoy the local luxuries without leaving the beauty of Sidari Beach.

22. Matala Beach

Matala Beach
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Matala Beach is definitely the most famous beach in the south Heraklion prefecture of stunning Crete, Greece. The beach is situated at the exit point of a narrow valley, which forms a small, enclosed bay with deep, crystal-clear water. The 300-meter-long sandy beach provides its visitors with stunning views of the Paximadia islands. Matala Beach is organized and equipped with camping sites, excursion boats, water sport activities, snack bars, beach volleyball courts, first aid areas, lifeguard towers, showers, restrooms, umbrellas, and sun loungers. In the evenings, the beach bars fill up with vacationers and locals, offering an excellent setting for socializing and having a little fun.

23. Sarakiniko Beach, Greece

Sarakiniko Beach, Greece
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Sarakinko Beach is a blonde, sandy beach that is hidden within a beautiful landscape of junipers and dunes on the Greek island of Milos. The beach is conveniently situated approximately one-and-a-half kilometers north of the coastal port of Gavdos, Karave. It is nestled along a cove bay, facing northwards. Sarakiniko Beach offers several basic amenities and is home to oceanfront hotels, rental car agencies, a mini market, and taverns. The warm, turquoise waters beckon beach goers to take a relaxing swim; enjoy some snorkeling; or perhaps do a little paddleboarding. The beach also provides an idyllic setting for those looking to enjoy a little camping near the ocean.

24. Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach
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Plaka Beach is a long, splendid beach that is located on the picturesque island of Naxos, Greece. What was once known primarily as a ‘nudist’ beach, has over the years began gathering plenty of non-nudist couples and families during the high season. The fine, beige sand and dreamy turquoise waters provide a postcard setting. The beach is lined with many apartments, condos, and small hotels. There are also plenty of beachfront cafés, restaurants, taverns, and shops. Plaka is equipped with several sun beds and umbrellas in designated areas that are available to the public for rent. The calm waters are perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, and snorkeling.

25. Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach
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Perissa Beach is a cosmopolitan, fully-organized beach that is located on the breathtakingly beautiful island of Santorini, Greece. It is situated approximately 13 kilometers from the city of Fira on the southeast part of the island. The beach’s black lava sand and crystal-clear, deep-blue waters make for an impressive combination visually. One of the island’s most famous and longest beaches, visitors will find everything from showers to umbrellas to comfy lounging chairs to a playground. Beach goers will have a wide range of fun and exciting water activities to enjoy, such as jet-skiing, parasailing, wind surfing, canoeing, and snorkeling.

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Unique Places to Stay in Greece:

Canaves Oia Santorini

The Canaves Oia Hotel in Santorini offers visitors elegantly classic, inspiring, and inviting suites, as well as contemporary hotel facilities that entice travelers to experience luxury accommodations in Oia. All of the guest suites are decorated in a minimal manner with dazzling white and features beautiful Aegean Sea and Caldera views, areas for al fresco dining, and private verandas. In-room amenities also include Elemis toiletries, coffee and tea making facilities, minibar, iPod dock, and flat screen television. The Infinity Pool Bar Restaurant provides all-day dining, including casual lunch dishes, snacks, and signature cocktails until the late afternoon.

Sani Club

The Sani Club provides a variety of amenities and exciting activities, both off and on the water. These are complemented by the delicious cuisines of the restaurants and luxurious accommodations the resort provides to guests in an effort to make their stay truly memorable. The hotel’s 253 spacious guest rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows providing excellent views of the Mediterranean gardens and the Aegean. Accommodation options range from double rooms to junior suites to one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites for families, all of which offer direct pool or beach access. Every room also includes a luxury bathroom with bath and rain shower.

Sani Asterias

The Sani Asterias is an intimate luxury hotel offering elegance with each one of its fifty-seven luxuriously styled suites, all designed to make a stay truly unforgettable for guests. Each suite is spacious with a contemporary style and includes a private terrace, marbled bathrooms with a whirlpool tub or rain shower, bath essentials, and a choice of pillows. At the hotel’s on-site restaurant Michelin-starred chefs offer a menu that delights and surprises, striving to meet every need of hotel guests. The Sani Asterias boasts a private beach setting on serenely landscaped grounds, providing direct access to an exclusive beach.

