Travel has never been so accessible or enjoyable, and there are so many beautiful destinations to enjoy all around the world.

When traveling, most people love to get out and about and really see the sights and experience the place they're visiting, and this is often the best way to really make the most of your trip. There are many prime travel destinations all around Europe, with the United Kingdom being a perfect example.

From the bustling metropolis of London to the quaint villages of the north, the rolling hills and beautiful landscapes of Wales, and the ancient castles and ruins of England, the UK is a perfect place for any kind of holiday. For the best cycling and walking holidays in the United Kingdom and elsewhere around Europe, The Carter Company is the only name you need to know.

The Carter Company - Luxury Cycling and Walking Holidays in the UK and Europe

The Carter Company got started by Wendy Carter many years ago. Cycling and walking holidays are quite trendy nowadays, with many new companies offering these kinds of experiences, but The Carter Company was there right from the start and has over two decades of experience behind it. Here's all you need to know about cycling holidays and walking holidays in England, Wales, and beyond with The Carter Company Travel

An Incredible Founder

The Carter Company was founded by Wendy Carter, a true expert in cycling and walking holidays. With decades of experience behind her and an astonishing knowledge of cycling and walking routes all around the UK and Europe, Wendy Carter stands out as one of the strongest aspects of this company. She has personally traveled along every single cycling and walking route offered by The Carter Company and knows them all like the back of her hand. Her commitment to quality experiences ensures you'll always be getting the finest trips and forging the most magical memories.

Personalized Travel

The Carter Company understands that your holiday needs to be unique and tailored to you in order to meet your needs and suit your tastes. Rather than just offering ‘cut and paste’ preset holiday packages, The Carter Company is highly flexible and works closely with every traveler to provide a customized package and personalized service. When you travel for luxury UK cycling holidays and amazing Europe walking holidays with The Carter Company, you’ll be getting the very best and most personalized experiences, making unique memories just for you and having one of a kind days out from start to finish.

Luxury Accommodation

After spending hours out and about, roaming around the local areas or cycling along the roads and trails of your chosen destination, it can be so relaxing and comforting to head back to a top-quality hotel or guesthouse, and that's exactly what you'll get with The Carter Company. This company exclusively deals with 4 and 5-star accommodation, including options like hotels, castles, boutique guesthouses, and more. Each location is fully vetted and handpicked by The Carter Company team to guarantee total quality and satisfaction.

So Many Extras

With the Carter Company, you're not just getting hotels and guided cycling and walking trips, you're getting a full, all-inclusive holiday package with lots of little extras and bonuses, all designed to make the experience even more enjoyable and exciting for everyone. For example, you'll get breakfasts included in all stays, regardless of whether you're traveling in the UK or in Europe. You'll also get free luggage transfers between your hotels, and various bikes and accessories will also be provided. Travelers will also be given the excellent 'Adventure Handbook', complete with lots of info, photos, and useful details about the areas you'll be visiting and the routes you'll be following. If you want to find out about the local hidden gems and 'off the beaten path' areas, this book is essential.

Amazing Destinations

As previously mentioned, Wendy Carter herself has traveled along every single one of the tours offered by The Carter Company, so each and every destination and trip has been carefully selected to meet the company’s high standards of quality. The Carter Company is based in the UK and offers a lot of UK cycling and walking holidays in areas like Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, the Lake District, and the Cotswolds, but also offers several amazing experiences all around continental Europe too in locations like France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, and Greece. With so much variety, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Outstanding Service

A big reason why so many people choose The Carter Company and go back to this company time and time again for multiple trips is the truly world class service it provides. Family owned and operated, The Carter Company offers a warm welcome and exceptional service to every traveler, working closely with individual customers to tailor-make the perfect trips and ensure that every aspect of your journey goes smoothly and seamlessly, without any problems along the way. The team really makes every possible effort to provide the very best standards of service and is always on hand when needed to answer questions and help out.

For luxury walking tours and cycling tours all around the United Kingdom and key destinations in Europe, The Carter Company truly is one of the very best choices. Whether you’re looking for a cycling tour of Holland or a walking tour of Cornwall, this company can make it happen and will provide the luxury accommodation, beautiful tours, and outstanding service you need to have a magical time. website