When trying to list the best beaches in the United States, Alaska is probably the last place most people would think to include. When we think about the beach, we tend to focus on sunny, warm destinations like Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, and California. Alaska tends to be more commonly associated with snowy images of cold tundra and icy waters. However, some of the world's best beaches can be found in some very surprising places, and Alaska, despite being known as a frosty, snowy place, is home to some beautiful beaches that people of all ages can enjoy. In fact, Alaska has the unique distinction of having the longest coastline of any other state, with over 5,500 miles of coast in total.

1.Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach
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Out in the Glacier Bay National Park, Black Sand Beach is named due to the beautiful black sands found here. They’re not quite as soft to touch as the sort of sands you’ll find on white or golden beaches, but they’re incredible to look at. Visitors will also be able to marvel at the magical views in every direction, with snow-capped mountains and stunning icy spots all around. The views at this beach are quite possibly the best in all of Alaska and you'll definitely want to bring your camera along to snap some photos to share with your friends. This beach is also a good camping and kayaking spot, so there are plenty of activities to enjoy here.

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2.Fort Abercrombie State Park

Fort Abercrombie State Park
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Stretching out over 182 acres in total, Fort Abercrombie State Park is one of the best and most beautiful recreational areas in all of Alaska. The park is filled with a wide variety of landscapes including forests, hiking trails, rocky areas, and sandy beaches. You can even find a lot of old World War II military outposts dotted around the park, making it a nice spot for explorers and history enthusiasts, and there's plenty of fascinating flora and fauna to be admired as well. As for the beaches themselves, they all offer soft sands and outstanding views, and since the park is so large, you can almost always find a little private spot just for you and your friends.

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3.Schooner Beach

Schooner Beach
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Schooner Beach is a very special beach for several reasons. The first thing that makes this beach special is the presence of the Satsuma Maru, a schooner that crashed onto the shore many years ago and still remains as an exciting wreck to admire and explore. You'll also find some really good surfing conditions at this beach, so if you've got the skill and courage needed to brave the Alaskan waters, this is a great place to ride some waves. Even if you're not interested in surfing, it can be thrilling to sit on the sand and watch the surfers out on the water, taking photos and strolling along the sands as the day passes by.

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4.Yakutat Beach

Yakutat Beach
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Yakutat Beach is one of the most untouched and little-known beaches in all of Alaska. It's also one of the state's best-kept secrets. Once you visit this beach for the first time, you'll be instantly captivated by its unique beauty and charm. The sands here are littered with old bits of driftwood and pretty little shells, so it's a super spot to do some beachcombing, but if you're looking to do something a little more intense, the waves here can get quite big and pose a fun challenge to even the most experienced surfers.

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5.The Homer Spit

The Homer Spit
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One of Alaska's best known beaches, The Homer Spit is a highly popular fishing and boating area. You'll see dozens of different boats in the local docks and out on the waters at every time of day and night, and the local area is equipped with lots of useful stores, restaurants, rental places, and more, so there's always plenty to do at this Alaskan beach. The town is also known as one of the best places in all of North America to go fishing for halibut, and the beach is dog-friendly too so you can bring your four-legged friend along for some fun in the sun.

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6.More Info

More Info
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This means that The Last Frontier is home to a long list of beaches. And it gets better! One of the most exciting advantages of visiting Alaska's beaches is that the largest state's coastline is mostly untouched by civilization and the tourism industry. Many of America's best beaches can be a lot of fun to visit, but the experience is affected by lots of resorts, hotels, attractions, and more. The beaches of Alaska are totally calm and quiet, offering purely peaceful experiences that allow visitors to feel completely at one with nature and appreciate the awesome scenery and surroundings, witnessing the power and beauty of nature without any distractions.

Best Beaches in Alaska

Alaska’s beaches are some of the best in the world for relaxing and forgetting about the stresses and worries of regular day-to-day life. If you really just need to get away from it all, this is the place to be. Not only that, but Alaska's beaches might surprise you in terms of their beauty and the wide array of available activities. Fishing, sunbathing, kayaking, and even surfing and arctic swimming can be enjoyed all around this state. Read on to learn all about the best beaches in Alaska.

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5 Best Alaska Beaches