Amathus Elite Suites

The five-star Amathus Elite Suites is a boutique hotel surrounded by the Aegean Sea and lush surroundings, offering guests with amazing sea views in a beautiful setting of Rhodes, striving to exemplify romantic beachfront living. Each morning at the hotel begins with a breakfast, continued with a la carte options for dining that are likely to enchant guests at the Varkarola tavern, providing dining with a view of the sea. The tavern’s cosy interior is only available to hotel guests. The Iliades restaurant serves dinners on its panoramic terrace, while lunch and savory snacks are provided by the pool.

Myconian Villa Collection

The five-star resort concept known as the Myconian Villa Collection is nestled within the hills above the island of Mykonos’ Elia Bay. Leaning into the hillside, the resort’s terraced villas have clear, uninterrupted sea views out onto the Aegean. The expansive entertainment deck offers 360-degree panoramic views as well and features a saltwater infinity pool, an epicurean restaurant, and a cool bar. The Myconian Villa Collection aims to offer the highest standard of service to ensure a sense of ease and effortless luxury. The Thalasso Spa provides relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, while guests can also relax in private loungers on the beach.

Regina Dell Acqua Resort

The Regina Dell Acqua Resort boasts itself as being the “Queen of Kefalonia” with its rooms as the jewels of its crown, a fascinating, luxurious, sparkling, and aristocratic hotel. The staff aim to make every effort to provide the most in hospitality. The Regina Dell' Aqua Hotel is made up of thirty-eight luxurious and unique guest rooms, each one with a distinct feeling and style. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, the Amethyst Hippocampus Restaurant, serves traditional meals and Mediterranean fare. Guests can step outside and take in rare mountain landscapes and sun-soaked beaches with clear blue waters.

Palladium Boutique Hotel

The Palladium Boutique Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel located on one of the world’s most famous islands of Greece. Each one of the hotel’s forty-eight modern and chic guest rooms and suites are elegant designed to provide a comfortable and inviting stay. All of the rooms and suites are smoke-free and feature their own private balcony, complimentary wireless internet, a television, in-room safe, minibar, coffee and tea making facilities, and an ironing board and iron. Guests can enjoy stunning views of the sea during both the day and night from the hotel’s swimming pool or the pool terrace.

Porto Sani

The Porto Sani offers a luxurious destination for the mind and body, providing relaxing surrounding. The hotel’s Spa Suite provides a tranquil space with customized aromatherapy treatments, private yoga lessons, and personal trainers. The beautiful lagoon pool is a great spot to relax in the sun, while guests can also find a healthy menu and fresh juices for children and adults alike. The spacious suites offer enough space for families and boasts amazing views of the Marina and the pools. Each suite consists of a balcony or terrace, a Nespresso machine, luxury toiletries, pillow menu, and luxury bedding.

Sani Beach

The five-star Sani Beach is a spacious hotel that offers a quality stay for the entire family with miles of exclusive gold sand beaches, restaurants serving both Greek cuisine and an array of international fare, and an enticing spa. The hotel offers a wide selection of guest accommodations, ranging from double rooms to junior suites to one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites. Each room provides a relaxing and spacious setting with its own private garden, balcony, or terrace. Sani Beach is also home to outdoor and indoor heated pools, a lagoon-style pool, and pine-fringed beach that stretches seven kilometers.

Cavo Bianco Resort

The Cavo Bianco Resort strives to provide all guests with exclusivity and complete privacy. Set within a rather enchanting setting, the Santorinian themes blend stylishly with contemporary comforts. The resort’s luxurious guest rooms and suites have their own distinct character and are designed to provide visitors with a “home-away-from-home.” All accommodations combine the modern touches with traditional architectural elements for a timeless charm. Room amenities include tea and coffee making facilities, complimentary toiletries, bathrobes and slippers, complimentary wireless internet, a mini fridge, hair dryer, satellite television, and a safe. The Cavo Bianco Resort strives to always offer friendly, warm service.